Theatre by the Sea Collection, c. 1968-2018 — MS056

Theatre by the Sea Collection, c. 1964-2018- MS056

Provenance:  The Theatre by the Sea (TBS) materials were donated to the Portsmouth Athenaeum at two different times by Nancy Beck: in 1993, on behalf of TBS, and in 2020, as part of her own collection of papers. She was involved with the theatre for over twenty years and played a key role in its success, serving first on the Board of Governors beginning in November of 1965 and subsequently as president, interim president, and vice-president, in the process raising over $900,000 to help renovate and equip the theatre’s quarters on Bow Street.

In 1982, she received the Theatre by the Sea Arts Award, presented to her by state representative (and later state senator) Elaine Krasker in the presence of both then-Governor Hugh Gallen and his successor in the office, John Sununu. Krasker said, “There is no one…who has given more time and energy to the Seacoast cultural community than Nancy Beck, no one who has done more for the arts than this woman. The theatre we are in tonight wouldn’t even be here without her.”

A small amount of additional material was donated by Jon Kimbell, former actor, managing director, and artistic director at the theatre.

Citation: Theatre by the Sea, MS056, Portsmouth Athenaeum

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Historical Note:

Theatre by the Sea (the correct spelling, although it was often erroneously referred to as Theater by the Sea or Theatre-By-The-Sea) was a small regional theatre that began life on Ceres Street on the Portsmouth NH waterfront in a converted 19th century grain warehouse Founded in July 1964 by a young couple in Portsmouth, Patricia and Cedric Stanley Flower, both local teachers, with support from a handful of local citizens, by 1974 it had become the oldest year-round non-profit professional theater company in New England.
After Jon Kimbell became managing director in 1976, he urged the board to make a commitment to develop it into a fully professional company (the original theatre seated only 96), and in 1979, after a major fundraising effort and construction work, it moved to Bow Street into a newly renovated and designed building that had once been the Portsmouth Brewery. The new theatre seated 270.

The theatre thrived for a while in its new space, but started to run into financial difficulties, largely – it argued – because state support of the arts was woefully inadequate and the theatre was forced heavily to rely on ticket sales and fundraising. Then, partly as a result of the real estate boom of the early 1980s in the seacoast area, it became more and more difficult to balance the books, and the theatre eventually folded on February 10, 1987 owing to insufficient operating funds.

In October 1988, the building was transferred to the Bow Street Theatre Trust in exchange for TBS’s outstanding debt obligations being taken care of (see “Resolution of the Board of Trustees” in the board minutes for October 26, 1988). The building is currently the home of Seacoast Repertory Theatre.

For many years, Portsmouth was the smallest city in the nation to support a year-round professional theatre. TBS helped to revitalize the downtown area – it was “one of the seeds igniting the city’s transformation from a blue-collar, military bastion to a beacon for the arts and fine dining scene” (Becoming Portsmouth, 2017).

Largely through the urging of Jon Kimbell, in the summer of 1975 the theatre expanded its programming outdoors and took on a mainstage production in Prescott Park on the waterfront. It was dubbed the Prescott Park Arts Festival. The festival was made possible by the Trustees of Trust Funds for the City of Portsmouth, led by Paul McEachern, with the help of TBS, the New Hampshire Art Association, the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and many other local performing groups.

Scope and Content:

The collection includes materials that document the establishment, success, and ultimate financial failure of a popular year-round professional theatre company in Portsmouth, NH. It includes founding papers, a large number of historical articles, extensive press coverage, playbills, production reviews, board minutes, financial and fundraising records, legal papers, and a large number of photographs (see P0043), playbills, and posters. There is also a collection of press articles about the Prescott Park Arts Festival during the time it was run by the Prescott Park Trustees and TBS (1975-1983). Finally, it includes some material about The Foundry play reading series, a project of the theatre for a few years in the 1980s.

Related Material: P0043 (Theatre by the Sea Photograph Collection)

Series Listing

I. Founding Papers

II. Articles Providing an Historical Overview of TBS, 1965-2009

III. Press Articles, 1969-2018

IV. Playbills, 1968-1987

V. Theatre Reviews, 1965-1987

VI. Prescott Park Arts Festival, 1975-2007

VII. The Foundry Playreading Series/Players and Puppets/Young Actors Guild/TBS Arts Awards, 1981-1987

VIII. Newsletters, 1972-1985

IX. Minutes of the Board, 1978-2009

X. Fundraising-Grants-Endowments, 1968-2010

XI. Financial Records

XII. Legal papers

XIII. Miscellaneous

XIV. Posters

XV. Appendix: List of productions at TBS and PPAF, 1964-1988

Folder List:

I. Founding Papers

Box 1
Folder 1

By-Laws, adopted June 4, 1964; subsequently amended January 18, 1965; revised September 10, 1970, amended March 26,1973, January 21,1981, adopted June 19, 1985, amended again August 24, 1988

Notes on Theatre By The Sea Organization, October 29, 1968

By-Laws, Theatre By The Sea Guild, March 8, 1973

Copy of IRS tax exemption status, 1964, 1968, 1970

Prospectus: “Theatre By The Sea,” 1964 includes a rationale for founding a new theatre, where it will be, its proposed first season (an ambitious twenty-two plays between July 1964 and January 1965), a list of its board of trustees, a sketch of its company members, and an invitation to subscribe and become a patron

Mission statements, 1986 ; Theatre by the Sea description of “who we are” and “what we have to offer,” December 1969.

II. Historical Overview , 1965-2009

Folder 2
Articles, History, Overview, 1965-1972:

Playbill, March-April, an introduction to the theatre and its history, 1965

Booklet: “Theatre By The Sea: A unique cultural investment for northern New England,” September 1969. 3 copies

“Theatre By The Sea: Origin and Development,” 1971

Report to the National Endowment For the Arts, Special Projects Programs for underwriting of “Charley’s Aunt” and “Macbeth” to the tune of $10K, 1972

Folder 3
Articles, History, Overview, 1976-1978:

Description of Theater By The Sea, Inc., 1976

Statement of Artistic Intent for Theater By The Sea, Jon Kimbell, 1976

Statement From The Producing Director, Jon Kimbell, 1976

“The Arts in Our Changing Community,” article written by Jon Kimbell that appeared in The Portsmouth Herald in March 1977.

Proclamations by the city of Portsmouth for both Theatre by the Sea and Jon Kimbell, July 7, 1977

Theatre By The Sea, 1977-1978: Overview of the theatre’s operations – production staff, administrative staff, founding information, status, season’s offerings, submitted as Exhibit B, perhaps to the NH legislature re HB S21 to raise money to support the arts in NH? n.d.

Overview of Theatre By The Sea, submitted as Exhibit C, as above, n.d.

Statement of Artistic Intent For Theatre By The Sea, submitted as Exhibit E, as above, n.d.

Booklet: Theatre by the Sea: The Case for Support of the New Theatre by the Sea: launching of a capital fund-raising campaign, 1978 .3 copies, 2 as booklets and one as typed sheets

Overview from TBS Producing Director (Jon Kimbell), Annual Meeting at The Warehouse Restaurant, April 3, 1978. 2 copies

Press Release: “Nancy Beck to Head Theatre by the Sea Expansion Program,” April 14,1978

“Theatre By The Sea: A Brief History” Compiled for Fedapt Conference, NYC , November 3-5, 1978

Folder 4
Articles, History, Overview, 1979-2009

Overview of Theatre by the Sea, 1979*

Theatre by the Sea: Its Purpose and the Role of the Board of Trustees, 1979*

Theatre by the Sea 1979-80 Charter Season. 2 copies

“TBS: Bow Street Building,” copy of architect’s drawings for the renovation, 1979(?)

“Report on the third Portsmouth Brewery Company Building, Bow Street, Portsmouth,” no author, n.d.

“Conversion From Brewery to Theatre-by-the-Sea [sic]” by James H. Somes, AIA, Consulting Engineer, October 1979, pp. 80-84. 2 copies

“Theatre By The Sea: Its Purpose and The Role of the Board of Directors,” Sumner J. Winebaum, August 21, 1980

A Brief History of Theatre by the Sea, 1984

“Welcome To by the Theatre by the Sea,” 1984

Facts About Theatre By The Sea, 1985

Press Release, February 10, 1987: “The Board of Trustees voted yesterday to close the doors of Theatre-by-the-Sea [sic] as of 5pm Tuesday, February 10th, 1987 due to lack of sufficient operating funds.”

