Whipple Traill Spence Collection, 1728-1809 – MS074

Whipple Traill Spence Collection, 1728-1809 – MS074

Provenance: The letters comprising MS74 were passed down from Mary (Whipple) Traill to daughter Mary (Traill) Spence then to her daughter Harriet Spence Lowell, and later to Frances Lowell Burnett (1914-2001) who donated them to the Portsmouth Athenaeum in 2001. Frances Lowell Burnett lived in Manchester-by-the-Sea , MA . Genealogy chart and transcriptions were done by donor.

Citation: Whipple Traill Spence Collection, MS074, Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 2 Hollinger boxes (1 linear foot)

Access: No restrictions

Processed by: Processed by Betsy Hamlin Morin in 2005

Scope and Content

The first part of the collection is orginal documents and transcriptions, the second part is photocopies and modern research materials including genealogy.

Biographical Note

Capt. William Whipple (1695-1751) married Mary Cutt (1699-1783), daughter of Robert Cutt & Dorcas Hammond, lived in Kittery, ME.

General William Whipple Jr. (1730-1785) Commander of the 2 nd Brigade, NH Militia, Delegate to Congress, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Married Catharine Moffat, lived in Moffat-Ladd House, Portsmouth 1770-1785.

Colonel Joseph Whipple (1737-1816) Brother of Gen. William, he was Capt. of NH Militia & Customs Collector. He married Hannah Billings, lived in Portsmouth & Dartmouth ( Hanover , NH )

Robert Traill (? – 1785?) Native of the Orkneys, Scotland . Royal Comptroller District of Piscataqua (1753?-1775) He married Mary Whipple (1728-1791) daughter of Capt. William Whipple. In 1775 Traill left his wife & daughter and fled to England . By 1782 he was appointed to the Customs House in Bermuda.

Keith Spence (? – 1826) Spence was a merchant in Portsmouth . He served onboard the Constellation and the Philadelphia from 1798-1805 in the West Indies and the Mediterranean. Was twice captured and released finally in 1805. He then went to Havana and moved to New Orleans where he served as Navy Agent from 1806-1810. He married Mary Traill (1753-1824) of Kittery, ME, daughter of Robert Traill.

Mary Traill Spence (1753-1824) was related to the Brackett, Whipple, and Lowell Families.

For further biographical information check the following sources:

Genealogical notes and secondary source copies in Box 2 of this collection, reference room files by last names Spence, Traill, & Whipple.


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Folder Listing

Box 1

Folder 1 William Whipple, Capt.(1695-1751)

One letter to Mrs. William [Mary Cutt] Whipple in 1728 plus letters to him, 1723-1737 Letters concern personal business and family matters. (6 items) Estate Papers, 1754-1755 (2 items)

07 Sept. 1728 Gibbs, Henry to Mrs. Whipple, William Sr. ( Boston to Kittery , Maine) Concerning loan of a “groaning chair” for her pregnancy

18 Sept. 1730 Fernald, Samuel (Blacksmith) to Capt. Whipple, William Sr. ( Kittery , ME) Agreement for blacksmith work on ship Robert Cutt is building

Folder 2-7 William Whipple Jr., General (1730-1785)

Correspondence, 1755-1785 (35 items) Early letters concern personal & family business. Revolutionary War correspondence covers, finance, military & naval matters, and public affairs. There are eight letters from Robert Morris, as well as letters to Josiah Brackett and Whipple’s brother Joseph. Whipple writes about the importance of elections and his thoughts on war and peace.

Folder 2

09 Dec. 1731 Pepperrell, William Jr. to Capt. Whipple, William Sr. ( Kittery , ME) Barrels of tar, pitch & tobacco

17 Jan 1732 Penhallow, John to Capt. Whipple, William Sr. ( Portsmouth to Cadiz) Thanks for attention to his son John Watts

28 Oct. 1734 Hughes, Jonathan to Capt. Whipple, William Sr. ( Virginia to Kittery , ME) Trade situation, mentions rum, pork, & corn

13 Feb. 1737 Sparhawk, Nathaniel to Capt. Whipple, William Sr. ( London to Kittery , ME) Books Whipple ordered

15 Nov. 1754 Whipple, William Jr. to —– ( no place) Listing funeral expenses for Capt. William Whipple, Sr.

20 May 1755 Whipple, Joseph Executor to —— ( Kittery , ME ?) Account of estate of Capt. William Whipple Sr.

20 May 1755 Moffit [sic], John to Whipple, William Jr. ( Portsmouth) Appointment master of the Brig Elizabeth bound for Antigua , cargo instructions, continue to England, Brig Exeter, Barbados, M. Fairchild, Capt. Comrin??

12 June 1758 Whipple, William Jr. to Whipple, Joseph (Col.) ( Portsmouth to Portsmouth) Mentions Mr. Trail, goods left with JW, waistcoat pattern, if he does not return show respect to “lady whose name I need not mention”, Aunt O.

