Manuscript Collections  

620 Associates (MS044)
Allied Theater Company Account Books (MS077)
Badger, William (MS007)
Badger Farms Creameries (MS090)
Benson, John Prentiss (MS091)
Blue Strawbery Restaurant Scrapbook Collection (MS076)
Bowles Family Papers (MS108)
Brewster Papers (MS064)
Bridget Graffort Club (MS045)
Central Baptist Church (MS020)
Coues Family (MS011)
Coussoule, Loukas N. (MS063)
Customs House Records (MS016)
Daughters of the American Revolution, Ranger Chapt (MS038)
Decatur Family (MS055)
Decatur, Stephen (MS099)
Dover Medical Society (MS054)
Dudley Stoddard Collection (MS107)
Durant, Barbara Laighton Collection (MS104)
Family Service Association (MS013)
Federal Fire Society (MS112)
Flagg, William (MS048)
Frost, Joseph W P (MS095)
Frost Family (MS034)
Green's Drug Store (MS006)
Gardner, William Insurance Policy Books (MS097)
Gilson, Josiah P. Diaries (MS083)
Hale, Samuel (MS059)
Hale, Samuel (MS043)
Harmony Grove and Sagamore Cemetery Records (MS105)
Harris Family (MS078)
Haven Family Records (MS106)
Harris, Mary A. Collection (MS065)
Haven, George Wallis Diaries (MS073)
Haven, Nathaniel A. Papers (MS101)
Hill, Arthur Dehon (MS030)
Hill, Arthur Dehon (MS005)
Isles of Shoals (MS058)
Isles of Shoals US Coast Guard Station 14 (MS086)
Kendrick, Philip H. Collection(MS113)
Moffatt-Ladd House Collection (MS018)
Ladd, William (MS017)
Langdon, John, William Whipple and Elwyn Family (MS050)
Langdon, Samuel (MS049)
Larkin Collection (MS010)
Liberty Pole Association (MS085)
MacDonald-Leonard Collection (MS084)
MacPhaedris-Warner-Penhallow (MS003)
Marvin Peirce Collection (MS072)
Mechanic Fire Society (MS029)
Miller, Tobias Ham (MS012)
National Society of Colonial Dames - NH (MS087)
New Castle Bridge and Piscataqua Bridge Corporations (MS075)
New Castle Bridge Association (MS024)
New Hampshire Fire and Marine Insurance Co. (MS002)
North Church (MS036)
Octagon Club Records (MS111)
Parrott-Spalding Family (MS079)
Parsons Family Papers (MS082)
Peirce Family (MS009)
Pepperrell Family Papers (MS093)
Pepperrell, William (MS028)
Portsmouth Advocates (MS109)
Portsmouth Athenaeum (MS001)
Portsmouth College Women's Club (MS115)
Portsmouth Customs House Office Records (MS016)
Portsmouth Female Asylum (MS057)
Portsmouth Fire Relief (MS071)
Portsmouth Historical Society Collection (MS022)
Portsmouth Historical Society Records (MS023)
Portsmouth Hospital Collection (MS066)
Portsmouth Housing Authority (MS080)
Portsmouth Journal Papers (MS068)
Portsmouth Lyceum Records (MS089)
Portsmouth Marine Society (MS026)
Portsmouth Medical Society (MS046)
Portsmouth Police Department Records (MS033)
Portsmouth Property Records (MS081)
Portsmouth Regional Visiting Nurses Association (MS021)
Portsmouth School Department (MS032)
Portsmouth Yacht Club (MS047)
Randall, Wendell (MS041)
Rockingham Association of Congregational Christian Churches and Ministers (MS052)
Rockingham County Court of Common Pleas (MS042)
Rockingham House (MS053)
Rollins, Ichabod (MS059)
Rowe, Jefferson C. Records (MS103)
Safford, Moses (MS069)
Sandford, John (MS015)
Sea Crest Village Records (MS062)
Seacoast Science Center (MS098)
Shipyard Project (MS092)
Sise, John (MS037)
South Church (MS039)
South Church (MS004)
Star Island Corporation Collection (MS100)
Strawberry Bank Grange (MS114)
St. John's Church (MS027)
Temple Israel (MS051)
Theater-by-the-Sea (MS056)
Treadwell Family (MS008)
Tredick and Brewster Family Papers (MS019)
Turner, Peter Papers (MS096)
United Spanish War Veterans Winfield Scott Schley (MS040)
Warner Conner Family Collection (MS110)
Warner House Association (MS031)
Wendell, Andrew Peterson (MS070)
Wendell Family (MS025)
Wendell Family Correspondence (MS088)
Wentworth, Hugh Hall and Joshua Wentworth (Larkin) (MS010)
Wentworth-by-the-Sea (MS060)
Wentworth-Gardner Association (MS043)
Wentworth Hotel - Harley Collection (MS102)
Whipple Traill Spence (MS074)
Wilson, Thomas C. Papers (MS035)
Woodbury, Charles Levi (MS014)
Woodbury Family Papers (MS094)  
Zabarsky, Joyce Reopel Historic Preservation Papers (MS067)