News Release: TBS Board of Trustees votes to sell the Bow Street building, Aug 24, 1988

Three-page nutshell history written by Nancy Beck for a meeting of former key members of TBS at 100 Market Street, December 8, 2009

III. Press Articles, 1964-2017

Folder 5
Press articles, 1964-1969:
“Couple to Try Repertory Theater,” Portsmouth Herald, May 16, 1964, an article about the founding of the theatre

“Flower Elected to Head Theater,” Portsmouth Herald, June 9, 1964

“Resurrection of Liberty at flag pole re-enacted by Theatre by the Sea players,” Portsmouth Herald, July 29, 1964

“Thurber Carnival Opens Wednesday,” Portsmouth Herald, September 5, 1964

“The Theater That Couldn’t Happen” by Paul Estaver, NH Profiles, October 1964

“A few miles from Durham there is another Repertory theatre making its debut…” “Commendation for Green Fuse,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, 1964

“Theatre By The Sea,” NH Profiles, August 1965

“Welcomed New Members,” Theatre by the Sea Guild welcomed new members at the Rockingham Hotel recently. Portsmouth Herald, June 9, 1966

Theatre by Sea Gets $3,000 Grant,” April 24, 1967

“Theatre by Sea To Close for Renovations,” Portsmouth Herald, May 5, 1967

“Theater Gets $7, 500 Grant From N.H. Arts Group,” October 11, 1967

“‘Begging’ for Theatre Draws Criticism,” May 27, 1968

“Theatre Defended as Community Asset,” Portsmouth Herald, May 31, 1968

“Head Start At Theater,” Portsmouth Herald, August 8, 1968

Theatre-By-The-Sea [sic] annual appeal, Dec 4, 1968

“Business Aid to Arts,” Howard Taubman, The New York Times, undated but circa 1968

“Theater by the Sea Explains Services,” Public Forum, Portsmouth Herald, February 1969

Letter to the Editor, Mrs. Peter (Nancy) Beck, February 11, 1969

Folder 6
Press articles 1970-1974:

“Curtain Time,” newspaper unidentified, Sept 1970

“Kittery Man President of Theatre,” Portsmouth Herald, December 1970

“Theatre Needs $15,000 to Keep Open,” Rev. John Swanson, Rector, Christ Church, Public Forum, Portsmouth Herald, July 30, 1970

Theatre by Sea Nears ‘Break-Even,'” Portsmouth Herald, July 30, 1970

“Making Up,” York County Coast Star, May 25, 1971

Ad for upcoming season, listing plays for 1971-1972 season

“A Bit of Broadway on the seacoast,” Barbara Veneri, Bordertown News/, Newburyport, Dec 1, 1971

“London Trip Will Benefit Theatre,” February 17, 1972

“Attendance Up,” Portsmouth Herald, March 10, 1972

“Pick Chase Head of Area Theater,” Portsmouth Herald, March 11, 1972

“Theatre by Sea Winds Up Season,” Portsmouth Herald, May 8, 1972

“Portsmouth Needs Theatre By The Sea,” Portsmouth Herald, May 8, 1972

“Local Theater Alumnus Set For Debut,” Portsmouth Herald, uncredited and undated

“Pamela Bellwood and Backus Win Derwent Acting Awards,” The New York Times, June 1, 1972

“Waterfront Festival,” Portsmouth Herald, August 5, 1972. Also an earlier advertisement for same

Waterfront Street Fair, August 4 and 5, 1972: five short articles, Portsmouth Herald

“New Director Named For Theatre By The Sea,” (Norman Leger), Portsmouth Herald, September 19, 1972

“Flapdoodles To Visit,” Portsmouth Herald, September 19, 1972

“Open House Planned At Theatre,” Portsmouth Herald, October 7, 1972

“Theatre by Sea Operating With Special Grants,” Portsmouth Herald, October 13, 1972

“Shades of Scotland,” Jon Kimball and Helen Moore play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in a 55-minute production*

“A Portsmouth Poodle”: press release photo for new playbill for season 1972-73

Theater Party Planned Jan. 25 by Mothers’ Club: “A School For Clowns,” and “Puppet Show Scheduled At Theatre by the Sea: The Lion and the Mouse,” January 3, 1973

Youth Workshop Slates Play at Theatre by Sea: The Brave Little Tailor,” February 1973

“A Renaissance at Theatre-by-the Sea/Theatre is alive and well, living in Portsmouth,” Jean Caldwell, Durham Paper, February 7, 1973

“The Gingerbread Lady,” Jonathan E. Genestreti, Foster’s Daily Democrat (?), 1974

“Theatre By The Sea Reaches A Milestone,” Jim Bolquerin, NH Profiles, March 1974

“Auction Nets $3,500 for Theater by Sea,” June 1974

“Hiatt In Fifth Season At TBS,” Free Press, Nov 6 and Sanford Tribune, November 7, 1974

Intimate theater in Portsmouth,” David Reed, The New Hampshire, November 12, 1974

“The Real Miss Valerie Talks of Acting,” The New Hampshire Sunday News, Manchester, November 17, 1974

“Downtown Getting ‘Signed Up,'” George Robinson, November 30, 1974. Article about the variety of signs for businesses in Portsmouth, including Theatre By The Sea.

“Theatre By The Sea Honors Benefactor, Miss Thaxter,” Portsmouth Herald, December 19, 1974

“A Person Worthy of Recognition,” Portsmouth Herald, December 23, 1974

Folder 7
Press articles and reviews, 1975 including::

“The State of the Arts,” Goffstown News, January 9, 1975

“Russell Treyz joins staff of Theatre by the Sea,” Hampton Union, March 5, 1975

“Theatre-by-the-Sea [sic] Needs Help,” editorial, Portsmouth Herald, n.d.?

“Theatre by Sea Chosen for Foundation Award,” Portsmouth Herald, March 27, 1975

“Two Newcomers Featured At TBS,” Rochester Courier, May 3, 1975

Various Street Fair articles, July 1975

Guest editorial by Margaret Morrissey, member, TBS Board of Directors, Portsmouth Herald, July 19, 1975

“Portsmouth Theater Names a New Director,” (Bernard Hiatt), Portsmouth Herald (?), Fall 1975

“Final Snag in Funds Overcome” (for Prescott Park Arts Festival), Portsmouth Herald, July 24, 1975

Article on Theatre By The Sea’s upcoming season by Jon Kimbell Managing Director, September 1975

“Theater Gets Federal Grant,” Manchester Union Leader, November 12, 1975

Very badly and only partially photocopied article “Don’t forget, this is pure entertainment” about TBS by Bill Taormino , New Hampshire Times, November 12, 1975

“We never promised a rose garden,” (in answer to Taormino’s article above), Sandra Bianco, Speaking Out, New Hampshire Times, November 26, 1975

Folder 8
Press articles, 1976 including::

“The ‘Theatre That Couldn’t Happen’,” The Beacon, January 1976

“Treyz: Super Director At TBS,” Sanford Tribune, January 12, 1976

“Theatre by the Sea plays take weeks of planning,” The Hampton Union, January 21, 1976

“TBS actress ‘designing woman’,” Portsmouth Herald, January 21, 1976

“Costume Mistress-Actress Works Both Sides of Stage,” The Sanford Tribune, January 22, 1976

“TBS backstage: Directing As Art,” The Sanford Tribune, February 16, 1976

Untitled article about Ceres Street (including Theatre by the Sea) by Steve Sherr—? undated, but likely ca.1976

“Theatre ‘bulb’ really blossoming,” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, April 3, 1976

“TBS to feature ‘Man in Moon’ on April 17,” Portsmouth Herald, April 8, 1976

“Arts Funding: Who’s [sic] responsibility is it?” Frank Gardner, The Spotlight, June 1976

“Street Fair set July 17 by Theatre by the Sea,” Portsmouth Herald (?), July 1976

“$3,600 for Theatre,” Portsmouth Herald (?),1976

“New Yorker joins staff of TBS,” (Ken Jaffe) Portsmouth Herald (?), July 1976

Folder 9
Press articles and other material, 1977-1978 including::

“Theatre By Sea Growing Production,” Anne Hazelwood- Brady, unidentified paper (Kennebunk News?), 1977

“Editorial Opinion: Theatre by the Sea,” Portsmouth Herald, Feb 2, 1977

“The Arts in Our Changing Community,” guest article, Jon Kimbell, Portsmouth at Crossroads, Portsmouth Herald, March 1977

“TBS Favors Funding BIll,” Transcript, May 4, 1977

“Theatre-by-the-Sea [sic] Votes Support For Bill To Raise NH Arts Funding,” Spotlight, n.d. but likely May 1977

“Sophie Sados re-elected” (as president of the Theatre Guild), Portsmouth Herald, May 23, 1977

“What’s for next season.” uncredited newspaper, n.d., but probably circa 1977-1978

“Theatre By The Sea – an impossible dream that made it,” Dorothy Patten, Living section of [Portsmouth Herald?], December 5, 1977

Lots of articles about the proposal to move TBS into a new theatre (see also Box 10 F. 3 for lots more), including:

“TBS Plans Move into New 300-Seat Home,” Barbara Pride, Sight and Sound, The Spotlight, , n.d.

“Theatre by the Sea presents plan for moving to new home,” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, April 4, 1978

“Hard work is paying off.” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, May 19, 1978

“Theatre by the Sea Eyes New Home,” The Spotlight, New Hampshire’s Arts and Entertainment Newsmagazine, May 1978

“[TBS] appoints managing director,” [Drew Sauerwine], September 1978

“TBS Announces Guest Director Roster,” / “Theatre By The Sea: Season Line-Up,” / “TBS Lines Up 6 Talents in Guest Director Series,” October/November 1978

“Groundbreaking For Theatre-By-The-Sea [sic]”. Bedford Merrimack Bulletin, November 15, 1978

“TBS plan outlined to HDC,” Portsmouth Herald, December 1, 1978

“Playwright sees union in theater, religion,” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, December 6, 1978

“Actor committed to future of TBS,” [Tom Celli], Portsmouth Herald, December 6, 1978

Folder 10
Press articles, 1979 including:

“Theatre by the Sea, Portsmouth, New Hampshire,” Theatre Craft, March/April 1979

“Great artistry went into making of TBS,” Portsmouth Herald, June 23, 1979

“Portsmouth theatrical success story nears new chapter, Sara E. Smith, York County Star, [1979]

“Lights! Action! Theater!” Steve Sherman, New Hampshire Profiles, December 1979

“Two area companies put stock in equity,” Kathy Epstein, Newburyport Daily News, December 29, 1979

Folder 11
Press articles 1980 including:

“The New Theatre By The Sea,” uncredited newspaper, January 1980

“The New Theatre By The Sea,” Senior Times, Penacook, February 1980

“TBS the new Portsmouth,” Portsmouth Herald (?), n.d. but likely 1980

“Warning sounded on future,” Portsmouth Herald, March 7, 1980

“TBS plays host to critics conclave,” Portsmouth Herald, April 19, 1980

“Regional theater movement on the rise in New England,” Elliot Norton, Boston Herald American, April 27, 1980

“TBS’ Jon Kimbell receives citation,” Rochester Courier, May 13, 1980 and other articles on same subject

“TBS needs a boost,” Portsmouth Herald, June 18, 1980

“Tom Iannicelli joins McFarland sales staff,” Hampton Union, August 20, 1980

“TBS at 17: A whole new world,” Maine Sunday Telegram, Portland ME, Oct 5, 1980

“Theater is a business,” Terry Williams, Foster’s Daily Democrat, Oct 16, 1980

Folder 12
Press articles, January-March 1981 incuding:

“TBS needs its friends,” Portsmouth Herald, January 17, 1981

“Fashion Preview,” fundraiser for TBS, Portsmouth Herald, Jan 31, 1981.

