Portsmouth Historical Society Collection – MS022*

Portsmouth Historical Society Collection – MS022* BEING REPROCESSED 2017-2018

Provenance: Placed on deposit by the Portsmouth Historical Society in July 1991. Also placed on deposit were the Portsmouth Historical Society Records (MS021), New Castle Bridge Association Records (MS024), Tredick and Brewster Family Papers (MS019), and the Portsmouth Historical Society Photograph Collection (P018).

Citation: Portsmouth Historical Society Collection, MS022, Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 10 Hollinger boxes (5 linear feet) and 22 oversized folders

Access: No restrictions

Processed by: Reprocessed by Susan Stowe Kindstedt in 2006. Original by Kevin Shupe and Carolyn Eastman in 1990.

Historical Note

The Portsmouth Historical Society was founded in 1917. The Society purchased the John Paul Jones House in 1920.


Correspondence, sermons, lectures, scrapbooks, diaries, business papers, music mss., deeds, school and maritime records, records of the jail and post office, and other materials, owned by the society (founded 1917), relating to Portsmouth, N.H. Includes records of various church and civic groups and papers of Edmund Roberts (1784-1836), merchant and diplomat, who served as special U.S. agent negotiating trade agreements with various East Asian countries. Persons represented include John Quincy Adams and members of the Badger, Boardman, Brockett, Deering, Fletcher, Folsom, Gains, Gooding, Harris, Kimball, Ladd, Langdon, Leavitt, Loud, Merserve, Moffatt, Odiorne, Peabody, Pepperrell, Sherburne, Thaxter, Walker, Webster, and Wheelwright families.

Processing Note

This collection was not organized into series as it represents many different unrelated individuals, organizations, and topics, given by separate donors to the Portsmouth Historical Society.

Box 1

Folder 1 John Quincy Adams, letter to the Newburyport Lyceum, 1845

Folder 2 William Badger, receipts, 1806-1813

Folder 3 George and Joseph Banfield, deeds, 1725, 1762

Folder 4 Miss Mary B. Baury, music book, 1826 Labeled “Bradford”

Folder 5 Thomas Beck and Thomas Beck Jr., papers, 1790-1839

Folder 6 John H. Boardman, poem on Federal Fire Society members, ca. 1870

Folder 7 Dr. Joshua Brackett, estate inventory, ca. 1802

Folder 8 Nathaniel Burdean, apprenticeship to George Gains, 1763

Folder 9 Richard Champney, appointment as coroner, 1777

Folder 10 V. M. Coleman, arithmetic copy book, 1854

Folder 11 William M. Conant, Sons of Temperance certificate and business card, 1849

Folder 12 Caleb Currier, papers, 1820-1847

Including revenue service commissions, two letters from Caleb Currier to his daughter Caroline, and one letter to Caroline from her future husband, John Stewart.

Gift of Mrs. Alice Vaughan Johnson, Manchester, NH ca. 1969.

Biographical note: Currier was born in Portsmouth 2/19/1793 and died 7/21/1851, the son of Caleb and Alice (Hatch) Currier. He married Sarah Marden in 1814 and operated a silversmith business. He was commissioned a first lieutenant in the US Revenue service in 1830 and was given the command of the Revenue Cutter Madison in 1838.

Folder 13 Dartmouth township, receipt, meeting notice and power of attorney, 1773, 1783

Gift of Miss Grace W. Treadwell, Kittery Point, 1952, deframed 1991

Folder 14 Thomas Deering, typescript letters from the Wentworths, 1755-1774

Folder 15 Dunstable Singing School, subscription list, 1795

Folder 16 Ephemera, 1842-1946

Folder 17 Annie H. Drown (Ferree), remembrance book, 1857-1860

Folder 18 Samuel Fletcher, deeds, 1891

Folder 19 Ann E. Folsom, remembrance book, ca. 1835

Folder 20 Friendly Fire Society, record book, 1803-1818

Box 2

Folder 1 Friendly Fire Society, record book, 1763-1803

Folder 2 Friendly Fire Society, letters, bills, and notices, 1816-1817

Folder 3 John Gains, deeds, 1827

Folder 4-31 Alfred Gooding, sermons, 1891-1909

Box 3

Folder 1-26 Alfred Gooding, sermons, 1909-1926, n.d.