28 July1758 Whipple, William Jr. to Whipple, Joseph ( Antigua to Portsmouth) Sailing to Jamaica , brother is better, Aunt O, Daniel Wentworth

16 Sept. 1759 Whipple, William Jr. to —- ( —-) Consignment of goods, Abraham Whitehead, receipt for clothing

undated Whipple, William Jr. to —- ( —-) Questions of admiralty law in Levin’s case

Folder 3

21 May 1775 Whipple, William Jr. to Whipple, Joseph ( Col. ) ( Portsmouth) Procuring an anvil, politics28 Dec. 1775 Sparhawk, Nathaniel? to Whipple, William Jr. ( Salem to Portsmouth) Intention to visit

16 Jan 1776 Sparhawk, John to Whipple, William Jr. ( Danbury to Portsmouth) Money owed Bro. Appleton at Haverhill , can be reached through Daniel Humphrey’s at New Haven

18 Feb. 1776 Whipple, William Jr. to Brackett, Joshua Dr. ( Hartford to Portsmouth) Report on conditions of journey to Cont. Congress, price of pork, flour, Mr. Sparhawk, Mr. Humphreys, & Mr. Henderson

11 May 1777 Whipple, William Jr. to [Brackett, Joshua Dr .] ( Philadelphia to Portsm.) Arrival of Amphitrite, frenchmen, Col. Conway, artillery officer speaks English, military supplies, internal enemies, counterfeiters, privateers, prisoners West Indies , Seine (Ship: France )

12 June 1778 Whipple, William Jr. to Brackett, Joshua Dr. ( Philadelphia to Portsm.) donor note original missing

Folder 4

21 Dec. 1778 Whipple, William Jr. to Brackett, Joshua Dr. ( Philadelphia to Portsm.) His health, activities at Congress, lack of exercise & social time, finance, marriage of Miss “T”?, lottery tickets

10 Jan 1779 Whipple, William Jr. to Brackett, Joshua Dr. ( Philadelphia to Portsm.) Freedom of elections critical for future generations

20 Jan 1779 Whipple, William Jr. to Brackett, Joshua Dr. ( Philadelphia to Portsm.) Public affairs, French treaty commissioners

05 Feb. 1779 Whipple, William Jr. to Brackett, Joshua Dr. ( Philadelphia to Portsm.) Public affairs

Folder 5

30 Apr. 1780 Whipple, William Jr. to Whipple, Joseph ( Col. ) ( Portsmouth to Dartmouth ??) General Court, Congress supplies for army, Marquis De Lafayette & ships, Col. Hurd, going to plantation

1781-1782 Whipple, William Jr. to ——- ( Philadelphia) Personal accounts at Cont. Cong.

11/1781 to 10/1782 barber, tobacco, spectacles, food, gloves, etc. & names of people

01 Apr. 1782 Whipple, William Jr. to Whipple, Joseph ( Col. ) ( Portsmouth to —–) Letter re: ineffectual government measures, purchase of clover seed, money owed by Carleton to Joseph W.

27 Oct. 1782 Whipple, William Jr. to Whipple, Joseph ( Col. ) ( Portsmouth to —–) Letter: Carleton’s debt, public business, Mr. Morris leaving for Trenton

01 Dec. 1782 Whipple, William Jr. to Whipple, Joseph (Col.) ( Trenton to Portsmouth) Letter mentions Capt. Moffat, Mr. Gilman

19 Dec. 1782 Whipple, William Jr. to Brackett, Josiah Dr. ( Trenton to Portsmouth) Letter: finish business in Trenton , visit Philadelphia , thoughts on peace & war

Folder 6

06 Jan 1784 Morris, Robert to Whipple, William Jr. ( Office of Finance, to Portsmouth) NH’s problems with finances, hopes Constitution will help

16 Jan 1784 Morris, Robert to Whipple, William Jr. ( Off. Finance, to Portsm.) $3,000 remitted by Mr. Lovell

24 Jan 1784 Morris, Robert to Whipple, William Jr. ( Off. Finance, to Portsm.) Payments due General Sullivan

26 Jan 1784 Hazen, Moses to Whipple, William Jr. ( Philadelphia) Petition for Hazen’s pay to be sent to Mr. Janis & Russell of Boston

06 Mar 1784 Morris, Robert to Whipple, William Jr. ( Off. Finance, to Portsm.) Payment due Lt. Germain Dienne? of Hazen’s Reg. witnessed by Charles Parsons, Elbert Wellett Jr. in Newburgh

06 Mar 1784 Morris, Robert to Whipple, William Jr. ( Off. Finance to Portsm.) Payment due Capt. Laurence Olivie Rogers signed by Major Anthony Selis?

