New Hampshire Fire and Marine Insurance Company Papers – MS002

New Hampshire Fire and Marine Insurance Company Papers – MS002

Provenance: The Portsmouth Athenaeum moved into the building that had been occupied by the New Hampshire Fire and Marine Insurance Company and took over the company’s assets and papers. The papers were kept in the Athenaeum vault until 1964, when they were removed by Garland Patch, who made an inventory of the bills for constructing the building. In 1987 more papers were found in a trunk and these were added to the others.

Citation: New Hampshire Fire and Marine Insurance Company Papers, MS002, Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 8.5 linear feet

Dates: 1801-1823

Access: No restrictions

Processed by: Carolyn Eastman and Kevin Shupe in 1990, revised by Susan Stowe Kindstedt in 2006, expanded by Courtney MacLachlan in 2008.


Correspondence, financial, shipping, and administration records, insurance policies, and reading room papers of the company. Includes protests and claims relating to losses to ships and cargo from the U.S., and elsewhere; and account books of company secretaries, Thomas Sparhawk, John B. Sewall, and Edward J. Long. Other persons represented include founders James Rundlet, Samuel Ham, William Ballard, and John Gilman, Jr.

Scope and Content

These papers are the business and administrative papers of the company. They are divided into three subgroups: William Gardner Insurance Books, the NH Fire and Marine Insurance Company Records, and the Reading Room papers.

The earliest items, from 1801-1807, are three insurance policy books belonging to the office of William Gardner, who collaborated with other individuals to insure ships; John Langdon was a frequent underwriter.

The insurance company records deal primarily in shipping. The earliest Fire and Marine papers begin in 1803 with the record book of meetings, the purchase of land on Market Square, and the construction of the office. From that time, the records cover every aspect of the business, containing insurance policies and shares, financial accounts, correspondence, administrative notes and minutes, and legal material .

The NH Fire and Marine Company papers are divided into eight series: Ships, Insurance, Financial, Correspondence, Administrative, Legal, Miscellaneous, and Share Certificates. One group of papers which is less complete than other groups in the group of records during the War of 1812, a time of great importance to the company.

The Reading Room subgroup of papers, consisting of about half of one archival box, includes bills and receipts, correspondence, lists of subscribers, and rules of the Reading Room. These records date from 1808, when the room was established, to 1824. This subgroup is not divided into series.

Historical Note

The New Hampshire Fire and Marine Insurance Company was incorporated in 1803 with a twenty year charter. Underwriters of the company included James Rundlett, Samuel Ham, William Ballard, and John Gilman, Jr. The proprietors elected to finance the company by selling two thousand shares. Houses, stores, and merchandise were insured, but it was primarily ships and cargoes that concerned the company. In 1803 a building designed by Bradbury Johnson of Pepperrellborough, Maine, was constructed on Market Square. It was completed in 1805.

In 1806 the company voted not to insure ships more than ten years old unless repaired top the satisfaction of the company. In 1808, the proprietors began to use the front hall of the building as a Reading Room: newspapers from New York, Boston, Newburyport, Concord, Portland, and Philadelphia were made available to subscribers for a $4 membership and $4 annual assessment.

In 1813 the proprietors elected that, because of their heavy losses due to the War of 1812, the directors “ sell from time to time such number of their bank shares as they may find necessary to free the company from debt.” The salaries of the president and secretary were substantially decreased.

Because of its losses, in 1819 the company began to consider discontinuing the business of underwriting. In 1822 it was voted by the stockholders to bring the business to a close at the end of its 20-year charter in 1823. The building, furniture, maps, and land were sold at auction; the Portsmouth Athenaeum moved in, collected outstanding debts, and used the money to purchase books.

William Gardner (1751-1834), whose insurance policy books are included in the collection, began as an apprentice to Joshua Wentworth in the mercantile trade. During the Revolution he did commissary work; afterwards he was appointed Loan and Pension officer for New Hampshire by George Washington. President John Adams replaced Gardner in that post with John Peirce, but Gardner regained the job with the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. Gardner lived in the Wentworth-Gardner House.

Historical Timeline

1801-1806 William Gardner and others are involved in insuring ships

1803 New Hampshire Fire and Marine Insurance Company is incorporated. Samuel Ham, president; John Wardrobe, secretary. Soon after Wardrobe is elected president, and Thomas Sparhawk, secretary.

1803-1805 Construction of company building.

1804 Thomas Thompson is elected president, John B. Sewell continues as secretary.

1808 Proprietors vote on regulations for a Reading Room, and sign up subscribers.

1809 Nathaniel Haven is elected president, John B. Sewell continues as secretary.

1813-1816 John B. Sewell is charged with embezzlement.

1814 Edward J. Long is elected secretary.

1819 Report on whether to abandon the company.

1822 Vote to close the company.

1823 Sold at auction the building, office furniture, maps and land in Tamworth, NH. A group purchased the building and gave it to the Portsmouth Athenaeum in return for membership.

1825 Dissolution of the company; the Portsmouth Athenaeum assumes the company’s claims in return for a percentage of the profits.

Series List

I. New Hampshire Fire and Marine Insurance Company Papers

A. Ships

B. Insurance

C. Financial

D. Correspondence

E. Administrative

F. Legal

G. Miscellaneous

H. Share Certificates

I. Reading Room Papers

J. Oversize

II. Reading Room Papers

III. William Gardner Policy Books


I. New Hampshire Fire and Marine Insurance Company Papers

A. Ships, 1803-1823

Protests and claims, for losses to ships and cargo, from the United States, Havana, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Demerary, and other countries. Includes correspondence from captains and owners, bills, receipts, and accounts. Arranged alphabetically by ship’s name.

Box 1

Folder 1 Abeona (Brig), 1812

Receipt settling losses caused by French privateers. Captain Oliver Blunt.

Folder 2 Adventure (Sloop), 1804

Protest and insurance statement concerning the capture of the vessel. Seward Porter. Benjamin Monteith.

Folder 3 Alert (Brig), 1803-1808

Loss of cargo in a gale off Martinico. Samuel Ham. John Rollins. James Rollins.

Folder 4 Alligator (Brig), 1805-6

Claims for damage to vessel from two storms; one off Wilmington, NC, and one from Martinico to Portsmouth, NH. Captain John Rice. John Stavers.

Folder 5 Almira (Brig), 1815-1816

Loss of cargo and expenses incurred near Madeira. Captain Reuben Randall. Captain M. Becke. Jacob Wendell.

Folder 6 Alonzo (Brig), 1812

Destroyed by French vessels. William Garland, Richard Saunders.

Folder 7 Amity (Sloop), 1805

Robbed by Spanish or French vessels off Jamaica. Joseph A. Ellery. Waldron Holman. Thomas Sparhawk.

Folder 8 Angelisey (Ship), 1805

and apportionment of salvage. William Day.

Folder 22 Brutus (Brig), 1816-1818

Losses incurred off Cape Cod. Ezekiel Whitman. William Stavers. George F. Blunt.

Folder 23 Brutus (Brig), 1807

Adjustment of losses when vessel went ashore on Cape Cod. Nathaniel Havens.

Folder 24 Canton Packet (Ship), 1817

Request for $8,000 policy on ship. Charles Bradbury. Nathaniel Haven.

Folder 25 Cato (Ship), 1816-1817Correspondence re: insurance coverage when vessel changes destination. Ship also called ‘Peace’ and ‘ Anglesey’. Eben Stocker. Keran Walsh.

Folder 9-11 Ann (Brig), 1817

Receipts for repair work done in Portsmouth, NH, shipyard. William Badger. Samuel Barney. Samuel Brewster. George Brian. Charles M. Carter. Enoch Chase. Owen Davis. Joseph Dearing. Benjamin Fernald. George Fletcher. George Gerrish. Samuel Gerrish. Joseph Grace. Samuel Greenough. Charles Harriat. Joshua Haven. Israel Henderson. Fitzgerald Hill. Elisha Hills. Anna Huntress. Benjamin Jenkins. John Jones. Joshua Jones. Andrew Julian. James Ladd. Luke Laighton. Thomas Manning. Joseph Marshall. James Martin. George McClean. William McKinnon. Henry Miller. Thomas Moses. James Mullens. John Nason. Isaac Nelson. Peter Pearse. James Perkins. George Pickering. Mark Pitman. John Richardson. Reuben Shapley. Peter Shores. John W. Shute. Joseph Simpson. William Sinclair. Robert Smith. Mark Spinney. John Thurber. Mark Tucker. William Turner. Phineas Tyler. Tobias Walker. Michael Whidden. Samuel Woodman. Ezra Young.