“Expression the key at Artists and Actors Studio” [about the Celli’s new business] Rochester Courier, Feb 3, 1981

“Winebaum names 8 to TBS board,” Hampton Union, March 25, 1981

Folder 13
Press articles, April-May 1981 including:

“Public money is drying up,” The Arts, New Hampshire Times, April 8, 1981

“…And broke the bad news to TBS” (about the lack of federal funding available in a year when the theatre was already saddled with a $118,000 deficit), Terry Williams, Foster’s Daily Democrat, April 21, 1981

“Cut in arts budget like waiting for shoe to fall,” Portsmouth Herald, April 21, 1981

“TBS needs members,” Herald Editorial Opinion, Portsmouth Herald, May 7, 1981. Re the financial straits the theatre finds itself in and its need to increase subscripion numbers.

Folder 14
Press articles, June- December 1981 including:

“TBS faces major fiscal challenge,” Mark Freel, Foster’s Daily Democrat, June 1, 1981

“TBS in trouble, Winebaum says,” Portsmouth Herald, June 15, 1981

“Tom Bergeron offers zany, barbed wit,” Kate Chesley, Foster’s Daily Democrat, July 31, 1981

“Celia Thaxter embodies Yankee grace,” Barbara Stevens, Foster’s Daily Democrat, August 21, 1981

“Lady of the Isles of Shoals” by Elizabth Knies, uncredited partial article, n.d. but probably early August 1981

“Life of Shoals poet Celia Thaxter to be dramatized in stage play,” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, August 22, 1981

Theatre by the Sea Expansion Program Date, September 24, 1981: outlines financial situation concerning the expansion of the theatre

Editorial: “Aid Artis Gratia,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, September 25, 1981

“Theatre by the Sea: past, present, future. TBS has bright future,” Kathleen Yanity, Foster’s Daily Democrat, September 25, 1981

“The billing was correct” [re the first annual award for arts patronage given by TBS], Portsmouth Herald, September 30, 1981

Folder 15
Press articles, March-September 1982 including:

“Theatre By The Sea: A Profile,” Roger Wood, The York Times, April 3, 1982

“World premiere opens TBS season,” Portsmouth Herald, August 12, 1982

“TBS filing appeals,” Portsmouth Herald, September 13, 1982

“Theatre by The Sea [sic] to open on schedule,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, Sep[ember 21, 1982

“TBS receives okay for season,” Portsmouth Herald, September 21, 1982 re obtaining variances from the Portsmouth Building Code Board of Appeals

“Theatre by the Sea, A Community Asset,” Seacoast Scene, September 28, 1982

“TBS honors Nancy Beck,” Elaine Krasker made the presentation of the Arts Award…to Nancy Beck, Foster’s Daily Democrat, September 30, 1982

“Gallen, Sununu Attend Theatre Opening on Eve of Debate,” Manchester Union Leader, September 30, 1982

Folder 16
Press articles, October-December 1982, many about the TBS auction, including:

“Post-performance parleys: Discussion series inaugurated at TBS,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, October 15, 1982

“Theatre by the Sea to hold benefit auction,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, November 5, 1982

“Go forth and do it,” George Robinson, Herald editor, Portsmouth Herald, November 7,1982

“Backstage with a costume designer,” Seacoast Woman, November 9, 1982

“TTY [teletype communications system] at TBS,” Rockingham Gazette, November 10, 1982

“TBS’s ‘mission’ dependent upon community support,” York County Coast, Kennebunk ME, November 17, 1982

“After 9 years of building TBS, Jon Kimbell to leave for North Shore,” Larry Hansen, Portsmouth Magazine, December 23, 1982

Folder 17
Press articles, January-March 1983 including:

“Gala Events at Newington To Aid Theatre by the Sea,” New Hampshire Sunday News, January 16, 1983

“Jon Kimbell leaves TBS,” Hampton Union, January 19, 1983

“Theater gala,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, February 15, 1983

“Do you gotta have arts?” Funding for the arts – Part I, Louise Fragard, Portsmouth Herald, March 20,1983

“Is Portsmouth really an art town?” Funding for the arts – Part II, Louise Fragard, Portsmouth Herald, March 27,1983

Folder 18
Press articles, April-June 1983 including:

“Look Back Without Anger,” re Jon Kimbell leaving TBS, Shirley Elder and Dick Lyons, The New Hampshire Times, April 2, 1983

“From actor to producer,” Louise Tragard, Sunday Portsmouth Herald, April 3, 1983

“New Yorker, 29, new TBS producing director” [Jeffrey Rosenstock], Portsmouth Magazine, April 14, 1983

“Kimbell reflects on scrimping at TBS,” Peyton Fleming, Foster’s Daily Democrat, April 16, 1983

“Seven ‘Star’ Plays Due for TBS, Plus New Director Next Season,” John Hart, Manchester Union Leader, May 7, 1983

“Theater looking ahead,” Editorial Opinion, Portsmouth Herald, May 18, 1983

“TBS won’t stay dark,” Portsmouth Herald, June 26, 1983

“TBS building design award,” The News-Letter, Exeter, N.H., June 29, 1983

“Good plan by TBS” [re Rosenstock’s idea to open the building during the summer months], Herald Editorial Opinion, Portsmouth Herald, June 30, 1983

Folder 19
Press articles, July- December 1983 including:

“TBS has first summer season,” The Rockingham Gazette, July 20, 1983

“Portsmouth theatre gets design award,” Portsmouth Magazine, July 26, 1983

“TBS to begin 20th year,” Portsmouth Herald, September 9, 1983

“Magic revisited” [reprint of a 1978 article to mark the theatre’s 20th season], Portsmouth Herald, September 25, 1983

“TBS Award,” [Winthrop and Margaret Scott Carter], Portsmouth Herald, Sept 27, 1983

“20th Year For Theatre-By-Sea,” The Vacationer, October 1, 1983

“Rosenstock putting his stamp on TBS,” Susan Bailey, Portsmouth Magazine, October 4, 1983

“The theater they said would never succeed,” Rae Francoeur, Rockingham Gazette, October 26, 1983

“A Theatrical Family at Theatre By The Sea,” John Hart, New Hampshire Sunday News, November 13, 1983

“Theater [sic] By The Sea Thrives in Portsmouth,” Gail Caldwell, The Boston Globe, November 17, 1983

Theater directors accept resignations from top personnel,” Mark McLaughlin, Foster’s Daily Democrat, December 12, 1983

“Changes at TBS,” December 13, 1983

“TBS director gone, the show goes on,” J. Dennis Robinson, Rockingham Gazette, December 21, 1983. Article about Jeffrey Rosenstock leaving the theatre

“Theater,” Peggi McCarthy, re:Ports, December 23-29, 1983

“Behind the scenes at a TBS play reading,” Susan Bailey, Portsmouth Magazine, December 30, 1983, and

“Exploiting Hiroshima doesn’t work” by Robert Andersen, Portsmouth Magazine, January 24, 1984

Folder 20
Press articles 1984 including:

“A director looking for an audience [John Fogle]” by Brion O’Connor, Rockingham Gazette, January 25, 1984

“Educate children to maintain interest” by Mark McLaughlin, Foster’s Daily Democrat, January 28, 1984

“Celli Leads Theatre by the Sea into the future,” Melanie Reisinger, Portsmouth Herald, January 29, 1984

“Festival” Award for Tom Celli, Portsmouth Herald, February 9, 1984

“Theater-by-the-Sea [sic] means business,” Jack Kenney, New Hampshire Business Review, March 1984

“TBS directors told time for ‘new identity,'” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, March 22, 1984

“Celli Returns,” Martha Thomas, Living In These Times, New Hampshire Times, April 7, 1984

“TBS makes effort to involve community.” Portsmouth Herald, April 13, 1984

“TBS Board Awaiting Important Verdicts,” Union Leader, June 21, 1984

“Tom Rush concert,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, July 9, 1984 [Rush, Portsmouth-born, opens the new TBS season with a concert]

“Theatre by the Sea hires new director of development” [Donna Meeks], Portsmouth Herald, August 20, 1984

“Playing the role,” Portsmouth Magazine, September 13, 1984

“Meeks named TBS director of development / Hadley TBS marketing director,” Portsmouth Magazine, October 4, 1984

“Ain’t Misbehavin’,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, October 11, 1984

Annual Appeal, Portsmouth Herald, November 30, 1984. Photo of Nancy Beck with “Tiny Tim” (Tara Schroeder)