Apr. 4, 1784 – 09 Mar 1784 Morris, Robert to Whipple, William Jr. ( Off. Finance to Portsm.) Problems for Sullivan & Hazen with NH Legislature, suggests sending recruits to aid in getting paid

12 Mar 1784 Morris, Robert to Whipple, William Jr. ( Off. Finance to Portsm.) Requests advertisement for the return of US military stores still in NH

Folder 7

2 July 1784 Whipple, William Jr. to NH Treasury ( Portsmouth) Authorizing payment to General Sullivan

30 July 1784 Whipple, William Jr. to Langdon, John ( Portsmouth) Authorizing payment to John Langdon, 3 pieces

17 Aug. 1784 Morris, Robert to Whipple, William Jr. ( Office of Finance, to Portsmouth) Payments to Hazen, Sullivan, & Langdon, thanks for WW’s services as Receiver

01 Sept. 1784 Hazen, Moses to Whipple, William Jr. ( Atkinson (VT/, NH?) to Portsmouth) Direction for payment to W. Nathaniel Peabody, Hazen mentions forwarding letter of R. Morris, but letter not included

06 Sept. 1784 Morris, Robert to Whipple, William Jr. ( Office of Finance, to Portsmouth) Langdon & Lovell arranged payment

01 Jan. 1785 Whipple, William Jr. to ( Portsmouth) Copy of accounts sent to Robert Morris

Folder 8 Joseph Whipple, Colonel (1737-1816)

Seven letters to him & one related item, 1771-1801 (items) Chiefly concern financial matters resulting from the Revolutionary War. Letter in 1796 from Oliver Wolcott asking for information concerning Ona Judge Stains, slave of Martha Washington, and requesting her return to the Washington family.

16 Sept. 1771 William Palbry to Whipple, Joseph ( Col. ) ( Boston) Thanks to WP for making inquiry, mentions Mr. Henderson

c. 1775/76 unknown to Whipple, Joseph ( Col. ) ( Haverhill , MA ?/NH ? mentions Grafton Cty) Fragments only: Mentions “your brother General Whipple” & Brackett elected to Congress, Constitution art. 3, Dr. Wheelock, Wm. Nason, Esq. Simpson, James Bayley, Mr. Payne, the grants west of the Conn. River, expedition to Canada, Gen. Stark, Col. Bedel

09 Jan. 1784 Thomson, Charles Sec. to Congress to Whipple, Joseph ( Col. ) ( Office of Finance to —–) Secretary’s notice of approval of $1,500 approved by Congress for memorial to Gen. Sullivan

July 31, 1781-22 Mar. 1786 Morris, Robert to Whipple, Joseph (Col.) ( Philadelphia to Portsmouth) Stipend for Receivers for 1782 owed to William Whipple mentions George Olney of R.I. & expresses concern for death of WW

05 July 1786 Arthur Lee to Whipple, Joseph (Col.) ( New York to Portsmouth) Payment owed WW as Receiver, commendations for WW, Richard Henry Lee

26 Feb. 1793 Hurd, John to Pearson, Jos. Sec. of State of NH ( Boston to Exeter) Court claim against G. Wentworth by John Peirce, Mr. Bigelow, & Dr. Josiah Brackett

01 Sept. 1796 Wolcott, Oliver to Whipple, Joseph (Col.) ( Philadelphia to Portsmouth) Asks JW to search for Martha Washington’s missing “servant” [Ona Stains Judge] and return her on the next vessel

24 Mar. 1801 Langdon, John to Whipple, Joseph ( Col. ) ( Boston to Portsmouth) JL thanks JW for “the honor” and tells of travel plans to Portsmouth

21 Mar. 1814 Whipple, Joseph ( Col. ) to Bradley, Jeremiah ( Portsmouth to York , ME) JW to Bradley, Collector of York, ME re: embargo law of 1813

Folder 9 Field reports, Aug.-Sept., 1781 (3 items)

Reports from Dartmouth/Jefferson, NH concerning troops and supplies.

14 (24?) Aug., Aug. 27, & Sept. 1 1781 Whipple, Joseph (Col.) to Johnston, Charles Lt. Col.; Page, David Lt. Col. ( Dartmouth/) three field reports on one sheet, mentions Lt. Stearns, seeks news of enemy, requests stoneworkers; Page mentions Lt. Walker, Lovejoy & Wilson, Hill & George, & John Chase scouting parties

27/8 Aug1781 Whipple, Joseph (Col.) to Peverly & Eames (Dartmouth) Field report: Lt. Stearns, Conway volunteers, Lake Umbagog, waiting for men, asks advice on guides, supplies from Mr. Treadwell’s farm

05 Sept. & 10 Sept. 1781 Whipple, Joseph ( Col. ) to Peverly (Dartmouth) Field reports: mentions Mr. Fellows, needs men, grain, beef, & supplies, Lt. Stearnsn.d.

Folder 10-14 Robert Traill (? – ca. 1785)

Correspondence, 1750’s – 1785 (25 items) Early letter concerning politics in the Orkneys, shipping business, the Stamp tax, the return of Duke, a runaway slave, in 1769, customs house business in Portsmouth and later in Barbados, concerns about his nephew Charles Stewart [Steuart], and descriptions of problems for Tories in Boston and his problems reestablishing himself in England and Bermuda.