Folder 12 Ann (Brig), 1818

Total loss of brig off Surinam. Captain George McLean. Robert Rice. Edmund Roberts. Samuel Sheafe James Ladd.

Folder 13 Ann (Brig), 1816-1820

Claim settlement. William Rice. Isaac Waldron. Joshua Haven.

Folder 14 Ann (Schooner), 1816-1818

Damages received in gale in Delaware Bay. Joshua P.Clark.

Folder 15 Aurora (Ship), 1806-1812

Vessel captured by pirates.

Folder 16 Balise (Brig), 1816

Adjustment of salvage amounts; vessel went ashore in a storm. Nathaniel Kennard.

Folder 17 Baltic (Ship), 1805-1807

Request to purchase insurance, and accounts on the Baltic. Walter Simonton. Thomas Sparhawk.

Folder 18 Betsey (Brig), 1804-1810

Vessel stranded on Odiorne Point, Rye, NH. Thomas Chadbourne. Eben Thompson. William Coffin. Elisha Hill. E. Ricker.

Folder 19 Blossom (Brig), 1805

Sale of the wreck of the brig. Statement given in Spanish.

Folder 20 Brilliant (Schooner), nd

Vessel lost en route from Cuba to Portsmouth, NH.

Folder 21 Bristol Packet (Brig), 1807-1808


Ship and cargo lost in hurricane off Martinique. Joshua Haven.

Folder 26 Ceres (Ship), 1805-1810

Claims for damages from two storms, one encountered in voyage from Palermo to US, the other off Grimsby, England. Samuel Tripe. William Moses. E.D. Brown.

Folder 27 Ceres (Ship), 1816

Ship driven ashore by gales on a passage from Baltimore to Georgia. Henry Trefethen. Hazen Kimball. N.A. Haven.

Folder 28 Charles (Ship), 1811

Losses on ship Charles, settled with Captain Parrott.

Folder 29-30 Columbia (Schooner), 1817

List of damages to ship and cargo, and accompanying repair bills, caused by a storm off Maryland. Vessel was abandoned and then plundered. Charles Cushing. Nathaniel Saltonstall. William Boyd.

Folder 31-32 Concordia (Ship), 1817

Bills for repairs to the ship in Liverpool, damaged in voyage from Cadiz to Portsmouth, NH, with a cargo of salt. Edwin Little Coffin.

Folder 33 Cordelia (Ship), 1818

Purchase of $6,000 insurance policy on the Cordelia, en route from Boston to Canton. Charles Bradbury.

Folder 34 Corromandel (Brig), 1816

Insurance on specie carried on the vessel. Charles Bradbury. Nathaniel A. Haven.

Folder 35 Cyrus (Brig), 1813

Letter informing Portsmouth insurance companies of new licenses.

Folder 36 Design (Brig), 1818

Letter regarding the loss of the brig. E.J. Long. E.A. Emerson.

Folder 37 Dian (Brig), 1810

Damages sustained on passage from Portsmouth, NH, to New Orleans. Includes list of repairs. William Haven.

Folder 38 Diana (Brig), 1803-1804

Vessel lost and then condemned. Daniel Huntress.

Folder 39 Dolphin (Brig), 1811-1816

Vessel captured and condemned in Bermuda. John Salter, jr. Joseph Chase, Andrew Hussey.

Folder 40 Dolphin (Schooner), 1803-1804

Damaged in storms off Cape Ann, MA, and Cape Fear, NC. Chipman Snow. Ephraim Sutton, John Rogers.

Folder 41-43 Doris (Ship), 1806-1808, nd

Storm-related losses sustained on voyage from Philadelphia to Antwerp. Asa Bodwell. William Swanson, Jr. Thomas Thomson. John B. Sewell. Samuel Chamberlain.

Folder 44 Dover (Schooner), 1819-1820

Losses sustained in Hampton Roads, VA. Andrew Pierce. Edward J. Long.

Folder 45 Drome (Ship), 1810

Letter regarding coverage for Dutch passengers carried aboard the Drome from Canton to Java. Joseph Whipple..

Folder 46 Durham (Brig), 1821-1822

Loss of ship and cargo—driven onto Cape Cod in a gale. Thomas Haven.


Box 2

Folder 1 Edward (Schooner), 1805-1806

List of expenses for repairs. Thomas Armistead. John Bell. William Camp. Phinehas Dana. George Fink. Allen Gorham. James Hunter. George Loyall. David Patterson. Ebenezer Rowe. Benjamin Swett. Robert B. Taylor. David Vaughan.

Folder 2 Elisha (Brig), 1817-1821

Losses sustained in storms en route from Cadiz to Portsmouth, NH, and from Hamburg to Charleston. Ship condemned. Elisha Hill, Jr.

Folder 3 Eliza (Ship), 1806-1807, nd

Request for insurance rates and statement of loss. Thomas Sparhawk. James Sheafe. Nathaniel A. Haven. Eliphalet Ladd. Seth Sweetser.

Folder 4 Elizabeth Wilson (Ship), 1817-1818

Statements of losses on ship and cargo, Liverpool and Edgartown. John P. Lord. Samuel Lord.

Folder 5 Embargo (Sloop), 1820-1821

Vessel attacked by pirates near Barracoa. Statement of losses.

Folder 6 Endeaver (Brig), 1805

Request for insurance rates. David Green.

Folder 7 Endora (Ship), 1811

Ship lost, driven by gales onto the coast of England. Robert Blunt. John R. Parker.

Folder 8 Enterprise (Brig), 1803-1804

Purchase of insurance and loss of the vessel near Sandy Hook, NJ. Samuel Ham. Oliver Putnam. Ebenezer Stocker. Eleazer Johnson.

Folder 9 Enterprise (Schooner), 1821-1822

Purchase of insurance. Luther Grow. Edward J. Long. Jon. S. Barrell, Jr. Charles Moody.

Folder 10 Equator (Brig), 1806

List of expenses for repairs. Joseph Hatch. Oliver Keating. Dean & Marston. Parker & Tarbell. P.B. Rogers. William Simons. Shepherd Simons.

Folder 11 Erz Engel (Ship), 1813

Russian vessel bound from Boston to St. Petersburg claims cargo losses. Nathaniel Haven. Peter Coffin. Thomas C. Amory.

Folder 12 Experiment (Brig), 1819

Claims for partial loss of cargo and damage to vessel in storm.

Folder 13 Fanny (Brig), 1817

Statement given in French. Damage occurred in Martinique. William Badger. Nathaniel W. Merrill.

Folder 14 Fanny (Ship), 1803-1804

Statement of loss and account of repairs on vessel in Isle de France. Abel Harris. William P. Smith. Robert Harris.

Folder 15 Farmer (Ship), 1820

Goods shipped on another vessel. Nathaniel A. Haven. William Martin.

Folder 16 Favorite (Schooner), 1818

Recommendations for repairs on the vessel which went ashore attempting to enter Portsmouth NH Harbor. George F. Blunt. Robert White.

Folder 17 Ferdinand (Brig), 1806

Brig and cargo lost off Cape Cod. William Daggett. Robert Lapish. Joseph Stoodley. Andrew Simpson. Thomas Thompson.

Folder 18 Florenzo (Brig), 1822

Statement of losses; vessel went ashore in Scituate Harbot. Lewis Barnes. Thomas Brown. Samuel Parkes. John Pierce. James Robinson.

Folder 19 Florenzo (Ship), 1804-1806

Losses on vessel, cargo, and freight. Theodore Chase.

Folder 20 Florida (Brig), 1819-1820

Brig shipwrecked off Savannah. List of salvage charges. Captain Brackett. Edward Roberts.

Folder 21 Forest (Brig), 1817-1818

Claim for damages incurred in a gale off Cape Fear, NC. Second claim for going ashore on a reef in Bermuda. Jacob Ayres. Samuel Black. Isaiah Bragdon. John Perkins, Jr. Thomas Phillips.

Folder 22 Four Sisters (Ship), 1804

Statement of losses incurred on voyage from Portsmouth to Demerara. Ebenezer Ricker, Jr. John Trask. William Tullock. John Wardrobe.

Folder 23 Franklin (Ship), 1821

Ship damaged when struck by lightning. John Riley.

Folder 24 Frederick (Ship), 1821-1822

Damages incurred in storms off Ramsgate, England. John Stavers Davis. John Leach. Charles Manent.Edmund Roberts.