“Performance Counts,” Guest Editorial by Nancy R. Beck, President, Board of Trustees, Theatre by the Sea, Portsmouth Herald, December 9, 1984

Folder 21
Press articles1985 including:

“Is there life after dark,” Richard Lawlor, Rockingham Gazette, March 6, 1985

“So-called reviewers,” Letters to the Editor, Jonathan Brambell, Brookline Mass., Portsmouth Herald, March 6, 1985

“Portsmouth rep’s bill asks increased arts support,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, March 21, 1985

“TBS reports ‘best year ever,'” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, March 21, 1985

“Reviewing the critics,” J. Dennis Robinson, By The Insider, Rockingham Gazette, April 10, 1985

“Wade named new manager at theater” [Janet E. Wade], Rockingham Gazette, May 15, 1985

“Auction Planners,” Portsmouth Herald, October 7, 1985

Folder 22
Press articles 1986-2018 including:

Editorial Opinion: Morton Endowment, Portsmouth Herald, March 31, 1986

“Music and meaning in TBS fall schedule,” John Grady, New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday(?), [Sept?] 1986

“Taking charge At TBS,” John Grady, New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday, September 14, 1986

“Very special place,” Letters to the Editor, Harry H. Hardy, Portsmouth Herald, October 5, 1986

“Money problems at TBS,” Portsmouth Herald, December 28, 1986

“TBS seeks support,” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, Jan 23, 1987

“TBS tackles the crisis,” Nancy Shuffleton, Rockingham Gazette, Jan 29, 1987

“What’s behind the cash crunch at TBS?” by John Grady, New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday, Feb 1, 1987

“Curtains rings down on Theater [sic],” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, Feb 11, 1987

“Editorials: TBS’ troubles,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, Feb 12, 1987

“Editorials: ‘Exeunt for TBS,'” Portsmouth Herald, Feb 13, 1987

“TBS got too ‘message oriented’,” Letter to the Editor from Donald J. Coker, New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday, Feb 15, 1987

“Curtains closing on culture? ” by Melanie Mavrides, Portsmouth Herald, Feb 15, 1987.

“Mayor hastens to city’s defense,” Portsmouth Herald, Feb 18, 1987

“Picking Up the Pieces at TBS” by John Grady, New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday, Feb 22, 1987

“TBS closing a ‘sad testimony’; ‘a community embarrassment'” by Richard Lawlor, Rockingham Gazette, Feb 26, 1987

Letters to the Editor, Portsmouth Herald, Feb 20, Feb 22, Feb 26, Feb 28, 1987

“Theater must do more than entertain,” New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday, Your Turn (by Peter Dodge), March 1, 1987

Editorials “No tidal wave” by Helen Winebaum, Portsmouth Herald, March 2, 1987

“Readers respond to demise of TBS, ” New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday, March 1987

“A Curtain Falls In New Hampshire,” The New York Times, Sunday, March 15, 1987

Letters to the Editor (about the closure of TBS), Portsmouth Herald, March 1987

“Stage Festival counts its blessings,” Loren Billings, NH Business Review, March 13-26, 1987.

“Where the show closed – and the future” and “Where the show still goes on – and why” companion pieces by Rose Safran, York Weekly, March 25, 1987

“Sadness lingers over loss of Theater-by-the-Sea [sic]” and “Small theaters surviving despite setbacks” by Clare Kittredge, The Boston Globe, NH section (?), 1987

“Live theater making comeback,” Portsmouth Herald, October 27, 1988

“Early theater’s plays, finances archived,” Sherry Wood, Portsmouth Herald, Oct 1, 2017

“A time of magic,” Jeanné McCartin, Seacoast Sunday, Portsmouth Herald, Aug 5, 2018

“Helen Winebaum a ‘giant’ in land conservation.” Seacoast Sunday, Oct 7, 2018

IV. Playbills (and accompanying material where indicated) arranged in chronological order,1968-1988

Box 1
Folder 23
Seasons Brochures and Flyers, 1968-1979

Folder 24
Seasons Brochures and Flyers, 1980-1986

Box 2
Folder 1
The Misanthrope (1968)

Silent Night Lonely Night (Dec 1975)

Starshine (signed by the cast) (Jan-Feb 1976)

Bus Stop (Feb-March 1976)

Folder 2
Sleuth (1977) with 17pp publicity package

Jubalay (1977) with some background notes on the play

Folder 3
My Three Angels (Dec 1977-Jan 1978) plus fact sheet and publicity package

Folder 4
The Shadow Box (March-April 1978) plus some background notes
The Glass Menagerie (April-June 1978) plus publicity package

Folder 5
Relatively Speaking (Sept -Oct 1978)
The Runner Stumbles (Oct-Dec 1978), no playbill, publicity package only
Murder At The Vicarage (Dec 1978-Jan 1979)

Folder 6
Uncle Vanya (1979), publicity package only, no playbill
The Sea Horse (1979), publicity package only, no playbill
Starting Here, Starting Now (April-May 1979) plus background notes

Folder 7
Godspell (Oct-Dec 1979) plus some background notes
Scrooge & Marley (Dec 1979) plus some background notes

Folder 8
Streamers (Jan 1980)
How The Other Half Loves (Feb 1980), plus publicity package, background notes, fact sheet, three essays

Folder 9
Othello (March 1980)

Folder 10
The Gin Game (March-April 1980)

Folder 11
A Little Night Music (Sept-Oct 1980), plus a ticket

Folder 12
Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill (April-May 1980)

Folder 13
The Marry-Go-Wrong (Oct-Nov 1980)

Folder 14
Emigres (Jan-Feb 1981) plus copy of script

Box 3
Folder 1
Death of A Salesman (Feb-March 1981)

Folder 2
Talley’s Folly (March-April 1981) plus director’s notes

Folder 3
Night Riders (April-May 1981)

Folder 4
The Mousetrap (Sept-Oct 1981), plus publicity package, and a flyer

Folder 5
The Mousetrap (Sept-Oct 1981), study guide.

Folder 6
The Rainmaker (Oct-Nov 1981) plus publicity package, Back Stage, [a guide to the making of the production]

Folder 7
Charley’s Aunt (Dec 1981-Jan 1982) plus publicity package and Back Stage, a study guide

Folder 8
Absurd Person Singular (Jan-Feb 1982) plus publicity package

Folder 9
A Streetcar Named Desire (Feb-March 1982) plus publicity package and Back Stage, a study guide

Folder 10
K2 (March-April 1982) plus Back Stage, a study guide, reviews of the play elsewhere, articles and background information, and two flyers

Folder 11
Man of La Mancha (April-May 1982) plus publicity package, background notes and research information, an intervbiew with Jon Kimball, director

Swing Shift (Sept-Oct 1982) with a one-page program for the Second Annual Arts Award (awarded to Nancy Beck) and flyer for play

Folder 13
Arms and the Man (Oct-Nov 1982) with two flyers

Folder 14
The Butterfinger Angels (Dec 1982-Jan 1983) and two flyers

Folder 15
Deathtrap (Jan-Feb 1983) and two flyers

Folder 16
Children of A Lesser God (Feb-March 1983) and two flyers

Folder 17
Mass Appeal (March-April 1983) and a flyer

Folder 18
Pippin (April-May 1983)

Box 4
Folder 1
The Passion of Dracula (Sept-Oct 1983) plus publicity package

Folder 2
The Diary of Anne Frank (Oct-Nov 1983) plus publicity package

Folder 3
She Loves Me (December 1983) plus publicity package

Folder 4
Equus (Jan-Feb 1984) no playbill, publicity package only

Folder 5
Betrayal (Feb-March 1984) plus publicity package

Folder 6
Stop The World – I Want To Get Off (April-May 1984)

Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Oct-Nov 1984) with a one-page program for the Fourth Annual Arts Award

Folder 7
The Imaginary Invalid (Nov-Dec 1984)

Folder 8
A Christmas Carol (Dec 1984)

Folder 9
Agnes of God (Jan-Feb 1985)

Folder 10
Painting Churches (Feb-March 1985)

Folder 11
A Fool For Love ( March-April 1985) plus background material

Folder 12
You Can’t Take It With You (April-May 1985) plus background material

Folder 13
I’ll Be Back Before Midnight (Oct-Nov 1985) plus background material

Folder 14
What The Butler Saw (Nov-Dec 1985) center pages of playbill only, i.e. cast bios, one half-page of notes about the play

Folder 15
Godspell (Dec 1985-Jan 1986)

Folder 16
‘Night, Mother (Jan-Feb1986) no playbill, background material only

Folder 17
Pump Boys and Dinettes (Feb-March 1986) background material only (playbill is from the Palace Theatre, Cleveland)

Folder 18
The Belle of Amherst, (March-April 1986)

Folder 19
Romeo and Juliet (April-May1986) background information only, no playbill

Folder 20
Isn’t It Romantic (Nov-Dec 1986)

Folder 21
Joe Egg (Jan-Feb 1987)

Folder 22
Celia Thaxter and the Isles of Shoals (Aug 1981), Stephanie Voss

Folder 23
Oliver (Dec 1987) background information only, produced by the Charmingfare Theatre Company from Candia NH. Also, article: “Oliver comes to life Saturday at TBS” by Christine Davidson, Portsmouth Press, undated

Folder 24
Sea Marks (1988) produced by a guest company from Hilton Head, South Carolina

V. Theatre Reviews

Box 4
Folder 25
Theatre Reviews, 1965-1968: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? / The Typist & The Tiger / Dear Liar / Gammer Gurton’s Needle / An Afternoon of Celia Thaxter / Ghosts / The Sandbox and The Lesson / The Caretaker

Folder 26
Theatre Reviews, 1969-1970: Money / The Subject Was Roses / Candida / The Apple Tree / See How They Run

Folder 27
Waiting For Godot, March-April 1970

Folder 28
Carnival, April-May 1970

Folder 29
Theatre Reviews, 1970-1971: Hamlet / Beyond The Fringe / Tiny Alice / A Streetcar Named Desire / Endgame / Barefoot in the Park

Folder 30
Theatre Reviews, 1971-1972: The Glass Menagerie / Macbeth / The Collection and The Lover / Plaza Suite / The Toothache

Box 5
Folder 1
Theatre Reviews, 1972-1973: Gallows Humor / Word Soup / Waltz of the Toreadors / Adaptation – Next / Miss Reardon Drinks / Angel Street / The World of William Shakespeare

Folder 2
Theatre Reviews, 1973-1974: The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds / The Gingerbread man / I Do! I Do!

