Photograph Reproduction and Use Policy

As a private, non-profit library the Portsmouth Athenaeum relies on the financial support of our membership, as well as those who utilize our collection. The fees assessed for photograph reproduction and use fund the administration, care, preservation, and processing of the photographs in our collection. A great deal of staff time and supplies are required for our collections to be made accessible for research and preserved for future generations.

The Portsmouth Athenaeum makes available photographs from its collections for study purposes and for an additional fee, publication. Photographs may not be reproduced in any form without the written approval of the Athenaeum. The fees below apply to one time use of materials. Materials reproduced from the Athenaeum collection may not be copied or used for any purpose other than that granted by the Athenaeum at the time of initial approval. The Athenaeum reserves the right to stipulate the wording of credit lines on each item for which permission is given. We also request a complimentary copy of the publication in which the photograph(s) appear.


Photograph Reproduction Request form

Fee Schedule
Athenaeum proprietors
$.10 per page
All others
$.25 per page
Photo Reproduction Fees  
$25 for scanning plus $20
$25 for scanning plus $15
4x4 or 4x6”
$25 for scanning plus $12
Digital scan on a disk (300 dpi)
$25.00; >300 dpi $50.00

Additional fees apply if reproduction or scan is to be used in a publication (see below).

Publication Fees and Regulations

  • One time use for publication in magazines, journals, books, websites, videos, brochures, invitations, etc. - $100.00
  • One time use as cover page, dust jacket, frontispiece, end papers, etc. - $150.00
  • All publication fees are in addition to charges for scanning and reproduction listed above.
  • or bulk publications (5 or more images) a 40% discount will be given off publication fees.
  • The Athenaeum requires a complimentary copy of publications in which photographs appear.
  • The Portsmouth Athenaeum must be clearly stated in the credits of publications.
  • There is no charge for private use by Athenaeum proprietors and non-profits (non-commercial publications only). The fees above will be assessed to Athenaeum proprietors and non-profits for use of its materials in commercial publications.

Prices subject to change.



Transparencies, Black & White and Color

Transparencies are available on a rental basis for a fee of $100.00. $75 of this fee is a refundable deposit. If no transparency exists, you, the client, will be charged for the he cost of photography.   The Athenaeum will make photography arrangements.

Video/Television Photographing Building Interior & Collections

Arrangements must be made in advance for the photographing of the Athenaeum's interior spaces and collections. Consideration for staff time and normal use of library is essential. There may be a fee for this service.

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