Star Island Corporation Collection, 1800-1965- MS100

Star Island Corporation Collection, 1800-1965- MS100

Provenance: Placed on deposit by the Star Island Corporation in 1998.

Citation: Star Island Corporation Collection (MS100), Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 16 Hollinger boxes (8 linear feet), one page box, three flat boxes

Processed by: Courtney MacLachlan in 2010

Scope and Content

The Star Island Corporation Collection consists of twenty boxes placed on deposit by the Star Island Corporation in 1998. The material includes some early deeds and records related to the Town of Gosport; Laighton family letters, deeds and brochures, both personal and relating to the Appledore and Oceanic Hotels; photographs of the hotels, Laighton and Thaxter families, friends and hotel guests (separated to photograph collection), scores for music performed at the hotels, records of the acquisition and management of Star Island by the Star Island Corporation (for use as a Unitarian Church retreat), records of Celia Thaxter and her brother Oscar Laighton-Celia’s garden, parlor, poems, recipes, letters, and transcripts of historical material (both published and unpublished) pertaining to the Shoals. The original order was largely retained because there was a summary inventory.

Historical Timeline

1614 Captain John Smith sails down the New England coast from Monhegan Island, ME and discovers the Isles of Shoals, which he calls “Smith’s Isles.”
1662 Rev. Samuel Belcher arrives and will be pastor for thirty years
1679 or 1680 (summer) Forty families migrate from Hog to Star Island, according to Rutledge to escape Massachusetts rule
1682 Town of Appledore dissolved
1707-1730 Pastorate of Rev. Joshua Moody
1715 Star Island becomes a township and is named “Gosport”
1732 Rev. Tucke begins his pastorate at the Shoals which lasts until his death in 1773 (biography by Clifford K. Shipton in his “Biographical Sketches of those who attended Harvard College, 1722-1725).
1783 ca. Samuel Haley builds seawall, ropewalk, brewery etc. and shifts the center of activity at the Shoals from Star to Smuttynose Islands
1790 Meetinghouse burns
1800 New meetinghouse built
1823 Society from Promoting Religious Instruction at the Isles of Shoals hires Miss Hannah Peabody to teach beginning Sept 30
1835 Celia Laighton born June 29
1839 Thomas B. Laighton and family move to Portsmouth, NH to White Island when he takes position as lightkeeper (wife Eliza; children Oscar and Celia; Cedric born in 1840)
1846 Thomas B. Laighton improving the Mid-Ocean House hotel on Smuttynose. July 24- Arrival of Levi Lincoln Thaxter at hotel
1848 Appledore House opens on June 15, owned by firm of Thaxter and Laighton
1851 Wedding of Levi Thaxter and Celia Laighton on Appledore, Rev. John Weiss officiating
1853 Beginning of long correspondence between Celia Thaxter and brother Cedric Laighton in fall.
1856 Thaxter family moves to Newtonville, MA
1861 Celia Thaxter’s first published poem, “Land-locked,” appears in March issue of Atlantic magazine
1866 Death of Thomas Laighton on May 6
1872 Publication of Celia Thaxter’s Poems
1873 Publication of Celia Thaxter’s Among the Isles of Shoals
Building of Oceanic Hotel on Star Island by John Poor
Wagner murders on March 5
1874 Publication of Celia Thaxter’s Poems, enlarged edition
1875 Publication of Celia Thaxter’s “A Memorable Murder” in……
1878 Publication of Celia Thaxter’s Driftwood
1879 William Morris Hunt, artist, dies on Appledore Sept. 8
1880 Levi and Celia Thaxter purchase Champernowne Farm at Kittery Point, ME
1883 Publication of Celia Thaxter’s Stories and Poems for Children
1884 Death of Levi Thaxter on May 31. Several years later, Celia Thaxter and son Roland asked Robert Browing to write epitaph
1888 Publication of Celia Thaxter’s Pastorals and Idylls
1889 Celia Thaxter begins correspondence with Bradford Torrey, ornithologist, in May
1891 Publication of Celia Thaxter’s Verses
1894 Publication of Celia Thaxter’s An Island Garden – death of Celia Thaxter Aug 26, 1894
1896 Isles of Shoals Summer Meetings Association formed by Congregationalists and Unitarians
1897 Isles of Shoals Summer Meetings Association holds first conference at the Shoals
1899 Death of Cedric Laighton in Florida, mortgage foreclosed on Appledore House
1901 Construction of breakwater between Smuttynose and Cedar Islands by US Government
1902 Death of twelve waitresses, headwaiter, and his assistant from Oceanic Hotel in boating accident on July 17
1905 A. J. Lane, realtor, of Manchester, NH, was asked to help Oscar Laighton in selling Appledore House property
1908 Land on Appledore sold to US Government for lifesaving station
1909 Formation of Appledore Land and Building Co. to sell lots on Appledore
1914 Fire destroys Appledore House, Star Island sold to Unitarian Church, Tucke monument constructed
1922 Appledore Land and Building Co. sells Appledore on Sept 12 to James A. Donovan
1939 Death of Oscar Laighton

