Thomas C. Wilson Papers – MS035

Provenance: Gift of the City of Portsmouth in 1980

Citation: Thomas C. Wilson Papers (MS035), Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 10 Hollinger Boxes (4 linear feet)

Access: Please consult archivist or keeper.

Scope and Content

The papers of Thomas C. Wilson are essentially those of a local historian, social figure, and prodigious researcher. Wilson was a specialist on the subject of the 1905 Treaty of Portsmouth that ended the Russo-Japanese War. He was interested in the history of Portsmouth, particularly its military and naval history. He wrote a draft translation of The Memoirs of Count Witte written in 1911 in Russian. Witte was the prime minister of Russia from 1905-1907 and died in 1915.

Biographical Note

Thomas C. Wilson was born in San Francisco on May 26, 1907, the son of Mabel Louise Cluff and stockbroker John Charles Wilson. He attended the Taft School, Watertown, Connecticut from 1921-1925, and in 1926 he attended Yale University as a member of the class of 1929. In 1930 he received a BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a member of the Undergraduate History Club and Phi Sigma Kappa. In 1932, he earned an MA in history from the University of Pennsylvania. Wilson was in the book business in Philadelphia from 1932-1934. From 1932-1936 he attended the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. He wrote and published Forty Years at Pennsylvania: A History of Mu Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa and Its Members, 1900-1940. In 1961, having moved to Portsmouth, he co-founded the Piscataqua History Club with Philip Sanderson and James B. Smith. He became a proprietor of the Portsmouth Athenaeum in 1973. Thomas Wilson died on Nov. 25, 1980 at the age of 73 in Portsmouth.

See also: P0001, the Thomas C. Wilson Photograph Collection, which was donated at the same time.

Series Listing

I.  Correspondence, 1907-1978
II.  Piscataqua History Club
III. Subject Files,1693-1973
IV. Printed Material

Folder Listing

I.  Correspondence, 1907-1978

Box 1
F1   Correspondence, 1940-Aug. 1964
F2   Correspondence, Sept., 1964- Dec. 1965
F3   Correspondence, 1966-1967
F4   Correspondence, 1968-1969
F5   Correspondence, 1970-May 1972
F6   Correspondence, June, 1972-1973
F7   Correspondence, 1974-1978

Box 2
F1   Correspondence, Wilson– drafts, no dates
F2   Correspondence, Wilson to New York Times, no dates
F3   Correspondence, Wilson, no dates, no addresses
F4   Correspondence, A-G,all undated
F5   Correspondence, M-O, all undated
F6   Correspondence, P-Z, undated or unidentified

II. Piscataqua History Club

Box 2
F7    Admiral Dewey notes, n.d.
F8    American Library Service, 1966
F9    Armed Services Committee, 1965-1971 and n.d.
F10   Book list, n.d.
F11   Brooke, William H., n.d.
F12   Brown, Gerald, 1969 & n.d.
F13   Bulletins 1 & 2, n.d.
F14   Fort William & Mary, 1967 & n.d.
F15   Christian Science Church, 1971-1972 and n.d.
F16   Catholic Church, 1967-72 & n.d.
F17   Chronological File, 1813-1965

Box 3
F1   Chronological File, 1966-1967
F2   Chronological File, 1968-1970
F3   Chronological File, 1971-1975
F4   Chronological File, n.d. & misc.
F5   Civil War Centennial, 1863-1963
F6   Covell, Stephen, 1971 & n.d.
F7   Domina, W.E., 1971, “History of the Naval Disciplinary Command”
F8   Feaster, John N., 1970
F9   Ferriter, Charles A., 1964 & n.d.
F10  First Congregational Church, Kittery Point, 1970-1972 and n.d.
F11  Greek Orthodox Church, 1970
F12  Greenland, NH, n.d.
F13  Hansen, B.L., 1971
F14  Historical Associates, 1967-78
F15  History, n.d.
F16  Hopkins, Samuel V., 1964
F17  Hoxie, Wilbar M.,1971, “Fort Dearborn”
F18  Jones, Frank, n.d.
F19  Kikuchi, K., 1970
F20  Kimball, John C., 1970
F21  Kittery and York, n.y.
F22  Kittery Hist. Society, 1968-72
F23  LaBrie, Rose, nd. “St. John’s Church”

