Isles of Shoals Collection, 1800-1965 – MS058


Material related to the Isles of Shoals, a group of islands off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine (White, Star, Malaga, Smuttynose, Appledore, Duck, Londoners, Cedar, Seavey); correspondence of residents and visitors; hotel records; material from the Star Island Corporation; scrapbooks of Lyman Rutledge, and other visitors; maps of the islands and the area surrounding.

Scope and Content

Materials relating to the Isles of Shoals, a group of Islands (White, Star, Malaga, Smuttynose, Appledore, Duck, Londoners, Cedar, and Seavey), off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine, including correspondence of residents and visitors, hotel records, records of the Star Island Corporation, scrapbooks of Lyman Rutledge and others, and maps of the islands. Historical materials include correspondence; maps; unpublished histories by various visitors; photograph albums and scrapbooks; and materials of/or relating to author and poet, Celia Thaxter and her family, whose father, Thomas B. Laighton was lighthouse keeper on White Island and builder of the family home on Appledore (where Thaxter lived with her husband Levi Thaxter), which became a gathering place for many well-known artists, authors, and intellectuals, and was well known for its garden. Materials generated by the Star Island Corporation include records, files, business correspondence, minutes, financial statements, reports, and other materials, chiefly collected by Rev. Lyman Rutledge, an officer of the company (affiliated with the Unitarian Universalists), which was responsible for organizing summer conferences and other activities on Star Island, the operation of the Oceanic hotel, and the ownership of Star, Duck, and most of Appledore; scrapbooks of Lyman Rutledge, including brochures and clippings, publicizing the conferences; and records of Rutledge’s oral history project entitled “The Living History.”

Processing Note

This collection can be divided into two categories with very different research value. The first category contains material related to the history of the Isles of Shoals (Series 1 and 2) dating from the nineteenth century. Material generated by people who visited the Shoals during the twentieth century is is also considered Historical material. Many of these people attended conferences and were involved in the Star Island Corporation, but the material these people left is not generated from the workings of the corporation but rather from their personal interest in the Isles. The bulk dates are 1840-1910, and include much material relating to Celia Thaxter and her family.

The historical material contains mostly correspondence, but also includes some manuscripts of informal, unpublished histories by various visitors. There are a number of photo album/scrapbooks collected by visitors to the island in the early part of this century (Series 2) (See Series Description). Accounts books and hotel registers, as well as oversize registers also exist. Maps comprise a separate series, housed in flat files as noted.

The other category is material that has been generated by the Star Island Corporation during the twentieth century (Series 3). Records, files, financials, business correspondence, meeting minutes, etc. compose the bulk of this series. This series has been broken down into various subseries (See Series Description).

The corporation files contain a great deal of office-generated material: files of meeting minutes, reports, correspondence, financial statements, etc. Some scrapbooks were collected by Lyman Rutledge; they are full of brochures and clippings publicizing the conferences. These scrapbooks were one of the most carefully organized sections of the collection, but were volatile from a preservation standpoint. Most of these scrapbooks have been taken apart due to the acidity of the paper and the adhesives used on them. They have been foldered in their original order. Since they contain almost entirely material generated by the corporation, these Rutledge scrapbooks are located in the Star Island Corporation series as a subseries. (See Series Description). This section of the collection also contains the record of an oral history project done by Lyman Rutledge called “the Living History.”

The overriding structuring principle used in this collection was to reestablish, preserve or maintain Lyman Rutledge’s original intentions. Material by individuals not of the Star Island Corporation, and not readily separable scrapbooks and maps), have been designated as Historical Material (Series 1). Lyman Rutledge originally categorized some of this material by subject and not by genre. We have continued this ordering principle. At times this led to odd subject headings for example, the “Flag Pole at Star Island” (F), and “Water Supply” (W). These files may include various genres, such as: correspondence, printed material, ephemera, etc. The majority of the Star Island Corporation files (Series 3) was preserved in the order that Lyman Rutledge had authored. At times, the ordering principle used by Lyman Rutledge could not determined.

There was also a separate box of file folders with alphabetical letters on them. This grouping looks like an attempt at reorganizing a file system. The conceptual framework for their separation is not known. This series of folders is maintained as a separate subseries 8 at the end of the collection.


Thaxter, Celia. Among the Isles of Shoals. 1873. Reprint. Portsmouth: Peter E. Randall, Publisher, 1994.

Downs, John W. Sprays of Salt: Reminisces of a Native Shoaler. Portsmouth: the author, 1944, reprint Portsmouth: Peter E. Randall Publisher, 1997.

Rutledge, Lyman V., with revisions and editions by Edward F. Rutledge. Ten Miles Out, Guidebook to the Isles ofShoals. 7th edition. Boston: Isles of Shoals Association.

Rutledge, Lyman V. The Isles ofShoals in Lore and Legend. Boston: The Star Island Corporation, 1971.

Biographical Note

Reverend Lyman Rutledge had extensive interest in the Isles of Shoals and its history. He was born in 1851. An ordained Unitarian minister, he also held numerous positions in the Star Island Corporation, including Executive Director for many years, President of the Isles of Shoals Summer Meetings Association {1940-1942}, chair of The Coming Great Church conference {1950-1953}. Star Island Corporation (SIC), affiliated with the Unitarian Church, is responsible for organizing operating activities on the Star Island, particularly the summer conferences. It owns Star, Duck, and most of Appledore and presides over their use. The corporation also owns and runs the Oceanic hotel on Star Island, the only hotel extant. Since the 1920’s, when Lyman Rutledge first attended these conferences, he played a large role in the organization. For more on Star Island Corporation and a complete history of the conferences see Fred McGill’s Something Like a Star.

Rutledge was also interested in the history of the islands before the conferences. He gathered together a great number of sources and organized them for his own research. His many books promoting the Shoals, include Ten Miles Out (1949), an excellent guide book, and The Isles of Shoals in Lore and Legend (1965). (The Portsmouth Athenaeum also owns the omnibus edition of Lore and Legend in its original seven volume form). Moonlight Murder at Smuttynose (1958) describes the 1873 murders of Karen and Anethe Christiansen. He died in 1977.

Celia Thaxter was born in Portsmouth in 1835. When she was three years old she moved with her family to White Island at the Isles of Shoals. Her father, Thomas B. Laighton was the lighthouse keeper on White Island during her youth. He lived until 1866. Her mother was Eliza Cheever {d. 1877}. Thaxter had two brothers, Cedric {1840-1899} and Oscar {1839-1939}. When Thaxter was still a child her father built the Appledore House on Appledore. When Thaxter was sixteen years old {1851}, she married her tutor, Levi Thaxter. He was a well-connected intellectual who introduced Celia to many authors and publishers in Boston. In 1861, Thaxter published her first poem, “Landlocked.” Celia Thaxter became famous both for her works of poetry and prose as well as her parlor soirees. Literary and artistic figures of the day gathered in her parlor while staying at the fashionable Appledore. Among these people were Ole Bull, John Appleton Brown, Sarah Orne Jewett, Annie Fields, Childe Hassam, and William Morris Hunt. Also a draw for people coming to Appledore was Celia’s garden. Some of her books were Among the Isles of Shoals {1873}; Poems by Celia Thaxter {1874}; An Island Garden {1894}. She died in 1894.