Chronology taken mostly from Rutledge with some literary entries from Vallier.

Processing notes

Collection has been processed in several different systems, resulting in multiple number systems. For former number(s) please reference finding aid(s) in Collection File.

Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1 Correspondence, 1920-1922
Laighton graveyard
Folder 2 Correspondence, 1927-1941
Louis Cornish to Mrs. Donahue
William H. Sawyer (State of NH) to Mrs. Donahue
John Thaxter to Dr. Cornish (2)
Folder 3 Memorandum, 1978
Barbara Durant childhood memories at Appledore
Folder 4 Correspondence, 1938
First Parish Hingham, Thaxter genealogy
Folder 5 Levi Thaxter Journal, 1860
Folder 6 Correspondence (copy), 1985
Robert Browning to Mr. Thaxter (Roland?) concerning epitaph for Levi Thaxter
Folder 7 Contract, 1836
Dissolution of partnership between Thomas Laighton and Abner Greenleaf
Folder 8 Correspondence, 1829-1839
Thomas B. Laighton
Folder 9 Correspondence, ca. 1900-1921
Ovidia and Mina Bernsten to Oscar Laighton, regarding a trip to Norway, 1911
Dr. Warren to Oscar Laighton, 1914
Hobkirk Inn (Camden, SC) to Oscar Laighton
E. M. Fisher to Oscar Laighton (3 letters)
Mrs. Thayer Laighton to Oscar Laighton, 1919
Carl Bernsten to Oscar Laighton, about the artist O.M. Brauner, 1921
Eva von Blumberg to Oscar Laighton, 1900
Barbara (neice) to Oscar Laighton
Julia Laighton (Cedric’s wife) to Oscar Laighton, regarding the death of Roland’s son Eliot
W. H. Morse to Oscar Laighton, 1903
Paid bill for services and expenses from Oscar Laighton to Edward Adams, 1904
Lucia Bento to Oscar Laighton
Folder 10 Oscar Laighton’s tax bills, 1901 and 1903
Letter from Lewis W. Brewster, regarding Spanish wreck, 1901
Folder 11 Correspondence and notices, 1904
Oscar Laighton’s overdue tax bills
Folder 12 Correspondence, 1914
Oscar Laighton, regarding cottage
Folder 13 Correspondence, 1938
Oscar Laighton to Brother Dunn
Folder 14 Correspondence, 1898-1899
Cedric Laighton to Oscar Laighton (Dunedin, Florida)
Folder 15 Correspondence, 1901
Cedric Laighton and Julia (Dunedin, Florida and West Medford, Massachusetts)
Folder 16 Correspondence, 1921
To Oscar Laighton (Rye Beach, Portsmouth, St. Paul, Minnesota and Pennsylvania)
Folder 17 Correspondence, n.d.
To Oscar Laighton
Folder 18 Correspondence, 1906-1934
Oscar Laighton to Mr. Hadley, “Young Friends,” and Mrs. Donahue
Folder 19 Oscar Laighton poetry
Folder 20 Correspondence, 1929
Oscar Laighton to Mrs. Herman Haynes (Camden, South Carolina) Gift of Florence Haynes
Folder 21 Memoirs, 1983, Mary Kopf regarding Oscar Laighton rowing at age 98
Folder 22 Oscar Laighton Poetry
Folder 23 Oscar Laighton Poetry, typed on stationary for the Hobkirk Inn, Camden, South Carolina
Folder 24 Oscar Laighton Poetry, “Slumber Song”
Folder 25 Lecture transcript, ca. 1935 “The Poet [Celia Thaxter] of the Shoals,” by Kenneth O. Myrick, Tufts College (read by Rev. Dan H. Fenn)
Folder 26 Christmas card, Hand painted photo by Maude W. Leighton with Celia Thaxter poem, “The Sunrise Never Failed Us Yet.”
Folder 27 Correspondence, 1895
Letters of Celia Thaxter, edited by her friends. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1895
Folder 28 Celia Thaxter Journal, 1857 (typed excerpt)
Folder 29 Correspondence, 1881-1882
Celia Thaxter to John Thaxter
Folder 30 Correspondence, October – November 1880
Celia Thaxter in Europe
Folder 31 Correspondence, November 1880
Celia Thaxter in Europe
Folder 32 Correspondence, November – December 1880
Celia Thaxter in Europe
Folder 32a Correspondence, December 1880 – January 1881
Celia Thaxter in Europe
Folder 33 Correspondence, 1876-1881
Celia Thaxter in Europe
Folder 34 Correspondence, 1888 – 1889
Celia Thaxter to Bradford Torrey
Folder 35 Correspondence, 1889
Celia Thaxter to Bradford Torrey
Folder 36 Correspondence, 1889-1890
Celia Thaxter to Bradford Torrey
Folder 37 Correspondence, 1890-1891
Celia Thaxter to Bradford Torrey
Folder 38 Correspondence, 1892
Celia Thaxter to Bradford Torrey
Folder 39 Correspondence, 1892
Celia Thaxter to Bradford Torrey
Folder 40 Correspondence, 1893
Celia Thaxter to Bradford Torrey
Folder 41 Correspondence, 1893-1894
Celia Thaxter to Bradford Torrey
Folder 42 Correspondence, March 1894[?]
Celia Thaxter to Bradford Torrey
Folder 43 Correspondence [typed transcripts], 1888-1894
Celia Thaxter to Bradford Torrey
Folder 44 Correspondence [typed transcripts], 1852-1880
Cedric Laighton to Celia Thaxter

