William Ladd Papers, 1798-1849 – MS017*

William Ladd Papers, 1798-1849 – MS017*

Provenance: Papers were found in the Moffatt-Ladd House, now owned by the Colonial Dames. Placed on deposit at the Portsmouth Athenaeum in 1988.

Citation: William Ladd Papers, National Society of the Colonial Dames in the State of New Hampshire, MS017, on deposit at the Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 3 Hollinger boxes (1 1/2 linear feet)

Access: No restrictions

Processed by: Kevin Shupe in September 1991. Updated by Katy Sternberger in November 2020 & January 2021.


Includes, writings and lectures on peace; newspaper clippings; information on peace societies, particularly in New England; personal, business, and shipping correspondence; financial records; and other papers reflecting Ladd’s life. Information concerning his activities as delegate to the 1819 convention that led to the formation of Maine’s statehood, president of American Peace Society, and preacher licensed by the Waterford Union Association. Biography written by Ladd’s brother, Alexander Ladd. Pacifist and antislavery correspondence of John and Ann Bevans of the London Peace Society; David L. Dodge of the New York Peace Society; Thomas S. Grimke of Columbia, South Carolina; and Angelina E. Grimke, Sarah M. Grimke, and Anna R. Frost, social reformers of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Scope and Content

The papers of William Ladd, ship’s captain, farmer and leader of the peace movement in America. Ladd’s peace papers include correspondence, writings and lectures, newspaper clippings, and information on peace societies throughout the East Coast. His other papers include personal and business correspondence, shipping correspondence, financial papers, and other writings. Also included in the collection is a manuscript biography of Ladd by his brother, Alexander Ladd.

This collection is filed in three archival boxes and one oversize folder. The papers have been divided into three subgroups. The first subgroup, the Bibliography of William Ladd, contains papers compiled by Alexander Ladd [WL’s brother] after William’s death. Subgroups 2 and 3 contain William Ladd’s own papers, divided into Peace Papers [subgroup 2] and Personal and Business Papers [subgroup 3].

Subgroup 1, The biography of William Ladd [1841, 1848-50], includes the unpublished manuscript The Life of “William Ladd written by Alexander Ladd in 1848, a list of correspondents and Alexander’s notes on his attempts to have the American Peace society publish the memoir, and two 1841 issues of The Advocate of Peace with eulogies of William Ladd.

Subgroup 2, Peace papers [1824-41] is divided into two series. Series 1, Peace Correspondence [1828-41], contains William’s correspondence with ministers, leaders of peace societies, and people involved in other social movements. These correspondents include Noah Worcester, David Dodge, Samuel May, Thomas Angelina, and Sarah Grimke. A selection of these letters were originally sewn together in a packet to serve as an addendum to Alexander Ladd’s biography of William Ladd; this order was not maintained in the present arrangement, but a list of the order of the letters in this packet is maintained in Athenaeum files on the collection. Series 2, Other Peace Papers [1825-40], includes William’s writings on peace, clippings, notes for lectures, letters to the editors of peace publications, essays on peace not written by William Ladd. peace societies constitutions and membership lists, American Peace Society bills and receipts, and printers’ contracts for printing peace publications.

Subgroup 3, Personal and Business papers [ca. 1798-1837], contains six subgroups. Series 1, Personal Correspondence [bulk dates 1803-27], includes correspondence with family members and friends; many of these letters are also related to business matters. Also included in this series is one folder of Sophia Ann Stidolph Ladd’s correspondence. Series 2, Minot Church Pastoral Controversy Correspondence and Notes [1818-19], relates to the Minot Second Congregational Church which held a church council to judge the conduct of their minister, and contains William’s letters requesting advice on the controversy from three ministers and their responses. Series 3, Maine Statehood Question [1816], contains a petition from the inhabitants of Minot and letters regarding the separation of Maine from the state of Massachusetts.

Series 4, Miscellaneous Writings, contains two manuscript essays [both undated]: an essay on planting cotton in South Caroline, and Annals of Bakerstown, Poland & Minot [published in Volume 2 of the Collections of the Maine Historical Society, Portland 1847]. Series 5 is mostly related to the shipping business, to and from agents, underwriters and consigners. A considerable amount of business related correspondence can be found in the Personal Correspondence Series because Ladd was in business with his father, brothers, and uncle, and their letters are often more business related that personal. Series 6, Business Papers [1803-18], includes legal and citizenship papers, papers on a dispute over cedar rights in east Florida, bills and receipts, and shipping papers. It should be noted that a journal containing the accounts of the Ship Augusta [1810] and general waste entries from the Minot farm [1825-26] has been filed under Other Peace Papers [Subgroup 2, Series 2] because a large portion of the journal has been passed over with clippings of peace writings. William Ladd often wrote notes and letter drafts on letters he had received; these additions are noted in the item catalog.

Biographical Note

William Ladd [5/10/1778-4/9/1841] was a ship’s captain, merchant, farmer, legislator, and leader of the peace movement in America. William was born in Exeter, N.H. His parents were Eliphalet Ladd [1745?-2/29/1806], a wealthy ship’s captain, merchant, shipbuilder, and member of the N.H. State Legislature, and Abigail Hill [1750-9/17/1838] of South Berwick. There other children were: Sarah [7/6/1774-10/12/1798], who married Rev. William T. Rowland; Elizabeth [8/12/1776-11/17/1821, who married Samuel Chauncey; Henry [4/30/1780-1842], who married Hannah Hurd; Charlotte [4/9/1782-?], who married John Langdon [son of Woodbury Langdon]; Alexander [5/9/1784-6/24/1855], who married Maria Tufton Haven; Caroline [5/4/1786-3/10/1803] who never married; Sophia [5/12/1788-? ], who married John P. Lord; Eliphalet [4/25/1791-4/24/1821], who married Mary L. Hurd; and Harriet [8/27/1793-7/31/1800], who died young. The Ladd family moved from Exeter to Portsmouth in 1792. William’s mother remarried Rev. Joseph Buckminister of Portsmouth after Eliphalet’s death.

William attended Exeter public schools, Phillips Exeter Academy [grad. 1793], and Harvard College [grad. 1797]. After college, he sailed as a seaman on the Ship Eliza, commanded by his brother-in-law, Capt. Samuel Chauncey. He became master of the Eliza in 1799. On a voyage from London to Philadelphia he met Sophia Ann Stidolph [1780?-12/29/1855] who was living in London, and was traveling to meet her parents in Wilmington, Del. William and Sohia were married in London in October 1801; they had no children, Sophia Ladd’s siblings included a brother William Stidolph, a brother [?] William Harlim, sisters Mary Whitehead [w. of John], Martha Goodwin, ? Dickinson[ son is Henry] and Sally Abbott.

In 1802 William moved to Savannah, Georgia, and in January 1804 was granted by the Spanish Government about 1500 acres of land in New Smyrna, East Florida, to settle a cotton plantation, primarily using the services of Dutch indentured servants, also called redemptioners. The plantation failed, and he left it in the care of his neighbor Ambrose Hull. William and Sophia returned to Portsmouth in 1806 and he returned to the seafaring life.

Between 1812-14 William and Sophia resided in Portsmouth; William became involved in the Washington Benevolent Society, wrote on the state of the country for the Portsmouth Oracle, and was elected to the Portsmouth Committee of Safety. During this time he purchased his brothers’ shares of a farm in Minot, Maine, deeded to them by their father. William and Sophia moved to Minot in June 1814. William served as a representative of Minot to the Massachusetts State Legislature in 1815, and as a delegate to the first convention of Maine which formed the independent state government and prepared a state constitution.

By about 1821 William became active in the peace movement, apparently encouraged by Rev. Jesse Appleton. He wrote articles on peace for the Christian Mirror under the pseudo name of Philanthropos beginning in 1823
and gave his first lecture in 1824 before the Peace Society of Maine. William was instrumental in the formation of the American Peace Society [APS] in 1828 and served as its first president, 1837-41. He edited the APS publication Harbinger of Peace from 1828-1831, and wrote for its successor the Calumet from 1831-35. He corresponded with the leaders or various peace societies throughout the Eastern United States and England, and spent a great deal of the rest of his life traveling and lecturing.

William was taken ill while in Canandaigua, New York in January 1841, while on a lecture tour, but still continued on the tour, giving his last lecture in Boston. He returned to Portsmouth and died in the Moffatt-Ladd house in April 1841. Sophia Ladd died in 1855.

Biographical Summary

1778 William Ladd [WL] born, Exeter, N.H.
1792 Ladd family moves from Exeter to Portsmouth.
1793 WL graduates from Phillips Exeter Academy.
1797 WL graduates from Harvard College. WL sails as a seaman on Ship Eliza.
1799 WL becomes captain of the Ship Eliza.
c1800 WL meets Sophia Ann Stidolph of London on voyage to Philadelphia.
1801 WL marries Sophia in London..
1802 WL moves to Savannah, Georgia.
1804 WL establishes plantation in New Smyrna, East Florida
1806 WL’s father, Eliphalet Ladd, dies at Portsmouth. WL leaves New Smyrna for Portsmouth and returns to life at sea.
1812 WL writes for the Portsmouth Oracle.
1814 WL moves to farm in Minot, Maine.
1815 WL serves as a Maine representative to Massachusetts State Legislature.
1819 WL acts as a delegate to the convention of Maine to form a state government independent of Massachusetts.
1823 WL begins writing articles on peace for the Christian Mirror [Portland]
1824 WL gives his first peace lecture before the Peace Society of Maine.
1828 American Peace Society [APS] founded in Washington, D.C., WL elected first president.
1828-1831 WL edits the APS publication, The Harbinger of Peace.
1837 WL licensed as a preacher by the Waterford Union Association.
1838 WL’s mother, Abigail Ladd Buckminster, dies in Portsmouth.
1841 WL dies in Portsmouth.
1855 Sophia Ann Stidolph dies.