Folder 25 Freedom (Ship), 1816-1818

Ship damaged by gales and sold at Lisbon. Oliver C. Blunt. Robert Rice.

Folder 26 Friendship (Schooner), 1817

Total loss. Schooner missing en route from Boston to Portsmouth. Captain William Nason. Scammon Hersey. Abel Hersey.

Folder 27 Galen (Schooner), 1820

Damages from a leak and bad weather resulted in abandonment of vessel off Bermuda. Captain Shaw. John Sheafe.

Folder 28 General Eaton (Ship), nd

Folder 29 George (Ship), 1804

Folder 30 George and Jane (Ship), 1804

Purchase of a $15,000 policy on vessel and cargo, for voyage from Newburyport to West Indies. Samuel Ham. Daniel Lunt. Leonard Smith, N. Smith.

Folder 31 George Washington (Brig), 1805

Loss of the vessel.

Folder 32 Gleaner (Schooner), 1818

Losses occurred during voyage from Havana to New Orleans. Richard Saunders.

Folder 33 Good Intent (Brig), 1816

, another for cargo of molasses. George Cutts. Request for insurance coverage. Samuel Rowe.

Folder 34 Governor Strong (Brig), 1805-1806

Loss of the deckload on passage to Surinam. Thomas Boardman. Nathaniel Boardman. Robert Johnson. William Whitten. John Williamson.

Folder 35 Granville (Ship), 1812-1813

Salvage accounts for ship, stranded on Rye Beach, NH. William Boyd. Nathaniel Haven. Joseph Lowe. Edmund Sheafe. John B. Sewell. Richard Shapleigh.

Folder 36 Grotus (Ship), 1813

Statement of loss on voyage from New York to Russia.

Folder 37 Gustavus (Brig), 1817-1818

Damages sustained when ship driven ashore in the Mississippi. Robert Rice.

Folder 38 Hannah (Brig), 1815-1816

Claim for loss of cargo. Vessel captured by British and sent to Halifax while en route from Guadeloupe to New York.

Folder 39 Hannah (Brig), 1817-1819

Vessel damaged when struck by a squall on passage from Portsmouth to New Orleans. R.S. Randall.

Folder 40 Hannah (Brig), 1819-1821

Put into Demerary in distress with a leaking cargo of molasses on passage from Surinam to New York. Oliver C. Blunt. Robert Rice. Isaac Waldron.

Folder 41 Hannah (Schooner), 1810

Ship damaged when caught in a winter gale off Nantucket.Samuel Coombs. Charles Morse. William White.

Folder 42 Hantonia (Ship), 1805

Private policy insurance statement. N.A. Havens.

Folder 43 Hantonia (Ship), 1812-1817

Claims for wages and expenses while ship detained in Goteburg after declaration of war. Ship confined to port because of continued presence of British armed vessels. Wm. Haven. R. Shapley. A. Ladd. S. Lord. John Pierce. E.J. Long.

Folder 44 Harriet (Ship), 1820-1821

Vessel plundered en route from Danto Domingo to Portsmouth. George W. Collins. Richard Gerrish.

Folder 45 Hero (Brig), nd

Claims for loss on sugar insured for R.C. Wiggin and Co.

Folder 46 Hitty (Ship), 1805

Loss of cargo. Vessel plundered on passage from Portsmouth to Demerara. Thomas Chadbourne. Andrew Clark. Seth Walker.

Folder 47-48 Horace (Ship), 1806

Cargo of sugar and pepper damaged by sea water. William Christopher. John Francis. Nathanial Stoodly. Peter Turner. Benjamin Yeaton.

Folder 49 Hybernia (Sloop), 1816

Claims for servicing the Hibernia at the Isles of Shoals. Thomas A. Harris.

Folder 50 India Packet (Ship), 1804

Purchase of insurance. John Rindge. Thomas Sparhawk.

Folder 51 Intercourse (Ship), 1808

Invoice on cargo of sugar and coffee. George Cutts. Peter Coffin.

Folder 52 Islington (Ship), 1812

Vessel unlawfully seized and detained by Spanish off Havana. Primus Buckley. Samuel deSilva. Augustus Limoth. Nathanial Folsom. John Shackford.

Folder 53 Islington (Ship), 1817

Ship stranded on a reef on passage from Portsmouth to Havana. John Shackford.

Folder 54 Izette (Brig), 1807-1809

Claims and settlement for losses in Amsterdam. Peter Coffin.


Box 3

Folder 1 James (Brig), 1804-1805

Settlement for two statements of loss: one for a deckload of cattle

Folder 2 James (Sloop), 1818

Cargo sold at auction in New Orleans. Vessel dragged anchor in a gale. Robert Blunt. John Bowles, Jr. Jacob Green

Folder 3 Jane (Brig), 1823

Total loss of vessel, caught in January gale on passage from Portsmouth to Puerto Rico. Loss of life. John Amazeen. John White. Nathan White, Jr. John Card.

Folder 4 Jane (Schooner), 1807-1809

Loss of cargo when schooner captured on voyage from New York to Smyrna. Josiah Bragdon. Robert Rice. John Thompson. John James. Jacob Patch. Samuel Ward.

Folder 5 Jason (Ship), 1807, nd

Letter regarding late payment. John B. Sewell. Thomas Webster.

Folder 6 Jefferson (Ship), 1803-1805

Ship with cargo of sugar and coffee seized by pirates on voyage from Demerara to Portsmouth. Lewis Barnes. Samuel Vennard. Nathaniel Pierce. John Wardrobe. W.S. Young.

Folder 7 Jefferson (Ship), 1804

Claim for damages to ship in a gale. Recommended that it be sold at public auction at Demerara. Edmund S. Young.

Folder 8-9 John Langdon (Brig), 1815-1816

Stranded in a gale off Seabrook Beach, MA, with cargo of fish, lumber, and sheep. David Anderson. John Badger. Josiah Beal. Zachariah Beales. O.C. Blunt. Thomas Brown. William Cate. David Currier. Stephen Dickson. Richard Fernald. Nathaniel Folsom.John Grant. Abner Haines. Noah Marston. John Hardy. Nathanial A. Haven. Thomas Haven. Samuel Hill.Thomas Johnson. George Kennard. John Lake. Mark Laighton. William Locke. Thomas Lovering. Robert Mendum. Francis Pettigrew.Josh. M. Prince. Edmund Roberts. Samuel Scriggins. James Sheafe. Thomas Sherburne. John H. Shortridge. Thomas Swasey. Joseph Stevens.Ebenezer Thompson. Margaret Tredick. Henry Tredick. John Tuckerman. William Walsh. Ephraim Wadleigh. Elisha Whidden.

Folder 10 John Vining (Schooner), 1804

Captured by a French privateer en route from Porte au Prince to New York. Thomas Aderton. Peter Lamore.Amasa Prentis. Walter Simonton.

Folder 11 Joseph (Brig), 1803-1804

Loss of deckload of cattle in passage from Portsmouth to Demerara. Edward Cutts. Jeremiah Rawlins. Henry Salter. Thomas Thompson.

Folder 12 Juno (Brig), 1804

Purchase of $3000 insurance policy for vessel en route to Jamaica. Ebenezer Stocker. John Wardrobe. Oliver Putnam. Eleazer Johnson. Isaac Rowe.

Folder 13 Kitty (Brig), 1803

Encountered squalls on voyage to Demerara. Lost deckload of sheep. Samuel Moore. Hugh Clarkson.

Folder 14 Lewis (Ship), 1820

Ship’s crew deserted in New Orleans after vessel ran aground. Lewis Barnes. Daniel R. Hammond. Robert Pearson.

Folder 15 Little Cherub (Brig), 1803-1804

Vessel captured in Martinique by the British. William Gerrish. Joshua Neal. Samuel Hutchings, Jr. Isaac Rindge. William Sheafe. John Underwood.

Folder 16 Liverpool Packet (Ship), nd

Statement of losses on cargo and vessel. No names or location.

Folder 17 Madeira (Brig), 1817

Loss of brig and cargo of molasses in Martinique. No names.

Folder 18 Magnet (Ship), 1807-1810

Seized by Danish pirates near Copenhagen on passage from Cadiz to St. Petersburg with cargo of sugar and wine. Captain Joseph Swett. David B. Nones. Thomas Hussey. Thomas Sheafe. Also incurred losses in a gale off Scotland. Jacob Barney. John Bowles, Jr. Martin Ackers. Edward J. Long.