Folder 27-41 Alfred Gooding, lectures, 1881-1906

Box 4

Folder 1-10 Alfred Gooding, lectures, 1909-1932

Folder 11-13 Alfred Gooding, scrapbooks, 1886-1927

Box 5

Folder 1-2 Alfred Gooding, scrapbooks, 1920-1926

Folder 3 John H. Grace, Portsmouth Tercentenary papers and ephemera, 1919-1923

Folder 4 Grape Island, Native Conversion Statements, 1827

Folder 5-6 Thomas A. Harris Family, papers, 1807-1865

Folder 7 Charles A. Hazlett, letter from Ichabod Goodwin, 1865

Folder 8 James H. Head, draft notice, 1863

Folder 9 Morris Hobbs, Hampton Constable Receipts, 1696-1718

Folder 10 Wingate Ilsley, statement of war service, 1897

Folder 11 International Association of Machinists, record book, 1904-1907

Folder 12 Independent Order of Rechabites, Old Granite State Tent #238, record book, 1847-1850

Box 6

Folder 1 Andras Julian, deeds, 1804, 1830

Folder 2-4 Israel Kimball, pocket diaries, 1855-1860

Folder 5 Israel Kimball, papers, 1853-1859

Folder 6 Kittery and Portsmouth, newspaper scrapbook, 1902

Folder 7 Luther A. Knight, indemnity, 1894

Folder 8 Samuel T. Ladd, papers, 1904-1948

Folder 9 Marquis de Lafayette, letter to Portsmouth committee, 1824

Folder 10 John Langdon, receipt, n.d.

Folder 11-16 Langdon Family, papers, 1714-1899

Folder 17 Samuel Lawrence, Epping deed, 1811

Folder 18 Gilman Levitt and John Stavers, Proprietors’ Burying Ground deed, 1838

Folder 19 Gen. Moses Leavitt, letter from Lt. Col. Clement Storer, 1798

Folder 20 Ballad Lewis, American Seaman Certificate, 1840

Folder 21 Thomas Lewis, N.H. Militia Orders, 1834-1835

Folder 22 Abraham Lincoln, telegram to Frank Fuller, 1861

Box 7

Folder 1 Unidentified Loudon, NH merchant, account book, 1809-1813

Folder 2 Solomon Lowd, confession, ca. 1830

Folder 3 Waymouth Lydstrom, American Seaman Certificate, 1803

Folder 4 Clara Lynn, “Portsmouth By The Sea” song manuscripts and ephemera, 1920-1922

Folder 5 Nathaniel Meserve to Jotham Odiorne, deed, 1756

Folder 6 John Moffatt, receipt and deed, 1741, 1783

Folder 7 L. Moore, ephemera, 1891-1908

Folder 8 Miss Moses, reception and ball dance cards, 1898

Folder 9 John N. Moses, composition book and manuscripts, 1826-1836

Folder 10 Thomas P. Moses and Louisa Simes, sheet music, 18??

Folder 11 Mount Washington Summit House, stationary, 1879

Folder 12 NH Infantry, 13 th Regiment, reunion menu, 1887

Folder 13 NH Militia, military orders, 1771

Folder 14 North Parish, petition to call Rev. Samuel Langdon, 1746

Folder 15-16 North Parish Sacred Music Society, record book and papers, 1809-1823

Box 8

Folder 1 Ethyl L. Oakes, essay, ca. 1950

Folder 2 Andrew P. Peabody, sermon, 1858

Folder 3 Stephen Pearse, memo book, A Journey to Lancaster, 1820

Folder 4 Daniel and John Peirce, letters from John Wentworth, 1763-1795

Folder 5 John and Mark W. Peirce, deeds, 1781-1811

Folder 6 William Pepperell, letter from Henry Barter, 1742

Folder 7 William Pepperell, letter to Edmond Quincy, 1743

Folder 8 William Pepperell, letter from Edmond Quincy Jr., 1752

Folder 9 William Pepperell, letter from Benning Wentworth, 1751

Folder 10 James Perkins, deeds, 1811-1846

Folder 11 Stephen Pickering, letter from Eliza Langdon, 1823

Folder 12 James H. Pierrepiont, lease and receipts, 1820-1839

Folder 13 Piscataqua Exchange Bank, notes, n.d.

Folder 14 Piscataqua Pioneers, lecture “Historic Spots at Kittery Point,” 1908

Folder 15 Piscataqua Pioneers, rubbing of the ship “Raleigh” monument, 1926

Folder 16 Portsmouth, autographs, 1786-1823

Folder 17 Portsmouth, bills of mortality, 1808-1811

Folder 18 Portsmouth, defense loan subscription, 1814

Folder 19 Portsmouth, jury selection, 1786

Folder 20 Portsmouth, notebook listing deaths, 1783-1787

Folder 21 Portsmouth, medical society and Alice Manning receipts, 1815-1832

Folder 22 Portsmouth, Return of the Sons and Daughters, 1853-1883

Folder 23 Portsmouth, water pipes location notebook, 1908

Folder 24 Portsmouth, Whig and Democrat Political Tickets, ca. 1850s

Folder 25 Portsmouth Boys Club, membership list, 1844

Folder 26 Portsmouth Chronicle, short story contest, scrapbook of published entries, 1907

