MacPhaedris-Warner-Penhallow Collection, 1635-1877 – MS003

MacPhaedris-Warner-Penhallow Collection, 1635-1877 – MS003

Provenance: Placed on deposit by the Warner House Association in November 1986. The portion of the collection known as the Penhallow Papers were given to the Athenaeum by the Warner House in 1964. These papers were given to the Warner House Association by the Penhallow family:in 1932 Mr. Sherburne Penhallow donated some papers (most likely the Macphaedris and Warner papers); he donated one piece, the 1817 Jonathan Warner estate division, in 1950; in 1963 Mrs. Dunlap Pearce Penhallow donated most of the remaining papers (what I believe to be the Penhallow papers). The Warner House Association, in 1964, divided the Penhallow papers into various groups which were then given to different institutions. The two main divisions went to Strawbery Banke and the Portsmouth Athenaeum. The Warner House retained one group. Other papers were given to the South Church, the North Church, and Dartmouth College. The Athenaeum and the Warner House groups were brought together in this collection (separate subgroups), but the Strawbery Banke group has not been located. Garland Patch contributed, in 1953, a 1718 Warner bill of lading and a 1769 Warner bill of lading. Both have been interfiled.

Citation: Warner House Collection, MS003, on deposit at the Portsmouth Athenaeum

Size: 3 Hollinger box (1.5 linear feet)

Dates: 1635-1877

Access: No restrictions

Processed by: Woody Openo

Processing note: The Macphaedris/Warner Papers were removed from a scrapbook in which they had been filed chronologically. This order was abandoned and the papers were gathered into related groups. Many of the Penhallow Papers show traces of being removed from a scrapbook but that was done previous to the Athenaeum’s possession.

Scope and Content

The Macphaedris/Warner/Penhallow Papers are from the families who lived in the Warner House and their family and business connections. A majority of the papers involves the shipping business. The primary figures, Archibald Macphaedris, Jonathan Warner, and Samuel Penhallowwere all prominent merchants. Papers involving the Masonian land grantin NH, including wills, deeds, and letters, are in Warner’s and Penhallow’s papers; Richard Wibird’s papers also have Masonian records. There are a few papers involving Samuel Penhallow as Justice of the Peace.

Collection includes correspondence, deeds, wills, legal documents, business records, and other papers, of the Macpheadris, Warner, and Penhallow families, prominent merchants, judges, and civic leaders, of Portsmouth, N.H., many of whose members lived in the Warner House. Subjects include the family’s shipping business, sawmills, relatives in Londonderry, Northern Ireland and the procurement of Irish workers for the Macpheadris plantation in Casco, Me., extensive land holdings, involving lands originally granted to Capt. John Mason (considered the father of New Hampshire), and Samuel Penhallow’s activities as justice of the peace. Persons represented include Archibald Macpheadris, his daughter, Mary (Macpheadris) Osborne Warner, her husband, Jonathan Warner, Elizabeth Warner Sherburne, John N. Sherburne, Samuel Penhallow, Pearce Wentworth Penhallow, Hunking Penhallow, Richard Wibird, Gerard Caseaux, French consul at Portsmouth (1803), and his wife, Sarah Caseaux.

This collection is filed in two archival boxes and two oversize folders. The papers have been divided into four subgroups: Macphaedris, Warner, Penhallow/Portsmouth Athenaeum, and Penhallow/Warner House. These divisions indicate how the material came to the Athenaeum. The Macphaedris and Warner came together in a scrapbook and were separated based on supposed provenance, although there are materials in the Warner subgroup General Records series which might belong with the Macphaedris. The Penhallow papers came to the Athenaeum in Two separate groups: the first one was given to the Athenaeum by the Warner House in 1964; the second was put on deposit in 1986. The Penhallow papers are presumably those given to the Warner House Association by Mrs. Pearce Penhallow in 1963. They have been put into files by the Warner House Association but this order has, for the most part, been abandoned.

The Macphaedris subgroup has material dating from 1712 to his estate papers in 1729. The papers are divided into four series: Correspondence; Shipping Records; House Construction; and Estate. The papers in the first two series are almost exclusively involved with shipping. There are letters to agents and ship captains discussing cargoes and destinations. There are some records of shipbuilding and the testimony regarding the stranding of the Richmond galley, commanded by Macphaedris. In a couple of letters there is mention of his plantation at Canso and the need for ironworkers. The third series has one item – the account of Jonathan Drew with Macphaedris regarding the work done when building his house on Daniel Street. The Estate series includes his will, an estate appraisal, and a deed selling some of his property.

The Warner subgroup (1706-1817) is divided into eight series: Correspondence; Shipping and Merchant Records; Property & Legal Records; Estate; Daniel Warner Papers; Nathaniel Sherburne papers; John Tufton Mason Papers; and General Records. Most of the papers in the first two series involve the shipping business. The correspondence involves shipping instructions for his captains, cargo concerns, and, in one case, the capture of the Nathaniel by privateers. The shipping and merchant records include agents’ accounts, shipbuilding agreements, bills of lading, and a deposition on the shipwreck of the Mary Ann.

There are some important letters not involved with shipping. One significant letter is from John Tufton Nason (1767) who complained that Warner had not properly handled his affairs. Another letter from Henderson Inches (1768) asked for Warner’s help in getting support for a halt to the importation of goods from Britain. There is also one letter to Mary Warner from her uncle Jonathan Nelson (1765).

The property and legal records contain a couple of deeds, John Lecornue estate papers, and Benjamin Conner’s patent application (1813). The Estate series contains only the division deed for his property. The remaining series contain a few general papers of Daniel Warner and Nathaniel Sherburne and a very detailed auction account of John Tufton Mason’s household goods. The General Records series contain a couple of shipping records, some John Wentworth deeds, and a few miscellaneous deeds.

The Penhallow Papers/Portsmouth Athenaeum subgroup (1730-1877) was most likely given to the Athenaeum because of its maritime subject matter. The primary contents are three ship’s logs (1730-1736) of John Collings, one shipping ledger and letterbook of John Scott, and two ledgers (1836-1877) of John and Andrew Penhallow. There are also a couple of letters and some deeds.

The Penhallow Papers/Warner House subgroup (1635-1819) contains the papers of the Wibird family (series 1), a few Collings family papers (series 2), Penhallow family papers (series 3), and a group of general papers (series 4) not noticeably connected with the other series.

In the first series (1711-1765) are the papers of Richard Wibird and his sons, Richard and Thomas. There is also a land grant in Cans o Bay to John Wibird. The Wibird Papers are all wills, deeds, and property agreements. The Collings Papers (1715-1739) consist of two letters and an account book. The Penhallow Family Papers series (1716-1790) are mostly the papers of Samuel Penhallow in London to his parents (1789) on trying to reestablish trade with Britain. There are a few Justice of the Peace papers; one examination by Samuel Penhallow of a ship’s crew abandoning a passenger and selling his merchandise. There are also the papers of a case involving the assets of a partnership with Henry Sherburne and Woodbury Langdon. The series of general papers has mostly deeds but there are a few interesting documents including an order signed by Lt. Gov. Edward Cranfield expelling Richard Waldron, Richard Martin, and John Gilman from the provincial council extending amnesty to those that proclaim their loyalty to Britain (1776), and the original articles of agreement for the N.H. Union Bank.

Biographical Note

ARCHIBALD MACPHAEDRIS (b. 1680?; died 2/26/1729) was a ship captain and a merchant. It is not known where he was born, but it is most likely that he was living in Portsmouth by 1714 when he paid custom’s duty for two ships at that port. By 1716 he is well along in the construction of his house on Daniel Street as is shown by a bill from its builder John Drew. In 1717? he married Sarah Wentworth (b. 6/24/1702; d.?), the daughter of Lieutenant Governor John Wentworth. Two children survived infancy, a son Gilbert and a daughter Mary.

Macphaedris owned a great deal of land. In 1717 he was writing letters to people in Ireland on procuring farmers and servants for a plantation he owned in Casco. He also mentioned saw mills that he wanted to convert to an iron works. These works were on the Lamprey River and in his estate inventory his share was valued at L2000. In 1724 he was appointed to the governing council of New Hampshire and retained this position until his death. Eight years later (1737), his widow married Hon. George Jaffrey, Judge of the Superior Court, 1744-1749.

MARY MACPHAEDRIS (b.1724; d. 4/9/1776) married John Osborne of Boston in 1742. He lived only a few years and on Oct. 1, 1760, she married JONATHAN WARNER
(B. 9/6/1726; D. 5/15/1814). He had been married once previously (5/15/1748) to Mary Nelson, a granddaughter of Lt. Governor John Wentworth, and they had one daughter Mary, aka “Polly”, (b.1749?; d.1770?). Warner was a prominent merchant whose father Daniel had served on the provincial council. He lived in the Macphaedris house (now known as the Warner House) and when his wife died, he inherited it. He married a third time (2/15/1781) to Elizabeth Pitts (d. 1810) of Boston. He was active in area politics, appointed to the provincial council in 1766 and made a Justice of the Peace in 1776. In his obituary (Gazette, 5/24/1814) it states that “he regularly attended the polls in this town at fifty-six annual elections and often presided as Moderator of the meetings.” And also, “Perhaps no person in this town transacted more mercantile business upon so large a scale.”

In 1779, Jonathan Warner was appointed the guardian of two daughters, Elizabeth and Abigail, of his deceased brother Samuel. Elizabeth married Nathaniel Sherburne, a ship captain who died in 1794, less than two years after their marriage. Abigail married (Benjamin?) Conner. Upon Jonathan Warner’s death, his estate was divided between Elizabeth Pitts Caseaux, the daughter of his third wife, and his niece Elizabeth Warner Sherburne. Elizabeth Pitts Caseaux was the wife of Gerard who in 1803 was appointed the French Consul for Portsmouth (NH Gazette, 5/10/1803).

In the estate division, Elizabeth Sherburne was deeded the house. She lived in the house with her only son John N. Sherburne (1793-1859) who inherited the house after her death. John Sherburne ran a hardware store with John Blunt. He was an officer in the militia and a member of the N.H. leigislature. In 1821 he married Eveline Blunt (1801-1889) and they had six children. Their eldest daughter, Elizabeth W.P. Sherburne married Pearce W. Penhallow (1816-12/8/1885) and eventually in inherited the house.

Pearce Penhallow was a descendant from Samuel Penhallow (1665-1726) who migrated from England to the Massaschusetts Bay Colony to Portsmouth. Samuel married Mary Cutt, the daughter of John Cutt, a prominent land owner and president of the provincial council. Samuel was merchant, provincial council member, served as a judge and magistrate, and became the Chief Justice of the Superior Court. His grandson John Penhallow (1723-1809), was a merchant, who married Sarah Wentworth, the daughter of Hunking Wentworth and Elizabeth Wibird. Their tenth child, Hunking Penhallow (1766-1826), was a ship captain, merchant, and president of the N.H. Union Bank. Hunking married Harriet Pearce Scott, the widow of John Scott, and their youngest child was Pearce Penhallow. Two of Pearce’s brothers were Andrew and John P. Penhallow.

Biographical Summary

1716 Archibald Macphaedris had built the house on Daniel Street.

1717 Macphaedris married Sarah Wentworth.

1720 Macphaedris started an iron works on the Lamprey River.

1724 Macphaedris was commissioned to the NH Provincial Council.

1729 Macphaedris died.

1735 John Penhallow died.

1742 Mary Macphaedris married John Osborne.

1748 Jonathan Warner married Mary Nelson.

1754-1756? Mary Nelson Warner died.

1760 Jonathan Warner married Mrs. Mary Macphaedris Osborne.

1766 Warner was commissioned to the NH Council.

1776 Mary Warner died.

1781 Warner married Elizabeth Pitts.

1813 Samuel Penhallow died.

1814 Jonathan Warner died.


Series Listing

I. Archibald MacPhaedris Papers

1. Correspondence
2. Shipping Records
3. House Construction
4. Estate

II. Jonathan Warner papers

1. Correspondence
2. Shipping and Merchant Records
3. Property and Legal Records
4. Estate
5. Daniel Warner Papers
6. Nathaniel Sherburne Papers
7. John Tufton Mason

8. General Records

III. Penhallow Papers – Portsmouth Athenaeum

1. John Collings Papers
2. John Scott Papers
3. Penhallow Family Papers

4. Allen Proprietors
5. Sherburne and Langdon Co.
6. General Papers

IV. Penhallow Papers – Warner House

1. Wibird Papers

2. Collings Papers

3. Penhallow Papers

V. Penhallow Papers – Additions

Folder List

I. Archibald Macphaedris Papers

1. Correspondence

Box 1

Folder 1

1.1 Letter, 10-30-1712. From William Wilkinson, the firm of Abraham and Moschframion, London. On the accounts of the shipments and the disposition of what was saved from a ship.
1.2 Letter Copy, 7-24-1716. To James Hacket, Cadiz. Shipping business and shipbuilding.
1.3 Letter, 9-15-1716, From Jeremiah Garrian, Foyale. Shipping business.
1.4 Letter Copy, 1716. To Robert Fenwick, Cadiz. Shipping business.
1.5 Letter Copies, 1-29-1717. To Thomas Ward and to Stephen Thomas. Shipping business.
1.6 Letter Copy, 12-24-1717. To James Calwell, Cork. On procuring servants or passengers for Portsmouth (to live in Casco) at either Dublin or Belfast. Brief discussion of shipping business.
1.7 Letter Copy, 12-24-1717. To John Gault. On procuring farmers and servants from Ireland for a new plantation.
1.8 Letter, 3-5-2728. From Joanna and John Connell, Ireland. Joanna’s letter congratulating him on his marriage and with the bearer she sends a cheese. John’s letter is one of introduction for a Mr. Helly.
1.9 Letter Copy, 8-28-1718. To Robert Wilson and Company. Discusses what goods are in demand and asks that Wilson find him some ironworkers to set up an ironworks at one of his mills.

