Portsmouth Journal Papers – MS068

Portsmouth Journal Papers – MS068

Provenance: Special Collection’s Purchase

Citation: Portsmouth Journal Papers (MS068), Manuscript Collections, Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 1 Hollinger Box (6 linear inches)

Access: No restrictions

Processed by: Reprocessed by Susan Stowe Kindstedt in 2010

Scope and Content

Collection is primarily business correspondence including letters from individuals with out of town subscriptions to the Portsmouth Journal, advertising requests, individuals publishing articles, etc. Folders are listed chronologically. The lists with each folder are of the author of the letter (very few are the letter recipient with the author being the Portsmouth Journal, these cases are noted as such). Nearly all of the materials date from Lewis W. Brewster’s first two decades as publisher and editor, approximately 1868 to 1884.

Historical Note

ThePortsmouth Journal was published weekly by Charles W. Brewster (1802-1868) and his son Lewis W. Brewster. The elder Brewster apprenticed at the age of sixteen with The Portsmouth Oracle, published at that time by Charles Turell. In 1821 (or 1823), it was purchased by Nathaniel Appleton Haven, Jr. and underwent a change of name as well as editorship. Brewster and Tobias Ham Miller became joint proprietors of the paper in 1825. Ten years later, Brewster became sole proprietor and editor. In 1853 Lewis W. Brewster joined his father in the publishing business. Following his father’s death, he became sole proprietor until his merger in 1903 with the New Hampshire Gazette.

Folder List

Folder 1 Correspondence 1862 and 1867

George K. Hooper

James Pickering

W. H. D. Merrill

Josiah Bacon

William Martin Harding

J. Rowe

A. H. Flanders

Charles Marseilles

Folder 2 Correspondence January 1868-June 1868

George Fitzpatrick

Frank Fernald

E. Brown

Locke & Hund

E. R. Butler

Alexander H. Dennett

George P. Griffith

L. H. Whitehouse

H. K. H. Hall

C. L. Parker

Samuel Storer

B. Barnes Jr.

A. L. Bryant

H. C. Head

A. N. Lewis

— Curtis

William H. Hackett

H. A. Caigill

George H. Fields

W. W. Black

T. C. Evans

James W. Emery
George P. Griffith

T. Haines

G. U. Jenness

Nathaniel Cotton

Charles Herman

George P. Rowell

T. F. Davies

George R. Griffith

Folder 3 Correspondence July 1868

George R. Griffith

“The Poet of Fort Constitution”

P. C. Jones (from the Portsmouth Journal office)

George R. Griffith

James F. Otis

Samuel A. James

George R. Griffith

Theodore S. Harris

George R. Griffith

J. Getchell

S. M. Pettengill

C. M. Wyman

Stephen W. Clark

J. T. Walker

John S. Hill

George R. Griffith

Augusta Seavey

Robert Odiorne Seavey

C. W. Harrold

Robert Treadwell

A. F. Lincoln

H. T. Helmbold

H. C. Bamaber

A. L. Bryant

J. A. Curtis

Ralph L. Cutter

Mary G. Fiske

S. B. Childs

S. M. Pettengill

Folder 4 Correspondence August 1868-September 1868

Samuel[?] Kimball

William H. Yeaton

National Publishing Company regarding “The War Between the States”

D. K. Noyes

George R. Griffith

Aaron Young

John S. March

John Wentworth

Lucas Place

J. C. Smith

A. L. Bryant

Isaac H. Brown

Philip O’Neil “Except of a Speech Delivered by Tyrone”

S. A. James

“The Sessions of History” by Tyrone [manuscript article]

P. A. McMoore

S. D. Warren

Henry S. Lambert

S. D. Warren

W. L. Langly

Merrill & Mackintire

Benjamin J. Tredick

S. D. Warren

Frederick Hudson

Oriental Tea Company

J. R. Barrett (Barrett’s Vegetable Hair Restorative)

Samuel A. James

Peter Young

William M. Conant

J. R. Barrett (Barrett’s Vegetable Hair Restorative)

Ephraim Dennett

R. W. Bliss

Folder 5 Correspondence October 1868-December 1868

George B. Griffith

A. H. Hoyt

Moses K. Foss

Peaslee & Company

A. L. Bryant

James H. Hill (Johnston’s Reaper and McSherry’s Grain Drill)