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Works by William Ladd

An Address delivered at Portland, Feb. 6, 1824. Portland: Mirror Office [A. Shirley], 1824.

Address delivered at the tenth anniversary of the Massachusetts Peace Society. Boston: Isaac R. Butts at the Office of the Christian Register, 1826.

Address to Seamen, delivered at Portland before the Portland Marine Bible Society. Portland: Arthur Shirley, 1827

The Essays of Philanthropos on Peace and War. Portland: Shirley & Edwards, 1825; Exeter: John T. Burnham, 1827.

Essays on Peace and War which first appeared in the Christian Mirror, by Philanthropos. Portland: Arthur Shirley, 1827.

A Brief Illustration on the Principles of War and Peace, showing the ruinous policy of the former. By Philanthropos, Albany: Packard & Van Bethuysen, 1831.

A Hero of Macedon, or History of Alexander the Great. Boston: J. Loring, 1832.

A Dissertation on a Congress of Nations, by Philanthropos, Boston? J. Loring for the American Peace Society, 1832; New York: L.D. Dewey, Miller & Brewster, 1834.

A Solemn Appeal to Christians of all Denominations in favor of the cause of permanent and universal peace, by Philanthropos. Boston: American Peace Society, 1836.

Letters from an American London: T. Ward & Co., 1836.

On the duties of females to promote the causes of peace, by Philanthropos. Boston: J. Ford for the American Peace Society, 1836.

An essay on a Congress of Nations. Boston: Whipple & Damrell, 1840.

Series Listing

I. Biography of William Ladd

II. Peace Papers

A. Correspondence,1814?-41

B. Other Peace papers,1825-40

III. Personal and Business Correspondence

A. Personal correspondence, 1798-1837

B. Minot Church Pastoral controversy correspondence 1818-19

C. Maine Statehood Question, 1816

D. Miscellaneous Writings

E. Business Correspondence,1797-1827

F. Business Papers, 1803-18

I. Biography of William Ladd


Folder 1 The Life of William Ladd by Alexander Ladd
Preface. Copies of correspondence between Alexander Ladd and the American Peace Society and resolutions regarding the publication of the memoirs.
Chapter 1. “His Origin, Boyhood, and Education.” Ladd family
Genealogy. Eliphalet Ladd’s life and William’s early life through
his graduation from Harvard.
Chapter 2. “His First Period of Seafaring Life.” Life as a seaman and a shipmaster. Details from his travels including his stay in London.

Folder 2 The Life of William Ladd by Alexander Ladd
Chapter 3. “His Life as a Planter in Florida.”
Chapter 4. “His Second Period of Seafaring Life.”

Folder 3 The Life of William Ladd by Alexander Ladd
Chapter 5. “His Life as a Politician, Legislator, and Farmer in the State of Maine.

Folder 4 The Life of William Ladd by Alexander Ladd
Chapter 6. “His Life as an Advocate and Missionary in the cause of Peace, President of the American Peace Society and Preacher of the Gospel.”

Folder 5 The Life of William Ladd by Alexander Ladd
Chapter 6. [cont.]
Chapter 7. “His Last Sickness and Death.”

Folder 6 The Life of William Ladd by Alexander Ladd
Introduction and list of correspondents for Alexander Ladd’s compilation of William Ladd’s letters [some of the letters listed were tied together in a volume with this as its front piece; they have been filed in with the other papers; their order has been documented in the appendix to the inventory].

Folder 7 Notes on attempts to publish memoir of William Ladd, by A. Ladd 6/10/1850. Alexander Ladd. “Thoughts & Reflections of the Author on Receiving Back from the Executive Committee of the APS the Manuscript Memoir of the Late Lamented William Ladd.” A description of his failure to get the APS to publish the memoir.

Folder 8 The Advocate of Peace [June & Oct. 1841]
The June and October issue which contain eulogies for Ladd.

II. Peace Papers

A. Correspondence

Box 1

Folder 9 George Benson, 1833-36
2/13/1833 from GB, Brooklyn, Ct. His opposition to the canceling of the Mass. Peace Society’s annual meeting. Also, his opinion of Samuel May’s preaching.
5/7/1835 from GB, Brooklyn. On the respect given military men, Christian pacifism, peace doctrines and other such subjects.
6/1/1335 from GB, Brooklyn. More on peace and Christianity.
2/11/1836, from GB, Brooklyn. Mentions excluding communion for those opposed to war. [+ Notes]

Folder 10 John Bevans & Ann Bevans [daughter], 1824-37
Nov. 1824 letter copy to JB, London. Introducing himself and his
peace work. Requests publications of the London Peace
1/19/1825 from JB, London. On the LPS publications.
12/10/1826 from JB, London. On peace essays to be published in British peace periodicals, including WL’s remarks on the Bunker Hill Monument.
8/22/1829 from JB, London. On the LPS.
4/12/1830 from JB, London. On the LPS.
7/3/1830 from JB, London. On his recent publications and TL’s last letter.
6/21/1833 from JB, London. On opinions of ministers towards peace.
4/20/1836 from AB, Star Court. Death of her father, John Bevans. Asks for information regarding the letters from WL that JB was publishing.
6/29/1837 from AB, Deptford. On the Publication of “Letters from an American.

Folder 11 David Dodge 1928-30
8/14/1826 from DD, NY. Tells of the debts and decline of the NY Peace Society; encourages the enlistment of females and supports the idea of a national society.
3/29/1830 from DD, NY. On the peace work of ministers in NY and their failure to raise much interest or money. Presents his ideas on spreading the word and on defensive wars. Also mentions that he is closing his business due to failures.
4/7/1830 letter copy to [DD]. A response to the previous letter. Mentions what is being done in various local peace societies. States that individuals can take a stand on the question of defensive wars but that the society should not.

Folder 12 Angelina Grimke and Sarah Grimke, 1833-1835
November 1833, from SG to WL.
[October or November] 1834, from WL to SG.
December 6, [1834], from AG to WL.
November 5, 1834, from AG to WL.
December 7, 1834, from AG to WL.
December 30, 1834, from SG to WL.
[February] 1835, from AG to WL.
February 14, 1835, from SG to WL.
February 28, 1835, from SG and AG to WL.
April 13, 1835, from SG to WL.
May 15, 1835, from SG to WL.
July 10, 1835, from SG to WL.
[August] 1835, from SG and AG to WL.
November 30, 1835, from AG to WL.

Folder 13 Anna Frost, Angelina Grimke, and Sarah Grimke, 1836
March 14, 1836, from SG and AF to WL.
March 18, 1836, from AG to WL.
March 24, 1836, from AG to WL.
[before March 1835], from AG to WL.
[May] 1836, from AG to WL.
May 30, 1836, from AF to WL.
June 5, 1836, from SG to WL.
August 11, 1836, from AG to WL.
August 15, 1836, from SG to WL.
[September] 7, 1836, from SG to WL.
September 29, 1836, from AG and SG to WL.
November 6 and 8, 1836, from SG and AG to WL.
December 1, 1836, from AG to WL.
December 19, 1836, from AF to WL.

Folder 14 Anna Frost, Angelina Grimke, and Sarah Grimke, 1837-1839
February 25, 1837, from AG to WL.
March 3, 1837, from AF to WL.
March 22, 1837, from AG and SG to WL.
[March 1837], from AG to WL.
April 9, 1837, from SG to WL.
April 17, [1837], from AG to WL.
August 5, 1837, from SG to WL.
January 23, 1838, from SG to WL.
May 1, [1838], from AG and TW to WL.
August 28, 1838, from SG to WL.
July 23, 1839, from SG to WL.
September 7, 1839, from AF to WL.
November 28, 1839, from AF to WL.

Folder 15 Thomas Grimke, 1828-1833
November 2, 1828, from TG to WL.
November 2, 1830, from TG to WL.
December 28, 1830, from TG to WL.
April 4, 1832, from TG to WL.
June 24, 1833, from TG to WL.

Folder 16 Thomas Hancock, 1825-33
1/14/1825 from TH. Foreign Correspondence Secretary, Peace Society of London. Responding to a letter from Ladd addressed to John Bevans [see Bevan’s file] On their mutual cause.
3/25/1826 to TH. Discusses the progress in forming societies and the possibility of a national society.
8/30/1827 from TH. London Peace Society news and his views.
5/25/1830 from TH. Liverpool On his personal situation
4/22/1833 from TH, Liverpool. On the events in England and the colonization idea.
9/24/1833 from TH. On his, John Bevan’s, and Ladd’s poor health. On the European political situation and the British abolition of slavery
6/21/1835 from TH. His plans to move to Ireland, progress in the cause, and Christianity and peace.

Folder 17 James Hargreaves, 1833-40
11/7/1833 from JH, Waltham Abbey, England. Mentions the defensive war question.
1/30/1833 from JH. Access to the Pulpits in England, and the relations between the churches and the peace movement.
3/31/1835 from JH. On where he has lectured, on the slavery issue and, an essay he has written.
4/23/1836 from JH. On John Bevans and his predecessor as secretary.
Dec. 1836 from JH. The London Peace Society and his thoughts on taking extreme positions on peace.
9/16/1840 from JH, Ramsgate, Kent. On the peace essays and the London Society.

