Pepperrell Collection, 1701-1795 – MS093

Pepperrell Collection, 1701-1795 – MS093

Provenance: The Pepperrell Collection was a bequest of the estate of Joseph Frost in 2008.

Citation: Pepperrell Collection (MS093), Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 1 Hollinger boxes [6 linear inches]

Processed by: Susan Stowe Kindstedt in 2009

Scope and Content

The Pepperrell Collection primarily relates to the business interests of Sir William Pepperrell (1696-1759). Pepperrell’s owned numerous ships, trading with the West Indies and Europe. His ships carried lumber, fish and other products. The correspondence provides a record of interaction with ship captains. Accounts and receipts show trade transactions as well as wages for ship captains, ship builders and other laborers. The other documents at the end of the collection include materials related to the Pepperrell’s work as a justice of the peace including judgments, court orders and deeds.

Biographical Note

Sir William Pepperrell (June 27, 1696 – July 6, 1759) resided in Kittery, Maine. Born to Margery (Bray) and William Pepperrell. William Pepperrell studied surveying and navigation before joining his father (a shipbuilder and fishing boat owner) in business. William Pepperrell expanded his father’s business and eventually became one of the most properous mercants in in New England. His ships carried lumber, fish and other products to the West Indies and Europe. The Pepperrells also owned large amounts of land. Pepperrell joined the militia and was promoted to the position of colonel in 1726. Pepperrell served in the Massachusetts General Court (1726–1727) and in the Governor’s Council (1727–1759). He was chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas from 1730 until his death.

During the French and Indian War Pepperrell led a campaign that captured Fortress Louisburg in April 1745. Between March and August 1757, he was acting governor of Massachusetts. He was later promoted to Lieutenant General but he was unable to take up command as he died at his home in Kittery Point, in July 1759.

Series List

I. Correspondence

II. Accounts

III. Receipts

IV. Other Documents

V. Frost Research


I. Correspondence

Correspondence dates from 1712 through 1794. The majority of the correspondence from 1712 through 1756 and relates to William Pepperrell’s business dealings including shipping and trade information. The correspondence also includes correspondence between William Pepperrell and his mother (1780s and 1790s). The end of the section includes two letters between Pepperrell and John Murray and Gov. William Brown.


Folder 1 Correspondence 1700-1720

1712 May 10 William Pepperrell to Benjamins Hamons [?]

1716 Andrew Tyler to William Pepperrell [letter fragment]

1717 William Pepperrell to Jonathan Belcher

1718 William Pepperrell to Thomas Hutchins [?]


Folder 2 Correspondence 1721-1730

1722 Elias Pease to William Pepperrell, mentions Capt. Clampitt and fishing

1723 May 20 Edward Campitt[?] to William Pepperrell, correspondence written after a six week passage to Congo regarding sale of cargo including salt, sailing to Lisbon

1725 Feb 3 William Pepperrell to Jno. Tilmore, correspondence mentions marriage of Jno. Tilmore’s son, discussion about timber and the best time to cut trees, and mentions trade of lumber and fish with Barbados and Newfoundland.

1726 May 5 Unknown to William Pepperrell regarding shipment of goods and money owed [document is in very poor condition]

1726 Aug 17 William Pepperrell to William Tyler

1726 Sept 24 Thomas Bridix to William Pepperrell, regarding the schooner Batcheldor, which is in Maryland

1728 August 5 Benjamin Pemberton to William Pepperrell

1728 Sept Benjamin Pemberton to William Pepperrell, regarding a Sloop

1729 April 11 Mr. Hooper, London, to William Pepperrell, letter regarding settling accounts with Salter and Townley, James Pemberton of Barbados regarding the Brig William (cargo of wine), mentions the loss of Mr. Harper and his company (ship), mentions insurance claims and loss of cargo and ships

1730 June 22 William Pepperrell to Charles Lewen, regarding trade and sail of goods in Barbados, and other ports

1730 Aug 4 William Tyler to William Pepperrell


Folder 3 Correspondence 1731-1740

1731 Peter Luce to William Pepperrell, correspondence regarding trade

1731 Aug William Pepperrell to Apthorp [?]

1732 Mar 13 Sho. Kerby to William Pepperrell, regarding trade including the Schooner Batcheldor, Carolina, there is a brief list of goods including sugar, rum, cotton, and oak boards.

