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All and all its just another Dover brick in the yard.🧱

Before we butcher anymore Pink Floyd lyrics and nobody gets pudding, we should get off the Wall and get on with the post. #onebadpuntogo🥡

Here's a view of the Pinkham brickyard at Dover Point, Dover, NH, c. 1880s.

Richard A. Pinkham (1831-1888) of Dover was the owner followed by his son Ezra Oscar Pinkham (1869-1927) of Dover & Portsmouth.

For more than 250 years, brickyards could be found across Dover Point harvesting clay from the river banks along the Great Bay estuary.

According to historical records, Richard's father, Enoch, had a yard located at the end of the old Dover Point Toll Bridge since the 1830s, and Richard built this yard just north of his father's. By 1905, much of the clay was exhausted and many of the yards were closing. This yard was still in operation but under J. Frank Seavey and his business partner Peter Loughlin.

These yards helped to build local cities and towns like Dover and Portsmouth, but the bricks weren't used exclusively along the Seacoast.

On January 20, 1925, an article in the Portsmouth Herald reminisced on the brick industry. #OTD

"Up the Piscataqua river a bit at a place now known as Dover Point, many bricks were made to be shipped to Boston and the majority of the schooners making up what was known as the brick fleet was owned by residents of Portsmouth."

You can learn more about the history of brick making on the @doverpubliclibrary website.

Now, go get yer pudding.


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Today is #nationaldressupyourpetday but we think this pooch outsmarted these two kids and got them to swap clothes instead. #nottoday🐾 🐶♂️♀️

Both of the children are unidentified, but we are getting major sibling vibes. The location is also unknown. The image comes from a group of 18 negatives that mostly depict the young girl and others vacationing at the Hiawatha House, a summer cottage at Hampton Beach, NH.🏖🌊

Built after 1898, the cottage [not pictured] once stood on the corner of J Street and Ocean Boulevard, but was destroyed by fire in November 1911. In total, the fire consumed four cottages and the Hotel Pentucket, and it was considered the worst fire in Hampton since 1885, according to the Hampton Union newspaper. At the time of the fire, Emery J. Smith of Haverhill, Mass., was the cottage owner, and perhaps he was related to these two children.


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#onthisdate in 1923, this was the snowy view of Quarters A at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine.❄

Quarters A is the residence of the Shipyard commandant. According to our records, it's the oldest remaining building at the Yard, constructed between 1813 & 1815 by joiner John Locke of Portsmouth.

The photo was taken after a blizzard struck the Seacoast on January 12, 1923.


We decided to shovel a little more history out of the storm.

The Portsmouth Herald reported that snow had drifted 14 ft. high at the Greenland Boston & Maine depot. In fact, the B & M Portsmouth-Concord line "had all kinds of trouble today" as a snow plow from Manchester stalled on the tracks near Massabesic. Then at Rockingham Junction, the snow plow engine died. "The next chapter" was another dead engine for the passenger train bound for Portsmouth from Concord. Near Pickerings Curve in Stratham, the Portsmouth train was "struck hard and fast by a snow drift" and stalled a mile south of the Stratham depot.

The next day, the Herald reported on a dramatic rescue off the coast. The schooner Robert W. was bound from Thomaston, Maine, to Lynn, Mass., with a cargo of box boards. When the blizzard struck, the crew attempted to change course for Portsmouth Harbor, but in white-out conditions, the ship went ashore off Long Sands in York. The father and son crew survived by lashing themselves to the rigging and endured the seas breaking over them FOR NEARLY 12 HOURS.⁉️🥶

With the high tide & the surf, a rescue was impossible—the waves tossing the boat back again and again. Crowds gathered on the beach "all anxious to help, but powerless to do anything." The caretaker at the nearby Hotel Mitchell lit fireplaces for folks while a big fire was also built on the beach. The only hope was to wait for the outgoing tide, but people feared could the men survive the frigid temps and gale winds?