Folder 2

2.1 Letter Copy, 1-31-1719. To Capt. Simpson. Sailing instructions.
2.2 Letter, 2-2-1719. From Nathaniel Wraxwell, Bristol. Reports the disposal of cargo and sale of ship.
2.3 Letter Copy, 2-10-1719. TO James Calwell,Cadiz. Directions for the loading of three ships: the Gally George, the snow, Ann; and the snow, Yorke.
2.4 Letter Copy, 2-12-1718/1719. TO Capt. John Haigs, Cadiz. Shipping Instructions.
2.5 Letter, 4-17-1719. From John Stalport, Madrid. It is, most likely, about lobbying political support for people at Cadiz.
2.6 Letter, 9-2-1719. From Lavine Taylor, Lisbon. On shipping and shipbuilding business.
2.7 Letter Copy, 9-11-1719. To James Hillhous. On shipping and cargo.
2.8 Letter, 9-12-1719. Isaac Rouyer, Cadiz to James Hillhous, Bristol. On cargo being shipped on the snow Anne.
2.9 Letter, 10-26-1719. From Richard Harr and John Stephens, Bristol to Macphaedris on the frigate Sarah. Shipping orders. Also of a copy of a letter fromMacphaedris to (Harr and Stephens?). On shipping prices and cargo.

Folder 3

3.1 Letter, 1-18-1720. From Francis Browne and Co.. Shipping business.
3.2 Letter, 2-24-1720. From Joseph Bacheler and Co., Madeira. Shipping business.
3.3 Letter, 7-15-1720. From Francis Browne and Co., Madeira. Shipping business and the arrival of the ship Neptune.
3.4 Letter, 8-1-1720. From James Calwell, Cork. Shipping business.
3.5 Letter with accounts, 4-22-1722. From George Bethune, Boston. The costs to outfit the prize ship now called the Mary.
3.6 Letter with accounts, 2-12-1723/4. From George Bethune. Shipping accounts.

2. Shipping Records

Folder 4

4.1 Affidavit, 1712. The officers and mariners of the ship Richmond Galley. Archibald Macphaedris, commander, testifying to the stranding of the ship on Cape Trafalgar.
4.2 Bill of lading, 5-2-1716. The Olive Branch, Robert Browning, master. James Hilhouse, Bristol for Macphaedris. Household furnishings.
4.3 Bill of lading, 9-4-1716. The sloop Mayflower, Daniel Jackson, master, from Macphaedris.
4.4 Deed, 1-9-1717/1718. Macphaedris to William Hart. A share in the sloop Hawk.
4.5 Bill of Lading, 10-9-1718. The ship Ann, John Haigs, master. Fish for Cadiz from Macphaedris.
4.6 Bill of Lading, 1720. On the ship Dispatch, John Haigs, master. Fish for Madeira from Macphaedris.

3. House Construction

OV Box 4

OV.1 Account, 1716. Jonathan Drew to Archibald Macphaedris. Work done on the brick house and the timber house. A list of the work done in building the house with prices for each job.
Estate (Series 4)

Folder 5

5.1 Will, 5-18-1728. Archibald Macphaedris.
5.2 Deed, 5-22-1729. Hunking Wentworth to Simon Dearborn. Land in Chichester, Barstow, and Bow.
5.3 Estate Appraisal, 7-10-1729. Estate of Archibald Macphaedris. Signed by Jonathan Rindge and Benning Wentworth.

II. Jonathan Warner Papers

1. Correspondence

Folder 6

6.1 Letter copy, 2-19-1757?. To Titus Salter. Shipping instructions for the ship Nathaniel.
6.2 Letter and judgement, 4-7-1757. From Widmore Perry, Barbadoes. Informing that Captain Titus Salter, ship Nathaniel, was taken by a French privateer and then recaptured by snow Royal Ester, a privateer from New York, Capt. Solomon Davis. A salvage fee was paid to Capt. Davis. Includes the Admiralty Court’s judgement relative to the salvage costs.
6.3 Letter, 10-8-1757. From William Richardson, London. Copy for Capt. Winslow. On accounts for goods shipped on the Suckey and Friendship.
6.4 Letter copy, 3-1-1758. To Michael Hooker. Giving command of the ship Nathaniel with specific shipping instructions.
6.5 Letter, 5-4-1759. To Michael Hooker of the ship Tomlinson . Shipping instructions.
6.6 Letter. 4-10-1761. From Charles Withing? And Heale Haplett?, Barbadoes. On the remittance of rum and sugar which is being shipped to Warner in exchange for lumber they received.
6.7 Letter, 11-17-1761. From Witter Cumming, Liverpool. Lengthy commentary on the sale of the Success’s cargo and the availability of goods and insurance.
6.8 Letter, 9-22-1764. From John Montgomery, London. Stating that he has a conveyance drawn up by an attorney against Mr. Nelson.

Folder 7

7.1 Letter, 1-10-1765. Jonathan Nelson, London to his niece (Mary Warner?). Writes about sending books and with advice.
7.2 Letter, 4-10-1767. From William Baker, London. On a longstanding debt due Baker from Hugh Hall Wentworth on which Warner acted as bondsman.
7.3 Letter, 5-30-1768. From Henderson Inches, Boston. Asks for the settlement of accounts and mentions a scheme to stop the importation of goods from Britain until the tax is repealed.
7.4 Note, 9-28-1768. Instructions on the value of cargo carried on the Theneriffe with a penciled note “B. Connor’s and others letters” which might indicate to whom Warner was sending these instructions.
7.5 Letter, 2-21-1769. From William Tyng, Falmouth. Conditions of a financial obligation.
7.6 Letter, 3-8-1775. From Cruger and Mallard, Bristol. On Warner’s accounts and insurance.
7.7 Letter, 2-24-1787. From John Tufton Mason. Announces that his brother Martin will be arriving from England to take charge of his affairs. Complains that in upwards of twenty years he has not received one shilling from Warner’s management of his affairs.
7.8 Letter, 10-27-1790. From Oliver Peabody, Exeter. Mentions that Mr. Parker copied the Committee’s return and will send it and also that the warrant is not made out. (Context unclear).
7.9 Letter, 3-28-1807. From Benjamin Connor, Washington to Jonathan Warner and John Langdon. Requesting their assistance with Mr. Jefferson with something to do with the coastal surveys.

2. Shipping & Merchant Records

Folder 8

8.1 Account Statement, 11-9-1756. William Hunt for Jonathan Warner to Richard Martin, Boston. Gold and silver laces.
8.2 Agreement, 10-15-1762. Between Jonathan Moulton, Hampton, and Warner. The conditions of the sale to Warner of a brigantine being built in Salisbury by Peter Russell.
8.3 Account, 4-30-1764. Jonathan Warner with Trecothick and Thomlinson of London.
8.4 Bill of Lading., 1-4-1765. Ship Temple, Capt. Bartholomew Forstall. Wood shipped to Jamaica.
8.5 Bill of Lading, 1-2-1769.Ship Desire, Capt. Thomas Dalling. Wood shipped to Bristol.
8.6 Contract, 8-12-1773. Enoch Flanders with Warner. To build a ship in Walpole, Ma. Lists specifications.
8.7 Deposition, 10-12-1786. Jonathan Warner stating his ownership and insurance on the ship Mary Ann, Capt. Joseph Seaward, which was wrecked on Long Island near Mount Desert.

OV Folder, Box 4.

OV.2 Account, 1-?-1767. Jonathan Warner, owners of the Pitt, Capt. Benjamin Rogers, with Trecothick and Apthorp. Lists merchants’ cargoes.
OV.3 Account, 7-?-1767. Jonathan Warner, owners of the Amesbury, Capt. Thomas ` Dalling, with Trecothick and Apthorp. Lists merchants’ cargoes.

3. Property & Legal Records

Folder 9

9.1 Deed, 10-30-1765. Chistopher Rymes to Warner. Land in Portsmouth.
9.2 Certification, 3-23-1766. Rev. John Duparge and George Chevalier, Church rector and warden, Island of Jersey. Certifying that John LeCornue is supposed to have died in North America and that his sister, Mary LeCornue, is the heir.
9.3 Power of attorney, 3-25-1766. Mary LeCornue to Jonathan Warner. For recovery of the estate of John LeCornue.
9.4 Certification, 3-30-1769. The bottom part of a document signed by Alexander Harris to Jonathan Warner in which Wyseman Claggett verifies that the above (missing) letter is an exact copy.
9.5 Account, 5-21-1778. Jonathan Warner with Elizabeth Service. Groceries and household goods in exchange for rent of the old house.
9.6 Lease, 6-8-1789. Queen’s Chapel to Jonathan Warner. Land near Wibird’s Hill and Center Street. Attached are: a copy of an extract from the will of Samuel Sherburne leaving the land to Queen’s Chapel; a deed from Margaret Chambers to Daniel Warner for a lot on Church Hill; and a deed from Theodore Atkinson to Queen’s Chapel for the burial ground located next to the church.
9.7 Certified Copies, 3-28-1793. Warner in account with the estate of William Reeve. Daniel Humphreys, Notary Public, produced copies of letters and accounts dating 1773-1785.

Folder 10

10.1 Patent Application (printed), 1813. Benjamin Connor’s improvements in the constructing and of navigating ships, boats, and vessels. Copy sent to Warner.

4. Estate

Folder 11

11.1 Division Deed, 10-9-1817. Between Elizabeth and John. N. Sherburne and Gerard and Elizabeth Caseaux. Division of the estate of Jonathan Warner.

5. Daniel Warner Papers

Folder 12

12.1 Letter, 12-7-1749. Daniel Warner to Nathaniel Warner. Giving command of the ship Sarah to sail to Barbados with sailing directions, freight instructions, and contacts.
12.2 Power of Attorney, 7-5-1753. Daniel Warner to John Gilman III, Exeter.
12.3 Attachment, 5-9-1769. Court order to attach goods of James McDonough. Witnessed by Daniel Warner.

OV Box 4; Folder 74

OV.4 Mortgage, 12-31-1717. Samuel Thompson to a committee of the general court. House lot on Islington Street. Daniel Warner paid off mortgage in 1743.

6. Nathaniel Sherburne Papers

Folder 13

13.1 Receipt, 1-16-1794. The Trinity-House, London to Nathaniel Sherburne, master of the Superb of Virginia. For duties paid.
13.2 Receipt, 2-3-1794. Ramsgate Harbour Trustees to Nathaniel Sherburne, master of the Superb.
13.3 Receipt, 2-3-1794. Trinity House Corp. for the Edystone Light House to Nathaniel Sherburne, master of the Superb. For duties.

7. John Tufton Mason Papers

Folder 14

14.1 Auction Account, 6-12-1766. Household goods of John Tufton Mason. Listing purchaser, price and goods (ten pages).

8. General Records

Folder 15

15.3 Will, 6-21-1720, John Pickering.
15.4 Letter, 11-12-1738. Nathaniel Sparhawk to Benjamin Coleman. Includes a copy of a letter from Samuel Waldo, London, to Sparhawk. On general business practices, debts, and the account of Waldo. Letter indicates a partnership between Coleman and Sparhawk.
15.5 Letter, n.d. Nathaniel Sparhawk to Benjamin Coleman. Might be connected to the previous letter. On various business and shipping accounts.
15.6 Receipt, 3-1-1739/40. Mark H. Wentworth to Estate of John Wentworth. Received 1000 pounds in land.
15.7 Deed, 6-301763. Elizabeth Barnes, estate of William Barnes to Hunking Wentworth. Land in Barrington.
15.8 Marriage license, 10-3-1771. Henry King to Esther Waldron. Signed by Gov. John Wentworth.
15.9 Deed, 6-29-1776. Ammi Ruhama Cutter to Samuel Cate. Land (30 acres) on Sagamore Creek.
15.10 Cargo Manifest, 3-1-1798. J. Whipple, Portsmouth Customs House. Certifying the brig Gustavus , George F. Frost, master, bound to Curacao.
15.11 Bill of Lading, 5-8-1810. The Superior, John Roberts, master. Shipped by Thomas Elwyn, Philadelphia, two kegs of Spanish milled dollars.