1732 May 25 William Pepperrell to Messrs. Bill and Sewall (Kittery, Maine), correspondence regarding a misunderstanding with an anchor and wharf, mentions Capt. Sigger

1732 Aug 10 William Pepperrell to Robert Gibb, references Newfoundland

1732 Sept 2 William Pepperrell to Jos Peirce, regarding shipment of goods, mostly textiles

1734 May 25 William Pepperrell to Mr. Whittemore

1734 Aug 14 William Pepperrell to Samuel Storke

1735 Feb 15 William Pepperrell to

1735 May 21 William Pepperrell to Silas Hooper (Piscataqua in New England), correspondence regarding trade in the West Indies, payment of debts from James Pemberton, Capt. Robert Oram sailing the Ship Prosperous to the Antigna.

1737 Capt. Samuel Mitchel (ST. Martin) to William Pepperrell, regarding the Schooner Thomas

1738 Feb 16 William Pepperrell to —–

1739 June William Pepperrell, letter fragment

1740 Feb 24 Thomas Jenness (Charlestown) to William Pepperrell

1740 Aug 19 William Tyler to William Pepperrell regarding linen Pepperrell had shipped from Ireland to Boston, it had been placed on the Sloop Once bound for Kittery

1740 Oct 21 James Griffin to William Pepperrell

1740 Nov 14 William Pepperrell to Joseph Anderson


Folder 4 Correspondence 1741-1750

1741 Oct 26 William Pepperrell to Charles Apthorp [with second letter on rear]

1743 William Pepperrell to William Nichols

1747 Feb 6 William Pepperrell to Richard Waldron

1747 June 5 Theodore Atkinson to William Pepperrell

1747 Nov 28 Natha. Keen, Berwick, Maine to —-, correspondence regarding the Great Works River and timber.

1747 Dec 28 William Pepperrell and Andrew Pepperrell to William Nichols

1748 Aug 29 William Pepperrell to Richard Waldron

1749 Jan 24 William Pepperrell to John Misslin [?] of Spring Garden, London


Folder 5 Correspondence 1751-1760

1751 July 23 William Pepperrell to Richard Mitchel, regarding goods to be sold

1751 Nov 12 William Pepperrell to Robert Oram, regarding orders and bill of lading for Topsham

1752 Apr 17 William Pepperrell to Nathaniel Hatch, regarding a debt

1752 Aug 22 Joshua Griffith, account of items shipped on the Sloop Biddeford

1753 Mar 15 William Pepperrell to Hon. John Hill of Berwick, invitation to have a fish dinner with Pepperrell and discuss his commission

1753 July 13 William Pepperrell regarding money owed to various ship captains

1754 June 19 Mary Barter to William Pepperrell, correspondence regarding “Mary Smart not being of sound mind or understanding”

1754 Dec 2 William Pepperrell to Samuel Follett and John Follett, regarding the Brg. Catherine and Capt. William Wood

1755 May 2 Edward Cole, Newport, RI to [?] William Pepperrell [?], correspondence regarding raising troops and the expedition at Crown Point

1756 Dec 29 William Pepperrell, regarding Benjamin Greenleaf, Capt. Peter Kenwood

1757 March 9 William Pepperrell to Christopher Kilby


Folder 6 Correspondence 1780 – 1795

1780 Dec 25 Elizabeth Sparhawk to William Pepperrell (London), “this cruel war has been a source of exquisite pain and distress to me in many ways – but in being separated from my children am touched in the most tender part…”, the estate of William Pepperrell’s father being reduced by the war

1785 Feb 26 Mary Pepperrell and Elizabeth Sparhawk to William Pepperrell (London), discussion of family matters

1791 July 14 Elizabeth Sparhawk to William Pepperrell (London), regarding family matters including an orphan child who was ill with throat distemyer, mentioned Dr. Jarvis.

1791 Nov Elizabeth Sparhawk to William Pepperrell (London), family matters including illness

1792 May 28 Elizabeth Sparhawk to William Pepperrell (London), family matters

1792 June 10 Elizabeth Sparhawk to William Pepperrell (London), debts that she is having trouble collecting on because of “Little did either of us expect a destructive war and the direful consequences of it” and the death of a family member leaving a young child (Harriet) living with an aunt

1792 July 27 Elizabeth Sparhawk to William Pepperrell (London), family matters including the birth of Elizabeth Sparhawk’s great grandchild (born to Mrs. Hutton who appears to be with William Pepperrell in London), a request for a dozen bottles of chamomil

