William Pepperrell Papers – MS028

William Pepperrell Papers – MS028

Provenance: Gift of Dudley Stoddard in 1991 and 1992.

Citation: William Pepperrell Papers, MS028, Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 1/2 Hollinger box (3 linear inches)

Access: No restrictions

Processed by: Revised by Susan Stowe Kindstedt in 2005. Original by Kevin Shupe and Carolyn Eastman in 1990.

Scope and Content

The Sir William Pepperrell Papers include account books, legal materials, correspondence, and financial papers, of Pepperrell and other family members. Subjects include the sloop Success and his leadership of a successful attack on the French at Louisbourg, N.S., for which he was subsequently knighted.

Biographical Notes

Pepperrell, Sir William ( 1696– 1759)

American colonial military commander, b. Kittery Point, Maine (then part of Massachusetts). A wealthy merchant, landowner, and businessman, he became a colonel in the colonial militia, was a delegate to the Massachusetts General Court and a member of the governor’s council, and was appointed chief justice in 1730. In 1745, in King George’s War (see French and Indian Wars), he commanded the land forces that, with a British fleet under Sir Peter Warren, captured the French fortress Louisburg, on Cape Breton, Canada. In recognition of this service, he was the first Native American to be created baronet (1746). Sir William also commanded a regiment in the last of the French and Indian Wars, and as president of the council he briefly governed (1756–57) Massachusetts. His journal of the Louisburg expedition was published by the American Antiquarian Society in its Proceedings, Vol. XX (1911).

Source: The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2005, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.

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Series List

I. General Financial Papers

II. General Correspondence

III. Militia/Louisbourg

IV. Legal Materials

V. GeneralMiscellaneous

VI. 1991 Additions

VII. 1992 Additions

I. General Financial Papers

Financial materials consist primarily of lists of accounts and information about individual ship cargos. Many of the papers include the names of captains, ships and cargos being carried. Some lists (1719) appear to be payment made to crews at the end of a voyage. Note that William Pepperrell has not been included in the lists of folder references below, as he appears in all folders.

Box 1

Folder 1 Financial Papers 1712-1718 (11 items)

References include Capt. Andrew Belcher, William Beall, Eben Moore, Jonathan Keen, James Stoodley, Samuel and Roger Mitchell (carpenters), the Sloop Nightingale, Brig. William and Jane, cargos and sale of molasses, sugar, cotton, rum, gin, cod fish, powder, bacon, pork, Indian corn, skins and hides.

Folder 2 1719-1724 (13 items)

References include John Dearing (Newfoundland), Samuel Hanley, Samuel Bean, Mary Edwards, William Keen, Richard Lambert, William Pellington, Jonathan Belcher, Azor Gale Jr., John Deering, William King, Thomas Harper, John Steward, John Green, James Patey, William Lee, George Grigg, Thomas Harper, Humprey Gilbert, Thomas Lear, Manuel Grace Coswain, Francis Roberts, William Roberts, Thomas Hadock, Thomas Portegee, Daniel Greenough, Schooner Batcheldor, Sloop Coconut (Barbados), Brig Industry, Ship Prosperous, cargos and sale of boards, tobacco, apples, cows, sheep, tar, staves, rope, cod fish, rum, shingles, molasses, tobacco, bread, and cotton.

Folder 3 1725-1729 (12 items)

References include Capt. George King, William Moore, Abraham Ayers, William Tyler, Eben Moore, cargos and sale of tacks, rope, canvas, sail twine, rum, nails, and ribbing.

Folder 4 1730-1733 (12 items)

References include Martinique, Barbados, John Kennard, John Barthlon, Charles Hartley, Thomas Kennard, Daniel Warner, Capt. Howland, Capt. Wilson, Joseph Parker, Tobias Dearing, John Dearing, John Moore, Richard Owens, Brig. Culvers, Brig. William, cargos and sale of tar, bricks, tables, sheep, oxen, shingles, oranges, potatoes, molasses, rum, sugar, and cotton.

Folder 5 1734-1739 (13 items)

References include Barbados, Newfoundland, South Carolina, Gardner and Jarvis (Merchants in Boston), Thomas Wibird, Daniel Jackson, John Ames, John Moore, Nicholas Blake, William Jackson, John Smith, Elisha Jackson, William Clark, Jno. Walking, Elisha Jackson, Brig. Sophia, Sloop Union, Ship Prosperous, cargos and sale of nails, shingles, rum, garlic, corn, barrels, pine boards, spares, leather, corn, wheat, cod fish, mackerel, clapboards, and pitch.

Folder 6 1740-1748 (14 items)

References include John Tufton Mason, Andrew Pepperrell, Daniel Jackson, Thomas Jenkins, cargos and sale of white oak barrel staves, wine, coffee, and fish.

Folder 7 1749-1753 & undated (14 items)

Folder 8 Account book, 1720?