Folder 27 Portsmouth High School, graduation programs, 1888-1919

Folder 28 Portsmouth Jail, record book, ca. 1764

Folder 29 Portsmouth Junior High, “Purple and Gold” newsletter, 1935

Folder 30 Portsmouth Mutual Fire Insurance Company, policies, 1849

Folder 31 Portsmouth Post Office, unclaimed letters register, 1886-1900

Box 9

Folder 1 Portsmouth Universalist Church, quilt makers list and programs, 1852-1873

Folder 2 Portsmouth Whaling Company, meeting minutes book, 1832-1838

Folder 3 Profile House and Pemigewasset House, brochures, 1879

Folder 4 Albert Remick, recipe book, 18??

Folder 5 James Sheafe and Richard Salter, deeds, 1795-1816

Folder 6 Theodore Sheafe, citizenship certificate, 1816

Folder 7 John S. Sherburne, letter from Henry Sherburne, 1810

Folder 8 Sarah Sherburne to William Cario, lease, 1771-1776

Folder 9 James F. Shores, Journal of a trip to Richmond, Indiana, 1840

Folder 10 William Simes, agreement and deed, 1805, 1846

Folder 11 John Sloper to Samuel Oakes, deed, 1781

Folder 12 Andrew J. Stimson, Masonic membership lists and waiver, 1848-ca. 1889

Folder 13 Celia Thaxter, poems, 1892, n.d.

Folder 14 Nathaniel Tracy, estate of Margaret Emery hearing notice, 1789

Folder 15-21 Treadwell Family, papers, 1759-1798, ca. 1862-1918

Folder 22-23 U.S.S. Kearsarge, records, 1885-1886

Box 10

Folder 1 Jonathan M. Sewell (1748-1808), poetry manuscripts, n.d. (compare to Athenaeum rare book accession 195)

Folder 2 United States, federal loans receipt and certificate, 1796-1798

Folder 3 David Urch, membership book for Soldiers and Sailors Historical and Benevolent Society, 1906

Folder 4 Mr. Walker, aid subscription, 1823

Folder 5 Stacy G. Walker, letter, 1875

Folder 6 Nathaniel Walker, watchman appointments, 1829-1830

Folder 7 Jonathan Warner to Ezekiel Pitman Jr., deed, 1795

Folder 8 Daniel Webster, letter to John Taylor, n.d.

Folder 9 Fanny Webster, Valedictorian Address, ca. 1864

Folder 10 Thomas M. Weeks, sale agreement for the Ship New Hampshire, 1865

Folder 11 John Wentworth, letter and receipt, 1789-1791

Folder 12 Mark Hunking Wentworth, deeds, 1729-1752

Folder 13 Jeremiah Wheelwright, estate papers, 1758-1773

Folder 14 Thomas Whidden and Caesar Whidden, agreement, 1801

Folder 15 Julia Van Ness Whipple, obsequies, 1903?

Folder 16 George Whitefield, letter to Mr. Pearce, 1747

Folder 17 William Wilson, deeds, 1838, 1861

Folder 18 Willard and Abigail Hall, Thomas and Elizabeth Hart, Mary Jackson, and Martha Marshall to John Edmunds, deed, 1751 (added to collection 8/1993)

Folder 19 Richard Elliot to Robert Ham, deed, 1810 (1817 copy)

Folder 20 Ship New Hampshire, customs document, 1864

Folder 21 Ephemera for Strawbery Banke and other historic houses in Portsmouth, includes Wentworth-by-the-Sea advertisement for 1947

Folder 22 Bound volume of music, n.d. (donor Willis #6)

Folder 23 Edward R. Parry, commission and pledge of abstinence, 1865

Folder 24 Sheet music by Clara Lynn, Portsmouth, 1922

Folder 25 Sheet music, 1914

Folder 26 William Marsden, letter to his parents in Portsmouth regarding an apprenticeship for his brother George, July 1828

Boxes 11,12 and 13 catalogued by Schuyler Seldon, 2013

John Sise Papers 1852-1877 arranged by subject
John Sise Business Papers

Box 11 Insurance
F1: Maritime Insurance Ships A-L
F2: Maritime Insurance Ships M-Z
F3: Ship Calcutta, Ship Fleetford, Ship Othello, ship Quickstep
F4: Ship Nestor log books, 1837-1840
F5: Ship Nestor log books, 1840-1843 and 1884-1885
F6: Other Maritime Insurance, misc. maritime correspondence,
J.E. Manning letters
F7: Other insurance 2 folders including Portsmouth Fire Dept.,
house, business and general property insurance
F8: Atkins and Steadman, Baring Brothers/Alcock, Boston
Earthenware Co., Briggs and Rogers
F9: Collamore
F10: French Wells Co., Plympton & Robertson, Trost, Herman
F11: Misc. crockery receipts, misc. crockery correspondence
**need to add crockery to folders