1795 July 6 Elizabeth Sparhawk to William Pepperrell (London), family matters including William Pepperrell’s sisters difficult “long confinement” following childbirth, Elizabeth’s poor health, request for bottles of Kippens [?], the courting of William Pepperrell’s niece by “a French gentleman,” mentions some problems perhaps related to Roman Catholics

Folder 7 Correspondence 1790-1800 John Murray and Gov. William Brown

1792 Oct 23 John Murray (loyalist in St. John, New Brunswick) to William Pepperrell and Gov. Browne regarding a judgment against him and debts owed to him

1794 July 7 Jno. Murray (or John Murray, loyalist in St. John, New Brunswick) to William Browne and William Pepperrell regarding recovering his lost property


II. Accounts

Items classified as accounts include ongoing charges reported on one slip of paper. Many of them include charges for the construction of ships or reports of items returning from voyages. Some list individuals to whom wages were paid for ship construction or for work on voyages. Most of them are for southern Maine, however Martha’s Vineyard and Boston are also mentioned. The contents of the accounts vary greatly in their level of description, several are in poor condition and are virtually indecipherable.


Folder 8 Accounts 1709-1720

1709 June 7 Account with Vincent Sheppard for linen

1711 William Pepperrell, account for rum, pot and kettle, fringe for curtains, etc.

1715 Mar 20 [contents undetermined]

1716 May 28 Collection notice delivered to William Pepperrell by Elihu Gunnison for money owed for pork

1716 October 12 Account for items bought from Jonathan Belcher including bread, nails, duck and flour

1717 June 11 John Stephery Account with Sir William Pepperrell, buckets, racks, work on voyages

1717 April 22 “Disbursements of ye Schooner William and Mary about her hull…” including construction of “38 foot keale…7 foot deep” mentions Thomas Jenkings Smith and Col. Pepperrell

1718 June Account with Nathaniel Wears “of work and charge at Saco” includes James Garland, Stephen Sanborn, David Young, barrels of pork, bushels of beans, turnips, etc.

1719 Mr. Stevens account of merchandise found onboard the Sloop Prosperous belonging to William Pepperrell including rum, molasses, sugar, pipes, dry cod, earthen wear, handkerchiefs, felts, hats, castor, rugs, broadcloth, white thread, best buttons, forks, knives, broad irish linen, salt and tar.

1719 June Between Richard Wibird and William Pepperrell

1719 Aug 3 William Pepperrell and Jonathan Belcher, account including bread, candles, hammers, hats, felts, etc.


Folder 9 Accounts 1721-1730

1722 Mr. Moses Paul bills with Capt. William Pepperrell “for carving and finding of timber for Shipmaster Capt. Clampet”

1722 June 22 Elihu Gunison and Colonel Pepperrell, account for timber and oak planks

1723 Mr. Drews account with Capt. Pepperrell including clapboards, nails, wages for laborers, etc.

1724 Capt. Molkollbury account at Boston with William Pepperrell for the Sloop Mary at Martha’s Vineyard, including boards and carpentry work, pitch, “duty and lighthouse,” compass, names include John Robertson, Thomas Winter, Isaac Hornabrook

1726 June 10 Roger Dearing account for Sloop Hopewell at Boston, including amount paid to customs house, “paid to the castle,” bread, bear and meat

1727 Nov Mr. Gowell Account [poor condition]

1729 July 30 Mr. Fareweather’s account with William Pepperrell, including Spanish iron, loglines, turpentine, flour, etc.

1730 Account of Salt out of Brig. William, mentions names Ebenezer Moor, Hugh Tucker, Jno. Phillips, John March, Abner Perkins, Thomas Huff, Nathan White, Jno. Yeaton, Henry Payne


Folder 10 Accounts 1731-1740

1732 March James Pemberton’s Account with William Pepperell, references to Ship Eagle, Robert Oram

1734 July 5 Moses Ingraham court expenses, account

1737 April Moses Ingraham account with William Pepperrell, for court expenses

1739 William Pepperrell account with ship captains, Barbados

1739 “Account Current of the Sails and Returns of the Ship Prosperous in Madera” including wine, pipe, “cargo”

1740 Capt. William Ball’s account with Sparrowhake and Coleman, including sugar and bread from Barbados on the Ship Prosperous

1740 Aug 8 Samuel Fernald account with William Pepperrell for work on a new schooner built by Michel including hinges, blocks


Folder 11 Accounts 1741-1750

1741 April 27 William Pepperrell to Daniel Jackson, including silk, silk hair, and payment to James Leach

1741 William Pepperrell with Joseph Jackson, account record for sale of goods such as turpentine, molasses, cord wood, flour, etc.