Box 2
Folder 1 Correspondence, 1886
Celia Thaxter to J. Appleton Brown
Folder 2 Celia Thaxter Poetry
Kittiwakes, Songs, Appeal (typed), Sunset Song
Folder 3 Celia Thaxter Poetry and Recipes, ca. 1886
Yeast bread and wheat bran biscuits
Folder 4 Celia Thaxter Poetry
The Sunrise Never Failed Us Yet
Folder 5 Audubon Society Membership Certificate for Mrs. H. F. Locke, signed by Celia Thaxter
Folder 6 Correspondence, ca. 1839-1894
Celia Thaxter to F. Lord, Joseph W. Warren, Sarah Orne Jewett and others
Folder 7 Pencil Sketch of White Island Light and Poem “A Protest” by Oscar Laighton (moved to OV Box 16 Folder 8)
Folder 9 Oscar Laighton’s wallet with Hillsborough Bank script for 50 cents
Folder 10 Deed, 1923,Oscar Laighton to Frank W. Ferguson (Boston architect) for Lunging Island
Folder 11 Article, “The Friendship of Celia Thaxter and John Greenleaf Whittier” by Alma White
Folder 12 Lecture transcript, “Celia Thaxter and her Contemporaries” by Alma White
Folder 13 Call Card, Mrs. Florence T. Baxter of Washington, DC to Oscar Laighton
Folder 14 Letter [copy], 1929 Oscar Laighton to Elizabeth
Folder 15 Lease, 1902, Oscar Laighton and Julia S. Laighton to American Unitarian Association
Folder 16 Letter and Articles, 1996, Judy Yaeger Jones to Prof. M. Beasley of University of Maryland. Attached copies of “Howard Glyndon” announcement
Folder 17 Letter, 1921, Warren Sheppard, regarding picture of Appledore
Folder 18 Stationary, notes, photographs, etc., ca. 1890-1906
Oscar Laighton to Charles J. Ramsdell (Appledore stationary)
Emma Wilson to Oscar Laighton (on planets)
Appledore Guidebook
Appledore envelope
Folder 19 Statements, letters, bills, ca. 1870-190, Laighton Brothers, Appledore House
Folder 20 Stationary, Appledore House
Folder 21 Correspondence, 1897, H. G. Marvin to T. H. Elliot, First Shoals conference
Folder 22 Correspondence, Feb-Dec 1905
David Cross to Oscar Laighton, Sale of Shoals
A. J. Lane to David Cross
A. J. Lane to Laighton Brothers
L. W. Brewster to A. J. Lane
Folder 23 Correspondence, 1915, Purchase of Star Island, Elliott and Kimball
Folder 24 Oceanic Hotel Pamphlet, menu and photo, 1891 and 1895
Folder 25 Oceanic Hotel Menu and Wine List, 1878
Folder 26 Oceanic Hotel Guest Bills, 1904-1916
Folder 27 Oceanic Hotel, Laighton Brothers and Co. Checks, 1878-1880
Folder 28 Oceanic and Appledore Hotels Ephemera, Menu, Employee Contract, Oscar Laighton’s Notary Public Stamp, 1875-1906
Folder 29 Correspondence, 1903 and 1906
Attorneys to Oscar Laighton, worker incident, mortgage
Folder 30 Laighton Brothers Bills and Statements, 1892-1906
Folder 31 Correspondence, 1874-1898
Letters to Laighton Brothers, inquiries regarding rates and accommodations
Folder 32 Oceanic Hotel Bills, 1920-1925
Folder 33 Oceanic Hotel, Laighton Brothers, Credit Vouchers, 1892
Folder 34 Oceanic Hotel Bills for supplies, 1883-1896