OV Box 4; Folder 74

OV. 5 Deed, 1706. Edward Beall to Solomon Cotton. Land in Portsmouth (11 ½ acres). Verified by William Pepperrell.
OV. 6 Deed, 1712. William Hunking to John Wentworth. Land and buildings in Portsmouth (60 acres).

III. Penhallow Papers—Portsmouth Athenaeum

1. John Collings Papers

Box 2

Folder 1
1.1 Ship’s Log, 1730-1734. The Bridgetown Gally, Commanded by William Whipple, with Collings, Mate. Also, the Syrian, Collings, Master. Includes accounts, daily journal, and distances.

Folder 2

2.1 Ship’s Log, 1734. The Charming Sukey, Collings Master, from Piscataqua to London. Daily journal.

Folder 3

3.1 Ship’s Log, 1735-1736. The Atlantic, Collings, Master. From Lisbon to Piscataqua and from Portsmouth to London. Daily journal.
3.2 Crew List, n.d. The Atlantic.

2. John Scott Papers

Folder 4

4.1 Shipping Ledger & Letterbook, 1800. Cargo records and accounts of the Brig, Success, Elias Davidson, Master, and the ship Sea Horse, Henry Layward, Master. Shipped by Scott at the risk of David Pearce of Gloucester. Also, copies of letters written by Scott.

3. Penhallow Family Papers

Folder 5

5.1 Ledger, 1836-1869. Includes shipping accounts for the Ann and the building and outfitting of the ship Clara. Also accounts for the John P. Penhallow estate and Andrew Penhallow’s general accounts.

Folder 6

6.1 Ledger, 1840-77. Shipping accounts for the Clara and the Ann. Andrew Penhallow’s general accounts with interspersed letter copies.

Folder 7

7.1 Deed, 3-10-1775. John Penhallow & Anthony Wibird to Joshua Folsome Jr. Land in Deering, N.H.
7.2 Letter copy, 9-5-1779. From John Penhallow to [Samuel Penhallow?]. Tells of repairing a house, taking down a barn and asks for terms of sale.
7.3 Letter, 3-19-1781. John Webster, Chester, to John Penhallow. On the ownership of land lots.
7.4 Indenture, 1-2-1847. Mary P. Stearns to Andrew J. Penhallow. He is to act as her trustee of her property upon her marriage to Charles W. Pickering.
7.5 Deed, 7-21-1812. Dudley Hubbard to Richard Hart. Land in Berwick.

4. Allen Proprietors

Box 2

Folder 12

12.1 Deed, 8-28-1706. Thomas Allen, London, to Sir Charles Hobby, London. Part of Masonian Lands.
12.2 Deed Copy, 1790. John Penhallow to Allen Proprietors. Interest in Allen lands in N.H.
12.3 Deed Copy, [1790?]. Allen Proprietors to John Penhallow. Interest in Allen Lands.

5. Sherburne & Langdon Co.

Box 2

Folder 13

13.1 Agreement Copy, 12-20-1762. Between Henry Sherburne and Woodbury Langdon. Partnership agreement for Langdon, Capt. of the Frederick, to procure goods in London.
13.2 Agreement Copy, 5-11-1767. Between Sarah Sherburne, estate of Henry Sherburne, and Woodbury Langdon. To continue business until debts are paid.
13.3-6 Statements and Accounts, [1769]. Woodbury Langdon states that he should be paid for work done for the company; protests being charged for warehouse use and furniture costs; includes his calculations of company accounts.
13.7 Statement, 11-16-1769. Sarah Sherburne. On the charge to Langdon for furniture.
13.8 Statement, [1769]. Daniel Sherburne. On the overcharges to his father’s accounts.
13.9 Deposition, 11-21-1769. Daniel Sherburne. On his father’s final statements and actions regarding the company accounts.
13.10 Settlement Notes, [1769]. [John Penhallow?] regarding the settlement of the case.

OV Box 4, Folder 75

OV.2 Statement and Accounts, [1769]. Woodbury Langdon. Company accounts and observations regarding these accounts.
OV.3 Statement, [1769]. Daniel Sherburne. Objections to Langdon’s charges.

6. General Papers

Box 2

Folder 14

14.1 Will, 1635. Capt. John Mason.

Folder 15

15.1 Will, 9-12-1659. James Wall.
15.2 Deed, 11-2-1666. John and Richard Cutt to John and Ann Shipway. Land in Greatfields.
15.3 Order, 3-5-1682. Lieut. Gov. Edward Cranfield. Orders that Richard Waldron, Richard Martin, and John Gilman be suspended from the Provincial Council and all other public offenses.
15.4 Bill, 9-1-1687. Thomas Drew to John Baker.
15.5 Will, 7-1-1693. John Baker. Probated 11-30-1697.
15.6 Commission, 3-1-1725/16. George Vaughan to Samuel Hart. Commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Portsmouth Militia.
15.7 Deed, 5-31-1718. George Vaughan to James Gray. Land in Portsmouth.
15.8 Deed, 7-12-1721. Sampson & Mary Doe, estate of William Ayres, to Thomas Landell. Land in Portsmouth.

Folder 16

16.1 Articles of Agreement, 6-17-1799. N.H. Union Bank. Includes lists of shareholders..

OV Box 4, Folder 75
OV.5 Deed, 12-31-1695. Samuel and Elennor Cutt to Edward Toogood. Land in Portsmouth.
OV.6 Land Grant, 4-27-1772. Gov. John Wentworth to Thomas Chadbourne. Three thousand acres in N.H.
OV.7 Printed Proclamation, 11-13-1776. Issued by Richard Howe & William Howe. Offering a pardon to those who forsake opposition to British authority and sign an oath of allegiance.
OV.8 Deed, 4-4-1797. Jonathan Warner to John Cunningham. Land in Portsmouth.

Also see Penhallow Papers, OV Box 10; Folder 11; 6 items.

IV. Penhallow Papers—Warner House

1. Wibird Papers

Box 2

Folder 8

8.1 Property division, 4-27-1711. A laying out of Richard Wibird’s property in Portsmouth.
8.2 Deed, 6-4-1712. Benjamin and Bethula Getchell to Richard Wibird. Land in Portsmouth.
8.3 Deed, 2-17-1714. Henry and Sarah Sherbourn to Richard Wibird.
8.4 Deed, 10-25-1718. Benjamin Getchell to Richard Wibird. Transfer of Glebe land lease.
8.5 Deed, 5-15-1723. Nathaniel Gerrish to Richard Wibird. Land in Portsmouth.
8.6 Deed, 6-10-1720. John Pickering to Richard Wibird. Land in Portsmouth.
8.7 Will, 10-19-1732. Richard Wibird. Probated 4-25-1733.

Folder 9

9.1 Bond, 10-18-1732. Richard Wibird, Jr. to Richard and Elizabeth Wibird. Property deal where Richard, Jr. is indebted and will take possession of the property after his parents’ natural lives.
9.2 Mortgage, 4-14-1744. Jeremiah Holms, James Holms, Benjamin Holms, John Holms, & James Sherburne to Richard Wibird, Jr. Property sold to them by Wibird belonging to his father’s estate.
9.3 Legal Transcript, 8-21-1747. John Wentworth vs Richard Wibird & Samuel Solly. A Plea of Entry upon a Disseizure. Wibird and Solly are charged with unjustly seizing Wentworth’s land. Land in dispute is the Mason grant.
9.4 Quit Claim, 1-25-1748. Sarah Wentworth to Richard Wibird, Jr. Receipt of legacy from Richard Wibird’s estate.
9.5 Pew Deed, 9-12-1748. North Church to Richard & Thomas Wibird.
9.6-9.7Agreements, 4-4-1752. Between Richard and Thomas Wibird. Distribution of father’s estate.

9.8 Deed, 6-26-1758. Richard & Thomas WIbird to Jonathan Libbey, Jr. Land in Scarborough, Maine.
9.9 Will, 6-17-1765. Richard Wibird. Probated 10-12-1765.

OV Box 4, Folder 75.
OV.1 Land Grant, 8-23-1729. Gov. Richard Philips to John Wibird. Land of Richard’s Island in Canso Bay, Nova Scotia.

2. Collings Papers

Box 2

Folder 10

10.1 Letter, 8-16-1715. Stephen Edwards to Sarah Collings. Regarding good shipped to her.
10.2 Letter, 8-21-1735. John Collings, Lisbon, to his wife. Telling her of his voyage and world news; speaks of their friends and his affections.
10.3 Account, 8-23-1739. Owners of the John & Elizabeth to John Collings. To be paid to the widows of John and William Collings.

3. Penhallow Papers

Box 2

Folder 11

11.1 Deed, 5-19-1716. Samuel Penhallow to Moses Cavorly. Land in Portsmouth.
11.2 Deposition, 5-12-1729. Monseine Pettepau vs. William Neal and crew. Examination of the crew by Samuel Penhallow, Justice of the Peace. Case involves leaving Pettepau on an island and selling his goods.
11.3 Letter, 4-13-1775. Samuel Penhallow to Rev. Eleazar Wheelock. About forwarding letters and papers.
11.4 Incarceration order, 1-31-1784. Samuel Penhallow, Justice of the Peace, to Keeper of the Gaol. Instructing him to keep John Mathews in custody.
11.5 Letter, 4-27-1789. Samuel Penhallow, London, to his parents (John Penhallow). Discusses his unsuccessful attempts to get credit from London traders and he mentions the general business atmosphere.
11.6 Letter copy, 9-24-1789. John Penhallow to Rev. Anthony Wibird. Requests a power of attorney so he can settle title on their Masonian lands.
11.7 Tax Bill, 1-11-1790. John Penhallow taxed for wildland.
11.8 Deed, 8-9-1796. Samuel and John Penhallow to Rockingham County. Land near Gaol.
11.9-10 Letter, 6-1-1797. John Penhallow to John Wentworth, Halifax. Enclosing Bill of Exchange, 7-21-1775 from Wentworth at Fort William and Mary. Requests that he pay the bill.
11.11 Genealogy Notes, 9-17-1819. Oliver W. Penhallow. Persons buried in the Penhallow Cemetery.

V. Penhallow Papers – Additions

Box 3

Folder 1

1.1 Note, 11-10-1761. From William Duncan to John Penhallow. Londonderry. Has sent 1500 pounds old tenor.
1.2 Note, 1-27-1762. From William Duncan to John Penhallow. Londonderry. Re: remainder of Duncan’s debt.
1.3 Note, 1763. From Joseph Prince to John Penhallow.
1.4 Receipts (four on one sheet)

11-23-1765 From Sarah Penhallow for Temperance Greenough to John Penhallow as executor of the estate of Thomas Wibird.
11-26-1765 From Meschech Weare to John Penhallow, executor of estate of Thomas Wibird.
11-29-1765 From Joseph Wright to John Penhallow, executor of estate of Thomas Wibird.
12-28-1765 From J. Brackett to John Penhallow, executor of estate of Thomas Wibird

1.5 Receipt, 10-17-1785. From John Penhallow to John Burnam, Payment for land in Weare originally belonging to Richard Wibird.
Receipt, 4-17-1786. From Jonathan Bagley to John Penhallow for payment of taxes on land in Candia for 1783. Portsmouth.
Receipt, 1789 [?] From Oliver Hubbard to John Penhallow tax bill for 1789 on land in Chesterfield.
1.6 Two letters and a three-part receipt parted on one sheet:

9-30-1789. From John Penhallow to Anthony Wibird. Interested in purveying Masonian claims.
10-12-1789. From John Penhallow to Anthony Wibird. Regarding Masonian proprietors.

Folder 2

2.1 Six receipts posted on a sheet.

1-11-1790. Moser Smith to John Penhallow. Portsmouth. Taxes on land in Chesterfield for 1785, 1876.
3-10-1792 John Smith to Collector to (?). Taxes on land (in Chesterfield?) for 1789.
12-13-1794 Ezckiel Powers, Constable to John Penhallow. Chesterfield. Taxes on land in Chesterfield for 1788.
6-1-1795 Eleazer Jackson to John Penhallow. Tax in Chesterfield.

2.2(s) Two letters – a receipt pasted on a sheet.