Series Listing

I. Historical Material General (1800-1965)

This series contains information related to the history of the Isles of the Shoals. It is material that was not generated by the Star Island Corporation. Some of was gathered as research for Lyman Rutledge’s books on the Shoals. It contains hotel records from Appledore and the Oceanic; correspondence of nineteenth-century visitors and residents, including Celia Thaxter and the Laightons; various histories of the islands; Lyman Rutledge’s research notes; newsletters published by the young people who worked the hotel (circa 1950s) called “Pelican Papers”; various other papers describing attributes of the island. Material is arranged alphabetical by subject.

Box 1

Folder 1 Appledore Hotel: Register of Names (copy), 1848-1866

Folder 2 Appledore House: Guest registry, 1848-1867

Folder 3 Appledore House: Advertisement, 1896

Folder 4 Appledore House: Register, 1906-1914

Folder 5 Appledore Hotel: Correspondence of miscellaneous guests, 1878, 1888, 1893, 1898

Folder 6 Appledore Hotel: Ephemera, ca. 1890-1905

Folder 7 Appledore Hotel: Cash Book, 1910

Folder 8 Appledore Hotel: Menus, ca. 1907-1909

Folder 9 Appledore Hotel: Notes of LVR, n.d.

Folder 10 Appledore Hotel: Population (notes of LVR), n.d.

Folder 11 Appledore Island: Purchasing of, 1924, 1949, 1953

Folder 12 Appledore Island: Real Estate Advertisement, ca. 1890s

Folder 13 Artichoke Milles: note of LVR, n.d.

Box 2

Folder 1 Bernsten, Carl: correspondence, 1933, 1937, 1938

Folder 2 Berry, Millard: “History of the Shoals,” n.d.

Folder 3 Bibliography: Isles of Shoals Material et al by LVR, n.d

Folder 4 Bowditch, Henry Ingersoll: correspondence, 1858

Folder 5 Chapel, Star Island: weddings, christenings, 1927-1951

Folder 6 Chautaqua Quarterly, May and July (2 issues), 1922

Folder 7 DeCosta, BF: notes of LVR, n.d.

Folder 8 Drawings, n.d.

Folder 9 Drawings, n.d.

Folder 10 Drew, Mary: “History of the Shoals,” 1909, 1927, and n.d.

Folder 11 Elliott, Thomas: correspondence, 1901-1938

Folder 12 Elliott, Thomas: memorial address LVR, 1938

Folder 13 Elliott, Thomas: history, n.d.

Folder 14 Elliott, Lilla (Mrs. Thomas): history, 1922

Folder 15 Farmer’s Almanac, 1873

Folder 16 Ferguson, Malcolm: correspondence, 1952-1963

Folder 17 Flag Pole: Star Island, 1948, 1951, 1963

Folder 18 Gaul Arrah Lee (painter): correspondence, 1949

Folder 19 Ghandi Hoax, 1958

Folder 20 Goff, Victor: sermon, n.d.

Folder 21 Gosport: Church and Town Records copies, 1700s

Folder 22 Hale, Edward Everett: note of LVR, 1957

Folder 23 Hawthorne, Nathaniel: notes of LVR, n.d.

Folder 24 Isles of Shoals: Abstracts of Titles to land, n.d.

Folder 25 Isles of Shoals: History (no author), n.d.

Folder 26 Isles of Shoals: Population typescript (including Uran genealogy), 1850, 1870

Folder 27 Isles of Shoals Steamship Company, 1938

Jewett, Theodore (insurance policy) See Flat Box 4.5

Folder 28 Joy, Charles: “History of the Shoals,” n.d.

Folder 29 Ladies Social Circle, 1868

Folder 30 Laighton Brothers: correspondence, 1876-1923

Folder 31 Laighton Brothers: receipts, bills, 1892-1898

Folder 32 Laighton, Eliza Rymes: correspondence, n.d.

Folder 33 Laighton, Family: notes, genealogy, 1880, 1935

Folder 34 Laighton Family: notes, genealogy LVR, n.d.

Box 2A

Folder 1 Laighton, Joseph: Thomas Laighton Corres. Businees (liquor orders), 1840-1842

Folder 2 Laighton, Oscar: correspondence, 1884-1938

Folder 3 Laighton, Oscar: poetry and prose, 1920-1930s

Folder 4 Laighton, Oscar: receipts, bills, 1934-1935

Folder 5 Laighton, Oscar: licenses, 1933, n.d.

Folder 6 Laighton, Oscar: artwork, n.d.

Folder 7 Laighton, Oscar: notes of LVR, 1 brochure ca., 1927

Folder 8 Laighton, Oscar: death record, 1939

Folder 9 Laighton, Oscar: notes of LVR, n.d.

Folder 10 Laighton, Oscar: 100 th Birthday Plans, 1939

Folder 11 Laighton, Oscar: memorial address from LVR, 1939

Folder 12 Laighton, Oscar: memorial services, 1939

Folder 13 Laighton, Ruth: correspondence typed, regarding sailing accident, 1902

Folder 14 Laighton, Thomas: correspondence, general, 1835-1856

Folder 15 Laighton, Thomas: journal, 1832-1837

Box 3

Folder 1 Laighton, Thomas: Papers of the Democratic Republican Party, 1837-1838

Folder 2 Laighton, Thomas: correspondence (copies), 1839

Folder 3 Laighton, Thomas: correspondence to Abner Greenleaf, 1839-1843

Folder 4 Laighton, Thomas: correspondence, political, 1839-1843

Folder 5 Laighton, Thomas: other papers (MS), 1829, 1832-1841, 1855, and n.d.

Folder 6 Laighton, Thomas and Joseph W. Laighton: Lumber Business Account Book, 1838-1843

Folder 7 Laighton, Thomas B. and Joseph W.: notes from the account book, 1838-1843

Folder 8 Laighton, Thomas B. and Joseph W.: bills, receipts, 1837-1842

Folder 9 Lamb, Rose: correspondence, 1886-1894

Folder 10 Lassalle, Mts. Ralph: Shoals history, 1950

Folder 11 Lawrence, Charles, interview with LVR, 1958

Folder 12 Lawrence, Caroline: “Shoals History” and “Interview with Oscar,” etc., ca. 1926-1932

Folder 13 Lawrence, Caroline: “Isles of Shoals” history, ca. 1926-1932

Folder 14 Londoners Island: notes and correspondence, 1956

Box 4

Folder 1 Measurements: Distances, altitudes, 1919, n.d.

Folder 2 Medicine Chest of Daniel Austin (article by Ray Brighton about a fund Shoalers’ medical aid), ca. 1961

Folder 3 Melcher, Frederick: Correspodence, 1949-1961

Folder 4 Memorial: Minnie Ward Jackson, 1929

Folder 5 Memorials, various dates

Folder 6 Ministers: Isles of Shoals notes of LVR and typescripts, 1732, 1799 et al

Folder 7 Mount Washington paper: “Burt’s Among the Clouds” 2 issues, 1877

Folder 8 Music: Standard American Folk Songs, 1914

Folder 9 Natural Features of the island, plants, birds, etc., n.d.

Folder 10 New Gosport: drawings, n.d.