1742 Sept 25 William Pepperrell and Tobias Allen, account for “Sundrie Iron Work” including hinges, hooks, rings, and thimbles

1743 Feb 7 Elisha Jackson account with William Pepperell

1745 William Pepperrell’s account with Thomas Kerby, including the names Zachariah Richardson, John Moore, William Pepperrell, Stephen Blizard, William Millins, George Nicholas, and Elizabeth Glanvile and the ships Schooner Batcheldor and Brig. John and Margaret [2 pages]

1746 July Edward Ingraham account with William Pepperrell, for court expenses

1746 July 26 Joshua White and William Pepperrell, account for work done on the Sloop Durfire, Mr. William Snow master

1748 Dec Jos Weeks account

1749 ca. Wm. —– account

1749 Andrew Pepperrell to John Simpson, references Moses Seavey, Capt. Bell, various customs payments

1750 Andrew Pepperrell to Jotham Odiorne, boards and planks

1750 Thomas Fernald’s account, references the Snow Mitchell and builders Dearing and Rackly


Folder 12 Accounts 1751-end

1752 Clement Dearing for tools mending and charges to William Pepperrell, including broad axes and narrow axes

1768 Nov 18 “Received from Mr. James Pemberton agent to Mr. William Jones the contractor for Victual ling His Majesty’s Ships at the Port of Quebec the following Provisions for the use of His Majesty’s … Shio Canceaux Viz” includes bread, fresh beef, salt beef, pork, pease, rice, butter, beer, rum

Unknown references Capt. Pemberton

Unknown “an account of days work done on board the Schooner Charming Molly” for loading coal including list of individuals: David Speney, Widen Alen, John Brone, James Gooden, Aaron Lord, Joseph Taler, — Canney, — Arkles, True Markalen, Capt. —, John Ame, John Loson, William Remork, Thomas Alen, Joseph Foye, Enoch Stevens, James Abet, Eben Leach, George Knite

Unknown Andrew Pepperrell account for various linens

Unknown Account for officers regiment clothing listing the following individuals: Lameriuer, Whiting, Grant, Watkins, Staple, Bourn, Whitemore, Glazier, Dwight, Johnson, Winslow, Kimlaugh, Louisburg, Gardner

Unknown Charge for rum and sugar including the names Benjamin Couel, John Sheppard, David Sutter, John Kernard

Unknown Fragment account, “Sir William Pepperrell Regiment”

Unknown Constable Foss items


III. Receipts

Names and basic details (ship name, type of goods, etc.) of transactions are noted for receipts, when information is discernable. Content of receipts varies greatly but is often for food items and work on ships. The Isles of Shoals are mentioned several times with a group around 1725. Most of the receipts have either the location of Portsmouth or Kittery noted, although there are also several from Newfoundland. One receipt that stands out from the others is for John Tufton Mason purchasing furniture in 1747, the year after he built a new house in Portsmouth.


