Treadwell Family Papers, 1750-1839 – MS008

Treadwell Family Papers, 1750-1839 – MS008

Provenance: Purchased from the Book Guild, January 1990

Citation: Treadwell Family Papers , MS008, Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 1 Hollinger box, 6 linear inches, box ¾ full

Access: No restrictions

Processed by: Susan Stowe Kindstedt in 2005 revised from original compiled in January 1990 by Kevin Shupe and Carolyn Eastman


Chiefly deeds, land surveys, and other papers, relating to lands owned by the Treadwell family; and, correspondence, wills, financial papers, indentures, estate papers, and genealogical materials. Family members represented include Charles Treadwell (1705-1793), landowner, barber, and shopkeeper, of Portsmouth, Nathaniel Treadwell (1730-1817), Portsmouth landowner and merchant and tavern keeper (after 1814) in Newmarket, and his son, Charles (1767-1843), ship captain and co-owner of his father’s tavern.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of the papers of Charles Treadwell (1705-1793), Nathaniel Treadwell (1730-1817), and Charles Treadwell (1767-1843). The collection is primarily deeds, land surveys, and other papers relating to land ownership. Also includes some correspondence, wills, financial papers, indentures, papers relating to the administration of estates, notes on the genealogy of the Treadwell family, and miscellaneous papers.

Biographical Notes

Charles Treadwell (9/21/1705-11/26/1793), the third son of Nathaniel and Hannah Treadwell of Ipswich . Charles moved to Portsmouth in 1724 where in 1727 or 1728 he met married Mary Kelly (11/8/1711-5/6/1783), daughter of William and Lydia Bladgon Kelly. They had nine children: William (b. 9/30/1729), Nathaniel (see below), William (b. 9/30/1733), Hannah (8/14/1734-1/1832) who married Dr. Ammi Ruhamah Cutter of Portsmouth , Jacob (7/15/1736-8/22/1787), Mary (b. 1/3/1738 ), Mary (b. 9/20/1740 ), Sarah (b. 12/23/1744 ) and Lydia (1/12/1746-5/21/1759). Charles Treadwell owned land in Rochester , Barrington , Epsom and Portsmouth ; he purchased parts of the glebe land in Portsmouth in 1758-1759. He is referred to as a “barbor” in 1749, a shopkeeper in 1750, and the tenant of a bakehouse by 1756. He died in New Castle .

Nathaniel Treadwell (12/6/1730-2/7/1817), married Sarah Walden (1743-9/10/1815), the daughter of Capt. Charles and Anne Treadwell Walden, and had three children: Nathaniel Jr. (3/1765-11/1830), Charles (see below), and Lydia (no dates known). Nathaniel owned land in Chichester , Barrington , Portsmouth , Epsom, Somersworth, Perry and Newmarket . He also owned a share of the Washington Mines in Newfield. He was also a merchant in Portsmouth . He served as the executor for the estates of his father and his brother Jacob. He moved to Newmarket about 1814 and ran a tavern, after losing his house in Portsmouth in the 1813 fire.

Charles Treadwell (12/10/1767-6/3/1843), married Elizabeth Drowne, the daughter of Samuel and Mary Pickering Drowne on February 26, 1799 . They had thirteen children: Lydia Drowne (11/9/1800-5/9/1875) who married James Coleman, Elizabeth (8/30/1801-9/4/1802), Charles (4/10/1803-9/16/1886) who married Isabella Barnet, Thomas Drowne (11/7/1804-12/23/1887) who married Elizabeth Gould, Anne Elizabeth (7/13/1807-1/1/1890) who married Rev. Matthew Newhall, Benjamin Franklin (3/31/1809-7/9/1836), Caroline Matilda (8/17/1811-9/2/1894) who married Rev. Philander Wallingford, William Henry Harrison Montgomery (5/14/1813-4/13/1893) who married Martha Jane Brackett, Frances Mary (1/15/1815-11/16/1877), William Cutter (1/23/1817-4/24/1822), Sarah Walden (10/13/1818-1/1/1894) who married (1) John Locke and (2) Rev. John Folsom Adams, Louisa Tewksbury (4/4/1820-5/8/1822), and Napolean Bonaparte (1/9/1824-3/15/1891) who married (1) Octavia Rosella Weeks and (2) Fidelia Augusta Haines. Charles Treadwell was a ship captain from at least 1795 to about 1814, when he moved to Newmarket , where he owned a tavern with his father until about 1828. He died in Newmarket in 1843.