Folder 10

07 Nov. 1758 Traill, Robert to Whipple, Joseph ( Portsmouth to Newbury) Requests JW to purchase geese & ducks, mentions Mr. Hughes, Capt. Price

17 Jan. 1759 E. Hessbridge? to Traill, Robert ( Northampton England to London) Thank you & payment of note to Mr. Richardson

18 Feb. 1761 Traill, Robert to Atkinson, Theodore ( Portsmouth to Portsmouth) Mortgage deed for buildings & land witnessed by Joseph Barrell, D. Peirce & signed by Robert & Mary Traill

26 Oct. 1762 Ross, Alexander to Traill, Robert ( Falmouth to “Piscalaway” [sic]) Mentions Capt. Wormerley, ? Waite suggestions for ship’s cargo & destinations including Boston , Orkneys, New Castle , Holland , etc. Mentions Esq. Bell, Mr. Cleggets, Capt. Todd

07 Apr. 1763 Temple , J. to Traill, Robert ( Boston to) “ship Joseph”, Mr. Call

21 Mar. 1766 Dana, Edward to Traill, Robert ( London to) Stamp tax, Dana has asked about Miss Smith, mentions Dr. Hall Jackson

20 May 1769 Hurd, William to Traill, Robert ( Portsmouth to) Request for assistance in shipping wine from Boston

Folder 11

17 July 1769 Tucker, Stephen or William?? to Traill, Robert ( Charlestown to ?) Invoice for expenses of picking up runaway slave, Duke, belonging to Capt. James Holland or Robert Traill in Portsmouth

30 Oct. 1769 Traill, Robert to “Dear Sir”, his cousin ( Portsmouth to London) Re: death of Mr. McClean, collector from Montique Bay, Jamaica while on Capt. Cordis’ ship just arrived in Portsmouth asks report of death to Sir Lawrence Dundass & mention of RT for collector in Montique Bay or St. Christopher

01 Jan. 1771 Bellow, Henry, ship Captain to Traill, Robert ( Gravesend to Portsm.) Wife inoculated, children left with Aunt & Uncle in Newberry, Reformer John Wilke, death of old Governor, marriage certificate by John Wentworth, debts, collector position in Carolina, Craven’s buildings in London

02 Mar. 1771 Traill, John to Traill, Robert ( Kirkwall to) re: Sir Lawrence Dundass, possible new position for RT, mentions nephew Charles Stewart recently married & Peter Traill made Captain

15 June 1772 Traill, John to Traill, Robert ( Kirkwall to Portsmouth) Sent via Capt. Donald Traill mentions nephew Mr. Craigue, Capt. John Watt, pieces of cloth sent by his wife

31 Dec. 1772 Customs House Circular to Traill, Robert ( Boston to Portsmouth) Printed Customs House notice re: enforcement of vessel registration laws

01 May 1773 Hall, Charles to Traill, Robert ( Barbados to Piscataqua) Notice of consignment of shipment of trunk for Peggy & Anne (Hall?), Capt. James Guppy & Warner’s schooner “Return”

Folder 12

28 Apr. 1774 Bourn, Melatiah to Traill, Robert ( Boston to Portsmouth) Jeremiah Green purchaser of land from RT’s late uncle Edward Emerson’s estate

10 Aug. 1775 Thyng, William to Traill, Robert ( Boston to ________) News from Boston mentions Mrs. Ross, wishes RT was safe from the “Tory headhunter”, mentions coming of Mr. Brown & Genl. Gage, Hitchburn & Samuel White caught carrying letters from the Continental Congress, prisoners on board the “Preston”, letters from

20 Dec. 1776 Greathead, Craister, Commander & Chief of all HM Leeward Caribee Islands, etc. to Flag Officers, Capts., Commanders, & other Commissioned Officers ( St. Christopher to various places) Authorization for Robert Niving, Master brigantine “Hannah” to sail to NY or other ports garrisoned by HM troops, attached manifest lists cargo of pork, ale, rum, shoes, shirts, soap, etc. cargo of William Robb [OVERSIZED]

10 Jan. 1778 Traill, John to Traill, Robert ( Kirkwall to ________) re: RT’s nephew Jack? raised by JT, mentions Charles Stewart & Capt. Balfour

4 Jan. 1781 Traill, William to Traill, Robert ( Hampstead , England) WT to his father concerning wt’s plans to travel to Carolina & business. Mentions Mr. Palmer, Mr. Lane, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Craige, Capt. Good, Doc. Little & Mrs. Mariner?? Appointment of Mr. Brown as Governor

10 Apr. 1781 Browne, George Lt. Governor to Traill, Robert ( Bermuda to ________) Demand for payment of expenses for care of US prisoners

13 Oct. 1781 Traill, Robert to George Browne ( Bermuda to Barbados) RT seeks support for Miss Hale (Hall?) & sister Anna Marie who are destitute due to “unfeeling father” John Hale (Hall?)

Folder 13

06 Sept. 1783 Traill, Robert to Steuart (sic), Charles ( Bermuda to) Petition in defense of accusations, problems with Customs House, Mr. Stiles Comptoller, Capt. Major, ship “ Carolina ”

29 Sept. 1783 Traill, Robert to Steuart, Charles ( Bermuda to) Continues defense against accusations re: Customs House Mr. Hallowell, Mr. Paxton, Mr. Burch, Mr. Henry Hulton, Governor Browne, Mr. Foot, Col. Henry Tucker, George & Paul Bascome, Mr. Cazneau, Mr. Quill, Harry Jacob Tucker.