Folder 18 Samuel May, 1826-32
12/25/1826 from SM, Brooklyn. Ct. Peace Soc. The formation and activities of their society.
1/20/1828 from SM. On Ladd’s work and his own work for the cause. [+Notes] cont. on Daniel White’s letter (12/28/1827) in misc. peace correspondence.
8/6/1829 from SM. Mentions the connection with the temperance movement. [+ Notes]
1/6/1832 from, SM. On the strife between denominations.

Folder 19 Noah Worcester, 1824-34
1/12/1323 from NW.. A note thanking Ladd for his work in the peace cause.
5/4/18[24] from NW, Brighton. Presenting Ladd with a copy of the Friend of Youth.
4/11/1824 from NW. On Ladd’s writing for the Christian Mirror.
Jan. 1825 from NW. Regarding the exchange of tracts. Written on the back of a printed letter from John Bowring, Foreign Secretary of the London Society for the Promotion of Permanent and Universal Peace, soliciting people to join the cause.
2/18/1825 from NW. Sends a poem for publication.
3/3/1823 from NN. Regarding articles on peace.
4/25/1825 from NW. 0n peace publications
5/12/1825 from NW. On the P.P.S. [Philadelphia Peace Society?].
10/4/1825 from NW. On the Rhode Island Peace Soc. And Ladd’s essays.
10/19/1825 from NW, Informing Ladd that he is the chosen orator for the Mass. Peace Soc. Annual meeting.
1/24/1825 letter copy to NW. Declining the orator’s position.
11/7/1225 from NW. Asking Ladd to reconsider giving the speech.
12/20/1325 from NW. Regarding Ladd’s visit to Boston. [+Notes]

Folder 20 Noah Worcester, 1824-34
1/2/1826 from MI. About peace tracts.
2/27/1826 from NW. on the revival of the N.Y. Peace Soc. and the possible formation of a society in Laudon Village, N.H.
4/13/1826 from NW. Regarding fruit trees and peace tracts sent to Ladd
5/1/1826 from NW. About peace tracts.
5/27/1326 from HR. Mentions a volunteer for the peace cause, William Henry Shadgett and the national society.
6/23/1326 from NW. Peace cause miscellany.
6/30/1326 from NW. Employment of W.H. Shadgett by the Mass. Peace Soc. 5
7/19/1226 from NW. Peace society miscellany.
9/13/1826 from NW. Regarding a national society.
9/27/1826 from NN. Peace tracts.
11/24/1326 from NW. The formation of a national society and peace tracts.
11/16/1827 from NW. Regarding lectures and peace tracts. Written on a printed broadside entitled “Questions on War and Peace,” from England.
1/5/1828 from NW. A list of subscribers to The Friend of Peace.
11/19/1828 from NW. On the publication of The Friend of Peace.
2/16/1829 from NW. On Ladd’s health and his own retirement. [+Notes] 10/18/1833 from NN. Asking for a letter of introduction for Rev. Charles Brooks to the England Peace Society.
6/23/1834 from NN. Sending pamphlets.

Folder 21 General correspondence, 1823-41
12/21/1823 from J. Nichols, Me. Peace Soc., Portland. Requests Ladd to give address.
1/9/1824 from S. Greenleaf, Me. Peace Soc. Details about the speech Ladd is to give.
7/12/1824 from Hezekiah B. Ufford, N.Y. Peace Soc. Tracts published by the society
5/6/1825 letter draft to Hezekiah Ufford. Regarding peace societies and tracts.
5/6/I825 letter draft to Hezekiah Ufford. About the Minot Reading Peace Society.
5/26/1825 from William Almy, Cranston. Subscribers to peace tracts.
7/6/1825 from Bethuel Carey, Oxford Peace Soc., Sumner. Thanks Ladd for his oration; sends a list of officers
11/30/1825 from Eleazer Lord, NY. The sad state of the N.Y. Peace Soc. and Lord’s decreased involvement.
1/27/1826 from John C. Warren, Boston. States that he feels the same as Ladd but the Public disagrees.[likely about an objection to the Bunker Hill Monument]
4/7/1826 from Joseph R. Chandler, PA. Peace Soc. in Philadelphia. Regarding Ladd’s prospectus for publishing the essays of Philanthropos and states that he has received no subscriptions for it. Also news of the society.
12/14/1826 from Joseph R. Chandler. The Pa. Peace Society’s approval of a national society.
1826 from Edward Livingston, Washington. Thanks Ladd for pamphlet; states that he does not believe war can be totally gotten rid of.
3/27/1827 from Dudley Phelp, Andover. Discusses the peace society which has been formed and lists officers; mentions Ladd’s visit.
12/28/1827 from Daniel White, Salem. White’s support for the cause; mentions giving a sermon on peace. [+Notes-cont. from Samuel May’s letter 1/30/1828]
3/29/1828 from Anson G. Phelps, N.Y. Proclaims his devotion to the cause.
4/24/1828 from Ralph R. Gurley, American Colonization Soc., Washington. On the Colonization Society. [+Notes]
5/13/1828 from Henry Grew, Hartford. On the circulation of tracts.

Folder 22 General correspondence, 1823-41
3/4/1829 from Thomas Treadwell Stone, Andover. On religion, ministers and peace.
4/5/1829 from Daniel Coolidge, NY. Getting subscriptions for Harbinger.
5/6/1829 from Charles Lowell, Boston. Representatives of the Ma. Peace Soc. to the N.Y. meeting; on the retirement of Noah Worcester.
8/18/1829 from A.G. Kaser, N.Y. Resolutions of the executive counsel on the appointment of Rev. Asa Mead as their agent; on the support of the N.Y churches and his own sermons. [+Notes, titled: “Represent State of Europe”]
6/8/1829 from David Tomlinson, Schenectady. On the formation of the Schenectady Soc. With his thoughts on peace. [+Notes]
11/29/1829 from Joseph Story, Cambridge. Declines writing the proposed dissertation. [4-Notes]
3/24/1830 from S. W. Wilder, Boston. on why peace movement should have precedence over other organizations.
4/2/1830 from Thomas Wood, London Peace Soc. Announcing that he has taken the position of corresponding secretary.
5/13/1830 letter copies to john Hancock, and Robert Marden. Informing them that they were elected honorary mailers of the American Peace Society. 5/16/1830 letter copy to the editor of The World. Sending letters that Ladd wishes to have published.
9/15/1830 from Jeremiah S. Chaplin, Waterville College. Letter of thanks for Ladd’s commencement address.
1/4/1831 from Henry Grew, Hartford Peace Soc. On the idea of a court of nations.
1/27/1831 from Jacob Porter. Plainfield, Ma. Regarding sending Peace publications to M. le Pasteur G. de Felice of France who is writing a book on benevolence societies. [+Notes]
2/12/1831 from Philanthropist to ?. Declining an interview and the release of his name. Speaks of his essays in the Centinel and the idea of republishing them.
3/24/1831 from Daniel Coolidge. On getting a Harbinger agent for N.Y. 5/6/1831 from Thomas Thompson Jr., Boston. Sends copied article from the Columbian Centinel, “Abolition of War” by Philanthropist. Also news of the A.P.S. and Thompson’s efforts to get new people involved.

Folder 23 General correspondence, 1823-41
2/16/1832 from Henry Grew, Hartford. On the Ct. Peace Society.
5/8/1832 from Robert Rogers, Worthington, Ohio Peace and Arbitration Society. Announcing the formation of their society [+Notes-letter drafts [8/3/1836]
7/2/1832 from Elihu W. Baldwin, N.Y. On the latest peace tract. [+ letter drafts to editor of the Liberator [Aug. 1833], on the anti-slavery & colonization cause].
10/4/1832 from Ralph Emerson, Andover. Asking how to introduce students to the peace question. Suggesting the idea of an annual essay competition.
12/15/1832 from H. Howells, Zanesville, Ohio. Mentions the idea of peace essays.
4/1/1833 from Elisha Fote, New Gloucester, Me. On the position of the Shakers regarding peace and on how some people follow the peace movement with unpure motives.
6/4/1833 from Henry Ware Jr., Cambridge. On the opinions of the judges for the peace essay competition.
10/5/1833 from E.W. Freeman. On Freeman’s attendance at a meeting of the Bowdoinham Baptist Assoc.; provides a list of ministers who will preach a sermon on peace in return for the Calamet.
11/1/1833 from William Allen, Brunswick. On the question of support for a defensive war. [+Notes-a portion of a letter draft]
2/1/1834 from Alvan Stewart Utica, N.Y. On the formation of the Utica Peace Society. [+Notes-letter drafts]
2/4/1834 from Richard M. Chipman. On the Utica Society and the Calumet. [+Notes – letter draft]
3/7/1844 to Monsieur the Count de Sellon. On the Count being elected as an honorary member of the A.P.S.
4/17/1834 from Howard Malcom. Resolutions for the annual meeting and the idea of placing tracts on passenger ships.
4/21/1834 from R.D. Mussey, Brunswick. Mentions hearing Ladd speak; offers suggestions for Ladd’s diet.
4/22/1834 from Gerritt Smith, Peterboro. N.Y. States his commitment to the cause.
5/13/1834 from George Bush, N.Y. On the annual meeting and the Calumet.
5/26/1834 from Elisha Johnson, Brownville. On his support for the cause.
5/27/1834 from William Wilder, N.Y. On Ladd declining the office of president of the A.P.S. and asking him to reconsider.
6/17/1834 from George C. Beckwith, Portland. On a meeting in Bath.