Folder 11 Newton Center house, 1950-1951

Folder 12 Oceanic Hotel: General Operations, 1944-1952

Folder 13 Oceanic Hotel: Brochures and Ephemera, 1903

Folder 14 Oceanic Hotel: Employee information, 1929, 1947, 1952

Folder 15 Oceanic Hotel: Menus, 1891, 1906, 1907, 1914

Folder 16 Oceanic Hotel: Registration information, 1924-1957

Folder 17 Oceanic Hotel: Repairs and Equipment, n.d.

Folder 18 Oceanic Hotel: Rules and Regulations, Room Measurements, n.d.

Folder 19 Pageants and Plays, 1923-1935

Folder 20 Parker Memorial Hall, 1948-1950

Box 5

Folder 1 Peirce, Lucy: notes taken at the Summer Meetings, 1904-1909

Folder 2 Peirce, Lucy: “Isles of Shoals” (History) 2 MS, 1905

Folder 3 Peirce, Lucy: correspondence, 1909-1926, n.d.

Folder 4 Peirce, Lucy: notes taken at the Summer Meetings, 1911-1923

Folder 5 Peirce, Lucy: notes taken at the Summer Meetings, 1928-1935

Folder 6 “Pelican Papers” 4 issues, 1947-1950

Folder 7 “Pelican Papers” 3 issues, 1951, 1952, 1954

Folder 8 “Pelican Papers” 2 issues, 1957

Folder 9 “Pelican Papers” 1 issues, 1959

Folder 10 Pier at Star Island, ca. 1952, 1960

Folder 11 Poetry, ca. 1955

Folder 12 Poetry, ca. 1955

Folder 13 Poetry, ca. 1955

Box 6

Folder 1 Print: “Star Island, The Isles of Shoals,” ca. 1900

Folder 2 Prints and Illustrations, 1869, 1924

Folder 3 Printed Material: Morning and Evening Services at the church on Star, 1947

Folder 4 Rutledge, Lyman V.: Book orders for 10 miles out, 1949-1950

Folder 5 Rutledge, Lyman V., Book orders for Moonlight Murders, 1957-1963

Folder 6 Rutledge, Lyman V., Book orders for Moonlight Murders, 1957-1963

Folder 7 Rutledge, Lyman V., Miscellaneous Correspondence, ca. 1930-1965

Folder 8 Rutledge, Lyman V., Research notes, n.d.

Folder 9 Rymes, Christopher E., 1833, 1836

Folder 10 Rymes, Christopher E., 1870

Folder 11 Rymes Genealogy, n.d.

Folder 12 Shoals Exhibit Guest List, 1949

Folder 13 Shoalsina (miscellaneous items of LVR), ca. 1927-1960

Folder 14 Smuttynose Island: notes of LVR, 1957

Folder 15 Smuttynose: Murders at, notes, testimony, 1873, (1960)

Folder 16 Smuttynose: Murders at, notes on LVR, ca. 1949-1960

Folder 17 Smuttynose: Murders at, Press Release Portsmouth Athenaeum, regarding donation of murder weapon to the collection, 1997

Box 7

Folder 1 Star Island Book Plats, n.d.

Folder 2 Star Island Gift Shop, 1961

Folder 3 Star Island, Purchase of, 1915, n.d.

Folder 4 Star Island, Staff, ca. 1949-1952

Folder 5 Sullivan, Harry, ca. 1925

Folder 6 Tennis Courts on Star Island, 1923-1928

Folder 7 Thaxter, Celia Autobiography (copy), 1957

Folder 8 Thaxter, Celia Biography, n.d.

Folder 9 Thaxter, C.:centenary by Star Island Corporation, 1933-1935

Folder 10 Thaxter, C.: correspondence (MS), includes letter from Cedirc Laighton (1870),1871-1889

Folder 11 Thaxter, C.: correspondence (copy), 1861-1892

Folder 12 Thaxter, C.: correspondence (copy), 1861, 1876, 1885

Folder 13 Thaxter, C.: diary fragments (MS), 1857, n.d.

Folder 14 Thaxter, C.: diary Fragments (MS), 1860

Folder 15 Thaxter, C.: family history by LVR et al, n.d.

Folder 16 Thaxter, Celia: friendship with JG Whittier by Alice Porter White, 1958

Folder 17 Thaxter, Celia: list of poems and dates by L VR, n.d.

Folder 18 Thaxter, Celia: notecards, n.d.

Folder 19 Thaxter, Celia: poem (“Petition”), 1893

Folder 20 Thaxter, Celia: Sketchbook (mostly empty), n.d.

Folder 21 Thaxter, Celia: Will (copy), 1892

The next sources are about Celia Thaxter:

Folder 22 Notes by Hildreth Frost, 1957

Folder 23 Notes by Edward R. Knowlton’ (copy), n.d.

Folder 24 Notes by William Mason (copy), 1901

Folder 25 Notes by Kate DeNormandie Wilson, 1935

Box 8

Folder 1 Thaxter, Rosamond: correspondence Re: CT’s wedding, 1966

Folder 2 Thaxter, Rosamond: correspondence LVR, 1939, 1941, 1957, 1963

Folder 3 Thaxter, Rosamond: ephemera (publication notice), 1961

Folder 4 Thaxter, Rosamond: correspondence misc., 1939

Folder 5 Transportation, 1941-1951

Folder 6 Treasure on Shoals: Insurance, Expenses, etc., 1950

Folder 7 Tucke, Rev. John (from biographical sketches of Harvard graduates), 1948

Folder 8 Tucke Parsonage: gifts, correspondence, SIC, 1927-1958

Folder 9 Tucke Parsonage: bills, receipts, correspondence, 1927-1931

Folder 10 Tucke Parsonage: dedication, 1928

Folder 11 Turner, George C.: “History of the Isles of Shoals,” (copy), 1902

Folder 12 Tyng, Dudley: correspondence (1 item), 1800

Folder 13 US Navy/Coast Guard, 1949

Folder 14 UNH Marine Lab: information, 1938

Folder 15 Vaughn-Thaxter Memorial: correspondence, 1953, 1957, 1959

Folder 16 Water supply (desalination), 1949-1963

Folder 17 Weiss, John: notes on (copy), 1837, 1938, 1947

Folder 18 Wessesndorf Suit: against Star Island Corp., 1950-1955

Folder 19 Whitney, Anne (sculptor): information on, 1950-1955

Folder 20 Whittier, John Greenleaf: notes by LVR et al, n.d.

Folder 21 Wiers, Edgar Swan: “Sandpiper,” 1927

Folder 22 Woods, Robert A.: “Christian Quality” sermon, 1924

Folder 23 World War I: correspondence, 1918

II. Historical Scrapbooks (ca. 1900-1920)

This series contains scrapbooks made by various visitors to the Shoals around the turn of the century, alphabetically by surname. They are primarily composed of photographs of visitors to the islands, many of whom may have been conference participants. Of particular note is a hymnal from Star Island that Emma Marean transformed into a scrapbook that was transformed into a scrapbook. Emma Marean pasted various autographs of famous people who had written hymns or poems such as Longfellow, and Whittier. The correspondence that explains some of these signatures is also housed in this series.