Folder 13 Receipts 1711-1720

1711 Sept 1 Capt. Pepperrell and Elihu Gunnison, receipt for pork

1715 Capt. Franklin, Pepperrell, and Foye receipt

1715 May 27 Abraham Cornish, James Davis

1715 Sept 21 William Pepperrell, Johnson Ham

1716 — Chadborne for pine boards, Richard Cutt

1717 April 26 John Saltor for salt

1717 Aug 3 John Stoodly, Rich Sanderson, Jno Cutt

1717 Sept 23 Henry Stafford, William Roberts and William Pepperrell, receipt

1717 Nov 14 William Snow, — Goodwin “content unknown”

1718 Aug 2 Thomas Ball, Daniel Allen, Alexander Douglas, Daniel Johannat, Thomas Oliver

1719 July 3 Samuel Frost

1719 Aug 26 Henry Stafford, John Wentworth, William Pepperrell

1719 Sept 11 William Small, William Pepperrell

1719 Sept 13 Luther Bragdon and William Smallings, receipt related to the “Court of Mr. William Pepperrell”

1719 Nov 2 Capt. Clapit, Abraham Sentor mending sails

1719 Dec 7 Abraham Sentor to William Whipple, receipt for sail making and repair

1719 Dec 26 Andrew Tyler and William Whipple, receipt for freight off Sloop Union

1719 Dec 28 Wilham Smalog and James Gardner, receipt

1720 Oct Abraham Sentor work done on Sloop Hopewell


Folder 14 Receipts 1721-1724

1721 Dec 30 Henry Gilbert regarding unpaid items owed by William Pepperrell [?]

1722 Jan 5 William Pepperrell, James Davenport for bread

1722 March William Pepperrell, Jeffrey Curyery

1722 Sept 6 William Pepperrell and Jno. Pokewells, receipt for work on the Schooner Union

1722 Dec 21 Capt. Pepperrell and —- Stover, receipt for rum

1723 Joseph Berry, John Dearing, William Pepperrell

1723 Capt. Pepperrell and Daniel Pane

1723 July William Pepperrell, receipt paying wages for those on Ship Prosperous, Edward Clampit, master to Fran Ditty, Isaac M—, Emmanuel Grover, and John Bennet

1723 Aug 5 Joseph Curtis, William Pepperrell rum,

1724 George King, William Moore

1724 Jan 5 Clement Dearing, Thomas Perkins, William Pepperrell

1724 Jan 29 William Pepperrell, John Dearing timber

1724 Feb William Pepperrell, Lawrence Ames, Roger Mitchell reference to cargo

1724 Feb 3 William Pepperrell, Thomas Hobbs

1724 April 27 William Allen, John Allen, William Pepperrell cargo

1724 April 30 John Dearing salt

1724 May 30 John Dearing, William Pepperrell wages for work on Brig Industry

1724 May 4 Thomas Hockery receipt from John Dearing, payment to William Pepperrell, Hogs Island Isles of Shoals [?]

1724 May 23 William Pepperrell, William Roberts references a Brig

1724 June James Davenport to William Pepperrell for bread and trucking

1724 June 22 James Davenport from William Pepperrell

1724 July 27 Capt. Jackson, Clement Dearing Jr. for salt

1724 Aug 18 William Pepperrell and Jno. Allen, receipt

Undated William Pepperrell and James Kerswall, “please to make ye Negro Cha— —- 3 shoes…” [receipt is undated but pasted on a sheet of paper with the August 18, 1724 receipt]

1724 Aug 22 — Caington, Capt. George King, Thomas Harper Ship William George

1724 Sept 4 Clement Dearing, William Pepperrell, William Masefield for “goods”

1724 Oct 16 Thomas Allen, William Pepperrell for work done on a sloop

1724 Oct 20 Thomas Allen, William Pepperrell for work done on a sloop

1724 Nov 24 William Pepperrell, Clement Dearing, Thomas Edwards

1724 Capt. James Scott wood and rum


Folder 15 Receipts 1725-1729

1725 John Fayerweathers to William Pepperrell for cable

1725 Thomas Hobbs, Capt. Pepperrell references the Isles of Shoals

1725 Mar 27 Capt. Pepperrell, William Downs (Star Island, Isles of Shoals) salt

1725 April 7 Receipt between Nathaniel Fellows and William Pepperrell

1725 April 25 Brig William for salt

1725 Aug 30 Humphrey Dearing, Jeremiah Springer in Arundel

1725 Oct 13 Bray Dearing, William Pepperrell for Edward Jenkins passage

1725 Dec 28 William Pepperrell, Bray Dearing, Clement Dearing

1725 Dec 28 Bray Dearing, William Pepperrell, Joseph Mitchall

1726 Feb Bray Dearing, William Pepperrell, John Hutchins

1726 March Elihu Gunnison, William Pepperrell

1726 April Clement Dearing at Cadiz casks of wine

1726 Aug 2 William Down (Isles of Shoals Star Island) to William Pepperrell and John Barten, receipt for salt and —- at the Isles of Shoals