20 Nov. 1783 Traill, Robert to Commissioner of the Treasury ( Bermuda to) Petition in defense of accusations, notes circumstances of leaving America and debt incurred while in England

20 Nov. 1783 Traill, Robert to Cooper , Gray [Bart.](Sir) ( Bermuda to) petition in defense of accusations, Laurence Dundass

20 Nov. 1783 Traill, Robert to Stewart, Charles ( Bermuda to) petition in defense of accusations

Folder 14

29 Feb. 1785 Reeve, Thomas to Traill, Robert ( ? to Bermuda) Discusses English prejudice, Mr. Lagorque?, Mr. Foot, advice to son-in-law on doing business in West Indies vs. Virginia or NC, suggests rum, Mrs. Traill sends thanks for garden seeds

25 Jun. 1785 Browne, George Governor to Traill, Robert ( Bermuda to Bermuda) Certification and testimonial of character of RT after his discharge as customs officer

15 Nov. 1785 Traill, Robert to Atkinson, George ( Bermuda to Portsmouth) Relief of mortgage, Mr. Spence, Mr. Martin, Jonathan Warner, debt, wine, backgammon table., Capt. Noldred from Lisbon, Earthquake, Theodore Atkinson Jr., Capt. John Nelson, sworn before Daniel Leonard ,Chief Justicen.d. William Needdum to Traill, Robert ( ? to Bermuda) re John Sch— pay & effects to go to Rev. Mr. Hutchinson, mentions Dr. Bell

Folder 15 Keith Spence (? – 1826)

Letters written by him, 1795 – 1809 (5 items) Letter chiefly to his wife Polly (Mary Traill Spence) concerning family matters and their children, son Robert Traill Spence, daughter, Louisa W. Spence, and son Grame? Keith Spence.

Feb. 1795 Spence, Keith to Spence, Robert Traill (KS’s son) ( Trinidad to ?) Liberty , bravery of the French, his education, suggests he learn French, mentions William & Foster

Aug. 4, 1801 Spence, Keith to Spence, Harriet B. (KS’s daughter) ( Washington City to ?) Discusses her staying at Judge Lowell’s , he misses her, hair & needlework she sent.

Feb. 12/14, 1802 Spence, Keith to Spence, Polly (Mary Traill Spence – KS’s wife) ( Philadelphia to Portsmouth) Mentions Maria & her sisters & brothers, son Robert’s education, money needed by Mrs. Spence, ship “Constellation”, Lt. Caldwell, poems of Mr. Sewell, dancing school, praises daughter says “she should have been the man”, Aunt Brackett & the Doctor, Col.

09 May 1808 Spence, Keith to Spence, Polly (Mary Traill Spence) ( New Orleans to Portsmouth) Apology, news of Robert in Navy

14 Oct. 1809 Spence, Keith to Spence, Polly (Mary Traill Spence) ( New Orleans to Portsmouth) Family finances, linen for shirts, news of Robert, H. Langdon, Harriet wants Polly to go to Boston

Folder 16 Miscellaneous (2 items)

Signature of B. Whipple; Harriet R. Burnett writing sample

undated B. Whipple to signature

undated Burnett, Harriet R. writing sample in her hand

Box 2 Notes, photocopied documents, & secondary source materials

Folder 1-2 Harriet R. Burnett, Genealogical notes vol. 1 & 2

Folder 3 Fanny C. Heffinger, Remembrances of Traill/Spence/Cutts/Whipple Families, 1933

Folder 4 Land and house photocopies of secondary sources most regarding the Spence house on State & Fleet Streets in Portsmouth, NH & the Whipple House in Kittery.

1734/35 Elisha Holbrooke, sailmaker, & Thomas Sewell, joiner, to William Whipple, Mariner

1735 John Mograge, joiner, Mark Pitman, barber, & wife, Sarah, for land in Kittery at Spruce Creek to William Whipple & Thomas Cutt

1741 James Webber, Kittery, to William Whipple, discharge of mortgage on Crooked Lane

1743 Thomas Cutt to William Whipple, Spruce Creek in Kittery

1746 Dorcas Cutt, widow of Robert Cutt, shipwright, to Willaim & his wife Mary Cutt Whipple, her daughter. Land previously owned by John Hoels.

1749 Dorcas Cutt to son-in-law, Rev. Joseph Whipple of Hampton Falls, & his wife Elizabeth Cutt, her daughter, for land in Berwick, ME.

1744/1751 John Downing , Newington, purchase of Thomas Baldwin’s two lots of Glebe land, #39 & #146, in Portsmouth and then their lease to Robert Traill.

1754 Mortgage of land to Robert Traill

1761 Robert Traill to Theodore Atkinson mortgage & discharge for Traill/Spence house in Portsmouth & land in Stratham.

1766 Robert Traill to Samuel Peach, merchant, William Grovenor, silkman, & Jeremiah Hill, malster of Bristol in Breat Britain, for two lots of Glebe land, #39 & #146, in Portsmouth.

1779 Robert Traill to Mary Traill Spence & Keith Spence for land in Portsmouth

1780 Joshua Brackett, physician, to Keith Spence for land in Portsmouth

1786 Richard Downing, of Newington, to Keith Spence for land & buildings (the Traill Spence house in Portsmouth

1797 Joshua Brackett, physician, to neice, Mary Spence, wife of Keith Spence, for

two lots of Glebe land, #39 & #146, in Portsmouth.