Folder 24 General correspondence, 1823-41
2/27/1835 from William Watson, Hartford. On getting peace society members and clergy.
3/3/1835 from Maria Rotch, London. A thank-you for books mentions a change in direction for the A.P.S. “addressing the consciences of Christians rather than the philanthropy of the natural heart.”
5/25/1835 from George C. Beckwith, Kingston, R.I. On his service as an agent for the A.P.S.
6/19/1835 from Guy C. Sampson, Middleton, Vt. His peace work in Vt.
6/23/1835 from Howard Malcom. Mentions establishing peace prizes at Newton and Hamilton seminaries; also his retirement from preaching.
7/13/1835 from Amara Walker, Boston. Thanks Ladd for sending peace tracts. Discusses Christianity’s opposition to all war.
Oct. 1835 from Allen Greely, Turner, Me. States his opposition to modern literature and poetry; desires a holy literature.
10/29/1835 from Thomas Thompson, Boston. Proposes that a painting should be done of the Peace Senate like Trumbell’s “Declaration of Independence.”[+Notes-“Obstacles to the Cause of Peace Work.”]
12/29/1835 from Thomas Upham, Brunswick. On conscientious objectors.
1835 Philadelphia. A printed letter on the peace cause to accompany the distribution of Dymond’s Essay on War.
2/5/1836 from L.L. Dodge, Olive Branch Circle, Salem. Thanks Ladd for books and includes a membership list.
2/22/1836 from Angelina Ammidon, Boston. On peace tracts and a new peace hymn. Tells the news of the peace movement in Boston and states the need for the peace movement to use strong language.
4/21/1836 from Henry C. Wright. On his service as a A.P.S. agent.
6/28/1836 from George Trask, Framingham, Ma. On his preaching and the idea of sending agents out West.
8/3/1836 from Francis Fellows, Hartford. Resolutions of the A.P.S. [+Notes] 8/17/1836 from F.C. Woodworth, Oneida Institute Peace Society. On the formation of their society. [+Notes]
9/6/1836 from Anne Young, Philadelphia Ladies Peace Society. News of their society.
11/23/1836 from Francis Fellows, Harford. On the death of William Watson, the financial position of the A.P.S. and the Advocate of Peace.
1/28/1836 from John W. Wayne, ed. Herald of Peace, England. News of the London Society.

Folder 25 General correspondence, 1823-41
1/5/1837 from Alexander Brookway, London. On peace tracts.
1/11/1837 from J.P. Blanchard. Sending a copy of John Quincy Adams’ letter on reading the peace essays.
1/17/1837 from Mary Clark, Concord. On the formation of their peace society [+Notes]
2/4/1837 from Thomas Thompson Jr. His work with the Mass. Legislature for the peace cause. [+Notes-“Ch. 7”]
3/11/1837 from John Quincy Adams to Origen Bachelder. On the peace essays.
3/25/1837 from [John W. Wayne], England. Proposes publishing the economic costs of war. [+Notes]
7/31/1837 from Mary Clark. On peace and anti-slavery.
2/24/1838 from Sarah E. W. Field, Brighton. On the death of her grandfather and the decline of the local society.
3/24/1838 from Gerritt Smith. Makes a donation.
3/30/1838 from George Evans, Washington. On the Congress of Nations petition.
5/3/1838 from Aldin Grout, Missionary at Port Natal, Africa. Asking for tracts
6/18/1838 from Origen Bachelor, N.Y. Mentions a letter from John Quincy Adams and the results of their work in the U.S. Congress.

Folder 26 General correspondence, 1823-41
2/5/1839 letter copy to Rev. Asa Mead. On Mead’s appointment as an agent, gives instruction and amount the society will pay.
2/16/1839 from William H. Allen, Dickinson College. On the distribution of books and pamphlets.
3/27/1839 lettercopy of Henry S. Fox, British Envoy. On Peace and the Maine boundry question.
3/29/1839 lettercopy to John Forsyth, Sec. of State. On the Maine boundry issues.
4/2/1839 from Leverett Saltonstall, Salem, Ma. About a speech he gave.
4/4/1839 from Francisco Pizarro Martinez, Washington, D.C. Thanks Ladd for publications.
4/12/1839 from Howard Malcom, Boston. Announcing that he is publishing the Christian Almanac and would like WL to submit something for it on the APS
8/12/1839 from Samuel E. Coues, Portsmouth. On his peace writings and the peace movement in Portsmouth.
9/3/1839 from Simeon Perkins, Otisfield. His feelings on the peace movement.
10/10/1839 lettercopy to Madam the Countess de Sellon. On he death of her husband.
10/25/1839 from Thomas Cock, N.Y. Mentions the local peace agent
10/25/1839 from Samuel E. Couse. On the lyceum and Ladd’s lecturing there.

Folder 27 General correspondence, 1823-41
2/25/1840 from Origen Bachelder, N.Y. On he peace essay contest and his own essay. [+Notes]
3/26/1840 from N.M Harry, England. On Ladd writing for their book of peace essays and gives the news of their society.
6/19/1840 from Mary L. Goddard, Marietta. On the late Mr. Goddard’s entry into the peace essay contest.
5/23/1840 from Alexander Brockway, London. On the presentation of the peace essays to the Queen and their distribution in England.
6/29/1840 from George Sturge, London. On the peace essays and the idea of a congress of nations.
7/7/1840 from George Sturge, London. On the London Police.
10/31/1840 from Alexander Brockway. On the peace essays.
2/7/1841 from George Beckwith, Boston. On Ladd’s health and the peace essay subscribers. [+Letter drafts: one to Mr. Cummings in which he mentions his health and descries the town of Rochester; and a draft and a letter copy to Monsieur Alexander Vattemare, [Montreal], proposing that they work together for the peace cause]
n.d. to the ed. Of the Harbinger of Peace [Ladd] from “A Christian”. Comments on an article published on a congress of nations. [+Ladd’s response]
n.d. from L.T.’s brother Charles, who is on the committee, should be contacted by Ladd.


Folder 1 Letters to work leaders accompanying Prize Essays book, and
Copies of letters accompanying the distribution of the book Prize Essays on a Congress of Nations sent to world leaders: Queen Victoria; King of France; Emperor of Russia; Baron de Roenne; King of Prussia; Charles the 14th, King of Sweden; Frederic IV, King of Denmark; King of Holland; Anastasio Bustamente, President of the Mexican Republic; Don Francisco Pizarro Marinez, Mexican Envoy; Martin van Buren, U.S. President; John Forsyth, Secretary of State. Copies of letters from the representatives of the world leaders on the receipt of the book; includes one original receipt letter [in French] from Gustave de Norden, The Swedish Envoy.

B. Other Peace Papers

Box 2

Folder 2 Letters to editors of publications
Draft of a letter to the editor of The Oracle [Mr. Tradwell] entitled “6257.” Signed “Candidus” [Ladd]. On the exaggeration of the number of U.S. sailors impressed by the British Navy and the excitement of people to war.
Letter Draft to the Christian Enquirer; signed “Numa”. “ The Prejudices of a Classical Education Unfavorable to Peace.”
Letter draft to the Christian Mirror; signed “Philanthropos”. “On the Influence of Poetry & Musick on the Pasions-& Bunker Hill Monument.”

Folder 3 Notes for lectures, 1835-40
Lecture notes, mostly on peace. Some have dates and places where delivered.

Folder 4 Peace essays [not by William Ladd]
“On the Duty of Christians to do what They Can to Abolish the Custom of War” by Mr. Quimby.
“The Discrepance Between the Spirit of War, and the Spirit of Christianity” marked on the top “Bangor”
“Dissertation on the Duty of Christians to do What They Can to abolish the Present System,” by David Fosdick, Andover Theological Seminary, 1833.
“The Duty of Christians Considered in Regard to the Abolition of the Custom of War,” by M. Shepard, Dartmouth College.
“Court of Nations” by John B. Derby, Boston, 1841.

Folder 5 American Peace Society, Annual Report, n.d.
Detailed account of the progress of the A.P.S. and other world peace organizations.

Folder 6 Peace Societies, Constitutions & Membership, 1825-35
A.P.S. constitutions with lists of subscribers from N.Y. Philadelphia, and Maine, n.d.
New York Peace Society, proposed constitution, n.d.
Bangor Peace Society, by-laws and officers, 1829.
Peace Society of Andover, constitution, n.d.
Peace Society of Hartford County, printed constitutions, n.d.
Societe de la Morale Chretienne, Prospectus, Paris, 1821 [printed].
New Bedford Peace Society, membership list, n.d.
Massachusetts Peace Society, printed membership list, 1820
[Maine Peace Society], by-laws and subscription list, 1826?

Folder 7 Subscribers to Peace Publications, n.d.
Subscribers to the Harbinger and the Calumet.
Subscription for publishing a volume of sermons by Rev. W. Stone [?] of Andover Me.

Folder 8 Peace Memorandum Books, n.d.
Memos include members of the Ma. Peace Society and auxiliaries, correspondents of the peace societies, travel expenses, subscribers to the Calumet and the Harbinger.

Folder 9 Miscellaneous notes & writings
5/15/1829 Micklemath and Bangs agree to publish the Harbinger of Peace.
5/16/1831 Lorenz Dewey? Agrees to publish the Calumet. [2 copies]

Folder 10 Printer’s contracts for printing Calumet and The Harbinger of
Peace, 1829-31
Includes: an attack on Ballou’s Fast Day Sermon; “Extract from the Report of the ‘Canada Education and Home Missionary Society’ for 1839;” and two poems.

Folder 11 American Peace Society bills & receipts, 1828-35
Bills, receipts, and account statements, mostly for the society’s publications.