1726 Oct 26 William Pepperrell, W. Fellows, Isles of Shoals [?]

1727 Feb 16 Clement Dearing, Capt. Pepperrell rum

1727 May 19 Capt. Pepperrell and John Down, receipt for salt and pork

1727 June 2 William Down, Capt. Pepperrell, Samuel Whitton lines and salt

1727 June 5 Ebenezer Leach, Andrew Pepperrell a months wages on board the Snow

1727 Sept Arthur Hoffer, Elizabeth Hoffer, Mr. Rogers, Edward Clampitt

1727 Oct 6 Elihu Gunnison, William Pepperrell, Roland Jenkins

1727 Dec 18 Clement Dearing, Capt. Pepperrell, Solomon Pose

1728 July 17 John MacCluer [Mak Cluer], William Pepperrell, Cotton Noll

1729 Colonel Pepperrell and Samuel Abbot, receipt for one dozen hooks

1729 June 17 John Shephard, William Haines

1729 Nov 24 P. Walker Oborne [?], Daniel Ferguson cord wood


Folder 16 Receipts 1730-1734

1730 June 17 Samuel Furnell, Phillip White, for fish

1730 ca. Capt. Pepperrell, Hugh Montgomery

1730 July 17 Capt. Pepperrell, Ebenezer Moore

1730 July 17 Thomas Cheever [?], Daniel Furbash [?]

1730 July 20 William Harris, Daniel Wells, Capt. Pepperrell, for fish, “Mackerill hooks” Berwick

1730 Dec 3 Andrew Tyler, Capt. Samuel Gordon, William Pepperrell

1731 Feb 7 James Pemberton, timber, reference to Barbados

1731 Apr 10 Jonathan Payson, William Pepperrell for brackets

1731 May William Spencer and Capt. Pepperrell, receipt for rum and sugar

1733 July 2 William Pepperrell Juniorand Eleazer Ferguson, receipt for boards

1731 Aug 9 Eleazar Ferguson, William Pepperrell

1731 Sept 15 Withers Berry, William Pepperrell for nails (Kittery)

1731 Oct 7 William Pepperrell, William Hills, Samuel Waldo, order for “the best winter fish you have”

1731 Dec Withers Berry, William Pepperrell (Kittery), cotton wool, brandy, rum, sugar

1731 Dec 14 Daniel Greenough, William Pepperrell, Elizabeth Jones [?] for fish

1732 Mar 15 Nathaniel Daniel, Prudant Robish, William Pepperrell

1732 May 31 John Kennard, William Pepperrell

1733 Richard Owens in Portsmouth, William Pepperrell

1733 May 16 John Muchmore, Samuel Waldo, Capt. George Richard

1733 July 2 Joseph Webber, Capt. Pepperrell

1734 June 18 R. Robbins, Ann Robbins, Pelatih Whittemore

1734 July 2 W. Keene, in St. Johns, Newfoundland, William Pepperrell, Peletiah Whittemore

1734 Oct 17 William Pepperrell, Peletiah Whittemore

1734 Oct 17 Samuel Abbott and William Pepperrell, receipt for salt on account of Ruth Carter

1734 Oct 25 Margery Jackson to William Pepperrell, receipt “acct of what lay out on ye house formerly possessed by Maj. Thomas Hook,” reverse side has a list including glazing five window, five pair of casements, two pair of windows, glass, etc.

1734 Nov William Pepperrell, Shadrach Wentworth for nails


Folder 17 Receipts 1735-1739

1736 Feb William Pepperrell, John Muchemore [?] (Isles of Shoals) for beans

1736 June 9 Thomas Marbin, Stephen Bess (at Hockinlency head [?]) in Newfoundland

1736 Aug 14 James Allard, William Pepperrell

1736 Sept 3 Pat Conway, Capt. John Brooke

1736 Nov 27 Receipt for shipping Caleb Hutchings on the Ship Sea Flower, signed William Pepperrell

1737 Feb Elihu Gunnison (Kittery), William Pepperrell

1737 May 26 Moses Ingraham

1737 July 4 Damares Jose, William Pepperrell for salt

1737 July 12 John Watts, —- Beale, William Pepperrell

1737 Sept 5 William Pepperrell, Jno. Jones

1737 Sept 28 William Pepperrell, William Collins, Samuel Sherburne (Portsmouth)

1737 Nov William Pepperrell, Furber Allen

1737 Nov 9 Edward Moody, William Pepperrell (Kittery)

1737 Nov 23 Jno. Jones, William Pepperrell

1738 June 13 William Berry (Biddeford)

1738 June 13 —- Pepperrell (Boston)

1738 July 14 Samuel Jordan, William Pepperrell, Henry Barter

1739 Jan 3 Daniel Batchelder and William Pepperrell, receipt references “the Danger of the Seas”

1739 April 26 Furber Allen, William Pepperrell, Sloop Dolphin

1739 May 5 William Pepperrell, Joseph Alcock

1739 Col. Pepperrell, Elihu Jackson for work done on Ship Boal, cork


Folder 18 Receipts 1740-1750

1740 Daniel Peck for candles

1740 Jan 5 Benjamin Hewitt, —- Gardner, —- Jarvis

1740 Jan 28 Thomas Jenner (on board Sloop under master Richard Mitchells) and William Pepperrell, receipt for rum bound for Kittery, Maine