1824 Keith Spence, of Baltimore, Maryland, appoints Rev. Charles Lowell of Cambridge as attorney for stocks and sale of homestead on Fleet & State Streets in Portsmouth

1833 Charles Lowell to Leonard Cotton, Portsmouth merchant, for Old Brewery

1833 Charles Lowell to David Lowd for Old Brewery

1848 A. Carroll Spence & heirs to Thomas Fernald, et. al. for land & buildings in Portsmouth on State St.

Folder 5 Brackett Family, 1802 copy of will & inventory for Dr. Joshua Brackett (1735-1802).

Folder 6 Cutt Family: Robert Cutt, Robert (1666-1735) copy of will 1735, Dorcas Cutt , Mrs. Robert, Cutt (1674-1757),copy of will 1758, handwritten notes, & copies from printed genealogies.

Folder 7 Lowell Family: copies of articles on the Lowells including James Russell Lowell (1819-1891), copy of deed, 1771 J[ohn] Lowell (1743-1802), Newburyport merchant, to Patrick Tracy for dwelling in Newburyport. Handwritten notes.

Folder 8 Frances Lowell Burnett (1914-2001); Correspondence with Susan Sulloway of Kittery, ME and Florida re: Whipple/Traill/Spence genealogy & Harriet Winslow Lowell.

Folder 9 Spence Family: copies from US Navy & Marine Corps Register of Officer Personnel for Keith Spence (d. 1826) & Robert Traill Spence (dfl. 1795-1805). Probate materials for Mary Traill Spence (1753-1824) including will, inventory 1824.

Folder 10 Traill Family: printed NH Genealogical Record article from 1907 on the Traill & Spence families, typed genealogical notes.

Folder 11 Traill Family – the Orkneys, Scotland: Genealogy correspondence & notes

Folder 12 Traill Family – Blebo, Scotland: NH Gazette copies 1758 & other printed materials, correspondence & copies of maps. Copies of Power of Attorney for Robert Traill in 1763, recorded in 1795.

Folder 13 Traill Family, the Orkneys – Rousay Island & Westness House, the Traill Family seat. Copies of printed information.

Folder 14 Joseph Whipple (1737-1816): Copies of his probate papers, 1805 will, inventory 1816, Copies of 1840 documents re: Charles R. Lowell’s discharge as administrator of the estate of Hannah Brackett. Copies of printed biographical/genealogical information.

Folder 15 Mary Cutt Whipple (1699-1783): Probate papers including will and inventory, 1783.

Folder 16 Matthew Whipple (ca. 1560-1818/19) in England, printed article on ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury & John Sargent Pillsbury. Matthew Whipple (1635-1658) of Ipswich, MA, copy of Whipple Family genealogy prepared by Shirley Whipple Adams in 1993.

Folder 17 William Whipple: printed article on biography & genealogy of Gen. William Whipple (1730-1785), copy of will & inventory 1751 for Capt. William Whipple (1695-1751).

Individuals referenced in collection:

Adams, John US President (1735-1826)

Atkinson, George (dfl. 1785)

Atkinson, Theodore (dfl. 1760″s) 1760’s

Atkinson, Theodore Jr. (dfl. 1785)

Baldwin, Thomas (dfl. 1744)

Barrell, Joseph (dfl. 1760’s)

Bascome, George (dfl. 1783)

Bascome, Paul (dfl. 1783)

Bayley, ______ (dfl. ca. 1781)

Bayley, James (dfl. 1775)

Bedel, Timothy (1740?-1787) Col.

Belfour, _______ Capt. (dfl. 1778)

Bell , ________ (dfl. 1760’s)

Bellow, Henry (dfl. 1771) Ship Captain

Bigelow, _____ (dfl. 1793)

Bourn, Melatiah of Boston (dfl. 1774)

Brackett, Joshua (1735-1802)

Brackett Family – Genealogy

Browne, George Lt. Gov. Bermuda (dfl. 1781)

Burnett, Frances Lowell (1914-2001);

Burnett, Harriet R. (__________)

Caldwell , _____ Lt. (dfl. 1802)

Call, ______ (dfl. 1763)

Carleton, __________ (dfl. 1782)

Cazneau, ________ (dfl. 1783) per R. Candee name of children of Elizabeth P. Warner, 3 rd wife of Jonathan Warner

Chase, John (dfl. ca. 1781)

Cleggets, ________ (dfl. 1760’s)

Comrin?, _____ Capt. (dfl. 1755)

Conway , _________Col. dfl 1775

Cooper, Gray Bart. (dfl. 1783)

Cordis, ______ Capt. (dfl. 1769)

Cotton, Leonard (dfl. 1833) merchant

Craigue, _______ (dfl. 1772)

Craven, _______ (dfl. 1771)

Cutt, Dorcas (Mrs. Robert) (1674-1757)

Cutt(s), Robert (1666-1735) Ship builder

Cutt, Thomas of Kittery (ME) (dfl. 1735)

Cutt(s) Family – Genealogy

Dana, Edward (dfl. 1760’s)

Dienne, Germain Lt. (dfl. 1784)

Downing, John of Newington (dfl. 1744)

Duke, slave Portsmouth (dfl, 1769)