Box 3
Folder 1 Laighton Brothers Bills, 1898, from William Ward and Sons
Folder 2 Correspondence, 1906-1921
Charles J. Ramsdell to Oscar Laighton, hotel and cottages business
Folder 3 Ephemera, 1890, Letters, checks, laundry card, baggage tags, railroad tickets
Folder 4 Oceanic Hotel Bills, Letter and Receipts, 1876-1896
Folder 5 Oceanic Hotel Receipts and Letters, 1894-1896
Folder 6 Oceanic Hotel Bills and Accounts, ca. 1876-1896
Folder 7 Oceanic Hotel Stationary, 1902
Folder 8 Oceanic Hotel Correspondence, 1895, Oceanic Hotel room and board
Folder 9 Oceanic Hotel Correspondence, ca. 1890s
Folder 10 Oceanic Hotel Wine Cards and Laundry List, 1892
Folder 11 Oceanic Hotel Checks, 1880
Folder 12 Oceanic Hotel Bills, 1895
Folder 13 Oceanic Hotel Bills, 1896
Folder 14 Oceanic Hotel Bills, 1896
Folder 15 Star Island Hotel Room Chart, 1892
Folder 16 Oceanic Hotel Furniture Inventory, 1911
Folder 17 Isles of Shoals Hotel Co., 1908, Land on Appledore Maps and Brochures
Folder 18 Oceanic Hotel Façade Photos and Negatives
Folder 19 Rail schedule
Folder 20 Oceanic Hotel Memorabilia, 1890s
Folder 21 Appledore Hotel Newspaper Advertisement, 1886
Folder 22 Oceanic Hotel Rules and Regulations
Folder 23 Oceanic Hotel Advertisement, 1910
Folder 24 Oceanic Hotel Advertisement for Marshall P. Wilder humorist at hotel
Folder 25 Oceanic Hotel Menu

III. Musical Scores, Artwork, Small Diaries, Chapel Services
Box 14
Folder 1 Oscar Laighton Sheet Music
Folder 2 William Mason Letters and Music
Folder 3 Julius Eichberg Music given to Celia Thaxter
Folder 4 Music signed by composers and given to Celia Thaxter – Charles S. Hamlin, Kate Vannah and Edward Heimentahl with biographical notes
Folder 5 Music by John Eichberg with Lyrics by Celia Thaxter
Folder 6 Appledore House Musical Program, 1879, includes typescript copy
Folder 7 Music with Lyrics by Celia Thaxter and music by Clara Kathleen Rogers, Clayton Jones, G. A. Burdett, Sebastian Schlesinger, Kate Vannah, Clayton Jones
Folder 8 Music – Shoals Songs
Folder 9 Oscar Laighton Music, 1907-1915
Folder 10 Celia Thaxter Music with music by Julius Eichberg, 1874-1878
Folder 11 William Mason Music, 1862-1871
Folder 12 Star Island Sermons and Prayers, 1930-1950s
Folder 13 Music (original and copies), ca. 1871
Folder 14 Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science) Music adaptation of Celia Thaxter, 1989
Folder 15 Charles Kaufmann Letters, Notes, and Program, 1991-1992
Folder 16 “The Heavenly Guest” Poster by Celia Thaxter & Oscar Laighton