J. H. Brown (Rogers & Lawton Wholesale Druggist)

Thayer & Dunham (Printing Press for Sale advertisement)

S. Moore

A. L. Bryant

James L. Mitchell

George B. Griffith

Jared Rowe

Thayer & Dunham

Carrie C. Haley

Thayer & Dunham

H. C. Barnebee

Adaline S. Budd

R. W. Bliss

Allen & Shailer

Richard S. Evans

Evans Advertising Agency

J. Palmer

Allen & Shailer

Luis S. Shillaber

Richard S. Evans

A. F. Lincoln

Thomas L. Tullock (Union Republican Executive Committee)

James M. Lovering

G. C. Butler

C. B. Moulton

G. S. Grundy

Evans Advertising Agency

Eben F. Brown (Bryant & Stratton Business College)

Peaslee & Co. General Advertising Agents

W. A. Peabody

S. H. Pettengill & Co.

Francis Sargent

Oriental Tea Company

W. H. Phillips

Eben F. Brown (Bryant & Stratton Business College)

John W. Brook

J. B. Cline (“New Grapes & Strawberries”)

J. B. Cline (“Nursery Stock”)

E. E. Beede

William Sawyer

George B. Griffith

H. C. Barnabee

Folder 6 Correspondence 1869

Eliza W. Ward

Mrs. G. A. Currier

S. M. Pettengill

C. H. Barnabee

William Stearns

S. Fernald

Andrew J. Hill

Sophia B. Brown

J. C. Long

Mrs. Henry H. Ladd

J. Getchell

Mrs. T. N. Porter

Mary A. Batchelder

A. H. Cheever

John L. Badger

R. P. Crane

W. Lamson

B. H. Penhallow

Mrs. J. E. Cox

L. U. Robbins

John Wentworth

Charles W. Martin

E. W. Ball

Cooley & Dauchey

P. L. Cook

Folder 7 Correspondence 1877-1879

Poem “I am Better Now” in memory of Mrs. C. P. H. 1877

W. P. Stinnett

James R. Stanwood

James R. Stanwood

— Albee

E. Duncan Sniffen

Samuel W. Blunt

James Sutton

Horace E. Seaward

H. P. Hubbard

L. A. Bruce

Wells, Richardson & Co.

N. L. Patten

Mrs. J. H. Fergusson

N. E. Reid

C. Leighton

John Austin Stevens (Magazine of American History)

Orange Judd Company (Office of the American Agriculturalist)

Henry Bill Publishing Company

T. F. Moore

Folder 8 Correspondence January 1880

Henry, Johnson & Lord

Charles Marcatte

George Lingard (The Aloine Publishing Company)

B. J. Kimball & Co.

W. F. Smart (Dickinson Foundry)

E. W. Barnes

Mary E. Salter

W. H. Alexander

G. B. Cook (North Berwick Times)

John P. Cate

A. C. Hardy (Provident Mutual Relief Association)

Mrs. S. E. Cotton

H. P. Hubbard

W. H. Alexander (Concord Railroad and Branches)

S. B. P. Company

James R. Stanwood

— S. Nowell

S. R. Niles

Joseph Spinney

S. Kelley

G. C. Hilpert

M. Carney (Grocers & Wholesale Liquor Dealers)

Samuel F. Cobb

H. C. Burnes

George E. Sanborn

Mrs. Hosea Crane

Orange Judd

Woodbury Langdon

N. W. Ayer & Son Advertising

J. L. Smith

William B. Holbrook

Lewis W. Brewster

Z. S. Wallingford (Cocheco Manufacturing Company)

Carter, Rice & Company

Robert N. Tullock

L. Candee & Co. Rubber Boots and Shoes

F. W. Scott Newspaper Advertising Agents

L. S. Foster Stationary

E. E. Ordway

Dauchy & Co. Printers’ Warehouse and Advertising Agency

Locke & Hurd

William B. Holbrook

B. J. Kendall

John Blunt

Pickering, G. E.