Dundass, Lawrence Sir (dfl. 1771)

Eames _________ (dfl. ca. 1781)

Emerson, Edward (dfl. 1774)

Fairchild, M._______(dfl. 1755)

Fellows, __________ (dfl. ca. 1781)

Fernald, Samuel (dfl. 1730) Blacksmith

Fernald, Thomas (dfl. 1848)

Gage, Thomas (1721-1787) British General

George, __________ (dfl. ca. 1781)

Gibbs, Henry (dfl. 1728)

Gilman, ________(dfl. 1782)

Good, _____ Capt. (dfl. 1781)

Greathead, Craister Commander & Chief Her Majesty’s Leward Caribee Islands (dfl. 1776)

Green, Jeremiah (dfl. 1774)

Grovenor, William silkman (dfl. 1766)

Guppy, James Capt. (dfl. 1773)

Hall, Anna Marie (dfl. 1781)

Hall?, Charles (dfl. 1773)

Hall, John (dfl. 1781)

Hallowell, _____ (dfl. 1783)

Hazen, Moses Gen. (dfl. 1784)

Heffinger, Fannie C. (dfl. 1933)

Henderson , _______ (dfl. 1771-1775)

Hessbridge?, E? of England (dfl. 1760’s)

Hill, __________ (dfl. ca. 1781)

Hill, Jeremiah malster of Great Britain (dfl. 1766)

Hitcheburn, ______ (dfl. 1775)

Holbrooke, sailmaker (dfl. 1734/75)

Holland , James (dfl. 1762-1769)

Hughes, Jonathan (dfl. 1734)

Hughes, ________ (dfl. 1758)

Hulton, Henry (dfl 1783)

Humphey, Daniel (dfl. 1775)

Hurd, _______ Col. (dfl. 1775) per R. Candee, same man as below?

Hurd, John of Boston (dfl. 1793) ) per R. Candee, same man as above?

Hurd, William (dfl. 1769)

Jackson, Hall (1739-1797) Surgeon in Continental army

Johnston, Charles Lt. Col. (dfl. ca. 1781)

Lafayette, Marquis DE (1757-1834)

Langdon, John (1741-1819)

Lee, Arthur from New York (dfl. 1786)

Lee, Richard Henry (dfl. 1786)

Leonard, Daniel Chief Justice, Bermuda (dfl. 1785)

Lovejoy, _______ (dfl ca. 1781)

Lovell, James (1737-1814?)

Lowd, David (dfl. 1833)

Lowell, Charles Rev. of Cambridge , MA (dfl. 1824-1833)

Lowell, Harriet B. Spence (1783-1850)

Lowell, John (1743-1802) Newburyport , MA (dfl. 1771)

Lowell Family – Genealogy

McClear, _________ (dfl. 1769)

Major, ______ Capt. (dfl. 1783)

Martin, ______ (dfl. 1785)

Moffat, John (d. 1786)

Moffat, _________ Capt. (dfl. 1782)

Moffit, John (dfl. 1755)

Mograge, John joiner of Kittery (ME) (dfl. 1735)

Morris, Robert (1734-1806)

Mowat, Henry Capt. (dfl. 1775) per R. Candee Mowat burned Portland , see Brewster

Nason, William (dfl. 1775)

Needdum, William (dfl. late 1700’s)

Nelson, John Capt. (dfl. 1785)

Niving, Robert (dfl. 1776)

Noldred, ____ Capt. (dfl. 1785)

Onley, George from Rhode Island (dfl. 1786)

Page, David Lt. Col. (dfl. ca. 1781)

Palbry, William (dfl. 1771)

Palmer, ______ (dfl. 1781)

Parsons, Charles (dfl. 1784)

Payne, _____ (dfl. 1775)

Paxton, _______ (dfl. 1783)

Peabody, Nathaniel (dfl. 1784)

Peach, Samuel merchant (dfl. 1766)

Pearson, Jos. (NH Sec of State, 1793)

Peirce, D_______ (dfl. 1760’s)

Peirce, John (dfl. 1793)

Penhallow, John (1693-1735)

Pepperell, William Sir (1696-1759)

Peverly, _________ (dfl. ca. 1781)

Pitman, Mark of Kittery (ME) barber & wife Sarah (dfl. 1735)

Porter, _______ Col. (dfl. 1775)

Price, _________ Capt. (dfl. 1760’s)

Reeve, Thomas (dfl. 1785)

Richardson , ________ (dfl. 1760’s)

Robb, William (dfl. 1776)

Rogers, Laurence Olivie (dfl. 1784)

Ross, _____ Mrs. Boston (dfl. 1775)

Ross, Alexander (dfl. 1762)

Rousay Family Orkneys , Scotland

Selis?, Anthony Major (dfl. 1784)

Sewell, _____ (dfl. 1802)

Sewell, Thomas joiner (dfl. 1734/35)

Singleton, ______ (dfl. 1775)

Sparhawk, Nathaniel (1715-1777)

Spence, A. Carroll (dfl. 1848)

Spence, Harriet B. (1783-1850) see Lowell ,

Spence, Keith (d. 1826) navy agent

Spence, Mary Traill (Polly) (1753-1824)

