Blue Strawbery Restaurant Scrapbook Collection , 1970-1994 – MS076

Blue Strawbery Restaurant Scrapbook Collection , 1970-1994 – MS076

Provenance: Gift of Ralph “Gene” Brown owner of the Blue Strawbery Restaurant

Citation: Blue Strawbery Restaurant Scrapbook Collection (MS076), Manuscript Collections, Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 1 linear ft (3 Hollinger boxes)

Access: No restrictions

Processed by: Lynn Aber and Irene Crosby in 2002

Scope and Content

The collection documents the Blue Strawbery, a restaurant in Portsmouth from 1970 to 1994. The collection consists of scrapbooks, which are arranged chronologically. The scrapbooks are not a business archive, but rather a collection of print material documenting the history of the restaurant. Items include reviews, advertisements, articles regarding the restaurant staff and owners, recipes, ephemera and a few photographs. The collection also contains information about another Portsmouth restaurant, Clarence’s Chowder House, founded by the owners of the Blue Strawbery, at the end of 1972. The original covers, many of which were damaged, have been removed.

Historical Timeline

1970 – Blue Strawbery is established on Ceres St. by Ralph Eugene “Gene” Brown and James Haller

1973 – Restaurant attains national prominence

1976 – Blue Strawbery owners establish the Lee-Fontaine Carriage House in Memphis, TN

1988 – James Haller leaves to become chef at Canterbury Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH

1994 – Restaurant is sold, later to become Lindberg’s Crossing

Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1 1970-1972 Restaurant opening

Folder 2 1973 First national reviews

Folder 3 1974 TV appearances of James Haller and partners

Folder 4 1975 Articles in Gourmet and TV Guide

Folder 5 1976 TV Guide article, Lee-Fountaine Carriage House, cooking classes for the blind, Theatre by the Sea

Folder 6 1977 Lee-Fountaine Carriage House, TV Guide article, The New Yorker article, Bon Appetit

Folder 7 1978 Waitress Marguerite Mathews (also of Pontine Movement Theater) article, closing of Lee-Fountaine Carriage House

Folder 8 1979 Calvin Trillin in “Alice, Let’s Eat”

Box 2

Folder 1 1980 TV Guide article, invitation to 10th anniversary celebration

Folder 2 1981 Jon Kimbell (Managing Director, Theatre by the Sea) article, Food and Wine article

Folder 3 1982 Benefit dinner for NH Association for the Blind, TV Guide article, photo of table setting

Folder 4 1983 NH Profiles article (Haller as Chef of the Year), wine list, article on Haller’s cuisine for the seriously ill

Folder 5 1984 Photos of Haller’s cuisine, articles on cuisine for the seriously ill, article by Haller for Food and Wine

Folder 6 1985 (Book 1) Benefit for Pontine Movement Theatre

Folder 7 1985 (Book 2) Boston Globe article, wine list, painting of Blue Strawbery by William Frank, Clarence’s Chowder House article, photos of restaurant’s Christmas decorations

Folder 8 1986 Photo of restaurant and part of Ceres Street, re-opening of James Haller’s Kitchen on Market Street

Box 3

Folder 1 1987 Benefit for Pontine Movement Theatre and other non-profits, interior photos of the restaurant, Portsmouth Press article regarding possible sale of the restaurant

Folder 2 1988 Photos of Portsmouth Athenaeum, Haller as the chef at Canterbury Shaker Village, sale of restaurant to co-owner Gene Brown

Folder 3 1989 Haller’s wholesale food and catering business in South Berwick, Maine

Folder 4 1990 20th anniversary, letters from Mayor Eileen Foley, letter from Jane Nylander (Director of Strawbery Banke), letter from Kitty Dukakis regarding the mentioning of the Blue Strawbery in her book Now You Know, photos of Ceres Street, the kitchen and dining room

Folder 5 1991 Photos of Market Square from New York Times

Folder 6 1992 Gourmet recipe, noted in German publication GEO

Folder 7 1993 Obituary of Bobby McLane, auction notice for the Oar House Restaurant

Folder 8 1994 Announcement of sale of restaurant, menu, article on Haller’s cookbook What to Eat When You Don’t Feel Like Eating, article regarding Marguerite Mathews, thank you notes from Gene Brown’s friends

Folder 9 1972 Material regarding Clarence’s Chowder House