11-11-1795. John Penhallow to Solomon to Solomon Willard, Portsmouth. Desires Solomon Willard to come Chesterfield and settle land issues. Refers to himself as “heir to Richard Wibird.”
Receipt, 1-30-1796 Asa Button (?), collector, to John Penhallow. Payment of taxes on land in Chesterfield for 1795.
Letter, 2-5-1796 John Penhallow to Moses Smith, Portsmouth. Protecting timber on land in Chesterfield. On back of:
Letter, 1-24-1796 Moses Smith to John Penhallow. Chesterfield sale of lot from Penhallow land in Chesterfield.

2.3 Three letters and a note pasted on one sheet.

Letter, 6-10-1796. [John Penhallow] to [Moses Smith] Portsmouth. Thanks for protecting land in Chesterfield.
Note. n.d. (ca.1796?) [?illegible] Division of stock on signer’s farm in Greenland, N.H. Two Witnesses.
Letter, 5-6-1797 Moses Smith to John Penhallow. Chesterfield. Land in Winchester proposed or payment for land in Chesterfield.
Letter, 5-23-1797 John Penhallow to Moses Smith. Portsmouth. Land in Winchester in lieu of payment for land in Chesterfield.

2.4 Two letters pasted on one sheet [one with reply on reverse]:

Letter, 7-30-1797 Daniel Austin to John Penhallow. Boston, Replies that if fire warden requests repair of houses near meeting house,
he would consider selling it. Reply on back:
Letter, 8-8-1797 John Penhallow to Daniel Austin. Portsmouth. Advises repairing house in Portsmouth before advertising for sale.
Letter, 9-19-1797 Daniel Austin to John Penhallow. Charlestown. Thanks Austin [Penhallow?] for repairing house in Portsmouth, wishes to sell it and suggests terms.
2.5 Two letters posted on a sheet:
Letter, 11-16-1797. Daniel Austin to parents [ John & Sarah Penhallow], his wife’s parents. Announces the birth of daughter to wife Mary (“Polly”) the day before.
Letter, 12-17-1797. John Penhallow to Samuel Way, Portsmouth. Payment of taxes on three lots in town of Lyman for Richard Wibird,
Elijah Lyman and Phinnean Lyman.

Folder 3

3.1 Two letters, two notes, and a transcript of a tax law:

Letter, 12-3-1797. From John Penhallow to Timothy Gibson. Payment of taxes. Mentions writing Robert Wallace.
Letter, 12-3-97 From John Penhallow to Robert Wallace, Portsmouth. Payment of taxes.
Transcript: n.d. (ca 1797) Directions from tax collectors, as passed by the General Court.
Note, 12-20-1797 John Penhallow to Moses Kelly. Wait for instructions before serving ‘execution’ on Timothy Gibson of Henniker. On same paper.
Note: n.d. (ca 12-1797) From John Penhallow to Oziak Sisby. Inform Timothy Gibson of Deputy Sheriff’s name.

3.2 One letter, two receipts, estimate pasted on sheet:

Letter, 2-6-1798 Daniel Austin to [John Penhallow], Boston. Asks if Penhallow can sell a house near the meetinghouse in Portsmouth for him.
Receipt, 2-6-1798. Daniel Austin to John Penhallow, Boston. $50.00
Receipt, 1-7-1798. H.B. Penhallow to John Penhallow. Coffee.
Estimate: n.d. (ca. 1798). Thomas Piper to [John Piper]. Price of timber for a cider mill & press.

3.3 Three letters, one receipt pasted on a sheet of paper:

Letter, 1-9-1798. John Penhallow to Mr. Silsby. Portsmouth. Payment of taxes for Richard Wibird [in Centerfield].)
Receipt, 2-17-1798. B. Pilce Chase, Collector to John PEnhallow, Chester.
Payment of taxes.
Letter, 12-23-1797. Moses Smith to [John Penhallow], Chesterfield. Land in Chesterfield.
Letter, 3-6-1798. John Penhallow to Moses Smith, Portsmouth. Thanks for removing trespassers from land.

3.4 Letter, 7-20-1798. John Penhallow to Moses Smith, Portsmouth. Proposed action against the estate of Col. Willard concerning land (in Chesterfield?)

3.5 Letter, 7-11-1798. Stephen Moore to John Penhallow, Westmoreland.
Action against the estate of Josiah Willard.

3.6 Letter, 8-4-1798. Moses Smith to [John Penhallow], Chesterfield. Willard lot [in Chesterfield].

3.7 List, 12-20-1798. Isaac Rindge. “Outlands”. Towns with acreage listed. Under “New Salisbury” “John Penhallow purchased Rrd. Wibird.”.

3.8 List, 12-20-1798. Isaac Rindge. “List of Houses…Owned by John Penhallow…in the town of Portsmouth…on the first day of October 1798.”

3.9 List, 12-20-1798. Isaac Rindge. “List of Lands Lots Buildings & Wharves …owned by John Penhallow in the Town of Portsmouth…” Dwellings not above $100. Lists four other occupants, too.

3.10 Letter, 12-10-1798 Moses Smith to John Penhallow, Chesterfield. Buying out squatters on Penhallow’s land in Chesterfield and paying taxes.

3.11 Power of Attorney (copy). 12-25-1798. Portsmouth. John Penhallow to Moses Smith of Chesterfield.

3.12 Letter (copy?). John Penhallow to Moses Smith of Chesterfield. Portsmouth prosecuting trespassers on land in Chesterfield.

Folder 4

4.1 Letter and Power of Attorney (One front & one back of sheet):
Letter, 4-6-1799. John Penhallow to Moses Smith. Portsmouth. J.P. administrator of estate of Richard Wibird. Action against estate of Col. Willard for selling property.
Power of Attorney, 4-6-1799. John Penhallow to Moses Smith.

4.2 Two Letters (one front and one back of sheet):
Letter, 6-10-1799. Chesterfield. Moses Smith to John Penhallow. Concerning power of attorney.
Letter, 6-29-1799. Chesterfield. Moses Smith to John Penhallow. Legal action against trespassers on land. Willard & Timothy Hall.

4.3 Three letters pasted on one sheet:
Letter, 7-29-1799. John Penhallow to [Moses smith]. Portsmouth. Legal action against estate of Col. Willard & Timothy Hall. Land from estate of Richard Wibird.
Letter, 4-5-1800. Moses Smith to John Penhallow. Chesterfield. Taxes on land in Chesterfield. Legal action against Willard.
Letter, 4-21-1800. John Penhallow to Moses Smith. Portsmouth. Taxes on land in Chesterfield. Legal action against Willard.

4.4 Two letters pasted on one sheet:
Letter: 4-20-1800. [John Penhallow] to Alphous Moore. Portsmouth. Dropping legal action against Willard.
Letter, 4-10-1800. Alphous Moore to [John Penhallow]. Westmoreland. Statute of limitations may preclude legal action against Josiah Willard.

4.5 Letter, 4-5-1800 Two letters posted on one sheet:
Letter, 12-5(?)1800 John Penhallow to Capt. Thomas Sargent. Portsmouth.
Willing to sell land.
Letter, 8-7-1800 Moses Smith to John Penhallow. Account for legal action against Willard.

Folder 5

5.1 Three letters (two on one sheet) pasted on single sheet:
Letter, 4-29-1800. John Penhallow to Moses Smith. Account.
Letter, 9-24-1802. John PEnhallow to Moses Smith. Bringing accounts up to date. Continuing case of land in Chesterfield.
Letter, 4-11(?)-1802 George Frost to [John Penhallow]. Berwick. Debts, lumber business.

5.2 Two letters pasted on one sheet:
Letter, 12-24-1802. John Penhallow to Deacon Jacob Chamberlain. Portsmouth.
Mr. Young purchased land in Alton from Godlein & Cabot.
Letter, 1-11-1803 John Penhallow, Thomas Young to Deacon Jacob Chamberlain. Portsmouth. Chamberlain to survey land, set off part to Young.
Three letters pasted on one sheet:

5.3 Letter, 1-5-1803. Jacob Chamberlain to John Penhallow. Alton. Setting off land to Mr. Young. Subdivision map. Abuts New Durham.
Letter, 6-4-1805. John Penhallow to Ebenezer Webster, Inquiring about land in Salisbury owned by Webster.
Letter, 12-30-1805. D.A. [Family hurt in for John Penhallow.] to William Plummer. Land in Lincoln formerly Penhallow’s & now Plummer’s.

5.4 Two letters on a single sheet:
Letter, 9-9-1805. Moses Smith to [John Penhallow]. Chesterfield. Offers to survey his land to determine if people are trespassing.
Letter, 10-22-1805. John PEenhallow to Moses Smith. Portsmouth. Asks Smith to survey land. Alright to cut basswood trees.

5.5 Letter, 12-20-1805. Timothy Gibson to [John Penhallow]. Brownfield. Wishes to lease land.

5.6 Letter, 1-10-1806. William Plummer to John Plummer. [via Daniel Austin}. Washington. Title to land in Lincoln.

5.7 Letter, 1-23-1806 D.A. [Daniel Austin] to William Plummer. Portsmouth. Land in Lincoln.

5.8 Four letters on a single folded sheet

Letter, 10-16-1807 D.A. [Daniel Austin]. To Theophilus Sanburn. Land occupied by Sanburn in Alexandria.
Letter, 10-16-1807. Preston to Charles Hilton of Andover, N.H. Includes letter to Thomas Sanburn. Land in Alexandria.
Letter, 10-16-1807. Preston to Genl. B. Peirce. Land in Windsor occupied by Jonathan Sweet.
Letter, 10-16-1807. D.A. [Daniel Austin] for Jonathan Penhallow to Obediah Carrington. Asking for heirs of Richard Wibird, if town names changed & if lands in different towns. Marlow, Preston, Grantham, Boyles Granvill, Buckingham.

5.9 Letter, (ca. 1807) Daniel Austin (?) to [Jonathan Penhallow]. Land in Antrim, Wakefield, Canaan.

5.10 Ca. 1807. Five notes pasted on a sheet. Taxes paid by John Penhallow. Includes farms in Greenland occupied by Walber Weeks & Ebenezer Robinson.

5.11 Ca. 1783-1800 . Business notes. [Jonathan Penhallow?]. Thomas WIbird, George Jeffrey, Jn. S. Sherburne, estate of Richard Wibird, Wibird land in Gilmand & Barrington, Rochester and Chichester. Jonathan Peirce.

5.12 Ca 1801. Business notes. Jonathan Penhallow, Inventory of Robinson’s farm Moses Smith of Chesterfield. Samuel Palmer of Rochester, land in Center Harbor, land from Madam Wibird to Jonathan Penhallow, Antrim, Gilman, Canterbury land.

5.13 Ca. 1807(?) Description of the Long Wharf’s Estate. Wharf dimensions. Hours occupied by John Penhallow, Mr. Holbrook’s store, Vaughan & Yeaton.

5.14 Ca. 1807(?) [Daniel Austin?] to [Jonathan Penhallow?]. In response to request, affirms necessity of making a will & offers specific suggestions.

Folder 6

6-1.1.1 Ca. 1800. Two sheets. Index to letter book of John(3) Penhallow. Notations by organizer of papers. [Pearce Penhallow?]

6.2 Ca. 1790. Letter and obituary pasted on single sheet. David_____.
Letter: M.Thornton to Samuel Penhallow purchasing lot in Dublin.
Obituary: Samuel Penhallow “who died on Thursday last…Aged ninety-three…”

6.3 Letter, 1805. Ebenezer Webster to Samuel Penhallow. Salisbury. Lot of land in Salisbury.

6.4 Ca. 1790. Index sheet. Headed “Samuel Penhallow”. [Goes with index pages in 6.1?]

6.5 Ca.1784-86. “Thomas (4) Penhallow Papers 1784-1786”. Account & receipt on back.

6.6 1784. John Penhallow appointed executor of estate of Thomas Penhallow, merchant. Exeter. Letter of administration.

6.7 Four documents related to the estate of Thomas Penhallow pasted on one sheet.

1784. License to John Penhallow to sell real estate of Thomas Penhallow.
1785. Receipt to John Penhallow from Joshua Brackett, Joseph Bass & Jeremiah Libbey. Cost of inventorying estate of Thomas Penhallow.
1784. Receipt. From John Marsh to John Penhallow. Portsmouth funeral expenses of Thomas Penhallow.
1784. Receipt. From Clement Murch to John Penhallow. Funeral expenses of Thomas Penhallow.

6.8 Three documents related to the estate of Thomas Penhallow, pasted on one sheet.

1785. Receipt from Joshua Brackett to John Penhallow. Portsmouth. Medical expenses.
1785. Receipt for Melcher –Osborne, Portsmouth. Advertisement for sale of effects.
1786. Account of sale of glassware by Jeremiah Libbey with item list.