Box 8A

Folder 1 Sandpiper Galley proofs by Rosamond Thaxter, 1962

Folder 2 Sandpiper Galley proofs by Rosamond Thaxter, 1962

Box 9

Folder 1 Adams, Emily, ca. 1900

Folder 2 Adams, Emily, 1902-1906

Folder 3 Andrews, Katherine, 1915-1938

Folder 4 Brasted, Eleanor, 1914

Folder 5 Burrage, Marion and Edith, 1916, 1925

Folder 6 Bush, Mary, 1927

Folder 7 Dunn, Charles, 1881

Box 10

Folder 1 Joyce, Clarence, 1923

Folder 2 Marean, Emma Endicott: Isles of Shoals Hymn Book and Candlelight Service (Isles of Shoals Association, 1908) autographs, ca. 1908

Folder 3 Marean, Emma Endicott: correspondence regarding autographs, ca. 1908

Folder 4 McIver, Mabel: scrapbook #1, ca. 1910

Folder 5 McIver, Mabel: scrapbook #2, n.d.

McIver, Mabel: scrapbook #3 OVERSIZE, n.d.

Nichols, Millie: scrapbook OVERSIZE, 1920-1930

III. Star Island Corporation Records (1897-1965)

This series contains numerous subseries pertaining to the development and operation of the Star Island Corporation (SIC). The material describes the various functions of the corporation including the summer conferences. SIC also acted as an umbrella organization to smaller groups such as the Isles of Shoals Congregational Corporation, Isles of Shoals Unitarian Association, and the Unitarian Summer Meeting Association. Some subseries occupy only part of a box. The same box number may appear more than once.

A. Conferences

Nearly a dozen different conferences have folders in this series. Also included are the names of conference chairs, various finances, and reunions. In the Institute for Religion in the Age of Science, there are two runs circa 1953-1965. The first run appears to contain more printed material such as bibliographies and member lists; the second run appears to contain mostly correspondence. There is some overlap in each group. For more information on the conferences see Fred McGill’s book Something Like a Star.

Box 11 (Conferences by name)

Folder 1 All Star, ca. 1940-1949

Folder 2 All Star, 1950-1958

Folder 3 All Star, 1959-1964

Folder 4 Alliance, 1924-1949

Folder 5 Alliance, 1950-1958

Folder 6 Appalachian Mountain Club, 1951

Folder 7 Camp Farthest Out, 1940-1950

Folder 8 Coming Great Church, 1950, Jan. to June

Folder 9 Coming Great Church, 1950, July to Dec.

Folder 10 Coming Great Church Sermons, ca. 1950

Folder 11 Coming Great Church, 1951

Folder 12 Coming Great Church, 1952-1954

Folder 13 Laymen’s League, 1922-1950

Folder 14 Layman’s League, 1951-1955

Folder 15 No Program Week

Folder 16 People’s League for World Order, 1947-1950

Box 12

Folder 1 People’s League for World Order, 1951-1960

Folder 2 Star Island Religious Institute, 1961

Folder 3 World Fellowship, includes a list of correspondents, 1947

Folder 4 Youth Conferences –Register, ca. 1921-1926

Folder 5 Conference Chairmen, 1897-1959

Folder 6 Correspondence Various, 1927-1929

Folder 7 General Report and Finances 8 Reunions, 1928

Folder 8 Reunions, 1925-1959

B. General Office Files

This subseries contains material from the other organizations related to SIC. These are the Isles of Shoals Congregational Corporation, Isles of Shoals Unitarian Association, and the Unitarian Summer Meeting Association. The organizations are listed alphabetically with material arranged chronologically for each. Box 13 is half-size (2 1/2 linear inches).

Box 12

Folder 9 Isles of Shoals Congregational Corporation, 1934-1949

Folder 10 Isles of Shoals Congregational Corporation, 1950-1958

Folder 11 Isles of Shoals Congregational Corporation, 1960-1965

Folder 12 Development Committee, ca. 1924-1963

Box 13

Folder 1 Development Committee, ca. 1924-1963

Folder 2 Isles of Shoals Unitarian Association, 1930-1964

Folder 3 Unitarian Summer Meeting Association: Registration, 1897

Folder 4 Unitarian Summer Meeting Association: Financial, 1920-1924

Folder 5 Unitarian Summer Meeting Association: General, 1922-1926

Folder 6 Unitarian Summer Meeting Association: Ephemera, 1924, 1928

C. Financial Statements

Financial Statements are filed chronologically beginning in 1930 and then almost consecutively from 1947-1966. Auditor’s Report, 1929-1938 is also included.

Box 14

Folder 1 Financial Statements, 1930

Folder 2 Financial Statements, 1940

Folder 3 Financial Statements, 1947

Folder 4 Financial Statements, 1948

Folder 5 Financial Statements, 1949

Folder 6 Financial Statements, 1950

Folder 7 Financial Statements, 1951

Folder 8 Financial Statements, 1952

Folder 9 Financial Statements, 1953

Folder 10 Financial Statements, 1954

Folder 11 Financial Statements, 1955

Folder 12 Financial Statements, 1956

Folder 13 Financial Statements, 1957

Folder 14 Financial Statements, 1958

Folder 15 Financial Statements, 1959

Folder 16 Financial Statements, 1960

Folder 17 Financial Statements, 1961

Folder 18 Financial Statements, 1962

Folder 19 Financial Statements, 1962 (sic)

Folder 20 Financial Statements, 1965

Folder 21 Financial Statements, 1966

Folder 22 Financial Statements, n.d.

Folder 23 Auditor’s Report, 1929-1938

D. Institute of Religion in the Age of Science

A major conference at the Shoals. Most of the folders contain the following materials: “Exploratory Studies on Empiric Approaches to Religion; “Correspondence; Mailing Lists; Bibliographies (Spring and Fall); Minutes of the Annual Meeting; Abstracts of Papers. These are listed by year in one box. Conference correspondence, also by year, is housed in another box with many of the dates overlapping.

Box 14

Folder 24 Various papers, 1952-1953

Folder 25 Various papers, 1955

Folder 26 Various papers, 1956

Folder 27 Various papers, 1957

Folder 28 Various papers, 1958

Folder 29 Various papers, 1959

Folder 30 Various papers, 1960

Folder 31 Various papers, 1961

Folder 32 “A Psychocultural Approach to Religion and Science” by Lawrence K. Frank. Abstracts of various conference papers Roster of MembersPATICCASAMUPPADA-The Chain of Causation “Life in the Universe”

Box 15

Folder 1 Star Beacon publication, 1956-1958

Folder 2 Conference correspondence, 1954

Folder 3 Conference correspondence, 1955

Folder 4 Conference correspondence, 1956

Folder 5 Conference correspondence, 1957

Folder 6 Conference correspondence, 1958

Folder 7 Conference correspondence, 1959-1960

Folder 8 Conference correspondence, 1961

Folder 9 Conference correspondence, 1962

Folder 10 Conference correspondence, 1963-1965

Folder 11 Conference correspondence, 1966

E. Fund raising

Items related to fund raising for SIC, include material arranged by conference name, and by annual contributions. The order of the fundraising files has been preserved from the Lyman Rutledge Collection. Its ordering principle is unknown; therefore, there are some files out of chronological order.

