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A little too warm for real snow, Santa. ❄️☃️☔️

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Annual Christmas tree lighting with Mayor Deaglan McEachern leading the countdown before the 2022 Portsmouth Holiday Parade. 😊🌲🎅🎄

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Happy Thanksgiving!🦃

Here a rafter of turkeys forage near Cottage C on Star Island, Isles of Shoals, in 1939.

[Star Island Corporation, P29.2180_02.]

Now, we are wondering if the term "rafter" is only for wild turkeys.🤔 Is this a gaggle? A flock?

We checked "Birdfacts.com" but we were stuffed with even more collective noun suggestions. So we'll leave you with a few feathered facts from Birdfacts:

"Turkeys form gendered flocks for much of the year, but join up prior to the mating season in around March and April. After a few weeks, turkeys begin to split off into smaller mating flocks of males and multiple females. Nesting females become more secretive and will typically break away from males...Once autumn and winter approach, both male and female turkeys begin to flock together once more before settling down into their roosts for the winter."

We hope you have (or had) a chance to settle down with your dear ones today.

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Here's a view in 1971 of the Athenaeum with parking out front in a nearly empty Market Square.👀🍃

Like many cities across America, Portsmouth's downtown was in decline due to changing times and shopping centers opening on the outskirts.

In November 1961, King's Self-Service Department Store opened in the Lafayette Plaza on Route 1 south. From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., King's welcomed customers into its spacious store and offered ample free parking. During the grand opening weekend, the business even provided free shuttle service departing from Market Square on the half-hour from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A few years later in mid-October 1966, J. M. Fields opened north off the Spaulding Turnpike just over the townline in Newington. Fields was a "supercenter" of the time as it offered both a quality-discount department store and grocery store. And of course, there was ample parking.

The worst was yet to come for the Portsmouth downtown businesses.

On May 24, 1973, developers broke ground for the Newington Mall. In the late summer of 1974, the 425,000-square-foot mall opened, and the adjacent J. M. Fields was one of 44 stores "all under one roof" in the always 72° temperature mall with parking for 2,200 cars.

The City of Portsmouth had a plan.🤓

In the spring of 1977, the Market Square Beautification Project started in an effort to "reactivate and revitalize the center of the city." Gone were the Market Square parking spaces (so long Athenaeum front door parking 👋😢), and in its place, the city expanded the sidewalks and created pedestrian-friendly areas with benches, greenery, and the fountain.🤌

To commemorate the remodeling of the central area, the city held the first Market Square Day on June 10, 1978.

And 45 years later, we can say the beautification plan still works.✨️

[Photographer Margaret Morrissey, Margaret Morrissey Slides, P0026_102]

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Happy Halloween!🎃🎃🎃🎃

Four jack-o-lanterns sit on the front steps of the Armsden family home off Pepperrell Road in Kittery Point, Maine, circa 1950s.

Photographer Douglas Armsden captioned this frightful night photo: Spooks!

[Douglas Armsden Transparencies, P0061_00502]

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Whether you walked and crawled or were pushed and pulled, you've made it to the weekend.🏁🏆🥂👏

Here Charles Samuel Gerrish Jr., age about 3, drives his pedal car with the assistance of his "Uncle Mel" (probably Melatiah Gerrish, 1876-1936) who is pulling him down Follett Lane toward the Gerrish family home in Kittery Point, Maine.

In the background is the First Congregational Church of Kittery Point.

Original image on nitrate film.

[Charles S. Gerrish Collection, P46_194.]

Enjoy your weekend!

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