Folder 3
Jubalay, September 1974

Folder 4
A Girl Could Get Lucky, Sept-Oct 1974

Folder 5
The Killing of Sister George, Nov-Dec 1974

Folder 6
The Amorous Flea, Dec 1974-Jan 1975

Folder 7
Six Rms Riv Vu, Jan-Feb 1975

Folder 8
Blithe Spirit, Feb-March 1975

Folder 9
Look Back in Anger, March 1975

Folder 10
Annie Get Your Gun, Oct-Nov 1975

Folder 11
The Country Girl, Nov-Dec 1975

Folder 12
The Owl and the Pussycat, Dec 1975-Jan 1976

Folder 13
Bus Stop, Feb-March 1976

Folder 14
Starshine, Jan-Feb 1976

Folder 15
1776, March-April 1976

Folder 16
Company, Sept-Oct 1976

Folder 17
Anna Christie, Nov-Dec 1976

Folder 18
Theatre Reviews, Jan-April 1977:

Vanities / Afternoons in Vegas / Under Milk Wood

Folder 19
Man With A Load of Mischief, April-May 1977

Folder 20
Sleuth, Oct-Nov 1977

Folder 21
My Three Angels, Jan 1978

Folder 22
The Sunshine Boys, Feb-March 1978

Folder 23
The Shadow Box, march-April 1978

Folder 24
The Glass Menagerie, April-May 1978

Folder 25
Relatively Speaking, Sept-Oct 1978

Folder 26
The Runner Stumbles, Nov-Dec 1978

Folder 27
Murder at the Vicarage, Dec 1978-Jan 1979

Folder 28
Uncle Vanya, Jan-Feb 1979

Folder 29
The Sea Horse, March-April 1979

Folder 30
Starting Here, Starting Now, April-May 1979

Folder 31
Godspell, Oct-Nov 1979

Folder 32
Scrooge and Marley, Dec 1979

Folder 33
Streamers, Jan 1980

Folder 34
How The Other Half Loves, Feb 1980

Folder 35
Othello, March 1980

Folder 36
The Gin Game, March-April 1980

Folder 37
Berlin to Broadway, April-May 1980

Folder 38
A Little Night Music, Sept-Oct 1980

Folder 39
On The Marry-Go-Wrong, Oct-Nov 1980

Folder 40
Emigres, Jan-Feb 1981

Folder 41
Death of a Salesman, Feb-March 1981

Box 6
Folder 1
Talley’s Folly, March-April 1981

Folder 2
Night Riders, April-May 1981

Folder 3
The Mousetrap, Sept-Oct 1981

Folder 4
The Rainmaker, Oct-Nov 1981

Folder 5
Charley’s Aunt, Dec 1981-Jan 1982

Folder 6
Absurd Person Singular, Jan-Feb 1982

Folder 7
A Streetcar Named Desire, Feb-March 1982

Folder 8
K2, March-April 1982

Folder 9
Man of La Mancha, April-May 1982

Folder 10
Swing Shift, Sept-Oct 1982

Folder 11
Arms and the Man, Oct-Nov 1982

Folder 12
Deathtrap / Children of a Lesser God, Jan-March 1983

Folder 13
The Butterfingers Angel, Dec 1982-Jan 1983

Folder 14
Mass Appeal, March-April 1983

Folder 15
Pippin, April-May 1983

Folder 16
Key Exchange, June-July 1983

Folders 17-18
Annie, July-Aug 1983 / 1

Folder 19
The Passion of Dracula, Sept-Oct 1983

Folder 20
The Diary of Anne Frank, Oct-Nov 1983

Folder 21
She Loves Me, Dec 1983

Folders 22-23
Equus, Jan-Feb 1984

Folder 24
Betrayal, Feb-March 1984

Folder 25
Good Evening, March-April 1984

Folder 26
Stop The World – I Want To get Off, April-May 1984

Folders 27-28
Ain’t Misbehavin’, Oct-Nov 1984

Folder 29
The Imaginary Invalid, Nov-Dec 1984

Box 7
Folders 1-2
Agnes of God, Jan-Feb 1985

Folder 3
A Fool For Love, March-April 1985

Folder 4
You Can’t Take It With You,, April-May 1985

Folder 5
I’ll Be back before Midnight, Oct-Nov 1985

Folder 6
What The Butler Saw, Nov-Dec 1985

Folder 7
Godspell. Dec 1985-Jan 1986

Folder 8
‘Night Mother, Jan-Feb 1986

Folder 9
Pump Boys and Dinettes, Feb-March 1986

Folder 10
The Belle of Amherst, March-April 1986

Folder 11
Romeo and Juliet, April-May 1986

VI. Prescott Park Arts Festival, 1975-2007

A. Press Articles, 1975-2007

Box 7
Folder 12

Letter to the trustees of the Prescott Park Trust from Grace Casey and Jon Kimbell outlining their plans for the first festival to be held in the summer of 1975 and asking for approval and funds, Jan 14, 1975

Press articles, 1975 including:

“Prescott Park Is For The People,” Portsmouth Herald, March 22, 1975

“Festival Office Opens May 31 at Prescott Park,” The Hampton Union, May 7,1975

“Art festival coming,” The Beachcomber, May 30, 1975

“Prescott Park Festival Receives $5,000 Grant,” Portsmouth Herald, June 5, 1975

“Amphitheatre Taking Shape at Park,” Portsmouth Herald, June 18, 1975

“Prescott Park Festival to Open July 4” and “Show Opens Friday at Amphitheatre,” Portsmouth Herald, July 1, 1975

“‘Carousel’ Rehearsals Begin At Prescott Park,” Rochester Courier and “‘carousel’ Staged at Prescott Park, Goffstown News, July 3, 1975

“300 at Festival Opening,” Portsmouth Herald, July 5, 1975

“Free art classes for children offered at Prescott Park,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, July 6, 1975

“Port City’s Artistry Comes on Strong,” Manchester Union Leader, July 7, 1975

“Prescott Park,” Jonathan Genestreti, Publick Occurrences, July 11, 1975

“Editorial Opinion: Spirit of Cooperation on Waterfront,” Portsmouth Herald, July 24, 1975

“Lincoln-Douglas Debates Relived At Prescott Park,” Rochester Courier, July 25, 1975

“Tour De Force Performance Planned,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, Aug 12, 1975 (re performance of Stravinsky’s “Histoire du Soldat”)

Folder 13
Press articles, 1976-1978 including:

“Gershenson and Brubach Appear In “Fantasticks,” Seacoast SAD, July 28, 1976

“The Fantasticks,” Portsmouth Herald, Aug 19, 1976

“Park’s summer big success,” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, August 21, 1976

“Six Weeks Arts Festival Slated,” Manchester Union Leader, June 13, 1977

“Prescott Park Festival bigger than ever,” Portsmouth Herald, May 27, 1977

“Prescott Park Arts Festival,: Seacoast happenings, The Hampton Union, June 1, 1977

“Park performance sparkles,” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, July 1977

Folder 14
Press articles, 1979 including:

“Summer Arts Festival readying fifth season,” Portsmouth Herald, June 20, 1979

“Rain fails to dampen spirits of Festival folks,” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, July 2, 1979

“Prescott Arts Festival a winner,” The Herald Looks back, Portsmouth Herald, July 3, 1979

“Bagpipes skirl, kilts swirl in TBS ‘Brigadoon’,” The Rochester Courier, July 24. 1979

“‘Fiddler’ a hit at Prescott Park,” Malcolm Hayden, Free Press, July 17, 1979

Folder 15
Press articles, 1980-2007 including:

“Festival plans fundraiser,” Portsmouth Herald, July 18, 1980

“Prescott Park fest survives despite rising costs,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, June12, 1981

“Prescott Park Arts Festival Scheduled,” Kingstonian, June 24, 1981

“Prescott Park Arts Festival opens Thursday,” Rochester Courier, June 30, 1981

“Arts festival feels effects of overall belt-tightening,” Pawtuckaway Post, July 1, 1981

“Thousands on Hand for Opening of Prescott Park Arts Festival,” Manchester Union Leader, July 3, 1981

“Prescott Park Arts Festival: something for everyone,” Raymond Tomes, July 8, 1981

Drawing, “Carousel” by Lynne Buckson, Prescott Park 1982

TBS News Release announcing that the theatre has decided to discontinue the PPAF, March 21, 1983

“Theatre by the Sea drops park festival,” Kathleen Vanity, Foster’s Daily Democrat, March 21, 1983

“Arts Festival kaput this year,” Portsmouth Herald, March 21, 1983

“Editorial Opinion: Death of the Festival,” Portsmouth Herald, March 22, 1983

“Merchants upset by TBS pullout,” Kathleen Vanity, Foster’s Daily Democrat, March 22, 1983