Folder 12 Peace newspaper clippings scrapbook, 1826-30;
Account book of the Ship Augusta, 1810; Minot waster book 1825-26
Printed newspaper articles and letters to the editor, various publications. Most articles are written by Ladd. [+Accounts Ledger of the Ship Augusta [1810] + Wastebook of general farm accounts [1825-26]

Folder 13 Newspaper clippings
Printed newspaper articles on the peace movement, mostly Ladd’s letters to the editor of the Columbian Centinel on the abolition of war.

III. Personal and Business Papers

A. Personal & Family Correspondence


Folder 14 Charles Chauncey, 1823-26
11/15/1823 from CC. Boston. Discusses his medical training and desire to go Europe [this letter is probably the one mentioned in the following letter as being written but not sent].
6/14/1824 from CC, Boston. On his medical training and the idea of studying in Europe.
7/5/1824 from CC, Boston, More on his desires and the benefits of travel to Europe. Proposes to his aunt that he might escort her there.
9/30/1824 from CC, New York. He is to sail the next day on the ship Pacific. Writes of his dislike of the people he has recently met in N.Y. and mentions his trip to Minot.
1/18/1825 from CC, London. On his voyage and impressions of London.
7/9/1825 from CC, Paris. On his travels around Europe.
5/2/1826 from CC, Paris. Mentions plans for returning home in July. Gives his impressions of Paris and describes a carnival.

Folder 15 Samuel Chauncey, 1809-12
6/22/1809 from SC, Portsmouth. On a ships cargo.
7/11/1809 from SC. Shipping instructions.
12/23/1809 from SC. Shipping finances.
12/25/1809 from SC. Slightly different version of letter # 3.
2/1/1810 from SC. Shipping business.
8/20/1810 from SC Instructions for the last part of the voyage and inviting the Ladd’s to visit when they arrive in Portsmouth.
9/17/1810 from SC. Instructions for dispersal of cargo in New York.
9/19/1810 from SC. On selling the cargo of iron. Mentions selling shares of the ship he is building.
4/27/1812 from SC. On shipping, the war and the embargo.

Folder 16 Henry Dickinson, 1816-17
2/12/1816 from HD, Boston. His service in the Navy on the Frolic which was captured, his imprisonment, release and continued service on the Peacock
3/7/1816 from HD, U.S.S. Macedonian, Annapolis. Description of sea life and his desire to leave the Navy.
3/23/1816 from HD, N.Y. Description of activities, asks WL for a coat.
1/27/1817 from HD, U.S.S. Congress. Life at sea.
11/8/1817 From HD, U.S.S. Congress, Norfolk. His prospects and career.

Folder 17 William Hamlin, 1809-13
11/28/1809 from WH. London. Mentions Ladd’s departure; also general political and family news.
4/18/1810 from WH. Family news. [+duplicate]
5/31/1810 from WH. On the political situation, and family news.
6/5/1810 from WH. Sends WL his watch that has been repaired.
6/8/1810 from WH. Nothing specific.
7/30/1810 from WH. Political situations; asks WL to check on Stidolph’s bank account in Wilmington.
8/15/1810 from WH. Family news.
3/2/1812 from WH to William Ladd. Asks for information on WL as he has not heard from him since he sailed for St. Petersburg; gives prices of goods.
6/25/1812 from WH. Announces his marriage; also family news, the sale of the Brook House Farm and the embargo.
9/14/1812 from WH. On the Brook House Farm deed; writes of a hope for peace; mentions the birth of a son.

Folder 18 Ambrose Hull, 1806-13
10/22/1806 from AH, New Smyrna, E. Florida. Description of the damage done by three storms and other area news.
3/1/1807 from WL, Savannah to AH. Sympathizes with Hull’s loses. Instructions on WL’s property in Florida.
3/31/1809 from AH. St. Augustine. WL’s interests in Florida; mentions his desire to leave.
11/10/1809 from AH, New Smyna. News of his plantation in Florida.
1/9/1810 from AH. Florida business; unable to ship the cedar.
10/31/1810 from AH, St. Augustine. Problems with plantation, determined not to plant in E. Florida again.
3/10/1812 from AH. Mentions Ladd’s Florida business interests and news of his own.
12/10/1813 from AH, St. Marys. On his misfortunes in business and inability to discharge his obligations to WL.

Folder 19 Alexander & Henry Ladd, 1807-12
2/24/1807 from HL, Portsmouth. On the discharging of freight and financial accounts.
12/6/1808 from HL, Portsmouth. On the discharging of freight and financial accounts.
12/26/1808 from HL. On the embargo and lack of stock for their store.
3/13/1811 from HL. Shipping advice and news.
3/30/1811 & 4/2/1811, Letter copies and shipping agreement copies, from HL & AL to the Brothers Cramer, St. Petersburg, and to Leavett Harris, On Russian trade.
4/2/1814 from HL and AL. Shipping business and cargos.
4/3/1811 from HL and AL. Shipping business and Russian trade.
4/6/1811 from HL & AL. Shipping business and Russian trade.
4/6/1811 from HL & AL. Shipping business. Includes a copy of a letter from Thomas Wilson & So. Of London [1/21/1811] on the refund of light and harbor dues.
4/8/1811 from HL & AL. Emphasizes that WL needs authorization from the Russian counsel to be allowed in that country, and instructs him to keep those papers from the British.
4/9/1811 from AL, Charlestown. On his plans to join WL in N.Y and shipping business.
4/12/1811 from HL & AL, Portsmouth. Shipping advice.
4/15/1811 from HL & AL. Shipping finances.
4/22/1811 from HL & AL. Shipping business.

Folder 20 Alexander & Henry Ladd, 1807-12
4/2/1812 from HL & AL, Portsmouth. Prices of goods, the possibility of canceling the Russian voyage, and problems with the sale of a ship.
4/14/1812 from HL & AL. Advises against the Russian voyage and mentions embargo problems.
4/15/1812 from HL & AL. Discusses freight for Russia and the possibility of the embargo ending. Mentions that WL’s boy Andrew is very sick. Includes a coy of a letter from John Lake, Havanna [3/22/1812] on the prices of good.
4/16/1812 from HL & AL. Shipping insurance costs.
4/21/1812 from HL & AL. Shipping business and the problems of trade with Russia.
4/30/1812 from HL & AL. On their trade account in Russia, the price of goods, and advise to discharge unnecessary sailors. Includes letter from Brothers Cramer [2/17/1812] on their trade account.
5/9/1812 from HL & AL. Informs WL that his petition to the U.S. government was denied and that his boy Andrew’s health continues to get worse.
5/16/1812 from HL & WL. Shipping business. Includes copies of two letters from John Lake [4/8/1812 & 4/15/1812] on the prices of freight.
5/26/1812 from HL & AL. Andrew’s death and the shipping business.
6/9/1812 from HL & AL. Shipping business, the sale of their Russian holdings; also the severe illness of Joseph Buckminster.
6/17/1812 from HL & AL. News of the death of Joseph S. Buckminster and Dr. Joseph Buckminster. Also shipping business.
11/21/1812 from HL & AL. Shipping news and advice.
11/25/1812 to Richard Bean, Portsmouth, from HL. Orders Bean to vacate the property he now occupies.
11/28/1812 from HL & AL. Shipping business and news from home.
12/8/1812 from HL & AL. Shipping business.
12/12/1812 from HL & AL. Cargoes for his ship.
12/23/1812 from HL & AL. Shipping business.
12/31/1812 from HL & AL. Their shipping intentions and the price of goods


Folder 1 Eliphalet Ladd Sr., 1789-1800
7/25/1798 WL, Norfork to EL, Portsmouth. Discusses his shipping cargo, asks his father to extend his credit.
3/26/1799 to EL. A note on his arrival at Hampton Roads.
3/27/1799 to EL. Needs new cargo manifest, mentions possibilities for freight.
4/2/1799 to EL. On his ship cargo, condition of the ship, and an offer for its purchase.
A draft of the above letter with a note for Henry and an inventory of the ship Eliza.
4/8/1799 to EL. Mentions cargo, the continued need for a shipping manifest, his dissatisfaction with their agent and some of the crew.
4/13/1799 to EL. Mentions cargo and tells of sending three crew members to jail for desertion and his hope that a forth would run away.
4/20/1799 to EL. The employment of “black fellows” for work on the ship; the return of his jailed crew members, and that he got rid of the troublemaker.
4/27/1799 to EL. WL is waiting for cargo.
5/3/1799 WL, Norfolk, to EL. The loading of his cargo and complaints on how long it took to get.
7/15/1799 WL, London, to EL. He engaged a cargo for Philadelphia that includes a cabin passenger.

Folder 2 Eliphalet Ladd Sr., 1789-1800
8/22/1799 to EL. The cost of repairs to the ship and his discharge of most of the crew.
Drafts of the previous two letters.
Copy of the 8/22/1799 letter.
10/11/1799 WL, at sea, to EL. News of his voyage.
11/23/1799 WL, Philadelphia to EL. Sends his accounts and reports on the unloading of the ship.
12/4/1799 to EL. Discharging the freight, the desertion of his crew which was anticipated, and the condition of the ship.
2/17/1800 WL, Charleston, to EL. Problems with some British Naval vessels.
2/22/1800 WL, Savannah, to EL. Informing him that the ship was cast on the shoal; explaining what he meant in saying that he did not want to go to sea all his life. Also shipping business.
2/25/1800 letter draft to EL. Explains his expenses and other shipping business.
2/27/1800 letter draft to EL. Explains his expenses and other shipping business.
7/25/1800 letter draft to EL. On making a draft on EL’s account.