Eventually, Capt. C.S. Mitchell and his son Stanley, 26, were rescued, badly exhausted from exposure but they were "expected to come around alright after a night's rest."

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#throwbackthursday to the Reading Room at night during last week's NYE festivities.🌃

Looking out toward Market Square, we are in the back hall, standing behind the window panes of the Reading Room's curved door. The imperfections in the original blown glass created these perfect light distortions.🥰✨

Originally, the back hall was the counting room for the NH Fire & Marine Insurance Company, the first occupants of our 1805 building.

Athenaeum volunteers offer public tours of the historic first-floor Reading Room on the first & third Saturdays and second & fourth Thursdays each month from 1 to 2 p.m. For upcoming 2022 dates, check our online calendar at www.portsmouthathenaeum.org.

👉Note: the third-floor Shaw Research Library and Randall Gallery are open to the public five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. No need to make an appointment. Masks are required. You can also contact us at info@portsmouthathenaeum.org if you are unable to do research in person.

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Whoa, did you think we'd let #nationalbirdday fly right by?!🦅🐦🦉

Here a group of students surround a woman holding a bird in her hand at Odiorne State Park in Rye, NH. #fieldtrip

Upon closer look, the unidentified naturalist or possibly ornithologist appears to be banding the bird to study its behaviors and patterns.

Undated, we estimate the time to be the late 1970s or early 1980s during the time the New Hampshire Audubon Society operated at Odiorne State Park @massabesic_audubon. While unattributed, we believe the photographer was Bill Finney (1931-2016), a well-known NH photographer born in Concord.

The photo comes from a small group of Finney images found in the MS098 Seacoast Science Center manuscript collection, which documents the early beginnings of what would eventually become the marine science center we all love today.🌊🦀🦞🐚🐟❤


The non-profit @seacoast_science_center mission is "to spark curiosity, enhance understanding, and inspire conservation of our Blue Planet."

While we aren't exactly birds of a feather because we don't do well with water...or live animals...or an open air environment...pretty much all disastrous for the archives...we are both educational stewards of the Seacoast, and we are happy to share their history and the history of so many wonderful local institutions found in our collection. We are all interconnected. 🪶💎 🔁 #justholdthewater

Let us know in the comments if you recognize the woman, any of the students, or the type of bird.

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A little late into the New Year 😬, but here's our #topnine2021 🎉🥳🎊

Fascinating to discover what posts everyone responded to the most. While we can't argue with the results, we love all our posts. We discover something new in the research and in your responses, giving us a new perspective on the city and the Seacoast. Journey > Destination.

And as we mentioned last year, we actively collect items related to the history of Portsmouth and the Piscataqua Region, so when you decide to donate your photographs and paper materials, we are here! Our goal is to preserve local history and make that material accessible to all who seek knowledge, whether you visit us in person in the Research Library or search our online catalog.

As a non-profit, your monetary support allows our staff to process and archive the historic material properly. Gifts and contributions are considered tax-deductible.

Thank you for joining us on our ride through local history. Free tickets for 2022! 🎟⏳🤗

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Cheers to the New Year!🥂

We wish you a safe and happy New Year's Eve. Fireworks in Portsmouth start at 8 p.m. to ring in 2022! 🎉🥳🎆

Pictured is a friendly bartender greeting us at the Rockingham Hotel on State Street, circa 1950s.

The man looks like he may have worked at a bar where everybody knows your name, but sadly we don't know his. If you recognize him, let us know in the comments.

And because we're thinking of "Cheers!" and with this recent weather, why not end the year with a few lines from the show?

Resident barfly Norm Peterson enters coming out of the rain.

Norm: Evening, everybody.
Everybody: Norm!
Sam: Still pouring, Norm?
Norm: That's funny, I was about to ask you the same thing.


[Unidentified bartender at the Rockingham Hotel, undated, Wentworth-by-the-Sea Photograph Collection, P24.606.]

👉Reminder the Athenaeum will be closed to the public tomorrow for New Year's Day. We'll reopen on Tuesday at 1 p.m.

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