Folder 19 Mahala Windsor (Ship), 1804-1805

Purchase of insurance. Phineas Adams. Samuel Ham. Thomas Kimball. Seth Sweetser. Thomas Sparhawk.

Folder 20 Margaret (Brig), 1822

Brig sold as salvage at Ensenada. Cargo damaged or lost. Captain Storer.

Folder 21 Maria Jane (Brig), 1805-1806

Cargo of sugar and coffee suffered water damage in voyage from Portsmouth to Amsterdam. Titus Salter. Peter Coffin.

Folder 22 Mariner (Brig), nd

Freight list and invoice for loss of cargo, 1812. N.A. Haven. Thomas Haven.

Folder 23 Mars (Brig), 1810

Vessel seized by Danish privateers off Copenhagen. George W. Balch. William Brewster. Joseph Clark. William Plasted.

Folder 24 Martha (Ship), 1821

Purchase of insurance policy on vessel for a voyage to Ireland. Samuel Shale. William Shale. Nathaniel A. Haven.

Folder 25 Martha and Jane (Schooner), 1818

List of estimated expenses for repairs on the vessel. G.S. Blunt. Jacob Sheafe.

Folder 26 Marvin (Brig), 1812

Warranty of license, protecting vessel from British capture. Abel Harris. Thomas A. Harris.

Folder 27 Mary (Barque), 1805-1806

Two separate claims. First, vessel plundered by French privateer off Savannah. Second, Ship damaged and cargo of tobacco lost when ship grounded near Cadiz, Spain, in a gale. George W. Balch. William Forbes. Truman Snow. John Wite. Jacob Williams, Jr.

Folder 28 Mary (Brig), 1806-1811

Questions on purchase of a return premium. John B. Sewell. Thomas Smith.

Folder 29 Mary (Brig), 1821

Damaged goods (paper and Bibles) from the vessel sold at auction. Lists many local names.

Folder 30 Mary (Schooner), 1806-1809

Two claims. Cargo of apples, cider and potatoes damaged in a gale off Cape Cod. Also, vessel struck a reef in a gale in the Bahamas. Jonathan R. Bell. Joseph Davis. Jonathan Dyer. John Chipman. Enoch Nash. John Thompson.

Folder 31 Mary (Russian) (Ship), 1807

Inquiry about insurance coverage for cargo. J.B. Sewell. J.W. Smith.

Folder 32 Mary and Francis (Schooner), 1812-1815

Two claims. 1812: arrived in New York from Madeira in distress. 1815: Storm damaged on another voyage from Madeira to New York. Captain lost overboard. Walter Brown. Nathaniel Cushing. Joseph W. March. Thomas March. Clement Marsh, Jr. Captain Randall. William Roberts. Moses Russell. John Saunders. John Shapley. John Stevens.

Folder 33 Mary Ann (Brig), 1822

Estimates for repairs on the brig. Isaac Nelson. William Nixon. William Rice. John L. Thompson.

Folder 34 May Flower (Brig), 1804-1805

Correspondence concerning insurance on vessel. Samuel Ham. Edward J. Long. James Rundlett. N. & W. Smith. Thomas Sparhawk.

Folder 35 Minerva (Brig), 1805

Letter in inquiry regarding insurance on cargo. Gilman & Langdon.

Folder 36 Nancy (Brig), 1803

Loss of vessel and the cargo of lumber, cattle, and fish in a gale. John Clark. George Cutts. Bouchez deLaneau. Alexander Dunlap. Simon Fernald. Thomas Sparhawk.

Folder 37 Nancy (Schooner), 1804-1805

Vessel and cargo lost; struck a ledge near Eastport, Maine. Daniel Ramsdell.

Folder 38 Nancy (Ship), 1804

Letters regarding arrival in Gibralter and next destination of the ship. William H. Boardman. Bussey & Ingalls Co. John Crocker.

Folder 39 Narcissa (Ship), 1804

Ship struck by a squall and took on water. Lost deckload of cattle and cargo ruined. Mate and two sailors drowned. Drifted forty days. James Cummins. John Frances. Thomas Sanderson. John Seaward. William Sheafe. Daniel Waldron.

Folder 40 Niagra (Ship), 1822

Vessel and cargo damaged by gales on voyage from Savannah to Liverpool. Nathanial Gookin. William Walden.

Folder 41 Norfolk (Brig), 1812-1813

$3000 bond from Edmund Roberts to NH Fire & Marine Insurance Company. Vessel sailed from Brazil and never heard from again.


Box 4

Folder 1 Ohio (Brig), 1811-1815

Correspondence regarding insurance coverage in Jamaica. William Banks. Asa Freeman. William Hoseason. Nathaniel A. Haven. Edward J. Long. George Sinclair, Jr.

Folder 2 Olive (Brig), 1804-1805

Damaged by gales in passage from Portsmouth, NH, to Cadiz. William Carpenter. Joseph Goody. John James. Long & Hamilton. John Marden. William Racklif. Joseph Rubison. Joseph Stoodley.

Folder 3 Olive (Schooner), 1804

Request to purchase insurance. Daniel Bragdon. Samuel Curtis.

Folder 4 Olive Branch (Schooner), 1811

Statement of loss on vessel. B. Brierly. Samuel Chauncy. William Garland.

Folder 5 Oliver (Brig), 1821

Claim for loss of cable and anchor, cut to avoid being driven onshore. Jonathan L. Barrell. Nathaniel Barrell, Jr. Joseph Low. Samuel Stover.

Folder 6 Oliver (Schooner), 1812

Correspondence regarding insurance bill. Jonathan L. Barrell. John B. Sewell.

Folder 7 Oliver Peabody (Brig), 1803-1807

Loss of deckload in gale off Martinique. George F. Blunt. Stephen Gilman. Charles Grover. Gilman Leavitt. Oliver Peabody. Thomas Sparhawk. Henry Williams, seaman, drowned.

Folder 8 Orb (Schooner), 1822-1823

Correspondence regarding registration and whereabouts of the vessel. Nathaniel A. Haven. Herman Rich. T.H. Wood.

Folder 9 Orion (Ship), 1813

Vessel caught in a gale off Chesapeake Bay. Edward Griffiths. William Hanson. John Pitman. Ebenezer Rowe.

Folder 10 Orozembo (Ship), 1805

Caught in a gale in passage from Boston to Marseille. William Brewster. Charles Bloys. Ephraim Dennett. George Vinscent.

Folder 11 Ossian (Ship), 1811

Repairs and expenses for being captured by British and taken to Yarmouth. John Pierce. Ichabod Rollins.

Folder 12 Packet (Schooner), 1807

Bills of lading. Joseph S. Gilman. John Trefethen.

Folder 13 Pallas (Brig), 1804-1805

Losses sustained when captured by French privateer Little Estelle. Also detained by British frigate Cambrian. John Flagg. Lewis Francis. John Lake. Ebenezer Ricker. Joseph Riddick. Matthias S.Sayre. Joseph Smith. Joseph Talbot.

Folder 14-15 Patriot (Brig), 1815

Driven ashore in a gale near St. Bartholomew. Cargo and vessel sold as salvage. Josiah Bragdon. Nathaniel Baker. Henry Coakley. Jonathan Grant. Edward J. Long. Joshua Moore. Jonathan Perkins. Rufus Parsons. Jotham Seavey. Isaac Shaw.

Folder 16 Patriot (Ship), 1805

Letter of inquiry seeking information on loss of the ship Patriot near Santo Domingo. Reuben Paddock.

Folder 17 Peace (Schooner), 1815

Cast ashore in Salem, MA, in heavy gale. Bills relating to repair of vessel. Samuel Haley. N.A. Haven.

Folder 18 Perseverance (Schooner), nd

Letter regarding counterfeit money paid to captain when vessel sold as salvage in North Carolina.

Folder 19 Peter (Ship), 1805

Receipt for $6000 insurance on vessel.

Folder 20 Phoenix (Schooner), 1804

Account of items sold as salvage in Marblehead. Benjamin Swett.

Folder 21 Planter (Brig), 1805-1810

Two claims. 1. Damage to ship and loss of deckload of cattle in gale off Cape Sable. Winthrop Hilton. Absalom Trefethen. Edmund S. Young. 2. Vessel wrecked on island of Trinidad. Samuel Boardman. William Boyd. James Rundlett. Nathaniel A. Haven.

Folder 22 Polly (Brig), 1806

Statements of cargo losses and rigging expenses. Samuel Boardman.