Folder 3 Sophia Ann Stidolph Ladd, 1803-13
9/3/1803 Letter copy from SAL Philadelphia, to her sister [Mary Whitehead, London]. Writes of her affection for William and her fathers failing health.
7/18/1804 letter copy from SAL, New Smyrna, East Florida to her sister Sally. Gives an account of her husband’s family. 7/19/1805 letter copy from SAL, New Smyrna to her sister Charlotte. Mentions their father, and their mother’s tombstone.
2/25/1805 from Mary Whitehead to SAL. Writes of their family.
6/29/1807 from Alexander Ladd, Portsmouth, to SAL, Philadelphia. Mentions his concern about her fathers sailing to England and invites her to stay with them while William is gone.
2/13/1813 from Eliphalet Ladd, London, to SAL, Portsmouth. Describes his visit to her family and sends news of their health and activities.

Folder 4 John Langdon Jr., 1812-24
3/21/1812 from JL, Portsmouth. Sends protested bill and gives news of the family
4/3/1812 from J. Seeks a response to his previous letter and requests that WL put a paragraph in the N.Y. newspaper.
8/22/1821 from JL. Does not have an answer yet about the purchase of a Saxony ram.
5/2/1824 from JL, Havanna to WL, Minot. Tells of shipwrecks off Havanna and writes of the transience of life.

Folder 5 John & Sophia Lord, 1817-26
10/15/1817 from SL, Portsmouth. On Christian redemption.
7/17/1824 from JL, S. Berwick. On the sale of wool.
6/1/1824 from SL, S. Berwick. News of family and friends.
6/13/1824 from JL. On the price of wool and family news.

Folder 6 William Stidolph, 1806-27
11/30/1805 a letter copy from WL, Charleston, S.C. to WS. Discusses his father-in-law and whether he should live with the Ladds. Mentions that misfortunes have cost him the earnings of his youth. [+letter copy to John Whitehead [a duplicate copy is in the General Personal & Family Correspondence file].
from WS. Sends a conveyance deed for the Ladds to sign giving property rights to the Whiteheads so they can satisfy their creditors.
from WS. Sends a conveyance deed for the Ladds to sign giving property rights to the Whiteheads so they can satisfy their creditors.
from WS. Sends a conveyance deed for the Ladds to sign giving property rights to the Whiteheads so they can satisfy their creditors.
7/9/1806 from WL, Charleston, S.C. to WS. Sending documents that had been delayed. States that he will not return to Florida while it is under the Spanish government because “one has not the enjoyment of his natural rights.”
7/21/1808 letter copy from WL, Nassau, New Providence, to WS. The embargo and the political situation in the world.
5/1/1815 from WS, London to WL, Minot. Invites them to visit; mentions WL’s agricultural and wool pursuits; mentions the impudence of Harry and how he hopes that Harry [Dickinson] will return and solicit Ladd’s forgiveness, tells of the collapse of Mr. Whitehead’s banking house.
6/30/1815 from WS. News of family and world events.
1/8/1816 from WS. Requests copy of his mother’s burial certificate in order to sell the Brookhouse property, and mentions Henry [Dickinson’s] misfortune.
5/29/1816 from WS. Thanks Ladd for finding Henry. Mentions Ladd’s trade with India and family news.
12/22/1816 from WS. Last letter did not arrive with death certificate so to send another.
1/31/1817 from WS. Sends a conveyance deed for the Ladds to sign giving property rights to the Whiteheads so they can satisfy their creditors.
8/1/1820 from WS. Requests a loan to set himself up in business.
11/30/1820 from WS. Disappointment at not receiving the loan, requests a copy of WL’s marriage certificate.

Folder 7 William Stidolph, 1806-1827
1/2/1822 from WL, Portsmouth to WS. Reports the bad news of his family: the death of his brother Eliphalet and sister Elisabeth, and that a brother-in-law is facing bankruptcy. Commerce is poor to while WL would like to financially help WS he must help his own family first.
3/19/1822 from WS, Tolesridge Mills. Condolences on the death of Eliphalet. Sends an account of the financial affairs of his father.
7/16/1822 from WS. Death of his father.
9/28/1822 from WS. No property settlement yet. Sends a copy of the previous letter [7/16/1822].
11/18/1822 from WS. Asks for another copy of the Ladd’s marriage certificate.
1/6/1823 letter copy from WL, Portsmouth, to WS. About sending WS some remittance, Sophia’s feelings on her father’s death, and news of WL’s circumstances.
5/24/1823 from WS. Announces the sale of the Brookhouse property for which the Ladd’s will receive a share. Asks for the loan of the Ladd’s share for his new mill business.
7/31/1823 from WS. The sale of the Brookhouse property is delayed because of legal complications. Requests that the Ladd’s come to England to settle or designate four witnesses in their place.
5/4/1824 from WS. WL’s share of the Brookhouse property has been signed over to WS for investment. Family news.
1/31/1825 from WS, Bagnor Mills. Problems in the Brookhouse property settlement.
5/1/1825 from WS. Statement of the Brookhouse settlement and the expenses for the upkeep of his father before his death.
8/14/1825 from WS. Sends conveyance deed to sign. States that he is involved in he manufacture of paper.

Folder 8 William Stidolph, 1806-1827
6/2/1826 from WS. Mentions Ladd’s peace work.
8/10/1826 from WS. Mentions stagnant business conditions; also the peace society in England.
3/3/1827 from WS. Announces the failure of his business and his bankruptcy.
5/26/1827 from WS. London. On English peace tracts and bankruptcy details.
6/26/1827 from WS, London. Peace tracts, bankruptcy and family news.

Folder 9 General Correspondence, 1805-37
draft of this letter is with the letter copy to William Stidolph [11/30/1805], [+ lettercopy to Robert Haslehurst, n.d., instructions on the bill of exchange sent to Whitehead].
11/2/1808 from Benjamin Abbot, Exeter. On the donation of books to the Exeter Academy.
12/30/1808 lettercopy from WL, Philadelphia to John Fales, Napan? Thanks JF for his hospitality while WL was in Nassau. He sends political pamphlets and discusses the current political situation.
3/17/1811 from Samuel S. Ball, Portsmouth. Asks WL for details regarding the death of his brother-in-law, Trueworthy Muchemore, and instructions on sending home his possessions.
9/3/1811 from William H. Blodget, St. Petersburg. Sending on a letter.
5/30/1812 From Michael Lynch, Galway, Ireland. Letter of introduction for Mr. Burke.
6/11/1812 partial letter copy from WL, N.Y. to “Dear Sister”. On his entertainment in Albany. [+Notes]
10/18/1812 from Joseph Clark, Rochester. On being captured and released by the British Navy.
2/9/1813 from Josiah Kimball, Lime. Sends a copy of a letter dates 12/19/1812 containing family and political news.
2/10/1813 from William White, Worcester. Thanks WL for the flattering notice of his comedy.
2/11/1813 from Moses H. White, Rutland. Invites WL to visit.
3/9/1813 from Eliphalet Ladd, London. Sends on the legal papers for the Stidolph estate.
4/10/1813 from Joseph Clark, Portsmouth. On the impressments of seamen.

Folder 10 General Correspondence, 1805-37
2/9/1819 from Eliphalet Ladd, Boston. Sends copies of an indictment from the Ma. Court. Discusses the case of a man sentenced for exposing himself.
2/2/1824 from Thomas Brown, Portland. Invites WL to a meeting of the Portland Masonic Bible Society
2/13/1824 from R.V. Gardiner, Gardiner. Regarding the failure of the lyceum to get aid from the legislature.
12/25/1826 from Dr. E. Holmes, Gardiner. Suggests that WL should write on agriculture, especially his own successes and failures in Me.
2/17/1827 from George P. Giddinge. Apologizes for not being able to pay WL back, because of the money he is putting into the establishment of a school in Baltimore Co.
2/23/1827 to WL, Minot from William Y. Ladd, Madras, On his missionary work.
n.d. letter draft from WL to ?. An elaborate description of East Florida.

B. Minot Church Pastoral Controversy

Folder 11 Correspondence and Notes, 1818-19
1/26/1818 letter from Godfrey Grosvenor, Minot. On the power of the church and the society retarding the settling of a minister.
4/22/1818 lettercopy from WL to Seth Chandler. On getting depositions in the Rev. Pidgin case.
4/23/1818 lettercopy from WL to Jonathan Shackleffe & Luther Brett. Regarding the decision to call a church council that will decide the case against Rev. William Pidgin and not to censure Pidgin before that decision.
4/25/1818 letter copy from WL to Rev. Nathan Parker. Asks questions about how to proceed with forming a council.
4/25/1818 lettercopy from WL to Rev. Elisha Moseley. Asks similar questions to those in the previous letter. Provides details on why they are holding a council.
4/30/1818 lettercopy from WL to Rev. Dr. Applegate. Similar letter to the previous ones, asking for advice.
5/2/1818 from Elisha Moseby, New Gloucester. An answer to the letter 11.4 [4/25/1818]
5/4/1818 letter from Nathan Parker, Portsmouth
Answers to the questions asked in the letter 11.3 [4/25/1818]
5/8/1818 letter from J. Appleton, Brunswick. Answers to the questions asked in the letter 11.5 [4/30/1818]
9/5/1818 letter from E. Toppan, Hampton. Regarding Rev. Pidgins conduct in Hampton and his dismissal from that church.
12/10/1818 letter from Simon Greenleaf, Portland. Informing Ladd that nothing of this case will appear in the newspapers, but that a pamphlet has been published against Ladd and the proceedings which has not yet been distributed.
1/8/1819 lettercopy from WL, as representing the committee of the second congregational church of Minot to Mr. Pidgin. The committee’s answers regarding Pidgin’s call for a new council.
1/13/1819 letter copy from WL, as committee chairman, to Mr. Pidgin. Responds to Pidgin’s criticism of the council and asks for his reasons for refusing to comply with the decision of the council.
3/2/1819 letter from Solmon Hacket, Portland to WL, Portsmouth. Requesting that Ladd return for a society meeting. Mr. Pidgin has not answered communications and it is not known what he is planning.
4/30/1819 lettercopy from WL, Portland to Maj. Godfry Grosvenor. A strong letter disowning him as a friend because of lies contained in the letter.
n.d. notes titled “Minutes to Plead Before Council”

C. Maine Statehood Question

Folder 12 Petition and correspondence, ca. 1816
n.d. petition to the Senate & House of Representatives from the legal voters of the town of Minot, in WL’s hand, signed by Godfrey Grosvenor. Protests the proceedings of the convention in Brunswick that decided on the separation of Me. & Ma.; states that there was not a proper representation.
n.d. another draft of the previous petition.
10/4/n.y. letter or speech addressed to Mr. President. A fervent protest against the procedures used to determine the question of separation.
10/12/1816 letter copy to Stephen Longfetton. Discusses printing a debate [likely about the separation of Me. From Ma.] that occurred in Brunswick;’ WL sends a copy of his speech.
D. Miscellaneous Writings

Folder 13 Essay on planting cotton in South Carolina
“Observations on Planting of Cotton in the State of South Carolina,” n.d.
An essay on how to plant and maintain a cotton crop.