Box 15
Folder 1 “Star Island as it was in 1862” [Photo printed], 1862, Gift of Charles Joy
Folder 2 Celia Thaxter Stationary, ten sheets and two enveloped hand painted
Folder 3 Oscar Laighton Ink Sketches, one sheet of fish and three of a Schooner
Folder 4 Florence Ogden Diary, Letter and Photo while on Appledore, 1906-1908
Folder 5 “The Appledore Outcry. A weekly chronicle of the Doings of the Appledore help.” Signed by Amy L. Ogden, 1907
Folder 6 Appledore from Star Island Watercolor, by William Roger Greeley, ca. 1904
Folder 7 Textiles, scarf, handkerchief, nineteenth century lace collar
Folder 8 “Algae. Appledore, I.H.W.” Book, 1858
Folder 9 “Collections made at the Isles of Shoals.” Book by B. W. Gilbert, 1860
Folder 10 Watercolor, seascape with birds on paper palette

IV. Oceanic Hotel Registers, Haley and Laighton Deeds
Box 16a
Folder 1 Oceanic Hotel Register, 1878-1880
Folder 2 Oceanic Hotel Register, 1881-1883

Box 16b
Folder 3 Oceanic and Appledore Hotel Employees Account Ledger, 1879-1880
Folder 4 “The Driftwood Fire” Print by Henry Fern
Folder 5 Samuel Haley Deeds and Notes, ca. 1815-1821
Folder 6 Thomas B. Laighton Deeds and Letters, ca. 1829, 1839 and 1840
Folder 7 “Benjamin Haley Property at the Shoals,” Broadside newspaper New England Galaxy, 1826 and 1831
Folder 8 “A Protest” Poem by Oscar Laighton with pencil sketch of White Island
Folder 9 Isles of Shoals Hotel Company Maps and Illustrated Brochure, 1908
Folder 10 Photo prints of Celia Thaxter cottage

Box 17
Folder 1 Isles of Shoals Scrapbook, ca. 1800-1898
Folder 2 Cedric Laighton Letters Scrapbook, 1907
Folder 3 Christmas Cards (5), ca. 1881

Box 18
Folder 1 Correspondence (copies), 1799-1801
Society for Propagating the Gospel Among Indians and Others, regarding Chapel
Folder 2 Church Covenant and Confession 1729 (original)
Modern introduction by Louise Tallman, 1975
Folder 3 Biography of John Brock, minister 1650s, from Sibley’s
Folder 4 Sermon, 1732
Preached at the ordination of John Tucke as minister
Folder 5 Gosport Town Records, 1800-1834
Folder 6 Periodical, 1913
“The Town Records of Gosport, NH” by Joseph Weatherhead Warren, MD in NEHGS (Jan. 1913), 56-63.
Folder 7 Samuel Haley letter, 1813
Concerning shipwrecks during his life time (original and copy)
Folder 8 John T. Fowl letter, 1818
Concerning troubles at the Shoals
Folder 9 Nathanial Berry deposition, 1826
Ownership of Hog Island
Folder 10 Samuel Haley letter, 1826
Ownership of Hog Island
Folder 11 Samuel Haley and John Bellamy bills and receipts, 1830s
Folder 12 Thomas B. Laighton and John Balmey receipts, 1830-1831
Folder 13 Deeds, 1814-1880s
Folder 14 Letter, 1917
Massachusetts Historical Society to Harriette E. Jones; Warren Papers (re: Shoals) to Old Newbury Historical Society
Folder 15 Typescript “The American Nation in History,” Hart, ed.: “England in America 1580-1652” excerpt.
Folder 16 Article, 1870, “Picturesque America,” “The St. John’s and Ocklawaha Rivers, Florida,” by Harry Fenn
Folder 17 Laighton Deeds, 1815-1886
Folder 18 Map, 1927
“Pictoral Map of the Isles of Shoals” by Elizabeth Shurtleff. Boston, Isles of Shoals Summer Meetings Assoc. ,with folder
Folder 19 Wentworth Hotel Etchings, 1882
Scenes from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, June 10, 1882
Folder 20 Hannah Peabody teacher report, 1824
“Third Annual Report of the Society for Promoting Religious Instruction in the Isles of Shoals”
Folder 21 Mr. Berry from Mrs. Darius Cobb letter, 1910
Newton Upper Falls, MA regarding gravestone
Folder 22 “Settlement of New Hampshire” excerpt from unidentified school history book
Folder 23 Amos L. Allen (US Representative from Maine) to E. L. C. (breakwater at Shoals in Maine), 1900
Folder 24 John Smith biography on Appledore Stationary, presented at monument dedication
Folder 25 Receipt copy, 1723
Oscar Laighton and Ella F. Adams to Frank W. Ferguson, Londoners Island (Lunging Island)
Folder 26 Five pages on Portsmouth, NH and cities in Vermont, 1848 (unidentified book)
Folder 27 Deed copy, 1923
Oscar Laighton to Frank W. Ferguson, Londoners Island (Lunging Island)
Folder 28 Warren Sheppard and E. S. Eckhardt, navigation courses and personal
Folder 29 Journal of Samuel Lane (extracts), 1718
Folder 30 Nomination form, 1978
National Register Nomination for the Isles of Shoals
Folder 31 Letters and lease, 1908-1910
Real estate: J. Murray Howe, Thomas N. Perkins, A. J. Lane, Joshiah Drummond, Jr., Oscar Laighton, Clarence J. Caswell
Folder 32 Letters, 1911-1912
Real estate: Duck and Smuttynose islands
Folder 33 Letters, 1913-1915
Real estate: Duck and Smuttynose islands
Folder 34 Letters, 1930-1939
Real estate and tenants
Folder 35 Letters, 1929-1932
Real estate and tenants