Box 4
F1   Lawson Family, 1968 & n.d.
F2   Lectures, list, n.d.
F3   McDonough, T. Joseph, 1968, “History of Catholic Church”
F4   Meeting records, 1961-1968
F5   Meeting on old ships, n.d.
F6   Methodist Church, 1970-72, n.d.
F7   Mormon Church, 1966, by Ina M. King
F8   Navy League, 1968-1969 & n.d.
F9   Navy Yard, 1963 and n.d.
F10  New Castle, 1973-1974 & n.d.
F11  Parsons, Dorothy, 1970, “Baptists in Portsmouth”
F12  Pierce, Commander, 1971, “History of Design of Submarines”
F13  Wilson, Thomas, 1971, “Walking Tour of Portsmouth”
F14  Printed items, 1905-1974
F15  Psaralexis, Lazarus, 1970, “Greek Orthodox Church”
F16  Replica of Raleigh,1966-1967, n.d.
F17  Renselaer Polytechnic Institute
F18  Rockingham Hotel, 1962 & n.d .
F19  Sanderson, Philip,1961-65, n.d.
F20  Screven Baptist Church, n.d.
F21  Shoals, Isles of, 1963 & n.d.
F22  South Church, 1970-72 & n.d.
F23 .Submarines, 1963, 1968, & n.d.
F24  Tallman, Louise, “Odiorne’s Point”, 1973
F25  Temple Israel, 1968 & n.d.
F26  Trani, Eugene P., 1964-1969
F27  Warner, Davis, Mrs., 1967 & n.d.
F28  Whittier, Randall, Mrs., 1973
F29  Weiting, W.F. “US Naval Hospital #1, an Historical Overview,” 1971
F30  Guest Book, 1964-1979
F31  Guest Book, 1968-1974

Box 5
F1  Guest Book, 1974

III. Subject Files

Box 5
F2   Caswell, Chester A., 1896-1962 & nd
F3   Christ Church, 1963 and n.d.
F4   Christ Church, History, by Henry Hovey, n.d.
F5   Craig, Lawrence, Worship in Portsmouth n.d.
F6   Document: Incorporation of New Castle, 1693
F7   Document: Resignation of John C. Ogden from Queen’s Chapel,1792
F8   Document: Muller to Whipple, 1802
F9   Document: Rice, John, account, 1833
F10  Document: Dermot, Jessie, poem, 1883
F11  Document: Jones to Hutchinson, 1891
F12  Document: Franklin Roosevelt, 1897-1910
F13  Document: Sato to Hoehm, 1905
F14  Document: S. Vitte (with copy), 1905
F15  Adams, L.S. to board, 1915
F16  Abbot, John essays, n.d.
F17  Fort Constitution, 1969-1970 and n.d.
F18  Kane, Paul L., album, 1938-1971 and n.d.
F19  Lalley, Iola. Strawbery Banke sketch, 1965
F20  Lord, Dorothy H., Nine lino drawings, n.d.
F21  Navy documents, 1885-1926 & n.d.
F22  Navy Yard and ships, 1964 and n.d.
F23  Peace of Portsmouth collection list, n.d.
F24  Philip Sanderson collection list, n.d.

Box 6
F1   Philip Sanderson Collection notes, n.d.
F2   Portsmouth, 21 drawings, n.d.
F3   Portsmouth Air Force Base, 1956-7 & n.d.
F4   Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, 1970
F5   Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, n.d.
F6   Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, “Sculpin, history of, SS191), n.d.
F7   Submarine photographs, list of, 1971 & n.d.
F8   Submarine photo correspondence, 1965-1966
F9   Treaty of Portsmouth, Asada, Sadao, 1960
F10  Treaty of Portsmouth, Correspondence, 1954-1965
F11  Treaty of Portsmouth. Wilson, Thomas C.: “Profiles of Two Visitors, 1905”, draft

Box 7
F1  Treaty of Portsmouth correspondence re 1966-1973
F2   Treaty of Portsmouth correspondence, n.d.
F3   Treaty of Portsmouth correspondence by Thomas Wilson, n.d.
F4   Treaty of Portsmouth correspondence, n.d. miscellaneous
F5   Treaty of Portsmouth miscellaneous
F6   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, draft, pp. 1-99
F7   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, draft, pp.100-216
F8   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, draft, pp. 217-348
F9   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, draft, pp. 349-486

Box 8
F1   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, draft, pp. 487-723
F2   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, draft, pp. 724-911
F3   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, draft, pp. 912-1125
F4   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, draft, p. 1136-1237
F5   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, appendix
F6   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, notes, n.d.
F7   Witte, Sergei, memoirs, notes, n.d.

Box 9
F1   Witte, Sergei, movie script of his life, n.d.
F2   Wentworth Hotel notes, n.d.
F3   Williams, Martha Ann, thesis, “The Russian Diplomacy of the Treaty of Portsmouth,1958-1959”
F4   Grand Daughter of Portsmouth, notes, n.d
F5   Cards, 1959-1973 and n.d
F6   Wilson, Thomas, essay notes, n.d
F7   Wilson, Thomas, miscellaneous notes, n.d
F8   Wilson, Thomas, Phi Sigma Kappa, Mu Chapter, 1928-1940
F9   Wilson, Thomas, stationary, n.d.

 IV. Printed Material

Box 9
F10   News clippings re: activities of the Piscataqua History Club
F11   Wilson, Thomas C. “The Peace of Portsmouth” in New Hampshire Profiles Magazine, September, 1960

Box 10 Three indexes: Wentworth-by-the-Sea Visitor Index, Piscataqua History Club Library Index and Photograph Index (?)