“Impact of TBS leaving festival to be discussed,” Kathleen Vanity, Foster’s Daily Democrat, March 23, 1983

“TBS official refuses Portsmouth businesses claims,” Kathleen Vanity, Foster’s Daily Democrat, March 24, 1983

“Portsmouth group to plan arts festival,” Kathleen Vanity, Foster’s Daily Democrat, March 25, 1983

“Eastsiders vow to go on,” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, March 25, 1983

“Editorial Opinion: Salvaging the Festival,” Portsmouth Herald, March 28, 1983

“Decision time, ” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, March 30, 1983

“Show must go on,” Holly Young, Portsmouth Herald, April 6, 1983

“Prescott Park Arts Festival celebrates 33rd year,” Tim Robinson, Foster’s Daily Democrat, June 21, 2007

B. Playbills

Folder 16
Publicity package for Carousel, 1975

Folder 17
Playbills for The Music Man and The Fantasticks, both 1976, and Oklahoma, 1978

Folder 18
Publicity package for Brigadoon, 1979

Folder 19
Publicity package for Fiddler On The Roof, 1979

Folder 20
Publicity package for Annie Get Your Gun, 1981

Folder 21
Demise of TBS at Prescott Park. 1982-1983: Correspondence, Income Statements, Budgets

VII. The Foundry Play Reading Series, 1984-1987/Players and Puppets/Young Actors Guild/TBS Arts Awards, 1981-1987

Box 7
Folder 22
Four flyers advertising the four seasons of Foundry playreading, 1984-1985 to 1986-1987

Introductory material for the following readings:

Reading #1 Winners! by Edward Clinton, September 24, 1984

Reading #2 Bunches of Betty by Dana Coen, October 15, 1984

Reading #3 Fat Boy and Killer by Kenneth Rich, November 19, 1984

Reading #4 Hero By Proxy by Paul Mroczka, December 17, 1984

Reading #5 Ravaged By Mikel Raley, January 1985

Reading #6 Civil Wars by Dan Gurskis, February 18, 1985

Reading #7 Final Passages by Robert Schenkkan, March 25, 1985

Reading #8 A Memory of Resistance by Louis Lippa, April 29, 1985

Reading #9 The Wanderers by Donald H. Robinson, May 20, 1985

Reading #10 Women Who Wear Red Shoes by Ann Powers Gratton, June 17, 1985

C.V. for Professor Janet Aikins, Humanist for the series

Press articles, including:

“A new level of live theater opens,” Rockingham Gazette, November 2, 1983

“Tapping talent: Playwrights offered rare forum” by Melanie Reisinger, Portsmouth Herald, November 22, 1983

“A Night at The Foundry,” Mark McLaughlin, Foster’s Daily Democrat, January 27, 1984

“Seacoast Art In Focus: Paul Mroczka and The Foundry,” Lynne Nickerson, Seacoast Scene, April 10, 1985

Box 7
Folder 23
Players and Puppets, 1982-1985

Folder 24
Young Actor’s Performers, 1983-1984

Folder 25
Young Actors Guild, 1985

Box 8
Folder 1
Materials related to the Theatre by the Sea Arts Awards, 1981-1987:

List of Award Winners:

1981 Wheelabrator-Frye, Inc. (The Signal Companies)
1982 Nancy R. Beck
1983 Winthrop L. and Margaret Scott Carter
1984 Sumner and Helen Winebaum
1985 Joseph G. Sawtelle
1986 Martha Fuller Clark
1987 Robb Hankin

The award was a Bellamy Eagle donated by a “friend of the theatre” and carved by Arthur Swanson of York, ME

VIII. Newsletters, 1972-1985

Box 8
Folder 2
Newsletters, 1972-1978

Folder 3
Newsletters, 1980-1985

IX. Minutes of the Board, 1978-2009

Box 8
Folder 4
Minutes of the Board, 1978-1983

Folder 5
Minutes of the Board, 1984

Folder 6
Board of Trustees Retreat, Exeter Inn, February 1 & 2, 1985 Information Packet

Folder 7
Minutes, Board of Trustees Retreat, February 1 & 2, 1985

Folder 8
Minutes, Board of Trustees Retreat, Fall 1985

Folder 9
Minutes of the Board, Jan-May 1985

Folder 10
Minutes of the Board, June-December 1985

Folder 11
Minutes of the Board, Jan-May 1986

Folder 12
Minutes of the Board, June-Dec 1986

Folder 13
Minutes of the Board, 1987

Folder 14
Minutes of the Board , 1988

Folder 15
Minutes of the Board, 1989-2009

Folder 16
Executive/Finance Committee Minutes, 1985

Folder 17
Executive/Finance Committee Minutes, 1986-1987

X. Fundraising/Grants/Endowments, 1968-2010

A. Fundraising

Box 9
Folder 1
Theatre by the Sea auctions, 1972-1986

Folder 2
Theatre by the Sea auction programs, 1983-1986

Folder 3

Theatre by the Sea auction, 1988, expenses and income

Folder 4
Subscription renewals and part-of-season discounts, 1968-1979

Folder 5
Subscription renewals and part-of-season discounts, 1980-1985

Folder 6
Underwriters Club information package, 1984-1986

The Underwriters Club was composed of companies that had helped finance theatre productions

B. Grant Application Material

Folder 7
Grant proposal, National Endowment for the Arts, with supporting documents,1972-1975

Folder 8
Grant proposal, National Endowment for the Arts, Building Challenge. Includes booklet: A Presentation to the NEA from TBS, 1978-1979

Folder 9
Booklet: A Presentation to the New England Regional Commission on the Arts for the Prescott Park Arts Festival, 1980

Folder 10

Booklet: A Presentation to the New Hampshire Commission on the Arts, 1980-1981

Folder 11
Grant applications and related correspondence, National Endowment for the Arts, 1981-1985

Folder 12
Grant proposals and correspondence, National Endowment for the Arts, 1986-1988

Folder 13
New Hampshire Council for the Humanities grant for “Uncommon Wits: Women Writers on Stage,” April 1986-March 1987

Nancy Beck/James McNally Fellowship, 1975

C. Theatre by the Sea Expansion Program, 1978

Box 9
Folder 15
Theater [sic] by the Sea Building feasibility study, May 1977

Box 10
Folder 1
Supporting Material for Theatre by the Sea Expansion Program, 1978:

Booklet: Preliminary Information for Proposed $450,000 Public Campaign, March 6 to July 7, 1978

Theatre by the Sea: A Presentation: Case For Support (a handbook for those working to raise funds), [1978]

11×17″ artist’s renditions of the interior of the proposed theatre (by Giles, 1978) plus theatre seating plan

The Theatre by the Sea Expansion Program: Curtain Going Up!, a 9×12″ booklet as well as various flyers and pledge forms, 1978

Folder 2
Letter to The Kresge Foundation re request for a challenge grant of $100,000, March 31, 1978

Press releases, May 19, May 25, May 26, June 15, July 3, 1978 re the progress of the expansion program

Talking points for fundraising, “Let’s Emphasize the positive…” ($336, 055 raised by July 11) and “Act Now!” ($353,555 raised by July 18)

Invitation to campaign workers to the groundbreaking ceremony,
Nov 2, 1978

Article, “Conversion: From Brewery to Theatre By The Sea,” James H. Somes, October 1979

Letters of congratulations for the new theatre and its first production, Oct-Dec 1979

Folder 3
Press articles about the expansion program and the new theatre, Dec 6, 1977-Feb 7, 1980

Award Certificate, The New Hampshire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Award for Excellence in Architecture to Theatre by the Sea / Wright-Pierce Architects-Engineers, June 1983 [see Ovsz Box 1 F.7 for award certificate ]

XI. Financial Records

A. Loans

Box 10
Folder 4
NH Charitable Fund Loans, 1984-2008

B. Endowment Fund: The Richard A. Morton Endowment for Theatre by the Sea (The Morton Fund)

Created in December 1985 in memory of Richard Morton and his early support of TBS, the Morton Fund was established as a component fund of the Greater Portsmouth Community Foundation (then a division of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation) to provide annual operating support for the theatre and to make loans from the principal to reduce the theatre’s debt. When the theatre ceased operation in 1987, the fund’s purpose was changed to “support quality theatre in the Seacoast.” In 2009, the fund type was changed to a “field of interest” with e same purpose.

The material from 1985 to 1987 concerns the use of the fund to make loans from the principal to reduce the theatre’s debt.. The material from 1989 until 2009 concerns the annual disposal of grant money for selected theatre projects decided on by the TBS board of trustees for the fund.