Folder 23 Polly (Schooner), 1806

Request to stop insurance. Robert Noble. John Varrell.

Folder 24 Polly (Sloop), 1804

Sprung mast and lost sails and rigging in gale off New Bern, NC. Henry Donnell. William D. Molton.

Folder 25 Polly Ann (Sloop), 1818

Correspondence regarding expenses incurred in Bermuda. Nathaniel A. Haven.

Folder 26 Prince Madoc (Ship), 1810

Statement of loss of ship. J. Moor.

Folder 27 Quick Time (Schooner), 1805

Loss of deckload of sheep in gale off Guadeloupe. Hugh Clarkson. George Daniels.

Folder 28 Ram Dololl Day (Ship), 1818

Ship and cargo damaged in gales in passage from Calcutta to New York. Captain Goodwin. James Sheafe.

Folder 29 Ranger (Schooner), 1821

Request for insurance. Robert Little. Thomas Neil.

Folder 30 Rapid (Ship), 1810-1819

Loss of ship and cargo off coast of New Holland, bound from Boston to Canton. Boardman & Pope. Henry Dorr. Nathaniel A. Haven. Edward J. Long.

Folder 31 Rebecca (Brig), 1804

Loss of cable and anchor. Samuel Boardman. Thomas Brown. John Butman. Richard Low. Joseph Low. George Macy. James Robinson. Nathaniel Stoodley.

Folder 32 Regeneration (Ship), 1807

Loss of ship and cargo near St. Petersburg. George Cooper. Thomas Hanscom. George Mears. Eastwick Pray. Theodore Witham.

Folder 33 Regulator (Brig), 1805

Purchase of insurance. Daniel Fox. James Neal. Thomas Sparhawk.

Folder 34 Resign (Brig), 1818

Request for information about welfare and whereabouts of the vessel. Nathaniel A. Haven George Moody. Nahum Morrill.

Folder 35 Resolution (Ship), nd

List of investors in the ship.

Folder 36-37 Reward (Brig), 1804-1808

A claim for loss of cargo at Nevis and a claim for damages when the vessel went ashore at Ocracoke, NC.John Billings. ENathan Currier, Jr. Thomas Currier. John French. William Gardner. Edward J. Long. John Pierce. Thomas Sparhawk. Benjamin Swett. Also, claim for loss of cable and anchor on voyage from Lisbon to London. Allan. M. Haven. Joshua Haven. Edmund Roberts. John Thompson.

Folder 38 Roberts (Ship), 1812

Letter abandoning ship to insurance company because of declaration of war. Nathaniel A. Haven. Edmund Roberts. William M. Shackford.

Folder 39 Rising Sun (Brig), 1805

Statement of loss.

Folder 40 Rockingham (Brig), 1803-1804

Two claims. First, vessel damaged and lost cargo on passage to Demerara. Second, vessel driven ashore in North Carolina on passage from Granada to Norfolk. Nathaniel Folsom Adams. Lewis Barnes. Ephraim Keene. Gilman Leavitt. Thomas Mahoney. John Wardrobe. Francis Webber.

Folder 41-42 Rolla (Brig), 1817

Vessel fell over and was stranded near Mr. Sheafe’s wharf in Portsmouth, NH. Barnet Akerman. William Badger. James Bartlett. William Bishop. Joseph Brown. Charles Bradbury. James Butler. Edward Call. Peter Clarenburg. Jacob Cutter. William Dame, Jr. Andrew Daniels. James Day. Simon Fernald. John Francis. William Frost. John Goodridge. James Greenough. Samuel Greenough. Benning Hall. Nathaniel Haines. George Ham. James Ham. Samuel C. Handy. Nathaniel A. Haven. Thomas Haven. Walter B. Hill.Joseph Jones. Joshua Jones. Andrew Julian. Oliver P. Kennard. Alexander Ladd. Henry Ladd. Samuel Lane. John Langdon, Jr. Edward J. Long. Mark Lowd. Joseph Lowe. Henry Magery. Peter Miller. Daniel G. McGeach. Christopher Nutter. R.F. Phipps. John Richardson. Edmund Roberts. Reuben Shapley. William Sheafe. Simeon P. Smith. Samuel Stratton. Henry Swett. Ebenezer Thompson. Isaac Waldron. Joseph Wells. Jack Whelling.

Folder 43 Rolla (Schooner), 1807

Stranded at Monument Point, Plymouth, MA. Nahum Morrill. Thomas Thompson.

Folder 44 St. Cuthbert (Ship), 1806-1807

Two claims. First, lost jib boom and rigging in Calcutta. Second, stranded at Sandy Hook, NJ. John B. Sewell. Reuben Shapleigh. Thomas Thompson.

Folder 45 Sally (Brig), 1818

Damage to vessel and cargo of molasses at Martinique. Richard Cutts. Darius Frisbee. Thomas Haven. Charles Stevens.

Folder 46 Sally (Schooner), 1804-1807

Vessel went on the rocks at Eastport, ME. Henry Andrews. Joseph Cutts. Jones and Leighton. John Leighton. Samuel Steele. Benjamin Swett.

Folder 47 Sarah (Schooner), 1807

Vessel damaged by ice. William Barry. William Garland. Samuel Jones. John Morse. Nathaniel Mullen. Ebenezer Rowe. Joseph Stevens. William Williams.

Folder 48 Sarah Ann (Brig), 1816-1819

Two claims. First, damaged by gales in voyage from Portsmouth to Liverpool. Second, wrecked off Florida in passage from New Orleans to Gibralter. Joseph S. Balch. Jeremiah Banks. William Bishop. William Boyd. William Briard. Thomas Brown. George Clark. James Davis. George Fishley. John Frances. Nathaniel A. Haven. Daniel Hayes. Nathaniel Haynes. Fitzgerald Hill. George Hill. Joseph Johnson. Andrew Julian. Henry Parker. Thomas Perkins. Joshua Pierce.Samuel Sheafe. Thomas Sheafe. William Sheafe. Edward Tinker. Charles Harriot.

Folder 49 Silences (Ship), 1805-1806

Cargo of cotton damaged by seawater on voyage to Amsterdam. Benjamin Treadwell.

Folder 50 Siren (Schooner), 1816-1817

Invoice of cargo shipped to New Orleans. Bills for repairs to vessel in New Orleans. John Gookin.

Folder 51 Struggle (Brig), 1810

Bills incurred at port of St. Mary’s.

Folder 52 Success (Schooner), 1822

Requests reimbursement for $200 paid to French for saving the vessel from being confiscated by the English. James Harrold.


Box 5

Folder 1 Thomas Wilson (Ship), 1810-1820

Ship bilged on the Isle of Shoals. Benjamin Brierley. Joshua Haven.

Folder 2 Tom (Ship), 1806-1807

Cast ashore in Portsmouth. Nathaniel A. Haven. John Have. Andrew Simpson. Peter Turner.

Folder 3 Trajan (Ship), 1818

Storm-damaged cargo auctioned at Hamburg, Germany. William Briard. Robert Jameson. Joshua Neal. Peter Turner.

Folder 4 Triton (Ship), 1820

Vessel was run foul by two ships in passage from Liverpool to Portsmouth.

Folder 5 Union (Brig), 1803-1808

Statement of loss. Micajah Currier. William Currier. Elizabeth Pinkham. Enoch Pinkham. George A. Roberts. W.A. Rogers. John B. Sewell. Enoch Titcomb. Richard Tripe.

Folder 6 Union (Schooner), 1815

Vessel stranded on Seawell’s Point in passage from Portsmouth to Norfolk. Aandrew Frisbee. Roger Quarles. Nathaniel Strong. James Williamson.

Folder 7 Union (Schooner), 1821

Put into Savannah in distress, in passage from Wilmington to Bermuda. Joshua W. Pierce.

Folder 8 United Kingdom (Brig), 1816-1817

Loss of deckload of horsesin passage from Portsmouth to Demerara. John Everett. Robert Fox. Edward J. Long. James MacDonald.

Folder 9 Venetia (Ship), 1805

Purchase of insurance. Henry Sheafe.

Folder 10 Washington (Schooner), 1804

Cast ashore near Cape Sable. John Pearson. John Wardrobe.

Folder 11 Watson (Ship), 1817

Struck a reef in a gale near Dungeness Light, in passage from London to Havre. Nathaniel A. Haven. Nathaniel Kennard. Hazen Kimball. Benjamin Swett.