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Separated Materials

Two copies of the pamphlet Observations Upon Over-Work and Strain of the Heart by J. B. Treadwell. Read before the Massachusetts Medical Society at the Annual Meeting, 1872. See pamphlet 37204.

Series List

I. Charles Treadwell Papers, 1735-1791

II. Nathaniel Treadwell Papers, 1770-1816

III. Charles Treadwell Papers, 1795-1839

IV. Miscellaneous Papers, 1723-1908

I. Charles Treadwell Papers

Papers primarily consist of deeds and also include two indentures, tax assessments, and the will of Charles Treadwell.

Box 1

Folder 1 Apprenticeship papers: John Hooper to Charles Treadwell, 1749 and Jabez Treadwell to Mark Haskell, 1767

Folder 2-3 Deeds, 1735-1768

Folder 4 Tax Assessments, 1783-1791

Folder 5 Will of Charles Treadwell, 1776

II. Nathaniel Treadwell Papers

Papers include deeds and land surveys, correspondence, financial papers, a power of attorney, the will of Nathaniel Treadwell, and papers relating to the estate of Charles Treadwell.

Box 1

Folder 6 Correspondence, 1792-1801

Folder 7 Power of Attorney, Jacob Treadwell to Nathaniel Treadwell, 1776

Folder 8-9 Deeds, 1770-1814

Folder 10 Land Surverys, 1773-1796

Folder 11 Bills and Receipts, 1782-1816

Folder 12 Bills and Receipts, 1782-1816

Folder 13 Bills and Receipts, 1782-1816

Folder 14 Tax Assessments, 1791-1813

Folder 15 Will of Nathaniel Treadwell, 1815 (2 copies)

Folder 16 Estate of Charles Treadwell: Legal papers regarding estate, 1796-1797

Folder 17 Estate of Charles Treadwell: Accounts of Administrators, 1795

Folder 18 Estate of Charles Treadwell: Bills, receipts, and land surveys, 1799-1801

III. Charles Treadwell Papers

Papers include deeds, correspondence, legal papers, financial papers, a contract for building a house, a contract regarding a voyage, an indenture, and papers relating to the estate of Nathaniel Treadwell.

Box 1

Folder 19 Correspondence, 1807-1830

Folder 20 Contract to build a house: Charles Treadwell to Robert Lapish, 1798

Folder 21 Contract regarding a voyage: Capt. Charles Treadwell and Clement Storer, 1795

Folder 22 Powers of Attorney: James , Lydia , Anna and Franklin Treadwell to Charles Treadwell, 1832; Caroline M. Treadwell to Charles Treadwell, undated (incomplete)

Folder 23 Court Cases: Jonathan Hartwell v. Charles Treadwell, 1817; Ebenezer Wyatt v. Charles Treadwell, 1819

Folder 24 Deeds, 1805-1839

Folder 25 Apprenticeship paper: Jeremiah Gibson to Charles Treadwell, 1822

Folder 26 Bills and Receipts, 1798-1830

Folder 27 Estate of Nathaniel Treadwell: Legal papers and bills and receipts, 1817-1832, undated

IV. Miscellaneous Papers

Papers consist primarily of wills and notes on Treadwell genealogy. Also includes as 1820 agreement regarding payment of doctor’s bills for a wound, miscellaneous papers of William H. H. M. Treadwell and other items.

Box 1

Folder 28 Wills: William Cotton, 1723; William H. H. M. Treadwell, 1885 (2 copies); Martha J. B. Treadwell, 1886 (2 copies); Sarah A. Treadwell, 1902 (2 copis); Benjamin F. Treadwell, 1908; Sarah Adams, undated (incomplete)

Folder 29 Treadwell genealogy and obituaries

Folder 30 Agreement: Andrew Hall and William Spead, 1820. Regarding payment of doctor’s bill for a wound and payment of wages for work missed.

Folder 31 William H. H. M. Treadwell correspondence, bills, and calling cards, 1889 and undated

Folder 32 Miscellaneous papers