Box 16

Folder 1 All Star, 1950-1952

Folder 2 Alliance (general), 1950-1952

Folder 3 American Unitarian Youth, 1950-1952

Folder 4 Coming Great Church, 1950-1952

Folder 5 Congregational, 1950-1952

Folder 6 Contributions, 1926-1946

Folder 7 Contributions, 1933-1946

Folder 8 Contributions, 1946-1947

Folder 9 Contributions, 1947

Folder 10 Contributions, 1947-1948

Folder 11 Contributions, 1950

Folder 12 Contributions, 1950

Folder 13 Contributions, 1949-1950 June

Folder 14 Contributions 1950 July – 1951

Folder 15 Contributions, Maintenance, and Construction, 1935-1961

Folder 16 Letter Writing Contest Appeal, 1951

Folder 17 Religious Education, 1950-1952

Folder 18 World Order, 1950-1952

Folder 19 Fundraising, 1950

Folder 20 Fundraising, 1950

Folder 21 Fundraising, 1951-1954

F. Living History (all ca. 1958)

A project begun by Lyman Rutledge around 1958, but left in this form. He sent out templates to numerous people asking for their memories of Star Island and the conferences. They are housed alphabetically by correspondent’s surname and numbered by his numbering system.

Box 17

Folder 1 Living History Correspondence Forms A 1-12, 1958

Folder 2 Living History Correspondence Forms B 13-55

Folder 3 Living History Correspondence Forms C 56-83

Folder 4 Living History Correspondence Forms D 83A-98

Folder 5 Living History Correspondence Forms E 99-103

Folder 6 Living History Correspondence Forms F 104-121

Folder 7 Living History Correspondence Forms G 122-140

Folder 8 Living History Correspondence Forms H 141-175

Folder 9 Living History Correspondence Forms I 177­

Folder 10 Living History Correspondence Forms J178-181

Folder 11 Living History Correspondence Forms K 182-194

Folder 12 Living History Correspondence Forms L 195-213

Folder 13 Living History Correspondence Forms M 214-228H

Folder 14 Living History Correspondence Forms N 229-235

Folder 15 Living History Correspondence Forms OPQ 236-257

Folder 16 Living History Correspondence Forms R 258-271

Folder 17 Living History Correspondence Forms S 272-297

Folder 18 Living History Correspondence Forms T 298-313

Folder 19 Living History Correspondence Forms U-V 314-318

Folder 20 Living History Correspondence Forms W 319-352

Folder 21 Living History Correspondence and Notes

G. Board of Directors

This series contains meeting minutes from 1928-1961. It also includes by-laws, presentations, financial information, analyses, reports from the Executive Director, and a folder of the Executive Directors correspondence 1947-1963 maintained in original order.

Box 18

Folder 1 Annual Meeting and By-laws, 1924-1954

Folder 2 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1928-1950

Folder 3 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1951

Folder 4 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1952

Folder 5 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1953

Folder 6 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1954

Folder 7 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1955

Folder 8 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1956

Folder 9 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1957

Folder 10 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1958

Folder 11 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1959

Folder 12 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1960

Folder 13 Meeting Minutes Board of Directors, 1960-1961

Box 19

Folder 1 Executive Director Presentations, 1924-1949

Folder 2 Executive Director Development Committee, 1920-1949

Folder 3 Executive Director Financials, 1946-1949

Folder 4 Executive Director Financials, 1950

Folder 5 Executive Director Financials, 1951

Folder 6 Executive Director Financials, 1952-1953

Folder 7 Executive Director Analysis and Report, 1931-ca. 1951

Folder 8 Executive Director Analysis and Report, ca. 1950

Folder 9 Executive Director Correspondence, 1947-1963

H. Alphabetical Office File, ca. 1937-1944

This is an odd subseries of uncertain research value. It consists of folders identified by letter and dates. It does not seem to be a complete file system, but does contain a number of pieces of correspondence. The material is in its original order.

Box 20

Folder 1 A, 1937, 1944

Folder 2 B, ca. 1931-1943

Folder 3 C, 1928, 1940

Folder 4 D, 1937, 1944

Folder 5 E, 1937, 1941

Folder 6 F, 1937, 1940

Folder 7 G, 1941, 1944

Folder 8 H, 1944

Folder 9 J, 1938

Folder 10 K, 1937, 1941

Folder 11 M, 1939

Folder 12 N, 1937, 1943

Folder 13 P, 1941

Folder 14 R, 1936-1942

Folder 15 S, 1941

Folder 16 T, 1944

I. Lyman Rutledge Scrapbooks

A series of eleven (?) volumes of scrapbooks under various headings. The section called Programs and Publicity has been taken apart and housed in acid-free folders for preservation. There are also some volumes called simply “Scrapbooks” which have also been taken apart and housed in folders, maintaining their original order. The volumes containing newspaper clippings, poetry, and songs have been preserved as is. They are very accessible the way they are now housed, and it is likely much of this information can be found on microfilm.

Box 21

Folder 1 Scrapbook Volume 1

Folder 2 Scrapbook Volume 2

Folder 3 Scrapbook Volume 3

Folder 4 Scrapbook Volume 4

Box 22

Folder 1 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1897-1922 Vol XI, 1897-1908

Folder 2 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1897-1922 Vol XI, 1910-1915

Folder 3 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1897-1922 Vol XI, 1916

Folder 4 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1897-1922 Vol XI, 1917-1922

Folder 5 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1923-1935 Vol. XII, 1923-1927

Folder 6 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1923-1935 Vol. XII, 1928-1931

Folder 7 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1923-1935 Vol. XII, 1932-1935

Folder 8 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1936-1947 Vol. XIII, 1936-1938

Folder 9 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1936-1947 Vol. XIII, 1939-1940

Folder 10 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1936-1947 Vol. XIII, 1941-1943

Folder 11 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1936-1947 Vol. XIII, 1944-1947

Box 23

Folder 1 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1948-1952 Vol. XIV 1948-1949

Folder 2 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1948-1952 Vol. XIV 1950-1951

Folder 3 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1948-1952 Vol. XIV 1952

Folder 4 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1953-1958 Vol. XV 1953-1954

Folder 5 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1953-1958 Vol. XV 1955-1956

Folder 6 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1953-1958 Vol. XV 1957-1958

Folder 7 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1959-1965 Vol. XVI 1959

Folder 8 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1959-1965 Vol. XVI 1960-1961

Folder 9 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1959-1965 Vol. XVI 1962-1963

Folder 10 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1959-1965 Vol. XVI 1964

Folder 11 Programs and Publicity Conferences 1959-1965 Vol. XVI 1965-1966

Unboxed Volumes of Newspaper Clippings, mounted in Scrapbooks

I Newsclippings 1876-1916

II Newsclippings 1917-1925

III Newsclippings 1926-1931

IV Newsclippings 1932-1946

V Newsclippings 1947-1966

VI Christian Register 1914-1926

VII Christian Register 1927-1959

Index to Newsclippings Vol. I-VII

Magazine Articles 1869-1965

IV. Printed Material

This section of the collection has not been processed yet. But a complete inventory is available and located in the Box List under Series 4. All located in one box, except as indicated for oversize material, as this part of the collection has not been thoroughly processed.

Armstrong, Robert. “The Isles of Shoals.” The New Hampshire Troubadour, 5 aune 1935).

Bigelow, Rev. E. Victor. Brief History of the Isles of Shoals off Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Star Island: Congregational Summer Conference, 1923. 3 copies.

Booth, Dr. Edwin Prince. “Religion in the Age of Science:” A Tract or the Times. Star Island: printed by the Industrial School for Crippled Children, 1954. 2 copies.

Bruce, H. AddBngton. “Isles of Romance.” The Shoreliner Magazine (Aug. 1952).