Folder 12 White Oak (Brig), 1805

Correspondence regarding insurance coverage for spoiled cargo. John Langdon. Matthew Marsh.

Folder 13 White Oak (Ship), 1810

Loss of cargo.

Folder 14 William Henry (Ship), 1813

Ship abandoned to insurance company because of British blockade. Samuel Chauncy.

Folder 15 William and Thomas (Brig), 1821-1822

Damaged by heavy seas off Guadeloupe. Charles Coffin. Thomas Haven. Robert Rice.

Folder 16 Wonalanset (Ship), 1805-1806

Statement of damages to ship and cargo. John B. Sewell. Reuben Shapley.

Folder 17 Young Hornet (Sloop), 1822

Sales pf fifty bags of damaged coffee. Captain Bean. John A. Haven.

Folder 18 Zephyr (Schooner), 1816

Wrecked near Boston, MA, on voyage from New York to Castine, ME. William Badger. William Boyd. Caleb H. Hopkins. Edward J. Long. Robert Neal. Peters & Pond. Charles Stevens. Ebenezer Thompson. Ebenezer Tirrell. William Tuckerman. Isaac Waldron.

Folder 19 Zephyr (Ship), 1804-1805

Loss of cargo of oil. Benjamin Brierley. Edward Cutts. Nathaniel Harris.

Folder 20 List of insured ships, nd

Lists owners and shipmasters.


B. Insurance, 1803-1823

Insurance policies and proposals, some bound into volumes. Some volumes have indexes. Houses, stores, and merchandise were insured, but the bulk of policies were acquired for ships and cargoes.


Box 5

Folder 21 Insurance Policy book, 1803

Folder 22-23 Insurance Proposals, 1803-1804

Proposals primarily for dwelling houses, barns, and stables. Shows plot lines and outlines of structures. Daniel Austin. Samuel Boardman. Thomas Brown. J.C. Chamberlain. Samuel Clark. Jacob M. Currier. Jeremiah Emery. John Frost. George Ham. Rebecca Hardy. Joseph Haven. Joshua Haven. William Neal. Edward Parry. William Rice. Alexander Rice. Hiram Rollins. John Sherburne. Joseph Smith. Samuel Sprague. Ann Treadwell. Daniel Treadwell. William Treadwell. Isaac Waldron. John Wardrobe. Joseph Willard.

Folder 24-25 Insurance Proposal books, 1804-1806

Folder 26 Insurance Proposals, 1805-1810

Proposals for dwelling houses and businesses. Includes description of property. William Brown. John Davenport. Jeremiah Hardy. Elisha Hill, Jr. Gideon Lamson. Joseph Swett. Thomas Thompson. Seth Walker.

Folder 27 Insurance Proposal book, 1806-1809

Folder 28 Insurance Policies, 1812-1813

Folder 29 Insurance Proposal book, 1815-1816

Box 6

Folder 1-3 Insurance Proposal book, 1816-1823

Folder 4-5 Insurance Policy book, 1821-1823, indexes

Both policy books indexed alphabetically by vessel, giving name of insured vessel, its owner(s), and its master.

Folder 6 Insurance Proposals, nd

Proposal for insurance for contents of printing office. James Norrie. Isaac Waldron, Jr. Nathaniel W. Pierce.

Folder 7 Insurance Miscellaneous, 1803-1805


C. Financial, 1803-1824

Account books of the company secretaries (Thomas Sparhawk, John B. Sewell, and Edward J. Long), monthly statements, cash accounts, list of notes and notes due, risks taken, bills for building the office, check stubs, and the 1824 summation of accounts. Filed in oversize folders are monthly exhibits from 1803-1822, a list of sales at auction in 1817, and balance sheets.


Box 7

Folder 1 Account Book, 1803-1817

Folder 2 Thomas Sparhawk Account book, 1804-1810

Folder 3 John Sewall Account book, 1810-1815

Folder 4-5 Ledgers, 1803-1804

Lists subscribers Isaac Alfred, Henry David, Peter James, Samuel Jeremy, George Johnson, Michael Joseph, Stephen Moses, Solomon Thomas. Jonathan William

Folder 6 Accounts ledger, nd

Folder 7-22 Monthly Statements, 1803-1820

Losses claimed in each year, listed by vessel name and owner name.


Box 8

Folder 1-2 Monthly Statements, 1821-1822

Folder 3-8 Cash Accounts, 1816-1822

Folder 9-12 Cash Books, 1816-1823

Folder 13 List of Premium Notes book, 1803-1824

Includes numerous local names.

Folder 14-19 List of Notes, 1803-1822

Includes numerous local names.

Folder 20-23 Notes, 1806-1818


Box 9

Folder 1-3 Notes, 1819-1824

Folder 4-11 Risks Taken/Notes Due, 1809-1823

Includes numerous names of vessels.

Folder 12 Risks Taken book, 1820-1822

Folder 13-16 Bills for Building Office, 1803-1805

Gives names for many local businessmen and tradesmen, including Mark Akerman, Thomas Amory, David Burgess, Jonathan Crockett, George Daniels, John S. Davis, Edward Dimsey, Thomas Ellison, William Fales, Samuel Fernald, Joseph Jewett, Samuel Jones, Thomas Leigh, Joshua Libby, Jason Mack, N. Merriam, J.B. Mooney, Timothy Murray, Sargent Patten, Joshua Pickering, Isaac Pray, Samuel Pray, Mark Simes, John Smith, Steven R. Spinney, Woodbury Tucker, and others.

Folder 17 Building Account book, 1803-1805

Includes many local names.

Folder 18-24 Bills and Receipts, 1803-1809

Includes many local names.


Box 10

Folder 1-12 Bills and Receipts, 1810-1824

Folder 13 Summation of Accounts, 1824

Folder 14 Dividends Paid, 1803-1821

Folder 15 Dividend Orders, 1820-1825

Folder 16 Loses, Premiums, and Misc. Financial, 1805-1821

Folder 17-18 Portsmouth Bank Account books, 1803-1821

Folder 19-21 Order Check Stubs book, 1806-1821


Box 11

Folder 1-6 Order Check Stubs book, 1812-1820


D. Correspondence, 1803-1823

Correspondence from investors and shareholders, usually discussing premiums, payment of notes, inability to pay, the embargo and blockade situations, the financial situation of the company, etc. Correspondents include W. Woart of Newburyport, Samuel Chauncy, E.L. Davenport, John Langdon and John Gilman Jr., Robert Harris, Ebenezer Stocker, Ebenezer Thompson, Seth Sweetser, Thomas Sparhawk, Walton Simonton, James Neal, David Green, and Ichabod Nichols. One letter, from Nathaniel A. Haven in 1809, is his acceptance of the office of president. Also included is a letterbook for 1803-1819.


Box 11

Folder 7-14 Letters, 1803-1823


Box 12

Folder 1 Letter Book, 1803-1819


E. Administrative, 1803-1825

Includes letters from the underwriters of the company in 1803, the authorization for purchase of land on Market Square, record books of meetings and the administration, list of stockholders, and papers on the 1825 dissolution of the company.


Box 12

Folder 2 Authorization for Purchase of Land, 1803

Benjamin Brierley. Thomas Brown. Jeremiah Libby. John Melcher. John Rindge. Isaac Smith.

Folder 3 Underwriters of the Company, 1803

Nathaniel Adams. William Ballard. Thomas Brown. Greenleaf Clark. Jonathan Clark. John Gilman, Jr. Samuel Ham. Gilman Leavitt. John Wardrobe.

Folder 4 Record Book of Meetings, 1803-1825

Includes copy of the act incorporating the NH Fire and Marine Insurance Company, June 10, 1803. Lists original officers of the company: Samuel Boardman, Benjamin Brierley, homas Brown, Samuel Ham, Joshua Haven, Gilman Leavitt, Edward J. Long, John Rindge, James Rundlett, Ebenezer Thompson, Isaac Waldron, Jr., John Wardrobe,

Folder 5 Administrative Record Book, 1805-1813

G.W. Balch. John Barnes. Peter Coffin. Abel Harris. Eliphalet Ladd. Peter Turner.

Betsey (Brig), Eliza (Ship), Fanny (Ship), Ferdinand (Brig), George Washington (Brig), Mary (Bark), Ohio (Brig), Polly (Brig), Tom (Ship), White Oak (Brig),


Box 13

Folder 1 Committee Reports after Examining the Books, 1816-1825

Charles Coffin. Thomas Harris. Edward J. Long. Robert Rice. Roberts, Edward. Samuel Sheafe.