6.9 Two accounts of land sales pasted on one sheet.

1786. Land in Raymond, Derryfield & Chester belonging to estate of Thomas Penhallow. Portsmouth. Jeremiah Libbey, auctioneer.
[ca. 1786.] Lots of land in Chester laid out to the rights of Richard Wibird, Esq. Chester.

Folder 7

7.1 1786. Deed. John Penhallow to Jerimiah Libbey. Portsmouth. Lot of land in Derryfield belonging to the estate of Thomas Penhallow.

7.2 n.d. List of documents concerning “Thomas (4) Penhallow”. [Possibly by Pearce Penhallow].

7.3 1842 Letter. Silas Durkee to [Oliver Penhallow]. Boston. Medical treatment of son [August Penhallow].

7.4 Two letters & a surveyor’s note pasted on one sheet.

1858. Letter: Mary E. Rice Paine to Oliver Wendell Penhallow. Clifftondale.
1858. Letter: Oliver Wendell Penhallow to Mrs. M.E.R. Paine.
1833. Note. Length of wharf belonging to Charles Cushing & G.W. Penhallow by Benjamin Akerman, surveyor.

7.5 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

Ca. 1858. Letter. Oliver Wendell Penhallow to Mrs. M.E.R. Paine.
Ca. 1858 Letter. Mrs. M.E.R. Paine to Oliver Wendell Penhallow.

7.6 n.d. List of correspondence of “Oliver (5) W. Penhallow”. Note: One of several sub-indexes, all apparently originally together, in this Box.

7.7 Title “Benj. (5) H. Penhallow Letters” and letter, pasted on one sheet.

Ca. 1848. Title.
1848. Letter: Benjamin H. Penhallow to brother Oliver W. Penhallow.
Lowell [Massachusetts]. Slavery. James K. Polk & Zachery Taylor.

7.8 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1847. Letter. Benjamin H. Penhallow to brother Oliver W. Penhallow,
Lowell. Planning visit to Portsmouth.
1849. Letter: Benjamin H. Penhallow to brother Oliver W. Penhallow.
Asks if Daniel Scott can accommodate him.

7.9 n.d. Index: “Benj. (5) H. Penhallow.” Note: One of several such indexes, all apparently originally together, in this Box.

7.10 (formerly 21.8) Book of handwritten tributes to “Father” David Pearce of Gloucester, who died March 16, 1818, with newspaper clipping on young ladies’ education & note on despondency inserted. Book signed 1845 by Susan S. Pearce.

Folder 8

8.1 1847. Letter. L.E. [Lucy Elizabeth] Penhallow to H. Louise Penhallow. Lowell, [MA.] L.E. is Louise’s aunt.

8.2 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1848. Letter: L.E. Penhallow to H. Louise Penhallow, Lowell [MA]. Speaker of Louise’s “Uncle Benjamin” & her “Aunt Betsy”.
1848. Letter: L.E. Penhallow to H. Louise Penhallow.

8.3 1861. L. E. Penhallow to A.J. Penhallow. Lowell.

8.4 1849. Letter: H. Louise Penhallow to her parents. East Cambridge, [MA.].
Speaks of Uncle & Aunt Drown & seeing the sites in Boston & environs.
President due to visit Boston.

8.5 1851. Letter: H. Louise Penhallow to Father, Saugus, [MA]. Visiting grandparents. Speaks of “Anna” & “Cousin Elizabeth”.

8.6 Title & letter pasted on single sheet.

n.d. Title: “Harriet (Scott) Penhallow, widow of Hunking P.”
1837. Letter: Harriet Scott Penhallow to son. Preparations for Thanksgiving,
Family routines.

8.8 1853. Ann Penhallow to brother Andrew Jackson Penhallow. Addendum from their mother Harriet Penhallow, recovering from illness to AJP.

8.9 1853. Harriet Penhallow to son, Andrew Jackson Penhallow. Addendum from AJP’s sister Ann Penhallow Folsom, Meadville.

8.10 1853. Harriet Penhallow to son Andrew Jackson Penhallow, in Portsmouth.
Meadville. Addendum from sister Ann Penhallow Folsom.

8.11 Title & Letter pasted on one sheet.

n.d. Title: “Augustus (6) C. Penhallow, son of O.W.P.”
n.d. Letter: Augustus C. Penhallow to Father. Katahdin, [ME.]. Trip to the ironworks, recreation, bears.

8.12 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1847. A. Penhallow to Father. Katahdin Iron Works. Sept. 4. Meets Mr. Coer in Bangor. Duties at ironworks.
1847. Meets Mr. Coer in Bangor. Duties at ironworks. Oct. 24.

8.13 Two letters pasted on one sheet. Ironworks life & people.

1847. A. Penhallow to Father. Katahdin Iron Works. Dec. 12.
1848. A. Penhallow to Father. Katahdin Iron Works. Jan.9.

8.14 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1848. Augustus [Penhallow] to sister Louise. Katahdin’s Iron Works. Jan.16.
1848. Augustus [Penhallow] to Father. Katahdin Iron Works. Feb.6.

Folder 9

9.1 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1848. Augustus C. Penhallow to Father. Katahdin Iron Works. Feb. 27. Daily life. M.L. Pickering, N. Raynes, Mr. Coves. City of Bangor.
1848. A.C. Penhallow to Father. [Rhode Island]. April 1.

9.2 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1848. Eben_____ to Mr. Penhallow. Providence. May 26. Situation of “is son Augustus working there. Col. Brown.

1848. Augustus C. Penhallow to Father. Providence. May 21. To Providence. Staying at Col. Brown’s.

9.3 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1848. Augustus C. Penhallow to Father. Phoenix [RI]. June 4.
1848. Augustus C. Penhallow to Father. Phoenix [RI]. June 11. Factory at Lippit owned by Mr. Harris.

9.4 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1848. A.C. Penhallow to Father, Phoenix [RI], June 18. Learning mill operation & impact at present.
[1848]. Augustus C, Penhallow to Father, Phoenix [RI], Sunday. Received letter of the 21st. Letter to Louise appended. M. L. Pickering.

9.5 1848. Letter: Augustus c. Penhallow to Father (O.W. Penhallow), July 9. Received letter of July 30. Social life, events of July 4th.

9.6 1848. Letter: Augustus C. Penhallow to Father, Phoenix [RI]. July. Work situation, business.

9.7 1848. Letter: Augustus C. Penhallow to Father, Phoenix [RI]. July. Received letter of the 19th. Work prospects. Letter sister Louise appended.

9.8 1848. Letter: Augustus C. Penhallow to Father, Phoenix [RI]. July. Received letter Friday. Praises James Y. Smith’s house in Providence. Changed boarding houses. Working in card room at mill. Appends letter to sister Louise.

9.9 [?]

9.10 1848. Letter. Augustus [Penhallow] to Father, Phoenix [RI]. Sept. 25th

9.11 Two letters pasted on one sheet. Phoenix [RI].

1848. Letter: Augustus Penhall to Father, Phoenix [RI]. Oct. 29. Attended worker celebration in Boston.
1848. Letter: Augustius [Penhallow] to Father, Phoenix [RI]. Digging gold in Mexico.

9.12 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1849. Letter: Augustus Penhallow to Father. N.p. [Phoenix, [RI]. Jan 13th. Work prospects. Disparages Jack –as in other letters.

Folder 10

10.1 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1849. Letter: Augustus [Penhallow] to Father. Phoenix [RI]. Jan. 18. Work prospects, Col. Brown, California.
[1849]. Letter: A.C. Penhallow to Father. Phoenix [RI]. Feb.

10.2 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

[1849]. Letter: Augustus [Penhallow] to Father. Phoenix [RI]. Mar. 7. Inquired about money sent about Father.
[1849]. Letter: A.C. Penhallow, Ashland [RI]. Mar. 18. Overseer.

10.3 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

[1849]. Letter: Augustus [Penhallow] to Father. Ashland [RI]. Gaven notice as suggested.
[1849]. Letter: Augustus [Penhallow] to Father. Lowell [MA]. Aug. 25. Job
Prospects (nothing definite).

10.4 Title & letter pasted on one sheet.

n.d. Title: “D. (5) P. Penhallow letters (David Pearce Penhallow, son of Hunking” —Harriett Pearce Scott).
1849. Letter: Brother to Brother. Valparaiso Sad to learn of loss of brother.

10.5 Two letters pasted on one sheet.

1849. Letter: D.P. Penhallow to Brother. Valparaiso. May 7. Brother’s estate division, J.H. Simes to advise on stock.
1849. Letter: D.P. Penhallow to Brother. Valparaiso. (_____copy).

10.6 Two letters pasted on one sheet,

1851. Letter: David Penhallow to Brother. Honolulu. Sept. 15. Last letter a year ago? Business affairs (family).
1850. Letter: David Penhallow to Mother. San Francisco. Oct. 3. on reverse: David Penhallow to brother Andrew Jackson Penhallow. N.p., n.d. Disposition of brother’s estate; David mentions he has 3 children, all recently deceased.

10.7 1837. Letter: David P. Penhallow to Brother. St. Barbara, CA.
Relations between California & Mexican government, Bryant Sturgis & Co. of Boston (shipping).

10.8 1851. Letter: David P. Penahallow to Brother. San Francisco. Sold pumps, A.J. Penhallow. Ship Typhoon (Capt. Salter). With attached 1852 receipt from Stephem H. Simes (Wm. Andrew J. Penhallow.)

10.9 1838. Letter: David P. Penhallow to brother [Andrew J. Penhallow]. San Francisco, CA. Political situation with Mexico, French blockade.

10.10 1842 Letter: David Penhallow to brother [Andrew J. Penhallow], Honolulu, Sandwich Islands. Mar. 8. Loading to return to Boston, plans to return & settle in Honolulu & has written wife Mary.

10.11 1842. Letter: David P.Penhallow to brother [Andrew J. Penhallow]. Rio de Janeiro, [Brazil]. Aug. 15. Anticipates marriage to Mary F. Yeaton & return to Oahu.

10.12 1843?. Letter: David P. Penhallow to Brother. Papecte, Tahiti. May 24. Long passage with delay off Cape Horn (westerly winds). Saw comet.

10.13 1843. Letter:D.P. Penhallow to brother, [A.J. Penhallow], Honolulu, Oahu. Oct. 6—busy season, many whaling ships.

10.14 1845. Letter: D.P. Penhallow to Brother [A.J. Penhallow], Honolulu. March 18.
Hoping for news of home, including new buildings, railroad & bridge.
Son Peblois Pearce born Dec. 29, 1844. D.P.P. appointed Harbor Master.

Folder 11:

11.1 1761. Receipt. Richard Wibird. CHichester [NH]. Nov. 2. Payment of taxes.

11.2 1762. Receipt. Richard Wibird. CHichester [NH]. June 22. Payment of taxes.

11.3 1762. Receipt. Richard Wibird estate. Hampton [NH]. March 11. Payment of taxes in Chichester, NH.

11.4 1731. Receipt: Richard Wibird. Chichester, [NH]. Payment of part of charges for finishing block house as owner of Lot 70.

11.5 1761. Receipt: Richard Wibird. Chichester, [NH] Nov.2, Town of Chichester.

11.6 1735. Receipt: Richard Wibird. Chichester, [NH]. Taxes for him & his father in Chichester.

11.7 1731. Note and receipt: Richard Wibird, Portsmouth. Taxes in Chichester.

11.8 1747. Deed: Richard Wibird. Londonderry, [NH]. June. Londonderry Deeds, p. 18.

11.9 1739. Receipt: Richard Wibird. Portsmouth. June 5. Taxes in Londonderry.

11.10 1749. Receipt: Richard Wibird. Londonderry, [NH]. July 8. Charges for laying out lot & recording deed.

11.11 1734. Receipt: Richard Wibird. Portsmouth. Jan.30. Taxes in Londonderry.

11.12 1748. Mortgage: Richard Wibird & Thomas Wibird to Nathaniel Fellows. Dec. 6. House & land [in Portsmouth, NH].

11.13 1750. Mortgage: Richard Wibird, Thomas Wibird & Nathaniel Fellows. Jan. 12, 1750. Fellows acknowledges default on mortgage.

11.14 1748. Contract: Nathaniel Fellows with Richard Wibird & Thomas Wibird. Dec. 6. Fellows to have one year to redeem mortgage as specified in execution.

11.15 1753. Bill & receipt. Richard Wibird & Thomas Wibird. Scarboroug & Portsmouth. Laying out land.

11.16 n.d. Deed: Edward Stevens (in the right of Richard Wibird). With memo from J. Wendall. To ‘Lt. Stevens’. Land in Scarborough [Me.]?

11.17 1737. Vote: Proprietors of Scarborough [ME]. Dec. 5. Correcting mistake in laying out land. Richard Wibird?

11.18 n.d. Note: Description of the title chain,. Location? Likely related to Richard Wibird.