Brewster, Lewis W. The Isles of Shoals: Historical Sketch prepared/or the NH Weekly Publishers Association at their Summer Outing at Star Island, June 30July 3, 1905. Portsmouth: Press of Arthur G. Brewster, 1905. 2 copies.

_____________, Historical Souvenir of the Isles of Shoals, prepared for the N.H Weekly Publishers Association, on the occasion of their visit to Star Island in 1905. Revised 1910. Portsmouth: Press of Arthur G. Brewster, 1910. Format almost identical to the above. 2 copies.

Burt, Nathaniel. “Among the Isles of Shoals.” Lincoln-Mercury Times, 4 (May-June 1952).

_____________, “Among the Isles of Shoals.” New England Journeys, 2 “Ford Times Special Edition” (1954).

Chase, Theodora. “The Isles of Shoals.” The Granite Monthly, 44 (Mar. 1912).

Cornish, Louis C. The Story of the Isles of Shoals. An Address delivered on Star Island, July 15, 1916, upon the Occasion of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Unitarian Summer Meetings. Boston: Beacon Press, 1916. 4 copies.

_________, The Story of the Isles of Shoals (Illustrated). An Address first delivered on Star Island, July 15,1916, upon the Occasion o/the Twentieth Anniversary o/the Unitarian Summer Meetings, and repeated on the Thirtieth Anniversary, in 1926. Boston: Beacon Press, third printing, 1936.

The Days’ Doings (illustrated periodical). With illustrations and front-page article on “The Horror of the Isles,” Smuttynose murder. New York: The Days’ Doings Company, 29 Mar. 1873.

Fowler-Billings, Katharine. Geology of the Isles of Shoals. Concord: N.H. State Planning and Development Commission, 1959.

Frederick, Elizabeth H. “Fifty Years of Fellowship: An Anniversary for Star Island.” The Register·Leader of the Unitarian Universalist Association, 148 (Apr. 1966).

Freeman, Effie C. “The Isles of Shoals.” Down East, (June 1958).

Gage, William Leonard. The Isles of Shoals in Summer Time. Hartford: The Case, Lockwood, & Brainard Co., 1875.

Gooding, Alfred, and Lucius Harrison Thayer. Two Addresses, delivered in the South Church, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, February 14 and 15, 1926, on the One Hundredth Anniversary of Its Dedication. “The Three Churches of the South Parish” by Gooding, and “An Address of Congratulation” by Thayer. Portsmouth: The Randall Press, 1926.

Greeley, Rev. Dana McLean. The Church of the Free Spirit. Preached at Star Island, Isles of Shoals, N.H Boston: General Alliance of Unitarian and Other Liberal Christian Women, n.d.

Griffin, Frederick R. The Most Precious Gifts ofLife: Five Star Island Chapel Addresses. Boston: General Alliance, 1935. 3 copies.

Hall, Rev. Newton M. Diversities ofGifts: Sermon. Boston: Star Island Corporation, 1916. 2 copies.

Hazen, Henry A. “Ministry and Churches of New Hampshire.” The Congregational Quarterly, 17 (Oct. 1875).

Horgan, Tom, and Luis Marden. “Down East Cruise.” The National Geographic Magazine, 102 (Sept. 1952).

Hutchinson, Robert James. Star Island Lectures on “Some Applications ofPsychology to Life. ” Boston: Committee on Religious Education of the General Alliance of Unitarian and Other Liberal Christian Women, 1928. 3 copies.

Institute of Religion in an Age of Science: A Ten·Year View, 1953·1963. Brookline, MA: Institute of Religion in an Age of Science, 1963.

Isles of Shoals offPortsmouth, New Hampshire: A Vacationland. Small illustrated brochure, n.d. 2 copies.

Lawrance, Mary. The Choice of Youth: A Devotional Pageant for Liberal Young People. Boston: Young People’s Religious Union, [1920s?j.

Livermore, Mary A. “Celia Laighton Thaxter.” The Perry Magazine, 3 (Apr. 1901).

Lowell, James Russell. “Pictures from Appledore.” The Perry Magazine, 4 Gune 1902).

Margenau, Henry E. The New View of Man in His Physical Environment. Offprint from The Centennial Review ofArts & Science, Vol. 1, No.1, Winter 1957.

Martin, Arthur E. It Could Happen at the Isles of Shoals. Committee for Regional Oil Planning, n.d.

Mather, Kirtley F. The Impact of Science up on Religion. Boston: American Unitarian Association, n.d. (offprint from the Harvard Alumni Bulletin).

Metcalf, H.H. “The Story ofthe Isles of Shoals.” The GraniteMonthly, 46 (Aug. 1914).

Morison, Amelia E. The Decalogue ofMotherhood. Boston: Alliance of Unitarian Women, n.d.

Neagle, Marjorie Spiller. “Appledore –Maine’s ‘House of Entertainment. ‘” Down East, 9 Guly 1963).

________. “The Spirit of the Shoals.” United Church Herald, 7 (15 June 1964).

________. “StarIsland.” Travel, 120 (Sept. 1963).

Pearson, Edmund. “The Moonlight Murders on the Isles of Shoals.” True Detective Mysteries, 16 (Oct. 1931).

Penrose, Charles, Jr. “They Live on a Rock in the Seal” The Isles ofShoals in Colonial Days. New York: Newcomen Society in North America, 1957.

The Portsmouth Book. Boston: George H. Ellis, printer, [1899].

The Portsmouth Times Portsmouth 29 July 1914, 1st page only (Dedication of Tucke obelisk at Star Island.) Encapsulated. OV l1.10

The Seacoaster Portsmouth: Richard C. Dawson, ed. & pub. (weekly) 12 Aug. 1950 (Vol. 1, no. 7) FL 4.12

Seventh Report of the Directors ofthe Society for Promoting Religious Instruction at the Isles of Shoals. [Newburyport?, 1829]

Shurtleff, Ernest W. The Shadow of the Angel. Plymouth, MA: Church of the Pilgrimage, 1895.

Some Newtonville Homes. Newtonville, MA: The Newtonvilled Improvement Association, J.R. Prescott, 1913.

Star Island Chronicles (Unitarian). First Issue by Jessie E. Donahue. Concord, NH: Rumford Press, 1916. 4 copies.

The Summer Cloud Portsmouth: George H. Sanderson (weekly) 22 July 1891 (Vol. 2, no. 2) Lg. OV Newspaper Box

Taber, Wendell. In Memoriam: Arthur Cleveland Bent. Offprint from The Auk, 72 (Oct. 1955). With an inscription from the author.

________, “The Isles of Shoals.” Bulletin ofthe Maine Audubon Society, 11 (Oct. 1955).

[Thaxter, Celia.] “Among the Isles of Shoals.” The Atlantic Monthly, 25 (May 1870). Thaxter, Celia. “An Early Letter by Celia Thaxter, discovered by Miss M.H. Jewell.” Old-Time New England, 37 (Apr. 1947).

_______, “The Sandpiper.” Our Young Folks, 2 (Feb. 1865).

Third Annual Report of the Directors of the Society for Promoting Religious Instruction in the Isles of Shoals. October 27,1824. Newburyport: Herald Office by Ephraim W. Allen, 1824. 4 pgs.