1740 Sept 26 Spencer Bennett, William Pepperrell, Benjamin Hewitt

1741 Sept 15 William Dearing (Scarborough), Col. William Pepperrell

1742 Feb 14 Stephen Hodson (Kittery), William Pepperrell (1696-1759 – note regarding which WP by Joe Frost)

1742 Oct 27 William Pepperrell, John Jones

1742 Dec. 16 Jno. Jones, Nicholas Hooper

1743/4 Edmund and Josiah Quincy to William Pepperrell, account record including winter cod fish at Kittery and at the Isles of Shoals

1743 June 7 Joseph Gunnison, William Pepperrell

1743 Aug 6 William Pepperrell and Elihu Gunny, receipt

1743 Sept 3 Elihu Gunnison to William Pepperrell, receipt

1744 March —- Scammon

1744 Aug 28 —- Ward

1745 June Elihu Gunnison, Andrew Pepperrell

1745 Sept 10 Receipt for New England Rum purchased from Samuel Sprague by William Pepperrell in Louisburg

1747 April George Collins for work done on the wharf

1747 Aug 31 Martha Jones with William Pepperrell, receipt for “two pigs delivered.”

1747 Sept Edmund Moody, William Pepperrell, Ichabod Goodwin

1747 ca. Andrew Pepperrell

1747 Nov 16 William Pepperrell, —- Dinah, —- Beck, Mr. Lunt

1747 William Pepperrell, Lieut. Whittemore for items for the “soldiers belonging to his regiment”

1747 Dec Capt. John Tufton Mason, Joseph Bickford for furniture including a double chest of drawers, a maple desk, 6 dovetail chests, a maple table and a small round table

1748/9 Feb 2 John Berdeem [?], John Simpson and William Pepperrell, receipt for work on the Brig. William

1748 Feb 15 John Jarvis [?]

1748 Apr 11 William Pepperrell

1748 Apr 27 William Pepperrell coats for the regiment

1748 May 21 Receipt between William Pepperrell and John Jones

1748 June 3 Edmund Moody, William Pepperrell, James Seward

1748 July 13 Edmund Moody, William Pepperrell, Mr. March

1748 July 26 John Lang, William Pepperrell

1748 Dec 5 Samuel Newmarch, William Pepperrell

1749 March 8 Richard Richardson, John Underwood for six days corking the Schooner Supply

1749 May 27 William Pepperrell to Lieut. Watkins, receipt for nails

1749 Oct 13 John Dearing and William Pepperrell, receipt for corn

1749 Nov 3 William Pepperrell to John Whitney, receipt for wages while on the Barque Scarborough


Folder 19 Receipts 1751-1758

1751 May 30 William Pepperrell, Mrs. Margaret FFrost, Roger Mitchell

1751 June 10 Benjamin Gerrish and William Pepperrell, receipt

1751 Nov 1 Samuel Newmarch

1751 Nov 21 Receipt for cheese and skim milk bought by William Pepperrell from Richard and Thomas Wibird

1752 May 30 Nathaniel Whitney, William Pepperrell

1752 August William Pepperrell, Abraham Nowell, John Clemmons

1753 April 17 Thomas Eliot (New Castle) and William Pepperrell, receipt

1753 April 21 Jos. Newmarch, Benjamin Fernald, and William Pepperrell, receipt

1753 Sept 26 Benjamin Greenleaf, John Frost, and William Pepperrell, receipt

1754 May 6 James Grindall, Joseph Weeks, William Pepperrell for corn

1754 Sept 10 William Moore (Biddeford), Isaac Whitney, Joseph Woodman for rum

1754 Nov 6 William Moore, William Pepperrell

1755 William Pepperrell

1755 Oct 7 Nathan Foss, William Pepperrell, Benimen Milliken [?]

1755 Dec 7 Capt. Patrick, William Pepperrell

1756 Mar 22 Isaac Whitney, Cyprian Cornish for rum

1757 ca. Capt. Keating [?], William Pepperrell

1757 Mar 23 Benjamin Seaveys, William Pepperrell, Caleb Hutchings

1757 Mar 28 Roger Mitchell, Jno. Bolman, and John Stevens, receipt for rum

1758 Jan 18 William Pepperrell, Nathaniel Loring for boards and work on the Brig. Of Capt. Brier

1758 May 23 Benjamin Batterbe [?], John Long

2 undated receipts

IV. Other documents

Documents in this section are largely related to William Pepperrell’s position as justice of the peace and include depositions and court orders delivered to various individuals in York County, Maine.


