Friday, May 12

5 p.m.

Sawtelle Reading Room


Join us for our Athenaeum Memorial Concert as we remember Proprietors who passed in 2022. Proprietor Mike Blair, Irish tenor, and Joe Prendergast, well-known guitarist, will perform, and Bill Wieting will present the names of members we lost, providing each a brief obituary.


Frank L. Dennett, Share 39
Barbara Hill, Share 312
William Dean Howells III, Share 377
Marcia Jebb, Share 23
Jane Molloy Porter, Share 88
Edmund Tarbell III, Share 115
John Udaloy, Share 84

Douglas Wheeler, Share 380

Due to limited seating in the Sawtelle Reading Room, we kindly ask you to RSVP by calling (603) 431-2538.