The Voice of the Island. First presented at a Candlelight Service during R.E. Week at Star Island, July 1953. Mimeographed typescript and illustrations.

Weis, Frederick Lewis. The Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians and Others in NorthAmerica, incorporated 19 November 1787. Dublin, N.H.: The Society, 1953.

Westbrook, Perry D. “Celia Thaxter.” Down East, 4 (June 1958). “Thaxter’s Controversy with Nature.” The New England Quarterly, 20 (Dec. 1947).

Williams, Mrs. John R. Ninety·Five Years at the Shoals: A Pageant. n.p., 1934. 2 copies.

Wood, Pauline. Shoals Reveries. n.p., 1935.

J.W. “Appledore.” The Atlantic Monthly, 41 (Feb. 1878).

V. Music (temporarily filed in “cataloged printed material” box.)

Adams, A. Emmett, and lyrics by Douglas Furber. The Bells of St. Mary’s. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd., 1917. On inside of back age is taped “Follow the Gleam.”

Aylward, Florence, and lyrics by Charles G. Mortimer. Follow the Gleam. Boston: Oliver Ditson Co., 1927.

Baldwin, Ralph L., and E.W. Newton. Standard Patriotic Songs of Twenty·One Different Countries. Boston: Ginn and Co., 1913.

Bland, James A. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny. Boston: Oliver Ditson Co., 1920. On back is pasted “We Praise Thee, God.”

Bland, James A. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny. Boston: Oliver Ditson Co., 1920. On cover, “Sung with great success by Alma Gluck.” Filed inside is a typescript lyrics for “Carry Me Back to Old Star Island” by Minnie Ward Jackson, dated Oct. 1925; printed lyrics on sheet music are inked out and the Star Island lyrics are written in.

Chadwick, G.W., and lyrics by Oscar Leighton. Sweet Wind that Blows. Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1885.

Chattaway, Thurland, and lyrics by Kerry Mills. Red Wing, “An Indian Fable.” New York: Paull-Pioneer, 1939. On back is taped “0 Beautiful for Spacious Skies.”

Community Songs to Enrich the Leisure Time Opportunities ofthe Community. Boston: Community Service of Boston, Inc., n.d., 2 pgs. folded 4to.

The Ditson Collection of Ten Traditional Carols for Christmas. Boston: Oliver Ditson Co., 1914.

Dvorak, Anton, and lyrics by William Arms Fisher. Goin’ Home, from the largo of the New World Symphony. Philadelphia: Oliver Ditson Co., 1922.

Elgar, Edward, and lyrics by Arthur C. Benson. Land of Hope and Glory. New York: Boosey & Hawkes, Inc., 1902. On last lyrics, new lyrics are added in pencil.

Everybody Sing Ditson ‘s Community Song Sheet. Boston: Oliver Ditson Co., n.d., 12 pgs. 2 copIes.

Foster, Stephen C. Beautiful Dreamer. Chicago: Calumet Music Co., 1936.

Foster, Stephen. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (I Dream ofJeanie). Chicago: Calumet Music Co., 1939. Photo of Dale Evans on cover, “over W.B.B.M.-Chicago Columbia Broadcasting System.”

Lohr, Hermann, and lyrics by D. Eardley-Wilmot. Little Grey Home in the West. Chappell & Co., Ltd., 1911.

Mason, Rose d’ Amore. Five Shoal Pieces for Children for Piano. Washington, D. c.: Droop’s Music House, 1943. Two of the pieces are inspired by Celia Thaxter’s poetry.

Penn, Arthur A. Smilin’ Through. New York: M. Witmark & Sons, 1918.Rodgers, Richard, and Oscar Hammerstein, II. Oh, What a Beautiful Momin ‘. From Oklahoma. New York: Williamson Music, Inc., 1943.

Rogers, Clara Kathleen, and lyrics by Oscar Leighton. The Clover Blossoms. Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1882.

Schertzinger, Victor. Marchita (A Love Song of Old Mexico). New York: Kay and Kay Music Publishing Co., 1913. Shilkret, Nathaniel, and lyrics by Gene Austin. The Lonesome Road. New York: Popular Melodies, Inc., 1928.

Shoals Songs. Various authors. N.p., 8 pgs. 2 copies.

Star Island Melodies: Prize Songs from the Shoals. Various authors. N.p., [1930], 4 pgs. 2 copies.

Twenty·Five Hymns for use in Time of War. Boston: Beacon Press, [ca. 1915]. On cover, signatures of thirteen people, probably from Shoals Unitarian conference, dated 1917.

Vannah, Kate. Good·bye, Sweet Day. Boston: White-Smith Music Publishing Co., 1919. Vannah’s photograph on cover.

Weatherly, Fred. E. Danny Boy. New York: Boosey & Hawkes, Inc., 1918.

Whiting, Richard A., and lyrics by Raymond B. Egan. Till We Meet Again. New York: Remick Music Co., 1918.

VI. Maps

Various maps of the Shoals and the surrounding areas. These maps are housed in the Portsmouth Athenaeum flat files according to size. This has resulted in a distribution of the maps into a number of locations. They are listed after the list for series 6 chronologically with their locations identified. FL= Flatbox; LM = Large Map case; OV = Oversize folders; SM= Small map case located in attic.

1841 “Isles of Shoals.” Printed map, published in New York by E. & G.W. Blunt for the American Coast Pilot, 14th edition. Shows the islands, the shoals surrounding the islands, and soundings in the areas between the islands. FL 4.14

1908 “Plan of land on Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals, Portsmouth, N.H.” Printed map. Shows entire island divided into plots with roads, except for “Appledore Hotel Reservation,” as if to develop the island with houses. F.A. Gay, civil engineer;].L. Arnott, resident engineer; A.]. Harty, del. Printed by Edward T. Harrington Co. (Exclusive Agents), Boston. 2 copies: one more browned, some edges repaired with archival tissue, encapsulated; 2nd copy has Harrington’s name at bottom printed in red ink. C-273 (OV 13.2)

1916 “New Hampshire -Maine/ Dover Quadrangle.” Printed map, color. U.S. Geological Survey map, featuring all the areas surrounding Great Bay. Printed in Washington. Encapsulated. Green crayon line crisscrossing the map; pencilled distances from the Shoals to a number of destinations on the map written in right-hand margin. C-288 (OV 13.1)

1926 “Reconnaissance Map of the Isles of Shoals (off Portsmouth, N.H., U.S.A.).” Blueprint. Drawn by H.W. McPerson, Chicago. Shows islands with numerous identifying landmarks. 2 copies: one is encapsulated, and the other has written on top a numbered grid in red pencil. C-280 (LM 36)

1927 “Map of the Isles of Shoals formerly known as Smiths Iles.” Printed map, color. Drawn by Elizabeth Shurtleff, copyrighted by Jessie Donahue. Decorative map, showing islands with numerous historic landmarks and cartouches. 2 copies: one very faded, mounted on board. C-270 (SM-33)

1929 “Plan of a Portion of Appledore Island –Isles of Shoals, York County –Maine.” Blueprint by C.E. Dodge, University of New Hampshire, from a 1908 plan by F.A. Gay. Shows portion of island, crisscrossed with new roads, showing “Appledore Hotel Reservation” and some new lots (for homes?) drawn in. See also above 1908 Gay map. C-293 (LM 37)