11.9 n.d. Note: Richard Wibird & J. Penhallow. Taxed on land in Marlborough & Dublin, power of attorney.

11.20 1727/1727. Deed: (copy). John Pickering of Portsmouth to Richard Wibird of Portsmouth. Land at Black Point in Scarborough [ME]. York Deeds, Book 12, p. 175.

11.21 1753. Deed: Proprietors of Scarborough to Richard Wibird. Thomas Wibird— August 30—Recorded book 1, p. 209.

11.22 n.d. Vote: Masonian Proprietors to Thomas Wibird (?). Land in New Durham & Gilmanton. Judge Cogswell. (fragmentary note).

11.23 1743. Receipt: Richard Wibird—Portsmouth. Land in Westmoreland.

11.24 1761. Memorandum: land at Richard Wibird’s Lot 183 laid out in Barrington by William Cato, Lot larger.

11.25 1730. Bond: Richard Wibird to Thomas Smith. Lot of land in Chester. (Note: In very poor condition. Needs conservation.)

11.26 1720. Deed: [Proprietors of Scarborough?] to Richard Wibird. June 23, 100 acres of land. York Deeds Book 12, p. 175.

Folder 12:

12.1 1757. Agreement: Thomas Wibird & Leonard Weeks of Greenland. Weeks rents farm.

12.2 1764. Agreement: Richard Wibird & Thomas Wibird, both of Portsmouth and William Johnson of Greenland. Johnson rents farm.

12.3 1755. Deed: Henry Sloper of Portsmouth, mariner, to Richard & Thomas Wibird of Portsmouth. Lot of land in Brarrington.

12.4 1748. Receipt: Taxes on land in Londonderry—paid by Richard Wibird.

12.5 1756. Indenture: Richard Wibird & Thomas Wibird of Portsmouth and William
Simpson of Greenland. Rental of farm to Simpson.

12.6 1753. Deed: Richard Wibird & Thomas Wibird, both of Portsmouth to Joseph Spearing, Jr., a lot of land in Rochester.

12.7 1759. Deed: Samuel Hart, joiner, & John Hart, both of Portsmouth, to David Sewall of Portsmouth. Lot of land on Deer Street.

12.8 1777. List: Notes of land, towns, dates, sums, total.

12.9 1740. Deed: Margaret Landall of Portsmouth, administrator of estate of late husband Thomas Landall, mariner, to Eliatein Bickford of Portsmouth, mariner, lot of land on Deer Street.

12.10 1757. Receipt: Richard Hart to Capt. John Partridge. Insurance on sloop, Nancy,
To Antigua.

12.11 1781. Agreement: Richard Hart to a settler of land between Conway & the White Hills. 100 acres of land.

12.12 1799. Agreement: Richard Hart to pay Margaret Sherburne $333.34 on or before July 16, 1800.

12.13 1735. Letter: John Collings to wife—Perth Amboy.

12.14 1778. Assessment: Richard Hart & other, proprietors of land on road from Wolfborough to Northcumberland. Repairs of road.

12.15 1749. Deed: Samuel Hart to Thomas Mewmarsh. Two lots of land on Deer Street in Portsmouth with buildings thereon.

12.16 1744. Letter: John Jones to Jonathan (?) Hart. Scarborough [ME]. Offer to buy strip of land in Portsmouth to settle differences.

12.17 1744. Bond: Mary Whidden, widow, & Robert Green, blockmaker, both of Portsmouth. With Samuel Hart, executor of late Michael Whidden of Portsmouth, gunsmith. For delivery of goods willed by Mildred Whidden to her children.

12.18 1740. Deed: Eliakin Bickford at Portsmouth, mariner, to John Hart. Lot of land on Deer Street in Portsmouth, being the same purchased by Bickford of Lardhall.

12.19 1781. Deed: William Dennis to Richard Hart of Portsmouth, merchant, & his wife Nancy. Lot of land with house thereon, in which Hart lives—John Collins/Mercy Hart/John Jones, Jr.

Folder 13:

13.1 1788. Bill of lading: Richard Salter for brigantine Astrea . Cape Francis. 367 Spanish milled dollar.

13.2 1787. Bill of lading : Richard Hart for brigantine Astrea. Cape Francis. 779 Spanish milled dollars.

13.3 1780. Account: Sundries belonging to Richard Hart by Richard Salter. Granada.

13.4 1797. Receipt: Smallpox vaccinations of Betsy Hart & Polly Hart, daughters of Richard Hart. Hospital—Shapley’s Island.

13.5 1799. Meeting notice for subscription of New Hampshire Union Bank—to Richard Hart for Dec. 18, 1799.

13.6 1799. Promissory note: Richard Hart to Sarah Sherburne, Portsmouth. $300.

13.7 1799. Promissory note: Richard Hart to Andrew Wiggin, Portsmouth. $360.

13.8 1756. Account: Estate of Samuel Hart. Final illness & funeral expenses.

13.9 1774. Account/receipt: Estate with Mrs. Bridget Hart to Joshua Brackett. Portsmouth.

13.10 1788. Bill of lading: Richard Salter on account of Richard Hart, owner of bringantine Astrea. 757 Spanish milled dollars and one quarter of a dollar. Cape Francis.

13.11 1800. Writ: Against Mark Noble, boat builder, of Portsmouth for Richard Hart of Portsmouth. Exeter, N.H. For 164.43.

13.12 ca1737 List: Hart births with dates. Ca. 1726-1737.

13.13 1813. Inventory: Estate of Richard Hart. Portsmouth. Lists real estate.

13.14 1814. Letter: Miss Joanna Hart from family, Portsmouth, sent to Cambridge in care of Daniel Treadwell. Attended an obituary of Richard Hart.

13.15. 1754. Letter: Titus Salter, Jamaica, May 13, 1754, No? ref. to letter received via ship Elizabeth, Capt. Butler, discussing cargo of ships.

13.16. 1801. Note: Sale of lot of land in Richard Wibird in Loudon for taxes & sale of land to Jonathan Penhallow [in Loudon?]

13.17 1769. Mortgage deed: Richard Hart of Portsmouth & Mercy, his wife, to William Dennis of Boston. Lot of land by his dwelling in Portsmouth. Paid off April 5, 1980.

13.18 1818. Indenture: Richard Hart to Daniel L. Currier of South Berwick. Rental of farm in Berwick & Currier’s for two years.

13.19 n.d. Letter: From William Pearce to Richard Hart discussing shipment of coal and lumber as well as special arrangements on wharf, etc.

13.20 1820. In memory of Marcy Collings Hart (wife of Richard) who died July 17, 1790 and Richard, who died 1829, aged 87 (small drawing of winged cherub).

13.21 7-18-1814. Letter from Mary J. or G. Hart, Cambridge, to her sister, Sarah Hart; complaint that no one is writing to Mary. Visit to Boston and Brookline. Mentions Treadwell, Austin, Penhallow & Sheafe.

13.22 7-28-1814. Mary Hart to her sister Sarah (Sally). Mentions the death of Mrs. Treadwell’s brother. Also , letter to her friend Oliver, mentions Judge Wendell.

13.23 1755. Receipt for 5lb. cash from Samuel Hart. Signed John Pearce.

13.24 n.d. Last will of Elizabeth Hart, daughter Richard Hart, bequeathing all her estate to her two sisters, Sarah & Mary Joanna Hart to hold jointly. No signature or date. (1/2 page).

13.25 8-14-1814 Letter to Mary Hart from her father Richard and her sisters, Sarah & Elizabeth; reference to war and trouble.

Folder 14

14.1 1762. Account of Samuel Hart to Winston Adams for $23.10. detailing food & lodging (Durham, April 7, 1762).

14.2 n.d. Copy of letter of share to Mary, wife of Capt. William Tearn for part of wharf and land in Portsmouth. Attested by Samuel Parker, also house to Rachel, wife of Silas Noel; also bequests to Lydia, wife of Samuel Parker, all related to Tearn who died intestate, (Lydia: daughter of William Tearn?).

14.3 1803. Deed from Richard Hart to Samuel Derby & heirs; land in York County, also house & outbuildings (York County Book 63, page 233).

14.4 1803. Letter of acknowledgement from George Lang of Portsmouth for land&
& warehouse in Portsmouth due to bankruptcy of Jeremiah Hart.

14.5 5-12-1860 Receipt & letter relating to transaction of 87 pounds/10NT from Richard Hart, shopkeeper in Portsmouth, for a piece of land in Barrington (from the estae of William Lord).

14.6 2-26-1789 Receipt for 466 Spanish Mill Dollars & three quarters dollars equal to 192 in Windwood Island currency. Mention brig. Astrea & Richard Salter.

14.7 1796. Deed for a panel in Kensington to Richard Hart for 2000 dollars, signed Nathaneil Healey. Witnessed: Sam & John Hale.

14.8 1798. Strafford Country deed from William Collings Meserve of Richard Hart, of Portsmouth for a piece of land in Barrington.

14.9 1798. Deed from Benjamin Babage of Portsmouth to Richard, merchant, of Portsmouth for a building on Deer Street (formerly Dr. Hall’s).

14.10 6-23-1783. Power of attorney to Simeon Aberman of Portsmouth from Joseph & Sarah Doget, Moses and Joanna Todd.

14.11 11-29-1818. Deed from Sarah Frost of Portsmouth to Richard Hart for $500 to quit her dower right of thirds & several parcels of land in Berwick & South Berwick. (They were deeded by her late husband, George Frost, who was an innkeeper) Original.


14.13 1800. Deed John Davis of Eaton, Strafford Co., to Richard Hart for two lots of land in Eaton.

14.14 7-17-1795 Deed from George Jackson of Portsmouth to Richard Hart (Portsmouth) for land in Strafford County. (Barrington).

Folder 15

15.1 Nov. 1797. Deed from Nathaniel Healey of Hampton Falls to Richard Hart of Portsmouth, for land in Hampton Falls.

15.2 1785. Deed from Joseph Pickering of Greenland to Samuel Pickering for land in Greenland (30 acres) at $225.

15.3 1809. Deed from Oebrd(?). Hall of Bartlett to Richard Hart of Portsmouth for land, in the amount of $320.

15.4 5-1-1817. Note from Richard Hart having received from George Clark $965.28 for a tract of land in Berwick containing 69 acres, called the Pand farm.

15.5 4-11-1821. Agreement between George Long & W. Penhallow, administrators
to the estate of Richard Hart & James Clark, South Berwick, for the farm known as Pond Place (near duampegan Landing).

15.6 1760. Deed for Prop. Share in Barnstead from James Colebroth to Richard Hart, Portsmouth.

15.7 1804. Deed from Richard Hart to Newell Healey for $1,102. for land in Kensington.

15.8 8-14-1823 Memorandum of agreement between Sarah, Mary, & Elizabeth Hart (all single women) & John Covenly, IV—two sums of $500. & one note for $400.—total $1425. for deed of land in Strafford, incl. Building.

15.9 n.d. Memorandum of agreement between Samuel Hill of Portsmouth and Levi Wiggins of Greenland, for farm in Newington. Unsigned & undated.

15.10 12-14-1821 Agreement between the three Hart sisters & their administrators,
George Long & Oliver Penhallow for the sum of $5000 for a Berwick farm sold to Daniel L. Currier.

15.11 1811. Agreement between Richard Hart, Portsmouth, & Samuel Foss, Berwick, grants to to the Foss Farm in Berwick (lease—three years). George Frost occupies the chamber.

15.12 1757. Deed: Stephen Harlson of Portsmouth to Richard Hart of Portsmouth, original share of John Underwood of New Castle, in the township of Epsom.

15.13 1804. Mortgage deed: Abigail Emerson, widow, & Moses Lyman, both of York, to Richard Hart, land in Berwick, formerly of George Frost.

15.14 1799. Mortgage deed: George Frost of Berwick, to Edmund Emerson, Jr., of York, for a parcel of land in Berwick.

15.15 1784. Inventory of the estate of Thomas Penhallow.

15.16 1744. Deed: John Huntress of Newington to James Colebroth of Newington, for land in Barnstead.

15.17 1799. Mortgage deed: Samuel Darby of York to Richard Hart of Portsmouth, part of wharf & two parcels of land in York.

15.18 1801. Survey map: land in Barrington belonging to Richard Hart.

15.19 1819. Deed: George Clark to Richard Hart or his representatives, George Long and O.W. Penhallow. Farm in South Berwick.

15.20 1801. Survey map: Land in Barrington belonging to Richard Hart. (Note: Duplicate of 15.8?) –cm

15.21 1796. Execution of Judgement: against John Babage for Richard Hart. Land & house on Daniel Street in Portsmouth.

15.22 1817. Agreement: Richard Hart of Portsmouth & George Clark of South Berwick, joiner. Leases land, formerly of George Frost, of South Berwick.