Folder 9 Account book, Sloop Success, 1736

Folder 10 Account book, Lieut. Andrew Walkins with Capt. Westbrooke Waldron for boards and shingles, 1751 [Militia?]

Folder 11 Account fragments

Oversize Box 3

Folder 10 1712-1724 (8 items)

Folder 11 1725-1731 (9 items)

Folder 12 1734-1750 (9 items)

Folder 13 Account book, 1724

II. General Correspondence

Folder 12 1716-1724 (8 items)

Folder 13 1726-1728 (6 items)

Folder 14 1729-1754 (7 items)

Folder 15 Fragments

Folder 16 Fragments

III. Militia/Louisbourg

Folder 17 1745-1761 (5 items)

IV. Legal Materials

Folder 18 1711: Dominicus Jordan vs. Robert Mitchell

Folder 19 1757: E. Stewart, Mulatto child

Oversize Box 3 Folder 14 1702-1706: Joseph Hamond vs. Joshua Downing (2 items)

V. General/Miscellaneous

Folder 20 Pepperrell property sold under confiscation act, 1779

Folder 21 William Pepperrell? receipt, 1801

Folder 22 Copies of Pepperrell papers

VI. 1991 Additions

Folder 23 1698 Deposition statement of Katharine Hamond about the wife of John Ugroni?, signed by William Pepperrell, J. P.

1710 [broken piece] Letter? regarding shipping trade and cargo

1712 Sheriff’s order to summon John Burtten to appear in court before Joseph Curtus, signed by William Pepperrell

1717 Letter from William Pepperell to Mr. Belcher, requesting items to be sent

1719 Letter from Abraham Preble to Captain William Pepperrell requesting Pepperrell to come get his fish from his boat

1719 Receipt, William Shaddy? to William Pepperrell

1723 Receipt, Richard Beckley to William Pepperrell

1725 Receipt, Eligu Gunnison to William Pepperrell

1731 Letter from William Pepperrell to ? announcing Capt. Benjamin Clerk is dead (Pepperrell’s sister is Clerk’s wife). Asks addressee to return the value of Clerk’s belongings.

1732 Letter from William Pepperrell Jr. to Capt. John Reed re: shipping business and items to be purchased

1736 Letter from William Pepperrell to John Jaffrey re: shipping of fish

1747 Letter from William Pepperrell to Andrew Pepperrell, describing shipment of meat to Andrew Pepperrell

1748 Promissory note, Samuel Geatchell to William Pepperrell for lumber

1749 Order, John Ellinwood requesting Andrew Pepperrell to pay Roger Mitchell

1752 Letter from Thomas Walkdron to William Pepperrell re shipment of lumber. Also a return letter from William Pepperrell to Waldron on the same subject

1754 Letter from Samuel Warren to William Pepperrell requesting sea coal

VII. 1992 Additions

Folder 24 1712-13, Feb. 7 Bill for warrant and justice costs to John Burtum from William Pepperrell, J. P.

1712, June 17 Sheriff’s summons for Moses Hanscom of Kittery, signed by William Pepperrell

1714, July 9 Copy letter from William Pepperrell, Pasactaqua, to Gowen, regarding trade of cloth, brandy, etc.

1716, May Letter from Eeloseander Gray, Berwick, to William Pepperrell “at the point,” asking for a barrel of molasses

1719, April 17 Letter from Abraham Treble to Col. Pepperrell asking for okum

1719, November 11 Depositions of Andrew Touthaker and Benjamin Hutching & William Pearce regarding death of Charles Traffton, sign by William Pepperrell

1720, September 17 Copy letter from Enoch Muttlebery? To Henry Reardon regarding Muttlebery’s service to William Pepperrell at Piscataway

1720, October 5 Receipt from William Pepperrell to William Shaw for the account of James Thomson

1721, March 12 Copy letter from William Pepperrell to Capt. Stephen Greenleafe, Newbury, requesting oats and barley

1724, July 17 Letter from Elihu Gunnison, Kittery, to Colonial William Pepperrell requesting sweet oil

1732, February 19 Letter from Simon Frost, Boston to William Pepperrell Jr. Offers to perform any service to the Pepperrell family

1736-7, March 10 Bill of lading from Silas Hooper for cordage shipped aboard the London to William Pepperrell

1742, December 3 Letter from Samuel Waldo?, Boston, to William Pepperrell regarding legal affairs

1748, June 13 Letter from Charles Frost, Falmouth, to Sir William Pepperrell enclosing payment by Frost and Jabex Fox

1748, July Letter from William Shirley, Boston, to Sir William Pepperrell expressing his regret at not being able to see him in Kittery because of suspicions about him at the fort (McClary?)

1755, July 30 Letter and account from Thomas Lane, London, to Sir William Pepperrell

Oversize Box 3

Folder 10 1712-1724 (8 items)

Folder 11 1725-1731 (9 items)

Folder 12 1734-1750 (9 items)

Folder 13 Account book, 1724

Folder 14 1702-1706: Joseph Hamond vs. Joshua Downing (2 items)