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With today being Friday the 13th, we are staying away from summer camps and cabins in the woods.😶❌️🏕

Here is an old neon sign for Stef's Cabins formerly on Lafayette Road (Route 1) in Portsmouth. The photograph is attributed to Portsmouth Press staff photographer Jane Tyska who took two other photos on Stef's for the newspaper on August 31, 1990.

In May 1919, John E. Stefenowitz Sr. (1888-1973) or John E. Stef bought a 30-acre farm on the outskirts of town. About 1908, Stef and his wife Elizabeth Adamowicz (1890-1956) had emigrated from the Russian Empire (born in Lithuania 🇱🇹 and Belarus 🇧🇾, respectively). Prior to Portsmouth, the family of eventually seven (four daughters and one son) lived in Berlin, NH.

In 1920, Stef farmed the land, and he added a filling station on the heavily trafficked highway between Maine and Massachusetts. By the 1940s, there were "overnight tourist cabins" on the property as the Portsmouth Herald reported a fire damaging one of eight cabins. At the end of the decade, there were 12 in the cabin colony, painted red with white trim, each with two rooms, a kitchenette, and bath. In later years, people seemed to rent the insulated cabins as year-round residences.

In 1961, five years after the death of Elizabeth, Stef semi-retired and split his time between Portsmouth and Daytona, Florida, where he died in 1973. His son John E. Stef Jr. (1917-2003) took over the business. We found some information on John Jr. that we'll share in another post. If you remember him, please let us know.

The 1990-photo was one of three from an unknown story on John Jr. and Stef's Country Store, also called Stef's service station. Possibly the article was about the business at 2219 Lafayette Road closing permanently. Today, a car dealership is on the site.

[Image given in memory of Jay Smith, former Press Room owner and journalist, Portsmouth Press Photograph Collection, P0031_0078]

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A perfect day to "Hit the Decks" and kick off the summer season on the Seacoast.☀️🚢💃🍷🍻

We are hitting the history deck with this early 1980s view of patrons enjoying drinks on the Riversmere deck at 37 Bow Street in Portsmouth.

What a view with the iconic tugs from Moran Towing and two of the three bridges in the background.😍

We can't help but check out those captain's chairs. #memoriesunlocked

One of the patrons is a member of the United States Air Force, and he was most likely stationed at the nearby Pease Air Force Base, which closed in 1991.

We can date the photograph to no later than 1984 when the Marie Moran tug was sold out of the area.

We'd love to know more about Riversmere. We know the restaurant name was registered in 1970 as Tumbledowns at Riversmere and again in 1979 under the name Whaleback Inn. The restaurant was listed in the early 1980s directories. By the early 1990s, this address was known as Pocos Bow Street Cantina / Poco Diablos, which had been next door at 45 Bow since 1983. After over three decades, Pocos closed last year, and soon Rio Tequila Cantina will open on this site.

The color transparency was captured by commercial photographer Douglas Armsden (1918-2009) of Kittery Point, Maine. Link in bio to find out more about the Armsden Photo Project.

[Courtesy of the Douglas Armsden Collection, Douglas Armsden Transparencies, P0061_00031]

Restaurants, shops, hotels, and other attractions participate in "Hit the Decks," and you can find special deals for this annual event at goportsmouth.com.

Cheers to the new season!🍻

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Happy Mother's Day!🌹😊

In August 1900, Marcelina "Marcie" Inez Adams (1866-1925) can be seen posing in front of her South End home with her three children: Josiah (b. 1894), Ralph (1895-1950), and Maria (1899-1943). Maria recently celebrated her first birthday.

A lifelong resident of Portsmouth, Marcie had married George Adams (1856-1913) on March 3, 1891, in Portsmouth. Also a lifelong resident who shared the same surname, George was a ship caulker, and the family lived at 47 Marcy Street. They would have one more child, Oliver, who died young.

Today the house is known as 359 Marcy Street, and it's the home of @southstreetandvine, a neighborhood wine and cheese shop. Perfect for many moms celebrating today. 🍷🧀

[Reinewald Photo Album, PS2636.071.]

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It's Marathon Monday!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Congratulations to all the Seacoast athletes who participated in today's Boston Marathon!🏆

Over thirty years ago, the runners were off at the start of the 11th annual Market Square 10K in Market Square, June 1988.👟

Three policeman on motorcycles lead the way as the crowd cheers everyone on. Sponsor for the road race was the former Artisan Outlet off Mirona Road. As always, Pro Portsmouth organized Market Square Day.

In the background, there are signs for two current businesses still downtown: Alie Jewelers and Moe's sub shop. A third sign is for F. A. Gray paints, which still exists, but has moved out of the downtown. Amazing!

The photograph was captured by the staff of the Portsmouth Press, a local newspaper that operated from 1987 until 1993.

[Portsmouth Press Photograph Collection, P0031_0312.]

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With news of the tall ships returning to Portsmouth in August 2022, we see some advertising opportunities on this #WaterfrontWednesday 🌊⛵️

This was the scene along the waterfront off Ceres Street, circa 1890, in the vicinity of today's tugboats. It's unclear what was the name of the three-masted schooner docked along the wharf. On the 1892 Sanborn map, this was known as Sise's wharf, and in the distant right, the piles of coal seen on the wharf off Market Street were also owned by Sise & Co.

The "water boat" or cat-rigged bost blocking the schooner advertises the bargains for Fay's clothing and shoe store at 3 Congress where you can get the "one price boot" on the corner of Congress & High streets.👢

Vermont-native Edmund S. Fay (1840-1893) owned the clothing store, and from 1889-1890, he was Portsmouth's mayor. After his sudden death in April 1893, his son William H. Fay (1867-1923) owned the store. Both father and son are buried in the family plot in the Old South Church Cemetery in Windsor, Vermont.

You can find several of Fay's advertising trade cards in our online catalog.🔎

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