15.23 1798. Deed: Simeon Ackerman of Portsmuth to Richard Hart of Portsmouth for land in Barrington.

15.24 1798. Deed: Richard Hart of Portsmouth to Benjamin Babage, mariner, building on lot of land formerly belonging to Dr. Hall Jackson.

Folder 16

16.1 1738. Indentured Richard Wibird of Portsmouth, and William Sympson of Portsmouth, husbandman, a lot of land within the middle division of Hilton’s Patent. Lease for seven years.

16.2 1819. Agreement: Richard Hart of Portsmouth and George Clark of South Berwick, the Pond Place Farm in South Berwick. Formerly of George Frost. Lease.

16.3 1719. Deed: Thomas Harvey of Portsmouth to Richard Wibird of Portsmouth, a lot of land on Graffords Lane in Portsmouth. (recorded by Samuel Penhallow).

16.4 1752. Deed: Richard Wibird of Portsmouth and Thomas Wibird of Portsmouth, partition of land in Portsmouth.

16.5 n.d. Reflections on Being & Solitude. Author unknown.

16.6 n.d. Note: Mr. Buckminster to Mr. Hart. Re: “Character” (eulogy)—Mr. Hart’s wife.

16.7 n.d. Inventory: Real estate in New Hampshire belonging to the late Richard Hart.

16.8 1746. Release: Mehitable Wainwright of Portsmouth to Richard Wibird of Portsmouth, executor of the estate of Richard Wibird. Any claims..

Folder 17

17.1 1726. Deed: John Wilson of New Castle, innholder, to Nathaniel Fellows of Portsmouth. A lot of land in Portsmouth.

17.2 1772. Letter: Champin & D–? To J.W. ?. Cordage.

17.3 1733. Deed list: Pickering to Jose, 1670; Pickering to Hunking, 1671; Pickering to Vaughn, 1673.

17.4 n.d. “An Imaginary Plan”. Lands in Barrington.

17.5 1870. Newspaper: Portsmouth Daily Chronicle; August 5, 1870.

Folder 18

18.1 n.d. Army discharge: John P. Penhallow from B Company, 32nd Massachusetts Regiment, Advanced County.

18.2 1867. Letter: From E. Mellach, Ass’t. Paymaster, U.S.S. Mahaska, to “Sir”. Death of John Penhallow’s nephew from yellow fever.

18.3 1867. Letter: From A.J.P. (Andrew Jackson Penhallow) to E. Mellach, U.S.S. Mahaska. Effects of John P. Penhallow.

18.4 1865. Army discharge. John P. Penhallow.

18.5 n.d. Bank book. A.J. Penhallow. Comes with clippings, notes only.

18.6 ca 1877. Article: The Agricultural College, Sapporo.

18.7 1891. Letter from P.M. Langton to Mr. Penhallow, Kittery. Road location through farm.

18.8 1871. Academic grades: D.P. Penhallow at Massachusetts Agricultural College.

18.9 1891. Letter from Roswell Fisher to D.P. Penhallow. “The Sherbrooker”. Renting an apartment.

18.10 1882. Bill: Andrew J. Penhallow to James Janvrin for labor on house in Pickering Street. [Portsmouth].

18.11 1891. Letter from Rosell Fisher to D.P. Penhallow. Cannot hold the apartment longer.

18.12 n.d. Letter: F.H. Knowlton, Dept. of Interior, to Prof. D.P. Penhallow, McGill University, Montreal. Geological paper by DPP.

18.13 1891. Letter: Roswell Fisher to D.P. Penhallow. Heating house.

18.14 1891. Letter: Roswell Fisher to D.P. Penhallow. Rental business.

18.15 1890. Letter: From Joshua Kendall re: Penhallow.

18.16 1891. Letter: From Roswell Fisher to D. P. Penhallow re: rental business.

18.17 1891. Letter: From Roswell Fisher to D.P. Penhallow re: renewal of lease.

18.18 1890. Letter: In French referring to “A new botanical laboratory and on the Pleistocene Flora of Canada” with thanks, from L.A. Henriques (?) University of Coimbra (Portugal) Botanical gardens.

18.19 1890. Pamphlet from Day Family School of Cambridge for the school year 1891-1892—includes note signed by Joshua Kendall.

18.20 1891. Letters from geological survey Department in Ottawa (signed John Mawinn) to Professor Penhallow at McGill College in Montreal, re: a plant, P. betutifolia. (?)

18.21 1891. Another thank you letter for a copy of “Flora in Canada” from Department of Public Instruction, Quebec.

18.22 1891. Thank you letter for a copy of “Flora in Canada” from Department to Public Instruction, Quebec, with a note to submit book to committee on text books.

18.23 n.d. List of plants with prizes in sterling.

18.24 1891. Letter: From L.H. Peck re: existence of plant “Populus bethlitolia” on Hudson River.

18.25 1891. Letter from P.W. Penhallow to David ….re: his brothers’ administration of their father’s estate.

18.26 n.d. Letter to D. Penhallow from R. Fisher regarding maintenance issues.

18.27 1891. Letter to David Penhallow regarding estate issues from T.W. Penhallow.

18.28 Sept. 1891 Letter from Mary Chapman to Professor Penhallow referring to Professor Gilman and others regarding Anne (?), girls and more.

18.29 1891. Letter from Frederick Townsend (England) to Penhallow regarding the publication of “Flora in Canada”.

18.30 1891. Letter from Mark S. Wade, Victoria, B.C. regarding “Shepherdia Canadensis” from which he sent fruit to Penhallow.

18.31 1891. Letter from H.B. Spollen (?) regarding book on Botany.

18.32 1891. Letter from H.H. Lyman regarding “platanus occidentalis” (Buttonwood

18.33 1891. Letter from brother in North Dakota to David Penhallow at McGill University regarding summer visit to New England and insurance for children.

18.34 1859. Deed from Alvah and Elizabeth Trall to Leonard Cotton for land near Pettigrew and Marcy shipyard.

18.35 8-7-1875 Letter from son, David, at school in Amherst, to his father. It mentions plants, especially squashes.

18.36 8-5-1875 This is a copy of the above letter.

18.37 1876. Letter from David to his father. David is packing up his goods & wants money.

18.38 June, 1875. Letter fromDavid to his father asking for a microscope; says commencement is next week. $250 to Charles Stodder for microscope.

18.39 10-30-1875. Invoice from Charles Stoddard for microscope and other items for D.P. Penhallow.

18.40 11-1-1875. Letter from David Penhallow to his father informing him of the arrival of the microscope which works “to perfection”.

18.41 6-21-1875. Letter from Charles Stodder to Andrew Penhallow regarding check for $250 for microscope.

18.42 n.d. Fragment with scribbles and sketch of 30ft. high tree.

18.43 12-15-1870 #8 handwritten duplicate of bound booklet (via Southhampton) of original by Mr. Brooks.

18.44 3-15-1880. Letter from David P. Penhallow from Sapporo, Japan, to his father informing hi that as of May 15th his mail must be sent to Yokohama. He plans to stay there until November & then travel to India.

18.45 3-14-1879. Notice to holders of 4 ½ % registered stock of the funded loan of 1891 (printed June, 1878); on reverse is penciled draft, unsigned, to Secretary of State, Washington, D.C. mentioning enclosure of letter to Japanese Minister.

18.46 3-14-1879. Letter to Japanese Minister in Washington, D.C., regarding Penhallow’s son, Professor David P. Penhallow, whose home has been burnt together with all of records—“a great calamity”.

18.47 7-1-1879. Bill from Charles Stodder to Professor D.P. Penhallow for supplies.

18.48 10-7-1876. Letter from D.P. Penhallow in Sapporo to A.J. Penhallow requesting Stodder’s bill be paid.

18.49 1876. Bill from Charles Stodder for microscope, supplies, etc.

18.50 1876. Letter from Boston Optical works, Charles Stodder to A.J. Penhallow for order from D.P. Penhallow (18.48; 18.49)

18.51 1875. Itemized receipt from Charles Stodder for $34.54 for supplies for D.p. Penhallow.

18.52 1879. Note from Charles Stodder to A.J. Penhallow informing him that the Quarterly Journal of Microscopy Today may be discontinued.

18.53 1879. Letter from delegation of Japan in Washington, D.C., to Andrew J. Penhallow in Portsmouth, acknowledging A. Penhallow’s letter to the Japanese government (re: reimbursement for loss due to fire of D. P. Penhallow’s goods.)

18.54 5-13-1880. Postcard: To Mr. A.J. Penhallow from D.P. Penhallow indicating guides are returning to Amherst, Mass. from Japan.

18.55 1879. Receipt for one year’s subscription to the American Naturalist from Professor D.P. Penhallow, Hokaido, Japan. ($4.48)

18.56 1880. Receipt: For one year’s subscription to the Boston Weekly Journal from Prof. D.P. Penhallow. ($1.90).

18.57 1879. Bill from Charles Stodder to Prof. D.P. Penhallow in the amount of $7.80,
for supplies.

18.58 1879. Bill from Daniel Appleton & Co., New York, to D. P. Penhallow, for merchandise. $9.74. Received payment/

18.59 1878. Note: from P.P. Penhallow of Sapporo, Japan re: review of subscription to American Naturalist. Requests bill be sent to his father in Portsmouth.

18.60 1878. Note: From D.P. Penhallow to his father in the amount of $170, US gold.

18.61 1878. Letter: From D.P. Penhallow to his father.

18.62 1877. Note from D.P. Penhallow in Sapporo, forwarding equivalent.

18.63 1877. Note from Oriental Bank agent in Yokohama, Japan, to A.J. Penhallow in Portsmouth, transmitting $179.07 in gold.

18.64 1877. Note from D.P. Penhallow in Sapporo, Japan, transmitting $150 in gold to A.J. Penhallow.

18.65 1877. Note from Oriental Bank agent to A.J. Penhallow transmitting $180 in gold.

18.66 1876. Note from D.P. Penhallow in Sapporo, Japan, to A.J. Penhallow forwarding $180.00 in gold.

18.67 1877. Note from agent for Oriental Bank, Yokohama, to A.J. Penhallow, transmitting $150.96 in gold.

18.68 1876. Note from D.P. Penhallow, Sapporo, Japan, to A.J. Penhallow transmitting
$150.00 in gold.

18.69 1876. Note from D.P. Penhallow in Sapporo, Japan, to Father. Wishes Popular Science Monthly & Scientific Farmer ordered.

18.70 1876. Letter from D.P. Penhallow in Sapporo, Japan, to Father. Money drafts; growing & processing daicon (Asian radish) vegetable.

18.71 1876. Note form D.P. Penhallow, Sapporo, Japan, to A.J. Penhallow forwarding $165.

18.72 1876. Note from Oriental Bank agent, Yokohama, Japan, to A.J. Penhallow forwarding $168.62.

18.73 11-5-1876. Letter for D.P. Penhallow to his father mentioning bill of $168 written in Sapporo, Japan.

18.74 10-8-1876. Letter from David (D.P. Penhallow) to his father, personal content.

18.75 1876. Note from agent of Oriental Bank to A.J. Penhallow for $145.25 in gold.

18.76 1876. Note from D.P. Penhallow in Sapporo, Japan, to A.J. PEnhallow forwarding $140 in gold.

18.77 1876. Letter from D.P. Penhallow in Sapporo, Japan, to Father. Establishing college; Japanese students, workmen & construction methods.

18.78 1876. Letter from David (D.P. Penhallow) to Father. Arrival at “Satsporo” [Sapporo], Japan & descriptions of town & country.

18.79 1876. Letter from D.P.Penhallow to Father: Arrived at Yokohama & will interview college applicants.