Folder 14 Essay, Annals of Bakerstown, Poland & Minot
Manuscript version of a printed work by WL, detailing the history of the area.

E. Business Correspondence

Folder 15 John G. Cox [Cox, Cox & Braddick], 1797?-1809
11/11/1807 from JC, Philadelphia. Information on the shipping market and his new situation in Savannah; mentions Ladd’s voyage on a negro ship.
12/19/1807 from JC, Savannah. Shipping market prices.
3/1/1808 from JC. Sends letters and financial notes; shipping business. 3/18/1808 from JC. Writes that he thinks that WL is off on a wild scheme in Florida and so he will have nothing to do with WL’s affairs.
3/22/1808 from JC. Informs Ladd of the possible cession of Florida to France, and possible troop movements. Shipping business.
4/14/1808 from JC. Shipping business and about a letter of introduction for George Kuhn.
7/26/1808 from JC & William McChurny. Shipping business.
7/31/1808 from JC. Shipping business.
9/24/1808 from JC. Shipping business.
2/27/1809 from JC. Describing a man names John Lynch; shipping business.
5/17/1809 from JC. Shipping business.

Folder 16 Albert Gallatin, 1812-13
n.d. [1812] petition to AG, Sec. of the Treasury. Requests that he be able to proceed to St. Petersburg to bring back property left there before the embargo.
5/2/1812 from AG. Denying permission to travel to foreign ports.
4/15/1813 from AG. Refusing WL’s offer to lead the hemp necessary for the 74 gun ship being built in Portsmouth.
n.d. Petition to AG. Requesting permission to import brass rods and not pay the penalty.

Folder 17 Peter Harmony, 1811-13
5/4/1811 from PH, N.YU. Instructions on what cargo to ship.
12/16/1811 from PH. Shipping business.
12/18/1811 from PH. Shipping instructions and market prices.
1/21/1812 from PH. A note on shipping insurance.
10/3/1812 from PH. Shipping insurance.
7/24/1813 from PH. Mentions the blockade port and his inability to pay WL’s demand because he cannot find the recipient.

Folder 18 Charles W. Henry, 1811-24
12/19/1811 from CH, N.Y. Shipping business and on WL cont8nuing his voyage to Havanna.
1/4/1812 from CH. Shipping instructions.
2/24/1812 from CH. Revised shipping instructions.
10/10/1812 from CH. Sends Mrs. Ladd’s coat.
5/12/1813 from CH. Asks for a statement of the St. Petersburg adventure.
5/31/1813 from CH. On shipping accounts.

Folder 19 March & Benson, 1810-24
12/18/1810 from M & B, N.Y. Shipping business; notes that scarcity of money and an apprehension about the banks have forced them to reduce their advances.
1/22/1811 from “C. March. On financial credit and the financial distress of the city.
12/16/1811 from C. March. Shipping business.
1/6/1812 from M & B. On books for WL.
3/28/1823 from M & B. Shipping finances and mention of filing a protest.
4/25/1823 from M & B. On repairs for the ship Barometer.
2/4/1824 from M & B. On E. Florida business.

Folder 20 Thomas Wilson & Co., 1811-24
7/16/1811 from TW, London. Market prices.
10/19/1811 from TW. Shipping business and insurance.
11/8/1811 from TW. Shipping business. [+duplicate]
6/6/1812 from TW. Shipping insurance.
8/28/1812 from TW. Sends a license permitting a ship to proceed to Cadiz and unblocked ports. [+duplicate]
1/9/1813 from TW. Sees no prospect of continuing business with WL during the war. [+duplicate]
5/8/1813 from TW. Shipping accounts and the embargo.
5/7/1824 letter copy to TW. Asking TW to handle the affairs of his wife’s inheritance in England. [lettercopy to Still, Strong, & Rackman]

Folder 21 General correspondence, 1802-27
Ca. 1798 lettercopy from WL to Cox, Cox, & Braddick. Describing events aboard the ship Eliza, Capt. Samuel Chauncy which ran aground and had its cargo stolen.
2/25/1800 letter copy from WL, Savannah to Thomas Dickerson & Co. Draws money because of the misfortune of his ship running aground.
5/20/1801 lettercopy from WL, Liverpool to Thomas Dickerson & Co. Shipping business.
4/26/1802 lettercopy from WL, Rotterdam to Roquette Belledemaker & Co. Order to sell goods.
3/4/1807 letter copy from WL, Savannah to Robert Harlehurst. Instructions on sending remuneration. 3/4/1807 letter copy to Armitt Borwn. States that he plans to retain his property in Florida and would like Brown to send him his chest.
8/12/1807 from Thomas Dickerson & Co. Shipping business.
12/19/1807 from Thomas Dickerson & Co. Shipping business.
5/25/1809 from Samuel Williams. Business regarding brass rods.
6/24/1809 from Samuel Williams. Sends the brass rods.
5/30/1810 from Reuben S. Randall, Elismeur. News of his arrival
9/27/1810 from W. Yeaton, Alexandria. Shipping news and price of goods.
Oct. 1810 from ?, N.Y. Memorandum on the price of iron.

Folder 22 General correspondence, 1802-27
4/19/1811 from William S. Herriman, N.Y. Shipping cargo.
4/26/1811 from John Slidel & Co., N.Y. Shipping instructions.
4/27/1811 from Edmund Roberts. Consignment instructions.
5/4/1811 from Charles Sherry, N.Y. Consignment instructions.
12/18/1811 from William Herriman. Requests the proceeds of the sales of his goods.
12/31/1811 from Rufus Robbins, N.Y. News of his voyage.
3/22/1812 from John Lake, Havanna. Shipping business.
4/24/1812 from Timothy Upham, Portsmouth. Asks for deeds to the stores he purchased of Ladd.
10/22/1812 from Thomas Twigey, Navy Yard, Washington. About the purchase of timber.
11/12/1812 from Cornthwaite D. Carey, Baltimore. Freight rates.
11/17/1812 from Laurasa & Fowle. Freight rates.
11/21/1812 from James Brown, Richmond. Freight rates.
11/22/1812 from John G. Ladd, Alexandria. Freight rates.
2/1/1813 from John Parker & Sons. Disposed of WL’s bill of exchange.
5/25/1813 from John Slidel & Co. Shipping accounts.
7/16/1813 from John Slidel & Co. Shipping accounts; mentions an oration by Ladd.
11/22/1813 from Charles Sherry. Shipping accounts. 11/26/1813 letter copy to Charles Sherry. Straightening out shipping accounts.
12/25/1813 from Emlen & Howell, Philadelphia. Shipping business.

Folder 23 General correspondence, 1802-27
1/17/1824 from Still, Strong & Rachham, Lincoln’s Inn [England]. Instructions on deeds to be signed [Brook Farm Estate]. Instructions copied from previous letter.
3/13/1824 from Ephraim Dana, Boston. On the receipt of a check.
4/23/1824 from John D. Gardner, Portland. On the receipt and order for goods for WL.
4/28/1824 from J.B. Wilbur, N.Y. Sends earthen ware ordered.
5/3/1824 from Moses Little, Windham. Requests interest on the amount owed on the farm in Minot.
11/18/1823 from Storkbridge, N. Yarmouth. Shipping business.
8/12/1825 from Cram & Cahoon, Portland. Requests WL’s assistance in selling a farm in Minot.

F. Business Papers

Folder 24 Seaman’s Citizenship papers, 1805-12
11/26/1805 Citizenship certificate for Trueworthy Muchmore, Wiscasset MA.
7/3/1807 Citizenship certificate for Joseph Davis, Exeter, N.H.
7/21/1810 Citizenship certificate for Benjamin Clay, Lee, N.H.
10/10/1810 Citizenship certificate for William Gray, Charlestown, Maryland.
3/7/1812 Citizenship certificate for Edward Cotton, Portsmouth, N.H.

Folder 25 Exhuma Salt Pond, Directions for Vessels, n.d.

Folder 26 Legal papers 1804-18
11/9/1803 Hor. Binney gives his legal opinion regarding the U.S. citizenship of a person who takes an oath of allegiance to another country.
8/2/1804 William Ladd vs. Montgomery & Aldridge. Legal decision regarding the cutting of cedar on Ladd’s property.
5/10/1808 John Dean vs. Richard Bean & Jonathan Smith. Court decision regarding the value and division of property.
1/22/1808 George Sullivan, Exeter v. Richard Bean. Court decision regarding the division of property to pay debt.
1/22/1808 George Sullivan vs. Richard Bean. Court decision retarding division of property to pay debt.
2/8/1819 Commonwealth of Ma. Vs. Thomas Harding. Conviction of TH for exposing himself.