Folder 5
The Morton Fund, 1985

Folder 6
The Morton Fund, 1986

Folder 7
The Morton Fund, 1987

Folder 8
The Morton Fund, 1989

Folder 9
The Morton Fund, Grants Dispersed, 1989-2002

Folder 10
The Morton Fund, Grants Dispersed, 2003-2007

Folder 11
The Morton Fund, Grants Dispersed, 2008-2009

C. Mortgages

Box 10
Folder 12
Mortgage agreements between TBS and Indian Head Bank, 1979-July 1987

Folder 13
Mortgage agreements between TBS and Indian Head Bank, Aug 1987-March 1988

Folder 14
Mortgage agreements between TBS and Piscataqua Savings Bank, 1982-1983

Folder 15
Mortgage agreements between TBS and Piscataqua Savings Bank, 1984-1987

D. Financial Statements

Box 11
Folder 1
Operating budget, 1983-1984

Folders 2
Operating budget, 1984-1985

Folders 3 and 4
Operating budget, 1985-1986

Folder 5
Audited financial statements, 1975-1979

Folder 6
Audited financial statements, 1980

Folder 7
Audited financial statements, 1981

Folder 8
Audited financial statements, 1982

Folder 9
Audited financial statements, 1984

Folder 10
Pre-audit statements material, 1985-1986

Folder 11
Audit working papers, 1985-1986

Folder 12
Audited financial statements, 1985

Folder 13
Audited financial statements, 1986

Folder 14
Audit working papers, 1986-1987

Folder 15
Tyco/TBS financial reports, 1987

Folders 16 and 17
Balance sheet and supporting schedule, 1987

Box 12
Folders 1 and 2
Accounts payable, 1987

Folder 3
Unaudited financial information, 1988-1989

XII. Legal Papers

Box 12
Folder 4
Legal correspondence, 1984-1987

Folder 5
Legal correspondence: Tom Markus File, 1986-1988

Folder 6
IRS tax returns material, 1982-1987

Folder 7
IRS tax returns material 1988-1991

Folder 8
Transition from Theatre by the Sea to Bow Street Theatre Trust, 1987 (alternative theatre productions subscribers could attend as fulfilment of their season’s subscription)

Folder 9
Transition from Theatre by the Sea to Bow Street Theatre Trust, 1987

Folder 10
Transition from Theatre by the Sea to Bow Street Theatre Trust, 1987-1988

Folder 11
Transition from Theatre by the Sea to Bow Street Theatre Trust, 1988-1991

Folder 12
Contracts, 1976-1988:
Copy of contract for Jon Kimbell as Producing Director, May 24, 1976; Tom Markus, Aug 1, 1986; BOB Scenic, Milford NH, Aug 21, 1986;
Ira Schlosser, Management Advisor, Brighton MA, Dec 22, 1986, and Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts for loan of furniture, Dec 9, 1988.

Folder 13
Leases, 1985-1987

Folders 14-16
Settlement of liabilities, 1987-1993

Box 13
Folder 1
Bow Street Condominium, 1984-1985

Folder 2
Physical Plant and Bow Street Condominiums, 1985-1988

Folder 3
Bow Street Condominium Insurance, 1985-1989

Folder 4
Official local and state forms:
City assessor (RSA 74) taxable property, 1985-1986
Attorney General of NH Register of Charitable Trusts, Oct-Nov 1988
Treasury Dept., State of NH Abandoned Property Account, Sept 1998 ($50 unclaimed)

XIII. Miscellaneous

Box 13
Folder 5
Performance attendance spreadsheets, 1982 and 1986

Folder 6
Volunteers at Theatre by the Sea, 1984-1988

Folder 7
Outreach programs, 1984-1985

Folder 8
Search Committee, 1986 (Tom Celli’s decision to leave TBS occasioned a discussion about the theatre’s management needs and the resutt of these discussions is reflected in the subsequent descriptions for the Managing Director and Artistic Director)

Folder 9
Ella F. Anderson Trust, 1988 (a grant administered through the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company to cover the expenses for a public discussion, sponsored by TBS, that led to the formation of the Seacoast Arts and Cultural Association)

Folder 10
Material re Tom Celli, 1982-1986:
Proposal to the Board of Directors from Celli, Dec 14, 1982
CV as of 1984
“Report to the Board of Trustees,” dated Jan 18, 1984
Various letters of agreement between Theatre by the Sea and Celli, 1982-1984
“A Tribute to Tom” by Nancy Beck, May 28, 1986 [2 copies]
“A Proclamation” from the City of Portsmouth proclaiming May 31, 1986 as Tom Celli Day.

Folder 11
Correspondence of the Bow Street Trust re Seacoast Repertory Theatre, 2009-2010

Folder 12
Various letters to Nancy Beck, 1984-1996: Sharon Fentiman, circa 1984?; Jameson “Jamie” French, June 8, 1992; Seacoast Repertory Theatre, Dec 6. 1994; Jon Kimbell, Jan 29, 1996, and Bernie Hiatt, undated

Folder 13
Letter to Bill Cormier from Nancy Beck, Feb 17, 1987
Three letters to Roy Rogosin, Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts, from Nancy Beck, TBS, 1988-1990
Three mailgrams/telegrams to the cast of “Man With A Load of Mischief,” presumably from friends of Russell Tryez in NYC
Appreciative letters from audience members, 1979-1981
Two flyers asking for input from audience members, 1976 and 1986
Checklist of “To-Do’s” for each show, n.d.
Theatre by the Sea letterhead samples
Editorial: “A National Agenda,” Peter Zeisler, American Theatre, July-August 1985, an article about the role of trustees in the arts

Folder 14
Duplicate copies of “Curtain Going Up!,” a 9×12″ booklet for the Theatre by the Sea Expansion Program, 1978

Folder 15
Office copy of grant proposal, National Endowment for the Arts, Building Challenge. Includes booklet: A Presentation to the NEA from TBS, 1978-1979

XIV. Posters

Oversize Box 1
Posters for mainstage plays and season offerings (in chronological order by production), children’s plays, Prescott Park seasons, fairs and various others.

Folder 1
The Bald Soprano (Aug-Sept 1965)
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Sept 1965) (2 copies)
Rattle of a Simple Man (Oct 1965) (2 copies)
The Lady’s Not For Burning (Nov 1965)
Don Juan in Hell (Dec 1965) (2 copies)
The Knack (Dec 1965-Jan 1966) (2 copies)
Summer season schedule 1966 and poster for Sunday performances at the Farragut Hotel in Rye summer1966
Long Day’s Journey Into Night (Feb-March 1966) (2 copies)
The Typist and the Tiger (Jan 1966) (2 copies)
Dracula (March-April 1966)
Shakespeare Speaks of Love and War (April 1966)
John Brown’s Body (May 1966)
Hedda Gabler (June-July 1966)
The Imaginary Invalid (1966)
Waiting For Godot (Feb-March 1970)
The Tooth-Ache (June 1972 – performed at South Meeting-House through Strawbery Banke)

Folder 2
Starshine (Jan-Feb 1976)
1776 (March-April 1976)
Vanities (Jan-Feb 1977)
Afternoons in Vegas (Feb-March 1977)
Jubalay (Nov-Dec 1977) (2 copies)
My Three Angels (Jan 1978)
The Sunshine Boys (Feb-March 1978)
Season’s Program Poster 1978-1979
The Runner Stumbles (Oct-Dec 1978)
Murder At The Vicarage (Dec 1978-Jan 1979) (2 copies)
The Seahorse (March-April 1979)
Starting Here, Starting Now (April-May 1979)
Poster re Exhibition “Theatre and Dance” Photography by Lotte Jacobi to coincide with “Berlin to Broadway With Kurt Weill” (April-May 1980)
A Little Night Music (Sept-Oct 1980)
Emigres (Jan-Feb 1981) – (Titled as “Emigrants” on poster)
Talley’s Folly (March-April 1981)

Folder 3
Season’s Program Poster, 1981-1982
The Mousetrap (Sept-Oct 1981)
Absurd Person Singular (Jan-Feb 1982)
A Streetcar Named Desire (Feb-March 1982)
K2 (March-April 1982)
Swing Shift (Sept-Oct 1982)
Arms and the Man (Oct-Nov 1982)
Deathtrap (Jan-Feb 1983)
Children of A Lesser God (Feb-March 1983)
Mass Appeal (March-April 1983)
Poster advertising Charles Welch (The Pepperidge Farms Man) who will be appearing in “Mass Appeal”
Pippin (April-May 1983)
Key Exchange (June-July 1983)

Folder 4
Season’s Program Poster, 1983-1984
Good Evening (March-April 1984)
Poster for The Best Sounds Summer Concert Series (Aug 1984)
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Oct-Nov 1984)
The Imaginary Invalid (Nov-Dec 1984)
A Christmas Carol (Dec 1984)
Agnes of God (Jan-Feb 1985)
Painting Churches (Feb-March 1985)
A Fool For Love (March-April 1985)
You Can’t Take It With You (April-May 1985)
Poster advertising a concert by the Clifford Jordon Quartet playing at TBS July 7, 1985

Folder 5
I’ll Be Back Before Midnight (Oct-Nov 1985)
What The Butler Saw (Nov-Dec 1985)
Godspell (Dec 1985-Jan 1986)
‘Night, Mother (Jan-Feb1986)
Pump Boys and Dinettes (Feb-March 1986)
The Belle of Amherst, (March-April 1986)
Cole (Sept-Oct 1986)
Isn’t It Romantic? (Nov-Dec 1986)
The Gift of the Magi/The Diary of Adam and Eve (Dec 1986)
Sizwi Banzi is Dead (Feb-March 1987, but was not produced)
Oliver (Dec 1987)

Folder 6
Children’s Theatre Play Posters, 1966-1967:

Arabian Nights (Feb-March 1966) 2 copies
Hänsel and Gretel (March 1966)
Tom Sawyer (April 1966) 2 copies
Pinocchio (April-May 1966)
Cinderella (June 1966)
Rumpelstiltskin (Oct-Nov 1966) 2 copies
The Final Dragons (Nov-Dec 1966) 2 copies
A Christmas Carol (Dec 1966)
Beauty and the Beast (Jan1967) 2 copies
The Princess Marries The Prince & The Ransom of Red Chief Henry (Jan 1967) 2 copies

The Young Actor’s Guild
Commedia Tonight at the Portsmouth Music Hall (March 23-24, 1985)
Ready, Set…Grow! (Aug 22-25, 1985)