O. S. Brown (Salmon Falls Manufacturing Co.)

James W. Teagan

S. M. Pettengill & Co. Advertising Agency

L. E. Caswell (Abram French & Co.)

George Lingard (The Aldine Publishing Co.)

James R. Stanwood

Vanrey & Griswold (Fairmont Cottage)

W. H. Brewster’s death announcement

Folder 9 Correspondence February 1880

Joshua Brooks & Co.

J. S. Nicholson

W. P. Stinnett

Carter Rice and Company

Frank & Flamant

H. H. Warner & Co.

Dauchy & Company Printers’ Warehouse & Advertisement Agency

Dauchy & Co.

G. B. G.

Merchants Advertising Agency

H. P. Hubbard

Marvin Bros. & Bartlett Cod Liver Oil

J. B. Greene

Fred D. Nowell

Calvin Hale (Dover National Bank)

Wallace B. Fenn

J. S. Nicholson (The Central Illinoian)

Charles W. Folsom

Claremont Manufacturing Company

Carter, Rice & Co.

B. G. Mudge

C. A. Lyman

Edward S. Marshall

T. B. Atkins

John Chapman

G. B. Fifield

E. S. Badger

Hubbards Advertising Agency

S. M. Merrill

J. H. Bates Advertising Agent

J. H. Bates

Thomas L. Tullock

Isaac H. Brown

Folder 10 Correspondence March 1880-April 1880

Baker, Pratt & Co.

L. W. Brewster

A. S. Manson (Potter, Ainsworth & Co)

Lydia E. Pinkham (Vegetable Compound)

H. P. Hubbard

F. A. Packard Paper Warehouse

Carter, Rice & Co.

Alva H. Morrill

J. B. Green

Rice, Kendall & Co.

S. D. Warren

Dauchy & Co. Advertising Agency

Dauchy & Co. (from Lewis Brewster)

Charles H. Ladd (Galveston and Sherman)

J. S. H. Frink

H. M. Cable (Commonwealth of Massachusetts House of Representatives)

A. L. Clarke & Co. Bankers

N. W. Ayer & Son Advertising Agents

E. E. Cummings

R. L. Low Navy Department

Edward O. Lord (Free Press Publishing Company)

L. E. Caswell (Abram French & Co.)

Carter, Rice & Co.
A. P. Yeaton

Mrs. H. Crane

E. R. Chadbourn

George B. Cook

H. P. Hubbard

S. C. Merrill

James Elverson

William Hale

— Albee

Mr. Steven Hart

Oliver G. Fernald

E. S. Tobey

Dauchy & Co. to Lewis Brewster

MacKenzie, Phillips & Co.

New England Type Foundry Co.

N. W. Ayer & Sons Advertising Agency

Potter, Ainsworth & Co. School Book Publishers

J. M. Lamson

Chicago & North-Western Railway Company

State Reform School, Manchester, NH

Thomas Nowell

A. S. Manson (Potter, Ainsworth & Co.)

Brewster & Graves

H. L. Currin (Biddeford Machine Works)

Joseph W. Marden

J. W. Penhallow

Walter N. Weeks

H. R. Davis (Daily Journal and Evening Bulletin)

H. L. Currin (Biddeford Machine Works)

H. K. W. Hall Paper Store

Henry M. Bunt

H. P. Hubbard Newspaper Advertising Agent

Custom’s House Portsmouth

T. S. Nowell

B. J. Kendall & Co.

A. F. Jenness

H. H. Warner & Company

Folder 11 Correspondence May 1880-August 1880

Boston Type Foundry

A. Seavey

J. Clement Smith

N. P. Mann

J. W. Bartlett (National News Bureau)

N. R. Goss

James R. Stanwood

Abram French & Co.