Box 19
Folder 1 Letters, 1942-1957
Real estate
Folder 2 Letters, 1923-1925
Real estate
Folder 3 Gosport Crest, 1939 by Lyman Rutledge
Folder 4 Map, shoals, shipwreck, treasures
Folder 5 Map, ca. 1934
The Isle of Wight, England, showing towns of Portsmouth and Gosport
Folder 6 Description of stone image found at the Isles of Shoals
Folder 7 Haley Cottage Report by Sara Chase, 1990
Folder 8 Report, 1987
“Coastal New England Settler Maritime Archaeology Project” by Faith Harington, Ph. D., Lunging Island (Londoners Island)
Folder 9 Bill for groceries, 1863-1865
Found in the wall of Cottage D. From Major Hooper and Son to Mr. Robinson
Folder 10 Almanac, 1852 Cover and folded pages only
Folder 11 Booklet, ca. 1861
“The War with the South,” Part 4, by Robert Tomes, MD. Cover in two pieces, pages missing. Found in wall of Cottage D.
Folder 12 Typescript “The Story of the Isles of Shoals” by H. N. Metcalf, NH State Historian
Folder 13 Rail and boat schedules, Shore Line and Fall River Line
Folder 14 Rye Town Report, 1877
Folder 15 Book, 1628
“The Whole Treatise of the Cases of Conscience” by M. W. Perkins, London, John Legatt, 1628. Belonged to Rev. John Tucke.
Folder 16 Notebook, ca. 1822-1823
“General Statement Respecting the Isles of Shoals,” “Constructing of the Society for Promoting Religious Instruction in the Isles of Shoals” and meeting Minutes. Mr. Reuben Moody, Jr., Journal 1822. Presented by Alice W. Bailey, 1909
Folder 17 Gosport Deeds, 1836-1857
Folder 18 Gosport Deeds, 1858-1865
Folder 19 Gosport Deeds, 1865-1869
Folder 20 Gosport Deeds, 1869-1871
Folder 21 Gosport Deeds, 1871-1872
Folder 22 Gosport Deeds, 1872
Folder 23 John Caswell promissory notes, ca. 1866-1871
Folder 24 Gosport town debt, 1868
Folder 25 Star Island mortgages, 1803-1915
Folder 26 Deed and leases, 1924-1967
Storm warning tower, gift of Duck Island, deed references
Folder 27 Copy of a George Washington letter (removed from collection?)
Folder 27 Envelope addressed to Oscar Laighton Appledore House, Isles of Shoals, Sept. 8, 1906