Athenaeum Logo Wine Glass
When entertaining our friends, what better way of letting our guests know where our heart lies, than decking our table with Athenaeum logo wine glasses?  We chose a glass that should please the white, red and rosé loving Proprietor.  In keeping with the logo mission, all profits go to the Athenaeum.

Item #011 - $8.00 for 1 Glass - Pick up at Athenaeum only

$15.00 for 2 glasses - Pick up at Athenaeum only

Wine Glass Pricing

Athenaeum Logo Tote
The new Athenaeum totes have arrived.  Henry Margeson created the image in 1977 for our 160th anniversary—the 200th is almost here.  Constructed of 12 oz. canvas it measures 10.25 W x 13.5 H x 5 D with handles approximately 10 inches tall, and it holds about five books. 

This is our first run, so quantities are limited.  If demand warrants another run can be ordered.  The price is $20 with all profits going to the Athenaeum, of course.

Item #010 - $20.00 pick up at Athenaeum

Item #011 - $20.00 plus shipping

Athenaeum ToteTote Logo

Athenaeum Logo Ball Cap
Sir Peter Warren needs your help to conserve his portrait. To help with the funding for this endeavor, the Athenaeum has a new product, a forest green, one size fits all baseball cap with the Athenaeum’s logo embroidered on it.  For this year the proceeds from the sale of the cap go to the conservation of Sir Peter’s portrait.

We are taking orders for the hat until November 3, which should ensure delivery for the 2013 holiday season.  At this time we do not stock the cap; when you order your account will be charged.  Once the caps are in hand they can be picked-up or if you have paid for shipping they will be sent to you.

Item #008 - $20.00 pick up at Athenaeum

Item #009 - $20.00 plus shipping

Ball CapBall Cap

The Placenames of Portsmouth
by Nancy W. Grossman
The business of naming is as old as language itself. The names a town bestows on its rivers and river banks, streets, buildings and other landmarks provide a window into the soul of that town, through the history it celebrates. Come view Portsmouth's history.

Item #012 - $18.95 plus shipping



Placenames of Portsmouth

The Sketchbook of John Samuel Blunt
by Deborah M. Child
John Samuel Blunt was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. During his brief career he is known to have executed miniatures, ship ornaments and signage, as well as portraits, landscapes, and marine art. Works by Blunt can be seen in many collections accessible to the public including the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Collection, Williamsburg, Virginia; the American Folk Art Museum, New York; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA; New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA; Portsmouth Athenaeum, Portsmouth Historical Society and Strawbery Banke Museum, all of Portsmouth, NH.
Item #006 - $30.00 plus shipping

New Hampshire Then & Now by Peter E. Randall Historical and Contemporary Photographs of the Granite State from 1840 to 2005. New Hampshire native, and award-winning photographer, Peter E. Randall captured changes in cityscapes and landscapes. The 80 sets of images presented provide an important historical record contrasted with a contemporary artistic vision of New Hampshire and its people. Using the archives of the New Hampshire Historical Society, local historical organizations, and individuals, Randall selected the vintage photographs and recreated their contemporary equivalents. Also an historian, Randall included historical data for each photograph. It's a perfect keepsake title for anyone who loves New Hampshire.
Item # 004 - $40.00 plus shipping

Images from the Isles of Shoals
Images taken from the Lyman Rutledge collection at the Portsmouth Athenaeum. These six historical photographs show the rugged beauty of the Shoals and why people have been fascinated by them for centuries.
Each photo has been scanned at 600 dpi and can be either printed on photograph quality paper or burned to disk.
$25/photo plus shipping

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The Art of Propaganda: Lithographs Published during the Russo-Japan War, 1904 -1905 by Frederic A. Sharf
The lithographs in this full-color catalog depict battles of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 – 1905 in all their modernity and intensity. Artists crafted the images in dramatic form, employing vivid colors to arouse the spirit of patriotism in their countrymen as well as to win sympathy of the worldwide community.
Item #100 - $15.00 plus shipping


Portsmouth in 1950: The Art of Charles V. Goodhue an exhibit catalog by Peter E. Randall.
In 1950, Charles V. Goodhue came to Portsmouth as art director of a new magazine New Hampshire Profiles. This exhibit catalog chronicles his art while he lived in Portsmouth.
Item 102 - $5.00 plus shipping

The Artful Life of Thomas P. Moses: 1808 - 1881
catalog by exhibit curator Richard M. Candee.
Thomas P. Moses, one of the Portsmouth's most fascinating cultural entrepreneurs, offers an amazing case study in nineteenth century artistic self-invention. This exhibit catalog reviews his artistic contributions over a long life.
Item 103 - $5.00 plus shipping

Susan Ricker Knox: Portsmouth and Beyond catalog by co-curators Jane D. Kaufman & Deborah M. Child. Although Knox had achieved prominence by the 1910s she is little know even locally.
Item 104 - $8.00 plus shipping

12 note cards with 6 watercolor views of Portsmouth in the 1950's.   Charles V. Goodhue painted the originals and they now hang at the Portsmouth Athenaeum. Good hue captured more than street scenes, he also had an eye for the skies and dramatic weather.
Item 200 - $15 plus shipping

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