Eastern Railroad Company

H. McE. Kimball

T. S. Nowell

Susie N. Yeaton

J. W. Kent (Russell House)

J. W. Kent (Plankinton House)

S. K. Abbott

Carter, Rice & Company

W. S. Stevens (Wiggin & Stevens)

S. R. Niles Newspaper Advertising Agency

Miss Susan Tuck

H. H. Warner & Co.

Dr. Rhodes Electric Tranfusing Battery

Fred Myron Colby

Carter, Rice & Co.

F. R. Robinson

H. P. Hubbard Advertising Agency

Critchley & Whalley Machinists

F. M. Colby

R. D. Mason

Clara F. Clark (State Normal School)

F. W. Robinson

James R. Stanwood

George Stinson Art Publishers

Carter, Rice & Company

Amariah Storrs & Co. Card Boards Fancy Papers

T. L. James

C. W. Goddard

Carter, Rice & Company

Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary

M. W. Waldron

George Fredson

Appledore House

S. S. Nowell

W. H. Brewster

Carter, Rice & Company

W. D. Swett

J. C. Ayer

E. R. Chadborn

Edward C. Riddle (Farragut & Atlantic Houses, Rye Beach Athletic Association)

Z. Haven (letter to from Lewis Brewster)

C. G. Conner (Clerk of Rockingham Supreme Court)

Carter, Rice & Company

Willis L. Hidden

L. C. Merrill

S. B. Childs

George P. Rowell Newspaper Advertising Bureau

Nathaniel Head

Oaks A. Ames, Oliver Amesm and Frank M. Ames

H. H. Warner & Company

Folder 12 Correspondence September 1880-December 1880

Pulsifer, Jordan & Wilson Paper Warehouse

Melvin & Badger

George Stinson & Co. Publishers

S. M. Pettengill & Co.

Anna Nelson Libby

Jeremiah P. Hooper Temperance Missionary

H. H. Warner & Co.

Laighton Brother’s (Appledore House)

M. L. Sheafe

Walworth Manufacturing Co.

Eastern Railroad Co.

Alfred F. Howard

James T. Drown (Atlantic National Bank of Boston)

T. S. Nowell

Z. S. Wallingford

O. S. Brown (Salmon Falls Manufacturing Company)

Williametta Coun

L. C. Root

Henry St. Huse (Republican State Committee)

Charles R. Hill

Charles Marsilles (The Kingston Daily Freeman)

Alfred — (no last name)

T. S. Nowell

U. S. Marine Corp

Ward & Biddulph Paper

Z. S. Wallingford (Cocheco Manufacturing Company)

J. W. Hall (Salmon Falls Manufacturing Company)

B. J. Kendall

J. W. Easbry (Navy Department)

Theresa M. Marston

C. Y. Hudson & Co.

Luther Tucker & Son

Mrs. H. C. Barnabee

Charles L. Rhoades (Young Men’s Christian Association)

H. H. Warner & Co.

Science Observer

S. C. Merrill

Melvin & Badger Druggists & Apothecaries

B. P. Shillaber

T. S. Newell

W. H. Yeaton

John R. Ham

Susie H. Yeaton

E. C. Fisker

H. Burns (New York Print Works)

William H. Hackett

Pierce & Son Machine Sewn Slippers

Charles E. Blunt

C. E. Blunt (Office of Lighthouse Engineer, Portland, Maine)

Rice, Kendell & Co. Paper Warehouse

H. Lawrence

Charles C. Ford’s Advertising Agency

Goodwillie, Wyman & Company

C. A. Leveridge

Susan Allie Norton

A. A. Knight

Locke & Hunt

J. H. Johnson

Presley Blakiston Publisher, Bookseller & Importer

Folder 13 Correspondence 1880

Yeaton Walker & Company

The Scientific American

Preble’s History of the Flag of the United States

Folder 14 Correspondence undated

Folder 15 Correspondence undated

Folder 16 Bills 1877

Folder 17 Personal Papers 1868 and undated

Equitable Life Assurance Society Annual Dividend Notice

Piscataqua Pioneers Nomination for Membership