Folder 2 Meeting Minutes, 1821-1824, nd

Folder 3 List of Stockholders, 1806-1821

Folder 4 Report of Whether to Abandon the Company, 1819

Edward Cutts, Jr. John Haven. Samuel Lord.

Folder 5 Committee of Acts Report, 1820

Elisha Hill. Edward J. Long. Samuel Lord.

Folder 6 Dissolution of the Company, 1825


F. Legal, 1804-1822

By-laws and riles, litigation, powers of attorney, the John P. Lord and Samuel Lord debt and stock transfer in 1821, and the John B. Sewell embezzlement case papers from 1814-1816.


Box 13

Folder 7 By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, 1813

Folder 8 Power of Attorney, 1804-1822

Edward Hayman. Samuel Larkin. Gilman Leavitt. Thomas Neil. Oliver Peabody. Sarah W. Peabody. Nathaniel Rogers. Joseph H. Shepard. Ebenezer Stocker. William Woart. Others.

Folder 9 Litigation, 1805-1822

Nathaniel Adams. Ambrose Allen. Levi Bartlett. Thomas Brown. George Clark. Nathaniel Cutter. Geroge Cutts. James Dimon. Samuel Elliot. Winthrop B. Norton. Edward Parry. William Sheafe. Jeremiah Smith. Thomas Thompson. George Turner. Ebenezer Wentworth.

Folder 10 J. B. Sewell Embezzlement Case, 1814-1816

Nathaniel A. Haven. Alexander Ladd. Edward J. Long. William Prescott. Robert Rice. Edmund Roberts. James Rundlet.

Folder 11 John P. and Samuel Lord Debt and Stock Transfer, 1821


G. Miscellaneous

Includes an unexplained list of names, bookcase dimensions, insurance questions, and the NH State election vote count of 1810-1811.


Box 13

Folder 12 Insurance Questions

Folder 13 10th of June, Celebration

George F. Blunt. Stephen Pierce. Samuel Larkin. J.P. Lord. Emanuel Morris. John B. Sewell. George F. Smith. Others.

Folder 14 Bookcase Dimensions

Folder 15 N.H. State Election Vote Count, 1810-1811

H. Share Certificates

Folder 17

Nathaniel Adams. Joshua Ballard. William Ballard. Samuel Barnard. Lewis Barnes. Anna Bartlett. George F. Blunt. Langley Boardman. Samuel Boardman. William Boyd.

Folder 18

Harriet Bradbury, Oliver Briard. Benjamin Brierley. Elihu D. Brown. Nathan Brown. Thomas Brown.

Folder 19

Samuel Calder. Samuel Chauncey. Samuel Chamberlain. Charles W. Chauncey. Betty Champney. Bradbury Cilley.

Folder 20

Betsy Hamilton Clark, George Clark, Greenleaf Clark. Harriet Bradbury Clark. Jonathan Clark. Joseph Clark, Jr.

Folder 21

Benjamin Conner. Daniel Connor. Elizabeth Connor. John Connor.

Folder 22

Jacob Cutter. Nathaniel Cutter. William Cutter. Edward Cutts, Jr. George Cutts.

Folder 23

Nathaniel Dean. Epes Ellery. Abigail Emerson. Edward Emerson. John Flagg. Nathaniel Folsom. John French. Theodore Furber. Jonathan Gage. John Taylor Gilman, Jr. John Goddard. Samuel Greeley. David Green.

Folder 24

George Ham. Samuel Ham. William H. Ham.

Folder 25

John Hamilton. Oliver Hamilton. Abel Harris. Mary Ann L. Harris.

Folder 26

Robert Harris. Theodore Harris. Thomas A. Harris. John Haven. Joshua Haven.


Box 14

Folder 1

Nathaniel Haven. John Haven. Thomas Haven. William A. Hayes. Edward P. Hayman. Elisha Hill, Jr. Samuel Hill.

Folder 2

Silas Holman. Ivory Hovey.

Folder 3

Eliphalet Ladd. Henry Ladd. Elexander Ladd. Gideon Lamson. Samuel Larkin. Gilman Leavitt. Thomas Leigh.

Folder 4

Benjamin Leverett. Edward St. Loe Livermore. Edward J. Long. John Lord. Samuel Lord.

Folder 5

Jeremiah Mason. John McClintock. John Melcher. Samuel Moore.

Folder 6

James Neal. Jonathan Palmer. Winthrop B. Norton. Enoch G. Parrott. John F. Parrott. Edward Parry. New Hampshire Bank.

Folder 7

Amos L. Parsons. Oliver Peabody. Peter Pearse, Jr. Joseph Peirce. Mark W. Peirce. Joseph W. Pickering. Washington Peirce.

Folders 8-10

Presidentm, directors, and company of the Portsmouth Bank.

Folder 11

Ebenezer Ricker, Jr. John Rindge. Edmund Roberts. John Rogers. Nathaniel Rogers. James Rundlett.

Folder 12

John Salter. Joseph Smith. John B. Sewell. Reuben Shapley. Jacob Sheafe, Jr. James Sheafe. Samuel Sheafe. William Sheafe. Benjamin Shepard. Ebenezer Stocker. Benjamin Swett.

Folder 13

Benjamin Thompson. Ebenezer Thompson. John L. Thompson. Thomas Thompson. William W. Thompson.

Folder 14

Azariah Waldron. Daniel Waldron. Isaac Waldron, Jr. Isaac Waldron. Seth Walker. Tobias Walker. Keyron Walsh.

Folder 15

John Wardrobe. William Woart. William White. Israel Young.


II. Reading Room Papers, 1803-1824

Contains lists of subscribers, correspondence concerning the reading room, bills and receipts (usually newspaper subscriptions), and the Subscription Room Book.


Box 15

Folder 1 Subscription Room book, 1808-1820

Many local names, including William Haven, Clement Storer, William Shackford, Theodore Chase, James Kennard, Elihu D. Brown, Peyton Freeman, Nathan B. Folsom.

Folder 2 Subscribers to the Reading Room, 1810-1814, nd

Names include Peyton R. Freeman, Edward Cutts, Jr., J.W. March, Daniel Webster, Robert Rice, Peter Pearse, William Garland, Samuel Cushman, Samuel Lord, Joseph Lowe, others.

Folder 3 Rules

Folder 4 Letters, 1813-1820

Nathaniel A. Haven. Edward J. Long.

Folder 5 Reading Room Bills, 1808-1812

E.W. Allen. Langley Boardman. Thomas Cushing. Jonathan Payson. Mark Simes. William Weeks. S. Whidden.

Folder 6 Reading Room Bills, 1813-1814

E.W. Allen. Lewis Barnes. Beck and Foster. Thomas C. Cushing. P.R. Freeman. Daniel Rundlett. Jonathan Payson. A.W. Penhallow. Robert Read. Samuel Sheafe. Arthur Shirley. William Treadwell. Charles Turrell. J.C. Tuttle. D. Webster. William Weeks.

Folder 7 Reading Room Bills 1815-1816

E.W. Allen. D.C. Ballard. Beck and Foster. William W. Clapp. Gales and Seaton. Edward J. Long. Monroe and French. Jonathan Payson. Wibird Penhallow. Mark Simes. W.L. Spear. William Weeks. Samuel Whidden.

Folder 8 Reading Room Bills 1817-1819

Beck and Foster. William Clapp. North and Melcher Mark Simes .Isaac Hill. Joseph C. Spear. William S. Spear. William Weeks. Others.

Folder 9 Reading Room Bills 1820-1824

Gales and Seaton. Nathan Hale. Jason Hall. Lang, Turner. Nathaniel Melcher, Jr. Thomas Neil. Jonathan Payson. Edmund Roberts. Russell and Gardner. Others.

Folder 10 Reading Room Bills nd.

George Cates.


III. Policy Books, 1803-1812

Phase box 1 Insurance Policy Record Books, 1809-1810, index

Phase box 2 Insurance Policy Record Books, 1810-1812, index

Phase box 3 Account of Policies Book, 1803-1809


Oversize Manuscript Box 1

OV53 Alligator (Brig), 1805; Ann (Brig), 1812-1820; Ariadne (Ship), 1811

George Humphrey. George McLean. John Rice. John Stavers. Theodore Young.