Players and Puppets at TBS
Posters for four seasons programs, 1982-1985

Folder 7
Prescott Park Arts Festival, July 6-Aug 21, 1977
Prescott Park Arts Festival, July 4-Aug 10, 1980
Keep it On Stage,! Your dollar a show makes the Festival go!
Keep it On Stage! Your dollar a show makes the Festival go! (different poster than the above)
Ceres Street Fair ( July 19, 1975; July 17. 1976; July 23, 1983)
Bow Street Fair (July 12, 1986; July 11, 1987

Award Certificate, The New Hampshire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Award for Excellence in Architecture to Theatre by the Sea / Wright-Pierce Architects-Engineers, June 1983

XV. Appendix:
List of productions at Theatre by the Sea, 1964-1987 (1964-1979 at Ceres Street and 1979-1987 at Bow Street theatre). The lists for the early years are approximate only

1st Season
The Fantasticks (July 1964)
Bell, Book and Candle (July 1964)
The Glass Menagerie (Aug 1964)
The Master Builder (Aug 1964)
Arms and the Man (Aug 1964)
The Importance of Being Earnest (Aug 1964)
Angel Street (Sept 1964)
A Thurber Carnival (Sept 1964)
Twelfth Night (Sept 1964)

2nd Season
La Ronde (Oct 1964)
The Zoo Story (Oct 1964)
The American Dream (Oct 1964)
Little Mary Sunshine (Nov 1964)
Look Back in Anger (Nov 1964)
Measure For Measure (Dec 1964)
Tales From the Arabian Nights (Dec 1964)

3rd Season
The Mousetrap (Feb? 1965)
A Taste of Honey (May 1965)
Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Momma’s Hung You in the Closet (1965)
Intimate Relations (1965)
USA (1965)
The Marriage Proposal
Hello Out There
The Typists and The Tiger (July 1965)
Misalliance (July/Aug 1965)
Fumed Oak (Aug 1965)
A Phoenix Too Frequent (Aug 1965)

4th Season
The Bald Soprano (Aug-Sept 1965)
The Browning Version (Aug-Sept 1965)
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Sept 1965)
Rattle of a Simple Man (Oct 1965)
The Heiress (Oct 1965)
The Lady’s Not For Burning (Nov 1965)
Death of A Salesman (Nov 1965)
Money (Dec 1965)
Don Juan in Hell (Dec 1965)
A Christmas Carol (Dec 1965)
The Typist and the Tiger (Jan 1966)
The Drunkard

5th Season
Period of Adjustment (Jan-Feb 1968)
Dear Liar (Feb-March 1968)
The Shadow of a Gunman (March 1968)
Gammer Gurton’s Needle (March-April 1968)
An Afternoon of Celia Thaxter (April 1968)
The Caretaker (April-May 1968)
Ghosts (1968)
The Sandbox / The Lesson (1968)
The Misanthrope (1968)
The Owl and the Pussycat (Oct-Nov 1968)
A Delicate Balance (Nov 1968)
Under Milk Wood (Dec 1968)
Money! (Jan-Feb 1969)
The Birthday Party (March-April 1969)
The Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of the Crowd (April-May 1969)

6th Season
Luv (Oct 1969)
The Subject Was Roses (Nov 1969)
Candida (Dec 1969)
The Apple Tree (Jan-Feb 1970)
See How They Run (Feb 1970)
Waiting For Godot (March-April 1970)
Carnival (April-May 1970)
Hamlet (July 1970)

7th Season
The Fantasticks (Sept-Oct 1970)
Long Day’s Journey Into Night (Oct-Nov)
Beyond the Fringe (Nov 1970)
Tiny Alice (Dec 1970-Jan 1971)
The Serpent (Jan-Feb 1971)
A Streetcar Named Desire (Feb-March 1971)
Wait Until Dark (March-April 1971)
Endgame (April 1971)
Barefoot in the Park (April-May 1971)

8th Season
The Four Poster
The Price
The Glass Menagerie (Aug 1971)
Macbeth (Feb-March 1972)
The Collection and The Lover (March-April 1972)
Plaza Suite (April 1972)
The Toothache (June 1972)

9th Season
Word Soup (Oct 1972)
Gallows Humor (Nov 1972)
Waltz of the Toreadors (Nov-Dec 1972)
Adaptation/Next (Jan 1973)
Miss Reardon Drinks A Little (Feb 1973)
Angel Street (March 1973)
The Worlds of William Shakespeare (April-May 1973)

10th Season
The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (Oct-Nov 1973)
The Gingerbread Lady (Jan-Feb 1974)
I Do! I Do! (Feb-March 1974)
Butterflies Are Free (April-May 1974)
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well…

11th Season
Jubalay (Sept 1974)
A Girl Could Get Lucky (Oct-Nov 1974)
The Killing of Sister George (Nov-Dec 1974)
The Amorous Flea (Dec 1974-Jan 1975)
Six Rms Riv Vu (Jan-Feb 1975)
Blithe Spirit (Feb-March 1975)
Look Back in Anger (March 1975)
The Man of La Mancha (April 1975)

12th Season
Annie Get Your Gun (Oct-Nov 1975)
The Country Girl (Nov-Dec 1975)
Silent Night, Lonely Night (Dec 1975)
The Owl and the Pussycat (Dec 1975-Jan 1976)
Starshine (Jan-Feb 1976)
Bus Stop (Feb-March 1976)
1776 (March-April 1976)

13th Season
Company (Sept-Oct 1976)
Anna Christie (Nov-Dec 1976)
The Mousetrap (Dec 1976-Jan 1977)?
Vanities (Jan-Feb 1977)
Afternoons in Vegas (Feb-March 1977)
Under Milk Wood (March-April 1977)
Man With A Load of Mischief (April-May 1977)

14th Season
Sleuth (Oct-Nov 1977)
Jubalay (Nov-Dec 1977)
My Three Angels (Jan 1978)
The Sunshine Boys (Feb-March 1978)
The Shadow Box (March-April 1978)
The Glass Menagerie (April-June 1978)

15th Season
Relatively Speaking (Sept -Oct 1978)
The Runner Stumbles (Oct-Dec 1978)
Murder At The Vicarage (Dec 1978-Jan 1979)
Uncle Vanya (Jan-Feb 1979)
The Sea Horse (March-April 1979)
Starting Here, Starting Now (April-May 1979)

List of productions at Theatre by the Sea at Bow Street theatre, 1979-1987 and associated productions, 1987-1988:

16th Season
Godspell (Oct-Nov 1979)
Scrooge & Marley (Dec 1979)
Streamers (Jan 1980)
How The Other Half Loves (Feb 1980)
Othello (March 1980)
The Gin Game (March-April 1980)
Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill (April-May 1980)

17th Season
A Little Night Music (Sept-Oct 1980)
On The Marry-Go-Wrong (Oct-Nov 1980)
Scrooge & Marley (Dec 1980)
Emigres (Jan-Feb 1981)
Death of A Salesman (Feb-March 1981)
Talley’s Folly (March-April 1981)
Night Riders (April-May 1981)

18th Season
The Mousetrap (Sept-Oct 1981)
The Rainmaker (Oct-Nov 1981)
Charley’s Aunt (Dec 1981-Jan 1982)
Absurd Person Singular (Jan-Feb 1982)
A Streetcar Named Desire (Feb-March 1982)
K2 (March-April 1982)
Man of La Mancha (April-May 1982)

19th Season
Swing Shift (Sept-Oct 1982)
Arms and the Man (Oct-Nov 1982)
Butterfinger Angels (Dec 1982-Jan 1983)
Deathtrap (Jan-Feb 1983)
Children of A Lesser God (Feb-March 1983)
Mass Appeal (March-April 1983)
Pippin (April-May 1983)

20th Season
The Passion of Dracula (Sept-Oct 1983)
The Diary of Anne Frank (Oct-Nov 1983)
She Loves Me (December 1983)
Equus (Jan-Feb 1984)
Betrayal (Feb-March 1984)
Good Evening (March-April 1984)
Stop The World – I Want to Get Off (April-May 1984)

21st Season
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Oct-Nov 1984)
The Imaginary Invalid (Nov-Dec 1984)
A Christmas Carol (Dec 1984)
Agnes of God (Jan-Feb 1985)
Painting Churches (Feb-March 1985)
A Fool For Love (March-April 1985)
You Can’t Take It With You (April-May 1985)

22nd Season
I’ll Be Back Before Midnight (Oct-Nov 1985)
What The Butler Saw (Nov-Dec 1985)
Godspell (Dec 1985-Jan 1986)
‘Night, Mother (Jan-Feb1986)
Pump Boys and Dinettes (Feb-March 1986)
The Belle of Amherst, (March-April 1986)
Romeo and Juliet (April-May1986)

23rd Season
Isn’t It Romantic (Nov-Dec 1986)
Joe Egg (Jan-Feb 1987)

TBS ceases operation and the theatre goes dark with the exception of the following associated productions that rented the theatre for performances in 1987-1988

Oliver (Dec 1987), Charmingfare Theatre Co., Candia N.H.

Sea Marks (1988), Inish Company, Hilton Head, S.C.

Additionally, Stephanie Voss, in association with TBS, produced a program for schools: Celia Thaxter and the Isles of Shoals (Aug 1981)
List of productions at The Prescott Park Arts Festival (PPAF):

1975 Carousel/Grease
1976 The Music Man / The Fantasticks
1977 Carnival / Guys and Dolls
1978 Oklahoma / Once Upon A Mattress
1979 Brigadoon / Fiddler On The Roof
1980 South Pacific / A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
1981 Annie Get Your Gun
1982 Carousel

These lists do not include the many children’s plays and programs produced or any touring performances.