1930 “Isles of Shoals.” Printed map. U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey map, showing soundings and physical characteristics of the Shoals. Printed in Washington. Encapsulated. C-291 (OV 13.1)

[1930 ca.] Untitled U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey map, showing all of the coastline from York Harbor to Cape Ann, MA, and Isles of Shoals. Right-hand edge has been torn off. Encapsulated. On middle left-hand side, green crayon line has been drawn showing in pencil distances from the Shoals to mainland destinations. C-298 (LM 38)

1931 Plan of Star Island, Cedar Island, and Smuttynose Island. Blueprint-style print, rose-colored ink on a cream paper. Surveyed by T.R. Meyers and P.F. Allen, July 1930, with marine data from USC&GS charts. Shows topographical information about islands, with footprints of buildings drawn on, plus soundings. Pencilled overdrawing to correct information. Encapsulated. C-296 (LM 37)

1931 Plan of Lunging Island, showing cable area running underwater nearby. Blueprint-style print, rose-colored ink on a cream paper. Surveyed by T.R. Meyers and P.F. Allen, July 1930, with marine data from USC&GS charts. Shows topographical information about island, with footprints of buildings drawn on, plus soundings. Few pencilled overdrawing to correct information. Encapsulated. C-294 (LM 37)

1932 “New Hampshire -Massachusetts/ Exeter Quadrangle.” Printed map, color. U.S. Geological Survey map, showing seacoast area towns from Newbury to Rye, and as far west as Exeter and West Newbury. Printed in ashington. Encapsulated. Green crayon line crisscrossing the map; pencilled distances from the Shoals to a number of destinations on the map written in right-hand margin. C-289 (OV 13.1)

1936 “Gosport Town. General Pl

an.” Blueprint by Kilham, Hopkins & Greeley, architects, 24 Dec. 1936 ($1788). Shows part of Star Island with footprints of hotel, church, cemetery, tennis court, and other buildings. Encapsulated. C-297 (SM-32)

1936 “Study of Dormitories, Star Island.” Blueprint plan by W.R. Greeley of Kilham, Hopkins & Greeley, architects, 5 Oct. 1936. Shows part of island with plans for additions to hotel complex. Encapsulated. C-284 (SM-32) /

1937 “Part of Star Island 1937.” Manuscript(?) plan on linen, showing locations of hotel and buildings on the island. Encapsulated. Currently on display in Athenaeum mezzanine 1997.1939 Front elevation for Star Island building. Blueprint of architectural drawing by Kilham, Hopkins & Greeley, architects, 3 Jan. 1939. Encapsulated. C-286 (SM-32)

1939 Plot plan for three new Star Island buildings to be added near hotel. Blueprint plan by Kilham, Hopkins & Greeley, architects, 3 Jan. 1939. Shows some topographical information about land. Encapsulated. C-285 (SM-32)

193? “Map of Star Island, Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire.” Blueprint plan of island by Kilham, Hopkins & Greeley, architects. Shows footprint of buildings and reserved “area for cottages.” C-277 (SM-33)

1943 “Street Map of Portsmouth, N.H.” Printed map, published by the Seacoast Regional Development Association and prepared by the N.H. State Planning & Development Commission. Shows streets south to Foye’s Corner, west to Pannaway Manor, and north to Wentworth Acres and Atlantic Heights. C-278 (OV 13.1)

1944 “Hampton Quadrangle.” Printed map, color. U.S. Geological Survey map, showing seacoast area towns from Seabrook to Rye, and as far inland as Hampton Falls and North Hampton, and showing locations of houses. Printed in Washington. Encapsulated. C-292 (SM-32)

1949 “Kittery Quadrangle.” Printed map, color. U.S. Geological Survey map from 1944,.· showing all coast area from York to Rye Harbor, with detailed information about Kittery and New Castle. Portsmouth does not appear. Encapsulated. C-282 (SM-33)

1953 “Map of Star Island, Isles of Shoals, N.H. drawn by the ‘Island Rangers,”’ Hand-drawn map reproduction (xerox?) done by a children’s group, whose signatures are affixed to bottom right-hand of map. Shows island with landmarks, and sites of buildings; in upper right-hand corner, a chart showing the pace distance of eight of the boys who participated in making the map. C-287 (LM 36)

1958 “Preliminary Survey of Area Behind Oceanic Hotel Kitchen Facilities, Star Island, New Hampshire.” Blueprint-style reproduction, purple ink on cream paper. Drawn by R.B. Lawrance from survey by Lyman V. Rutledge and A.W. Doolittle, and with data from R. Frost, W. Witherell, and R.B. Lawrance. Shows detailed architecture of rear of hotel, including kitchen, engineer’s pipe shop & tool shop, etc., with topographical information about land and written descriptions of the land. Encapsulated. C-283 (SM-33)

1959 “Star Island Corporation Utility Building, Revised Plan, July 17, 1959.” Architectural plan of building by R.V.R., with detailed illustrations of architectural details and written instructions. Encapsulated. C-295 (SM-32)

1965 “Shore Line and Mountains Visible from the Isles of Shoals, 1965.” Pencil drawing on tracing paper, probably by Lyman V. Rutledge. Shows Star Island at center bottom, with circular fan of visible locations and their distances. Reproduced on pg. 191 of The Isles a/Shoals in Lord and Legend by Rutledge (1965). C-271 (FL 4.11)

1965 “Portsmouth Harbor, Cape Neddick to Isles of Shoals.” Printed map, color. U.S. Geological Survey map, showing soundings in water. With inset map of coast slightly north of Cape Neddick; 2nd inset map of Portsmouth harbor, showing more detailed information around Seavey Island. Encapsulated. C-281 (LM) (missing)

1979 “Town of Gosport, 1857.” Printed map in brown ink on cream paper. Redrawn by Louise H. Tallman from a detail of the Rockingham County Map of 1857, and issued by the Rye Historical Society. Shows Star Island with geographical highlights and locations of named houses. 2 copies. C-272 (FL 4.11)

19?? “Star Island.” Manuscript map on two pieces of paper adhered together. Topographical map of part of the island, showing footprints of buildings. Possibly done by Lyman V. Rutledge, judging by handwriting. Encapsulated. C-290 (LM 37)

19?? Untitled map of Star Island. Ink drawing, with buildings and geographical highlights numbered but with no key. Probably done by Lyman V. Rutledge for his book, according to publisher’s notes at bottom left-hand corner. C-274 (OV 13.2)

19?? “Malaga and Smuttynose.” Ink-drawn map, with buildings and geographical highlights numbered but with no key. Probably done by Lyman V. Rutledge for his book, according to publisher’s penciled notes at bottom. C-275 (OV 13.2)

19?? “The Isles of Shoals.” Ink-drawn map of the islands, with state line dividing them between Maine and New Hampshire. Probably done by Lyman V. Rutledge for his book. C-276 (OV 13.2)

19?? “A Shopper’s Guide Map of Portsmouth.” Printed map in red and black by Community Advertising Co., Brookline, MA. Street map of Portsmouth with tourist attractions noted; advertisements of regional businesses surround the map and are located with red numbers on the map. Reverse has street index, photos of four historic houses, and descriptions of three historic houses. 2 copies. C-279 (OV 13.1)

Oversized MS Map Room

1900 ca. Isles of Shoals summer resort advertising poster [former number S698]. Poster has been conserved and is encapsulated.