Folder 19:

19.1 Ca. 1813 Notebook: Business primer including ship’s business.

19.2 Ca. 1895-1909 pp.4-18 of a muster roll.

Folder 20:

20.1 1835. Deed: George Long of Portsmouth, gentleman to John Mugridge of Portsmouth, ship joiner. Tract of land in Portsmouth.
20.2 1835. Deed: John Mugridge of Portsmouth, ship joiner, to Lewis Barnes of Portsmouth, gentleman. Land formerly comprising the Thomas Hanscom shipyard.
20.3 1834. Deed: George Long of Portsmouth, gentleman, to Thomas Hanscom, master carpenter. Lot of land in Portsmouth, south part, bounded to Piscataqua River.
20.4 1834. Deed: Jemima Tripe of Portsmouth, widow, to Thomas Hanscom of Portsmouth, gentleman. Parcel of land bounded by land of late Judge Sherburne, South Millpond outlet, etc.
20.5 1834. Deed: Daniel Treadwell of Portsmouth, gentleman, to Thomas Hanscom of Portsmouth, ship carpenter. Lot of land in Pickering’s Lane in Portsmouth. Sketch plan attached.
20.6 1834. Deed: Jemima Tripe of Portsmouth, widow, to Thomas Hanscom of Portsmouth, gentleman. Parcel of land in Portsmouth bounded by land of late Judge Sherburne, South Millpond, etc. (See also 20.4)
20.7 1835. Deed: Abigail Hanscom of Portsmouth, widow, to John Mugridge of Portsmouth, ship joiner, Right of dower in premises “formerly owned & occupied by my late husband as a shipyard.”
20.8 1835. Deed: John Smith of Portsmouth, painter, to John Mugridge of Portsmouth, ship joiner. Tract of land in Portsmouth (see Thomas Hanscom deed).
20.9 1834. Deed: Daniel Treadwell of Portsmouth, gentleman, to Thomas Hanscom of Portsmouth, ship carpenter. Lot of land in Pickering’s Lane in Portsmouth.
20.10 1857. Deed: Fanny P. Davidson, Elizabeth Mugridge, Mary Gunnison & John Harvey—all of Portsmouth, heirs of Caleb Harvey, to Daniel Marcy & William Pettigrew of Portsmouth. Lot of land in Portsmouth bounded by land of Marcy & Pettigrew, etc.
20.11 1839. Deed: Samuel Hale, Ichabod Rollins & William Shackford, all merchants of Portsmouth, to Lewis Barnes of Portsmouth, merchant. Parcel of land in Portsmouth formerly occupied by Thomas Hanscom as a shipyard.
20.12 1839. Deed: John Mugridge of Portsmouth, ship carpenter, to Lewis Barnes of Portsmouth, merchant. Tract of land in Portsmouth formerly occupied by Thomas Hanscom as a shipyard.
20.13 1859. Deed: Abby M. Barnes, executor of Lewis Barnes, lat of Portsmouth, to Daniel Marcy & William Pettigrew, both of Portsmouth. Lot of land formerly occupied by Thomas Hanscom as a shipyard & late by John Mugridge.
20.14 1859. Deed: Olive & Harriet Fernald, both of Portsmouth, to Andrew J. Penhallow of Portsmouth. Parcel of land with buildings in Portsmouth. Bounded on south by State Street, on west by land at A.D. Penhallow, etc.
20.15 1835. Notary statement: Benjamin Penhallow, notary public, & Lewis Barnes of Portsmouth. Attempt to redeem mortgage & note of land held by Jemima Trope against Thomas Hanscom, ship carpenter, late of Portsmouth for land where “said Barnes is now having a Ship Built.”
20.16 1853. Deed: Margaret Fernald of Portsmouth, guardian of Edward Hall Fernald, a minor & heir of Thomas Fernald, deceased, to Harriet Penhallow of Portsmouth, widow, 1/9th of lot of land with buildings in Portsmouth. (See 20.20)
20.17 1839. Statement: Francis D. Randall, Recorder, Exeter, N.H. Regarding deeds of John Mugridge to others for Thomas Hanscom’s shipyard property.
20.18 1855. Deed: Olive Fernald & Harriet Fernald of Portsmouth to William Jenkins of Portsmouth. Lot of land in Portsmouth bounded on the south by State Street; west by land of Andrew J. Penhallow, etc., with brick building.
20.19 Missing
20.20 1858. Deed: Olive & Harriet Fernald, both of Portsmouth, to William D. Jenkins of Portsmouth. Lot land & brick building bounded on south side by State Street, etc.
20.21 1852. Deed: Jeremiah M. Mathes of Portsmouth to Andrew J. Penhallow of Portsmouth.1/3 of land with buildings bounded on south by State Street, west by land of James W. Emery, as trustee…etc.
20.22 1855. Deed: Harriet Penhallow of Portsmouth to Andrew J. Penhallow of Kittery, York County, Maine. 1/3 undivided parcel of land on State Street.
20.23 1852. Deed: James Dodge of Portsmouth to Andrew J. Penhallow of Portsmouth. 1/3 of piece of land…(same descrip. As State Street; above deed.)
20.24 1850. Deed: Samuel Fisk of Portsmouth to Harriet Penhallow of Portsmouth, widow of Andrew J. Penhallow. Lot of land with buildings on Fleet Street in Portsmouth.
20.25 1866. Deed: John Yeaton of Portsmouth, guardian of Deblois Penhallow & Maria Penhallow, children of David P. Penhallow, to Andrew J. Penhallow. Lot of land with building. Fleet Street, Portsmouth.
20.26 1862. Deed: William B. Jacobs of Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, guardian of Harriet C. Jacobs of Boston to Andrew J. Penhallow of Kittery, York County, Maine. 1/24th of lot of land on Fleet Street in Portsmouth,
20.27 1862. Nathaniel Folsom of Roxbury, Mass. & Ann Folsom, his wife, to Andrew J. Penhallow of Kittery, York County, Me.. Lot of land and building on Fleet Street in Portsmouth.
20.28 1862. Deed: Harriet Louise Penhallow of Portsmouth to Andrew J. Penhallow of Kittery, Maine. Lot of land with buildings on Fleet Street in Portsmouth.
20.29 1862. Deed: Pearce Penhallow of Portsmouth to Andrew J. Penhallow of Kittery, Maine. Lot of land with buildings on Fleet Street in Portsmouth.
20.30 1862. Deed: Francis Jacobs of Boston, Mass. to Andrew J. Penhallow of Portsmouth. Lot of land with buildings on Fleet Street in Portsmouth.
20.31 Ca.1851-1860 Account book of house at No. 3 Fleet Street, Portsmouth, “owned by myself, [Andrew J. Penhallow]. Estate of Harriet Penhallow.”
20.32 1861. Deed: Albert L. Jones, executor of Mary B. Holmes of Portsmouth to Andrew J. Penhallow of Kittery, Maine, piece of land on the south side of Gates Street in Portsmouth.
20.33 1861. Deed: Mary S. Lunt, Elizabeth S. Lunt, Sarah B. Lunt & Ellen P. Lunt, all of Portsmouth, to Andrew J. Penhallow of Portsmouth, piece of land on Gates Street in Portsmouth.
20.34 1861. Note: Andrew J. Penhallow, Portsmouth to Record of Deeds, Exeter, N.H. Sending herewith deeds of Albert L. Jones & M.S. Lunt.

Folder 21:

21.1 1854. Will: Mads Danielson of Portsmouth.
21.2 1843. Promissory note: Mads Danielson to Edward N. Harris, Portsmouth, N.H. Paid by widow.
21.3 1843. Deed: Mads Danielson of Portsmouth to Edward N. Harris of Portsmouth. Lot of land on corner of Daniel & Bow Street in Portsmouth with the buildings thereon. Mortgage deed.

Folder 22:

22.1 1816. Deed: Richard Hart of Portsmouth to John Hill. Lot of land in Portsmouth on Vaughan Street; also, piece of land with shop & wharf on Batchelder’s Lane.
22.2 1700. Deed: John Pickering of York to son, John Pickering, et al. Corn & saw mill in York.
22.3 1752. Deed: Bracket Johnson, Ebenezer Johnson & James Johnson, all of Greenland, N.H., yeomen, to John Johnson,yeoman. Land in Greenland in 1784 judgement against Richard Wibird & Thomas Wibird.
22.4 1803. Letter [Richard Hard] to Mr. Frost with loose sheets of figures.
22.5 1803. Letter: Richard Hard to Mr. Frost.
22.6 1803-1804. Letters folded together: [Richard Hart] to “Sir”, Mr. Frost; to Mr. Hurley, Mr. Frost re: the Pond Farm in Berwick.
22.7 1765. Will: Richard Wibird of Portsmouth. Bequests household goods & slaves to wife, Elizabeth, along with real estate including that in three new townships. Other bequests to Richard Weare, Richard Wibird Penhallow (a son of John Penhallow); Reverend Samuel Langdon.
22.8 1732. Will: Richard Wibird of Portsmouth. Bequests to wife, Elizabeth, sons Richard & Thomas (each ½ shop & merchandise), & to Mehitable Wainwright. Mentions land bought of Richard Jose (to son Richard Wibird, except house where Matthew Bradford now lives). Also bequests to Anthony Wibird & Sarah Wentworth, grandchildren, and Mrs. Hannah Bradford & Mary Barnes.
22.9 1773. Executor appointed: Richard Hart of Portsmouth appointed to be executor of estate of Samuel Hart, late of Portsmouth, joiner. (signed John Wentworth)
22.10 1713. Deed: John Woodman of Kittery, Province of Maine, ferryman, to Samuel Hart of Portsmouth, blacksmith, parcel of land in Portsmouth abutting Hart’s smith shop & running to the river. Hart of build bridge to outer wharf.

Folder 23:

23.1 1867. Letter: S.S. Penhallow in Greenland, N.H., to Mary ? regarding death of John, brother of Hannah & Lizzie.
23.2 1861. Letter: [S.S. Penhallow] in Greenland, N.H. to Mary ? regarding death of his sister.
23.3 1861. Letter: G.A. Shelton in Boston to Mr. Penhallow regarding death of his mother, Harriet (Scott) Penhallow.
23.4 1861. Program: Funeral service of Harriet (Scott) Penhallow.
23.5 1861. Letter: Daniel Austin to Andrew Jackson Penhallow regarding death of Harriet (Scott) Penhallow.
23.6 [1861] Letter: Ann ? to brother regarding death of their mother Harriet Penhallow.
23.7 1861. Letter: Helen L. Geisonger to Cousin Jackson [A.J. Penhallow] regarding death of his mother.
23.8 1861. Letter: Anna C. Lowell of Cambridge, Ma. To Mr. A. J. Penhallow regarding the death of his mother.
23.9 1852. Letter: A. W. Folsom, Meadville, to brother. Visit from Mother expected.
23.10 1846. Letter: E.B. Smith in Philadelphia to cousin, A.J. Penhallow, regarding death of cousin’s sister.
23.11 1852. Statement: Portsmouth Concord Transportation Company upon registration of Andrew J. Penhallow as Treasurer (accounts satisfactory).
23.12 n.d. Claim: Executor of estate of Richard Jenness in Alabama claims. Testimony of A.J. Penhallow.
23.13 1848 Letter: Wentworth & Brothers, Cincinnati, Ohio, to A. J. Penhallow.

23.14 1847. Letter: A.J. Penhallow, Katahdin Iron Works , to G.W. Penhallow regarding job for A.J. Penhallow.
23.15 1847. Letter: Harriet Penhallow in Charlottesville, Va. to Andrew Penhallow.
23.16 1848. John Hayes, agent, Katahdin Iron Works to Andrew J. Penhallow. Gratitude for his services.
23.17 1848. Affidavit: Katahdin Iron Works. Books for June 1, 1847 -1848, satisfactory.
23.18 1856. Letter: Mrs. G.M. Pollard, Charlestown, Ma., to the Penhallow family.
23.19 1842. Letter of introduction: Samuel Hale for S.J. Penhallow, clerk.
23.20 1847. Letter: David Austin, Cambridge, Ma., to Andrew Penhallow.
23.21 1861. Letter:E.B. Smith, Philadelphia to cousins re: death of her aunt, Harriet Penhallow.
23.22 1863. Letter: E.B. Smith to cousin.
23.23 1851. Letter: N.S. Folsom, Meadville to brother. Death of cousin.
23.23 1802. Note: Samuel Griffin wishes to buy two lots of land Stoddard.

Folder 24:

24.1 1752. Indenture between Richard Widbird of Portsmouth, N.H. and Thomas Wibird, Esq. Also of Portsmouth, land on north side of Middle Road (7 acres) in exchange for another parcel in Portsmouth.
24.2 1727. Deed: Pickering to Rogers , both of Portsmouth, N.H., for land bound by pond, glebe land and highway.
24.3 1723. Note: Richard Wibird to Samuel Penhallow.
24.4 1736-1746. Richard Wibird: Copies of various land tracts. Most are located in Chester, N.H. and maybe original land divisions.

Folder 25:

25.1 1790-1796. Memory Book, July, 1790 to March, 1796.
25.2 1796-1800. Memory Book, March 30, 1796. Front page inscription of 23 September, 1779, regarding death of the writer’s “dear son, Samuel” (Penhallow) “buried in the “upper Burying Ground, along with his sister Joanna” (Monday, Sept. 27). The bearers were: Dr. Jonathan Goddard, Samuel Penhallow, Joseph Haven, Edm.Quincy. Jonathan Sheafe, Will Dame.
25.3 1798-1802. Letter Book.
25.4 1800-1806. Memory Book: Beginning Nov-1806.
25.5 1806-1813. Memory Book: Beginning Nov. 16, 1806 –Jan.17, 1813.

Folder 26:

26.1 to 26.4 Related collections elsewhere.
26.1 New Hampshire Historical Society
26.2 Peabody Essex Museum
26.3 Massachusetts Archives
26.4 Massachusetts Historical Society.