Folder 20 Other Documents 1701-1720

1701 Dec 18 Statement regarding Frances Ranes and his grandfather who was missing a sum of money

1702 Attachment to the estate of Joshua Downing of Kittery

1715 Dec 3 Unidentified names in text, signed by William Pepperrell

1716 Bill of Lading for the Ship Sarah owned by Benjamin Hale and Henry Hale, captained by John Hollicomb, coming from Barbados to Piscataqua, with rum, molasses, and cotton, all of William Pepperrell of Piscataqua

1716 Aug 10 Order signed by William Pepperrell to attached the estate of John Brown, William Tucker Jr., and Robert Foye of Kittery

1717 May 11 Copy [handwritten] of an account regarding the men in his regiment and requesting they be released from service as stated “sum of ye men very poor & great familys.” The men listed are: Richard Long, Robert Foy, John —, Robert Hooper, Foxel Curtice, William Tripe, William Standly, James Spinny, Nathen Spinny, Thomas Rogers, John Pearce, Edward Hazen, John Hedden, John Barton, Joseph Tucker and Richard Rice. Document is signed by William Pepperrell.

1720 Statement (signed by William Pepperrell) to the sheriff of the county of York regarding the estate of Joseph Wilson


Folder 21 Other Documents 1721-1730

1723 Deposition of Daniel Jones taken by William Pepperrell regarding the death of Captain Watkins and the cargo on board the ship

1724 April 23 Address to the Constables of Kittery, signed William Pepperrell

1724 William Pepperrell, memorandum regarding goods from Lisbon

1725 Oct 18 Deposition of John Sheppard signed William Pepperrell

1726 April 12 Court order for James Starat (weaver of York) to appear before William Pepperrell regarding charges presented by Arthur Bragdon of York, reference to unlawful cutting of trees

1727/8 Mar 13 Deposition of George Phenix against George Koston and Daniel Junkins, William Pepperrell, justice of the peace


Folder 22 Other Documents 1731-1740

1732 July Document admitting Benjamin Thompson of Billerica, Massachusetts as a settler of “a New Town, at the Head of Berwick in the County of York” (Lebanon, Maine [?]), signers include are Elisha Plaisted, Ger Moulton

1735 May 6 Court order for Stephen Hardson of Berwick, signed by John Moulton and Samuel Caine

1736 ca. Attachment to the estate of Thomas Garland of Biddeford, Maine

1737 Dec 27 Warrant for John Ingerson signed by William Pepperrell and William Walker

1738 Sept 16 Hugh Ross attachment to property in Berwick for debt owed to William Pepperrell


Folder 23 Other Documents 1741-1750

1742 Jan 16 William Pepperrell judgment against John Wilson and John Norton, of Kittery

1746 June 2 “Field Return of the Hon. William Pepperrell’s Regiment of Foot on duty in the Garrison of Louisburg” includes a list of names and a summary of soldiers serving under officers

1747 April 9 Deed for land once owned by William Pepperrell in York, between Ebenezer Knapp and Mary Blagdon

1748 July 4 Deed between Dennis Fernald of Kittery and Joseph Curtis

1750 Dec 28 Bill of Lading for the Schooner Supply, under the direction of Timothy Ryan, carrying pine planks, Jamaica cod fish, shoes, bowls and platters, spoons and ladles.


Folder 24 Other Documents 1751-1760, unknown dates

1756 Nov 30 Court order issued to Aaron Banks of York and Benjamin Jacobs of Wells signed William Pepperrell

1759 April 13 Letter of credit for Dummer Sewall signed by William Pepperrell

Unknown Statement regarding the will of William Pepperrell


Folder 25 Miscellaneous Materials

1868 Materials related to the death of Rev. Charles Burroughs.

Undated Advertisement for Book Binding by John D. Randall

Undated Blank deed form for William Pepperrell as justice of the peace

Undated Letter fragment written by the Hon. John frost of New Castle, NH


V. Frost Research


Folder 26 Frost Research – Pepperrell Family

1901 Dec 11 Everett S. Stackpole to George M. Frost, regarding History of Kittery and Eliot