Spence, Robert Traill (dfl. 1795-1805)

Spence Family – Genealogy

Stains, Ona Judge slave of Martha Washington (dfl. 1796)

Stark, John Gen. (1728-1822)

Stearns, ________Lt. (dfl. ca. 1781)

Stewart (Steuart), Charles (dfl. 1778- 1783)

Stiles, __________ Comptroller Bermuda Customs House (dfl. 1783)

Stretch, Jos. Clerk to US Congress (dfl. 1784)

Sullivan, John Gen. (1740-1795)

Temple , J______ (dfl. 1763)

Thompson, Charles Sec. to US Congress (dfl. 1784)

Thyng, William (dfl 1775)

Todd, ______ Capt. (dfl 1760’s)

Traill, Donald (dfl. 1772)

Traill, John (dfl. 1778)

Traill, Mary Whipple (1728-1791)

Traill, Peter (dfl. 1771)

Traill, Robert (d. 1785?)

Traill, William (dfl. 1781)

Traill Family – Genealogy

Treadwell, _________ (dfl. ca. 1781)

Tucker, Harry Jacob (dfl. 1783)

Tucker, Henry Col. (dfl. 1783)

Walker , ___________ Lt. (dfl. ca. 1781)

Warner, John (dfl. 1785)

Washington, Martha (1731-1801)

Watt, John Capt. (dfl. 1772)

Watts , John (dfl. 1732)

Webber, James of Kittery (ME) (dfl. 1741)

Wellett, Elbert Jr. (dfl. 1784)

Wentworth, Daniel (dfl. 1758)

Wentworth, John (1737-1820)

Wheelock, ________Dr. (dfl. 1775)

Whitcomb, _________ Major (dfl. 1775)

Whipple, Elizabeth [Cutt] (b. 1710)

Whipple, Joseph , Col. (1737-1816)

Whipple, Joseph Rev. of Hampton Falls

Whipple, Mary (Cutt) (1699-1783)

Whipple, William Sr. Capt. (1695-1751)

Whipple, William Jr. Gen. (1730-1785)

Whipple Family – genealogy

White, Samuel (dfl. 1775)

Whitehead, Abraham (dfl. 1759)

Wilke, John (dfl. 1771)

Wilson , ______ (dfl ca. 1781)

Wolcott, Oliver (1760-1833)

Wormerley, _____ Capt. (dfl 1760’s)

Ships and Businesses referenced in collection:

Amphitrite (Ship)

Caroline (Ship:1783)

Constellation (Frigate:1802)

Elizabeth (Brig)

England – Admiralty Law??

Exeter (Brig)

Hannah (Brigantine: 1776)

Joseph (Ship:1763)

New Hampshire – General Court [Legislature]

New Hampshire – History – Revolution – 1775-1783

New Hampshire – Politics and Government – to 1775

New Hampshire – Politics and Government – 1775-1783

Preston (Ship)

Return (Schooner:1773)

Rogers Rangers

Seine (Ship: France )

Spence House ( Portsmouth , NH )

United States – Continental Army – military stores

United States – Continental Congress

United States – Continental Congress – Office of Finance

Whipple House ( Kittery , ME )

Locations referenced in collection:


Atkinson (NH or VT?)



Blebo , Scotland

Boston (MA)

Cadiz , Spain

Canada – Expedition to 1775/1776?

Charlestown (NC)

Danbury ( )

Dartmouth (where?)


England – Social life & customs

Exeter (NH)

Falmouth , England

Grafton County (NH)

Gravesend , England

Halifax , Nova Scotia

Hartford (CT)

Haverhill (NH)


Jefferson , NH

Kirkwell , Scotland ?

Kittery (ME)

Lake Umbagog (where)

London , England

New Castle (Eng? or NH)

New Haven (CT)

New Orleans (LA)

New York (NY)

Newburyport (MA)

North Carolina

Northhampton , England

Orkney Islands , Scotland – Politics & government

Philadelphia (PA)

Piscataqua (NH)

Portsmouth (NH)

Portsmouth (NH) – Glebe lands

Portsmouth (NH) – Streets – Fleet Street

Portsmouth (NH) – Streets – State Street

Rhode Island

Salem (NH or MA?)


South Carolina

Trenton (NJ)



Washington , D.C.

West Indies – Commerce

Subject Tracings

Afro-Americans – NH – Portsmouth – History

Blacksmithing – NH – Portsmouth

Child birth or Pregnancy ??


Customs Administration – Bermuda

Customs Administration – NH – Portsmouth

Deeds – ME – Kittery

Deeds – NH – Portsmouth

Earthquakes – Portugal – Lisbon

Education – Dancing

Education – French language

Estate records – NH

Funeral rights & ceremonies – NH – Portsmouth – costs

Genealogies -NH – Portsmouth

Historic Houses – ME – Kittery

Historic Houses – NH – Portsmouth

Household inventories – NH – Portsmouth

Land grants – NH

Prisoners of War


Ships – cargo


Slaves – Runaways – NH – Portsmouth?

Small Pox – NH – Portsmouth – Vaccination

Tories ?

Trade – Rum?

Trade – Wine?

Trade routes

United States – Continental Army


Women – NH