Folder 27 Miscellaneous shipping papers, 1809-12
10/23/1809 Apprenticeship indenture for Henry Dickinson to WL. to learn seamanship.
2/2/1810 Same as above.
12/22/1810 Ship building agreement. To be built by Joseph Richardson of Durham.
n.d. [ca. 1812]. Shipping protest. Reasons for the damage to the brig. Hannah.
2/5/1812 Purchase & storage contract between WL and Timothy Upham.
Feb. 1812. Memorandum of stores, ship Alexander.
3/1/1812 Memorandum of compensation allowed WL as master of the ship Alexander.
n.d. List of allowances for the master of the ship Augusta.
n.d. Dimensions for a brig about 200 tons and directions for rigging.

Folder 28 Bills & receipts, 1803-10
3/16/1803 Bill of exchange, Stephen Harris to WL. Bread shipped on the schooner Betsy.
1/28/1803 Receipt from ? Taylor to WL. To be invested in flour and bread.
12/22/1807 Ships account. Sales of canvas and steel, ship Alpha.
11/28/1807 Receipt for books. Alexander Ladd to WL.
1/29/1808 Account statement, Thomas Dickerson & Co. to WL.
11/10/1808 Account statement, WL to John James.
7/29/1809 account statement, Christopher Fry to WL. Sugar sales.
n.d. [1809?] Receipt for cloth. Hayward & Jones to WL.
8/1/1809 Account statement from Christopher Fry. Ship Augusta, sales and disbursements
Oct. 1809 Account statement, WL with R. Stroat, for good and lodging.
10/21/1809 Receipt, Thomas Morris to WL for jewelry.
Oct. 1809 Bill, M. Barry to WL.
1/8/1810 Account statement, Christopher Fry, sales of sugar.

Oversize Box 2

Folder 13

4/18/1838 Letter from Origen Bachelder with a copy of a letter from John Quincy Adams. On the peace petition to Congress.

1/26/1812 Insurance policy. Good shipped on the sloop Patty.

8/7/1835 Newspaper. Liberia Herald, Monrovia, Liberia.

1/25/1808 Plan of Richard Bean’s Farm. Drawn by Phinehas Merrill, for Philips Exeter Academy, the Proprietors of the Almsbury Factors, & George Sulivan.

1809. Seamen’s register. Ship Augusta, Capt. James Place. “An Act for the Government & Regulation of Seamen….” Lists sailors names, origin, and pay.

1810. Seaman’s register. Ship Augusta, Capt. WL.

1809 Documents related to the settling of the estate of John Parker by James Prescott.

“Letters on the Subject of Peace”
Complied by Alexander Ladd.
These letters were interspersed throughout the collection in their appropriate files. The sequence of the letters compiled by Alexander Ladd is retained below.
1. Index & Introduction
2. 4/11/1824 from Noah Worcester
3. Nov. 1824 to John Bevans
4. 1/14/1825 from Thomas Hancock
5. 1/19/1825 from John Bevans
6. 3/11/1826 Noah Worcester
7. 3/25/1826 to Thomas Handcock
8. 8/14/1826 to from David L. Dodge
9. 12/25/1826 from Samuel J. May
10. 8/30/1827 from Thomas Hancock
11. 12/28/1827 from Daniel White
12. 1/30/1828 from Samuel J. May
13. 5/13/1828 from Henry Grew
14. 4/24/1828 from Ralph R. Gurley
15. 3/29/1828 from Anson G. Phelps
16. 11/2/1828 from Thomas S. Grimke’
17. 11/19/1828 from Noah Worcester
18. 2/16/1829 from Noah Worcester
19. 3/4/1829 from Thomas T. Stone
20. 5/6/1829 from Charles Lowell
21. May 1829 from Lydia H. Sigourney
22. 4/5/1829 from Daniel Coolidge
23. 6/8/1829 from David Tomlinson
24. 8/6/1829 from Samuel J. May
25. 8/18/1829 from A.G. Kaser
26. 8/22/1829 from John Bevans
27. 11/29/1829 from Joseph Story
28. 3/24/1830 from S.W. Wilder
29. 4/2/1830 from Thomas Wood
30. 4/12/1830 from John Bevans
31. 5/25/1830 from Thomas Hancock
32. 7/3/1830 from John Bevans
33. 9/15/1830 from Jeremiah S. Chaplin
34. 11/2/1830 from Thomas S. Grimke’
35. 12/28/1830 from Thomas S. Grimke’
36. 1/4/1831 from Henry Grew
37. 1/27/1831 from Jacob Porter
38. 2/12/1831 from Philanthropist [William Ladd] to ?
39. 3/24/1831 from Daniel Coolidge
40. 1/6/1832 from Sanuel J. May
41. 2/16/1832 from Henry Grew
42. 4/4/1832 from Thomas S. Grimke’
43. 5/8/1832 from Robert Rogers
44. 7/2/1832 from Elihu W. Baldwin
45. 10/4/1832 from Ralph Emerson
46. 12/15/1832 from H.C. Howells
47. 2/13/1833 from George Benson
48. 4/1/1833 from Elisha Fote
49. 4/22/1833 from Thomas Hancock
50. 6/24/1833 from Thomas S. Grimke’
51. 6/21/1833 from John Bevans
52. 9/24/1833 from Thomas Hancock
53. 10/5/1833 from E.W. Freeman
54. 10/18/1833 from Noah Worcester
55. 11/1/1833 from William Allen
56. 11/7/1833 from James Hargreaves
57. Nov. 1833 from Sarah M. Grimke’
58. 11/30/1833 from James Hargreaves
59. 6/12/1834 from Angelina E. Grimke’
60. 2/1/1834 from Alvan Stewart
61. 2/4/1834 from Richard M. Chipman
62. 3/8/1834 to Monsieur the Count de Sellon
63. 4/17/1834 from Howard Malcom
64. 4/21/1834 from R.D. Mussey
65. 4/22/1834 from Gerritt Smith
66. 5/13/1834 from George Bush
67. 5/26/1834 from Elisha Johnson
68. 5/27/1834 from William Wilder
69. 6/23/1834 from Noah Worcester
70. 6/17/1834 from George C. Beckwith
71. 1834 to Sarah Grimke’
72. 1/7/1834 from Angelina Grimke’
73. 6/21/1825 from Thomas Hancock
74. 2/27/1835 from William Watson
75. 3/31/1835 from Maria Rotch
76. 3/31/1835 James Hargreaves
77. 5/25/1835 George C. Beckwith
78. 6/1/1835 George Benson
79. 5/15/1835 Sarah Brimke’
80. 6/19/1835 Guy C. Sampson
81. 6/23/1825 from Howard Malcom
82. 7/13/1835 from Amara Walker
83. Oct. 1835 from Allen Grely
84. 10/29/1835 from Thomas Thompson
85. 12/29/1835 from Thomas Upham
86. 2/5/1836 from L.L. Dodge
87. 2/11/1836 from George Benson
88. 2/22/1836 from Angelina Ammidon
89. 4/20/1836 from Ann Bevans
90. 4/21/1836 from Henry C. Wright
91. 4/23/1836 from James Hargreaves
92. 6/28/1836 from George trask
93. 8/3/1836 from Francis Fellows
94. 8/17/1836 from F.C. Woodworth
95. 9/6/1836 from Anne Young
96. 11/23/1836 from Francis Fellows
97. 12/28/1836 from John W. Wayne
98. Dec.? 1836 from James Hargreaves
99. 1/5/1837 from Alexander Brookway
100. 1/17/1837 from Mary Clark
101. 2/4/1837 from Thomas Thompson Jr.
102. 2/23/1837 from William Y. Ladd
103. 3/25/1837 from [John W. Wayne]
104. 6/29/1837 from ann Bevans
105. 7/31/1837 from Mary Clark
106. 2/24/1838 from Sarah E.W. Field
107. 3/24/1838 from Gerritt Smith
108. 5/3/1838 from Aldin Grout
109. 6/18/1838 from Origen Bachelor
110. 2/161839 from William H. Allen
111. 3/27/1839 from Henry S. Fox
112. 3/29/1839 from John Forsyth
113. 4/2/1839 from Leverett Saltonstall
114. 4/4/1839 from Francisco Pizarro
115. 4/12/1839 from Howard Malcom
116. 4/12/1839 from Samuel E. Coues
117. 9/3/1839 from Simeon Perkins
118. 10/10/1839 from to Madam the Countess de Sellon
119. 10/25/1839 from Thomas Cock
120. 10/31/1839 from Samuel C. Coues
121. 3/26/1840 from W.M. Harry
122. 6/19.1840 from Mary L. Goddard
123. 5/23/1840 from Alexander Brockway
124. 6/29/1840 from George Sturge
125. 7/7/1840 from George Sturge
126. 9/16/1840 from James Hargreaves
127. 10/31/1840 from Alexander Brockway
128. 2/7/1841 from George Beckwith
129. 6/4/1833 from Henry Ware Jr.
130. 1/11/1837 from J.P. Blanchard
131. 3/11/1837 from John Quincy Adams to Origen Bacheler
132. 3/30/1838 from George Evans
133. 4/18/1838 from Origen Bacheler
134. 2/25/1840 from Origen Bacheler
135-150. correspondence with world leaders regarding Peace Essays book, filed Box ? Folder ?