Box 12 F1: Business receipts, Meriden Cutlery Co. receipts, John
Stockell, grocer, receipts, misc. receipts, Portsmouth
vendors, misc. receipts, outside of Portsmouth
F2: Correspondence relating to birds, bank book, canceled
Miscellaneous Documents and Items
F3: Property history of John Paul Jones House
F4: Miscellaneous correspondence, 1803-1889
F5: Letters Celia Thaxter 1847, Joshua Wentworth 1886,
Kearsarge claim receipt
F6: Postcards of Portsmouth with transcriptions, early 1900s
F7: Family tree of Charles William North, Jr.

Box 13 Printed Materials
F1: Free Waltham Press newspaper, June 23, 1882. Book:
“Mr. Pearl’s Book on the Mind’ 1842, signed CM Brewster
F2: National Mechanics & Traders Bank calendar, 1909
F3: National Mechanics & Traders Bank calendar, 1910
F4: National Mechanics & Traders Bank calendar, 1914
F5: National Mechanics & Traders Bank calendar, 1915
F6: National Mechanics & Traders Bank calendar, 1916
F7: National Mechanics & Traders Bank calendar, 1919
F9: National Mechanics & Traders Bank advertisement, n.d.
F10:Book: ‘List of the Most Fashionable and Approved Country
Dances, Jigs, &c.’ , 1803. Signed: Charles E. Wentworth
F11: Book: ‘The Guardian in Two Volumes’ volume two, 1762.
Signed: Paul Jones’s Book October 20, 1797.
F12: Booklet ‘Brief History of the Isle of Shoals’, by Rev. E.
Victor Bigelow, 1923.
F13: Journal, author unknown. 1852-1885.
F14: ‘An Act for Forming and Regulating the Militia within the
State of New Hampshire’, 1787. Printed by Robert Gerrish.
F15: Plan of the Town of Stratham, 1793. Original & 4 copies.
F16: Howard Eugene Lathrop, two journals, 1920s.
F17: Alice Yeaton, two watercolor paintings, 1886, 1893. One
unrelated illustration “In the Garden”, n.d.
F18: Andrew Stinson: Portsmouth High School graduation
pin, 1900.

Flat Box 2

Folder 2 Edmund M. Brown, plot plan, 1835

Folder 3 William M. Conant, advertisement broadside, 1841

Folder 4 Annie Drown Ferree, music and marriage certificate, 1862, 1917, n.d.

Folder 5 William Laighton, military appointment, 1830

Folder 6 Joseph Langdon, diploma, 1783 (n.d. reprint)

Folder 7 John Moffatt, waste book, 1744-1745

Folder 8 Charles Peirce, proposal and subscription list for the Oracle of the Day, 1793

Folder 9 Portsmouth, deeds, 1810-1845

Folder 10 Portsmouth First Female School, students and grades broadside, 1827

Folder 11 Frederick W. Rogers, broadside of his excommunication, 1842

OV Box 5

Folder 14 Nathaniel Adams Estate to John Fisher, deed, 1774

William Conant, Rechabites membership certificate, 1848

Folder 15 Peter Coues Estate, account statements and deed, 1816-1823

Folder 16 Caleb Currier, certificate of appointment for the revenue cutter, 1830, 1838

Folder 17 Ephemera, 1842-1883

Folder 18 Friendly Fire Society, articles and membership lists, ca. 1795-1796, n.d.

Folder 19 Edith K. Harris, citizenship certificate, 1890

Folder 20 Samuel Lord, plan of land, 1846

Folder 21 Pembroke Academy, list of officers, instructors, and students broadside, 1824

Folder 22 Portsmouth, broadsides, 1815-1843

Folder 23 Portsmouth, list of vessels broadside, 1829

Folder 24 Stimson, Masons’ certificate and high school diploma, 1864, 1900

Folder 25 U.S.S. Kearsarge, logbook, 1885-1886

OV Box 6

Folder 1 Edmund Roberts, Siam Treaty Draft, 1833

Folder 2 Edmund Roberts, Muscat Treaty Draft, 1833

Folder 3 Edmund Roberts, Government Agent Authorization, 1832

Folder 4 Edmund Roberts, Citizenship certificate, 1806, 1835

OV Box 8

Charles Lidget Ledger, 1677-79, 1684-87

Small Map Case

SM1 Thomas Leach to Thomas Winbolt, lease of Southgate, England property, 1812