OV54 Blossom (Brig), 1806; Ceres (Ship), 1805; Concordia (Ship), 1817

Elihu D. Brown. James Brown. Edwin Little Coffin. Samuel Davis. Edward S. Horne. Daniel Humphreys. Benjamin G. Lord. Richard Muchmore. James Perkins. Samuel Rand.

OV55 Diana (Brig), 1804; Erz Engel (Ship), 1812; Fanny (Ship), 1806

Charles Blunt. O.C. Blunt. Nathaniel Boardman. Theophilus Bradbury. Josiah Grover. Andrew Hussey. Samuel Morrison. Richard Saunders. William Stavers. William Thomas. Andrew Thompson. Daniel Vaughan. Seth Walker. George Welch.

Frisby. Caleb H. Hopkins. Joshua Neal. Joseph Kingsbury. William Pearse. Nathaniel Pierce. Enoch Pinkham. Reuben S. Randall. Richard Saunders. Thomas B. Stevens. Robert White. Edmund OV56 Hannah (Brig), 1815-1819; Gleanor (Schooner), 1818; Governor Strong (Brig), 1806

O.C. Blunt. Nathaniel Boardman. Andrew Hussey. Samuel Morrison. Richard Saunders. William Stavers.

OV57 Ferdinand (Brig), 1806; James (Brig), 1805; Jefferson (Ship), 1804

Isaac Baldwin. Asa Bodwell. Benjamin Fernald. Simon Fernald. John Hopper. Thomas Pennewell. Daniel Pierce. Nathaniel Pierce. William Ratcliffe. Charles T. Stevens. Samuel Vennard. Edmund S. Young.

OV58 Martha (Brig), 1821; Mary (Barque), 1805-1806; Ohio (Brig), 1821

Richard Aldridge. Jacob Alley. William K. Carter. Joshua P. Clark. Timothy Knight. George Lear. George Loud. Samuel Moore. John Sinclair, Jr.

OV59 Oliver Peabody (Brig), 1807-1810; Pallas (Brig), 1804; Reward (Brig), 1808

William Christopher. Samuel Elliot. Benjamin Fall. Theodore Fernald. William Fernald. John Flagg. John Gillett. Stephen Gilman. James Greenough. Ebenezer Ricker. Matthias Sayre. Henry Stackpole. John Tompson.

OV60 Sarah Ann (Brig), 1815; Thomas Wilson (Ship), 1819; Union (Schooner), 1816; Watson (Ship), 1806

Jeremiah Banks. Richard Billings. William Boyd. Peter Cushing, Jr. Andrew Frisbie. Samuel Haley. James Harvey. Joshua Neil. Joseph Swett. Edmund S. Weeks.

Flat Box 1

OV61 Ship Insurance Policies, 1803-1823

Adventure (Sloop). Agenonia (Barque). Alert (Brig). Alfred (Ship). Alligator (Brig). Almira (Brig). Amity (Sloop). Ann (Brig). Aurora (Ship). Betsey (Brig). Bristol Packet(Ship). Brutus (Ship). Cato (Ship). Ceres (Ship). Charles (Brig). Charles (Ship). Columbia (Schooner). Shipmasters: Michael Beck. Charles Blunt. Robert Blunt. Elihu D. Brown. William Day. Joseph A. Ellery. James Greenough. Leonard Hall. Joseph Jenkins. William Marshall. George McClean. Enoch G. Parrott. John Perkins, III. Seward Porter. John Rice. Ebenezer Ricker, Jr. Ebenezer Rowe. William W. Thompson. John Tilton.

OV62 Ship Insurance Policies, 1803-1823

Diana (Brig). Dolphin (Brig). Dolphin (Schooner). Doris (Ship). Dove (Schooner). Durham (Brig). Edward (Schooner). Elizabeth (Brig). Eliza (Ship). Enterprise (Brig). Equater (Brig). Shipmasters: Andrew Bell. Asa Bodwell. Charles Blunt. John Burnham. Andrew Clark. A. Hussey. Eleazer Johnson. John Lowe. Ebenezer Rowe. John Salter, Jr. Thomas M. Shaw. Ephraim Sutton. R.S. Tibbits. Henry Tredick. Read Vennard.

OV63 Ship Insurance Policies, 1803-1823

Fanny (Schooner). Fanny (Ship). Favorite (Schooner). Felicity (Brig). Florenzo (Ship). Friends (Ship). George (Ship). George Washington (Brig). Governor Strong (Brig). Granville (Ship). Shipmasters: Lewis Barnes. John Bell. Robert Blunt. Nathaniel Boardman. Thomas Boardman. William Boyd. Nathaniel Gunnerson. Thomas E. Oliver. Richard Shatleigh. E. Smith. Seth Walker, Jr.

OV64 Ship Insurance Policies, 1803-1823

Hamilton (Brig). Hampden & Sydney (Ship). Hannah (Brig). Hantonia (Brig). Hector (Brig). Hero (Brig). Hitty (Brig). India Packet (Ship). Industry (Schooner). Intercourse (Ship). Irene (Brig). Islington (Ship). James (Brig). James (Ship). Jane (Schooner). Jefferson (Ship). John Langdon (Brig). John Vining (Schooner). Shipmasters: Thomas Addington. John Amazeen. Asa Bodwell. George Cutts. Simon Fernald. James Hooper. George Janvrin. T.H. Jewett. George Kennard. Waldron Kenniston. Samuel Pray. Thomas Rindge. Thomas Roach. Richard Saunders. John Shackford. D. Spinney. Joseph Swett. John Thompson. William Trefethen. Edmund S. Young.

OV65 Ship Insurance Policies, 1803-1823

Ledenault (Ship). Little Cherub (Brig). Magnet (Ship). Maria Jane (Brig). Mariner (Brig). Mars (Brig). Mary (Barque). Nancy (Brig). Nancy (Schooner). Narcissa (Brig). Neptune (Ship). Newhampshire (Brig). Norfolk (Brig). Oliver Peabody (Brig). Ossian (Ship). Shipmasters: Robert Aram. George W. Balch. Elihu D. Brown. Charles Coffin. Simon Fernald. Steven Gilman. Philip Greeley. Samuel Hutchings, Jr. John S. Place. Daniel Ramsdell. Titus Salter. John Seward. Thomas Shane. Thomas B. Stevens. Charles Treadwell. S. Woodman.

OV66 Ship Insurance Policies, 1803-1823

Packet (Schooner). Pallas (Brig). Patriot (Brig). Peace (Schooner). Peter (Ship). Phanex (Schooner). Planter (Brig). Polly (Brig). Prince Madoc (Ship). Prudence (Schooner). Quick Time (Schooner). Shipmasters: Samuel Boardman. Josiah Bragdon. Hugh Clarkson. Henry Donnel. Simon Fernald. John Flagg. Benjamin Grace. Edmund Grover. Waldron Keniston. John Lake. Joseph Low. John Moore. John Noble. John Seward. John Tilton. John Trefethren. Seth Walker, Jr. Edmund S. Young.

OV67 Ship Insurance Policies, 1803-1823

Ram Dollol Day (Ship). Rapid (Ship). Rebecca (Brig). Regeneration (Brig). Resign (Brig). Resolution (Brig). Reward (Brig). Reward (Schooner). Rising Sun (Brig). Rockingham (Brig). Rolla (Schooner). St. Cuthbert (Ship). Sally (Brig). Sally (Schooner). Sarah (Schooner). Sarah Anne (Brig). Strong (Schooner). Success (Schooner). Tom (Ship). Thomas Wilson (Ship). Shipmasters: Nathaniel S. Adams. Thomas Arnard. Jeremiah Banks. Lewis Barnes. Stephen Batson. Elihu D. Brown. John Brown. John Butman. Henry Dorr. Daniel Goodwin. William Harrold. Seth Hatch. Michael Hooker. James Laighton. Joseph Lowe, Jr. Samuel Plummer. Dominicus Pope. Thomas Rindge. John H. Seaward. John Thompson, Jr. Thomas Thompson.

OV68 Ship Insurance Policies, 1803-1823

Union (Schooner). Union (Brig). United Kingdom (Brig). Washington (Schooner). Watson (Ship). White Oak (Brig). White Oak (Ship). William (Brig). Wonolancet (Ship). Zephyr (Schooner). Zephyr (Ship). Shipmasters: John Everitt. Andrew S. Young.

OV69 House Insurance Policies, 1804-1805

Oversize Manuscript Box 1

OV70 Monthly Exhibits, 1803-1822, nd

OV71 Balance Sheets, 1813-1824

OV72 Sales at Auction, 1817

OV73 Blank Forms