SUNDAY, AUGUST 11, 3 p.m.

at The Dance Hall, Kittery

(two violins, two violas, one cello)

Portsmouth Athenaeum Chamber Music 2019 continues with Musicians From A Far Cry.

Six musicians from Boston’s acclaimed string ensemble “A Far Cry” will join us again to perform a trio and two quintets. Dvorak’s Terzetto in C Major, a rare trio for viola and two violins, was composed when Dvorak, himself a violist, lived next door to a violin student and his teacher playing duets and wanted to join them! Mendelssohn’s joyous Quintet in A Major, though written when Mendelssohn was only 17, is considered a full-fledged manifestation of the composer’s maturity “in all its still youthful splendor” and includes the occasional bursts of “fire-breathing virtuoso finger-work” from the first violin that characterizes his string chamber music. Brahms intended his Viola Quintet in G Major to be his final work, but he continued to compose, and the luscious and romantic quintet itself, permeated with an Austrian vivacity, gives no hint of being planned as a valedictory work.

ABOVE:  Musicians from A Far Cry, from top left clockwise: Jesse Irons, violin, Kyle Miller, viola, Jason Fisher, viola, Zenas Hsu, violin, Jae Cosmos Lee, violin, and Michael Unterman, cello.



$250 per person / $500 per couple

Each patron receives a subscription ticket and invitations to post-concert receptions in private homes.


$75 for all four concerts Make checks payable to the following:

Portsmouth Athenaeum

PO BOX 848, Portsmouth, NH 03802

(Please note PACM on memo line)


Admission $20 (in advance or at the door)  


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