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Bicentennial Exhibits

A series of exhibits in 2017 will examine how the Portsmouth Athenaeum survived to celebrate two centuries and continues to thrive as a cultural and social institution, said Proprietor Sandra Rux, who is co-curating with Proprietor Linda Cheatham the first of four exhibits for the bicentennial year.

The first part "Laying the Foundation of of a Large and Permanent establishment will run through April 8 and will be open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 1-4 PM.

During this exhibit several gallery talks are scheduled and will be held each day at 11 A.M.

February 11, Saturday: Curator Sandra Rux will provide an overview of the exhibit and will put it into context of the cultural climate of New Hampshire and New England during the early 19th century.

March 11, Saturday: Elizabeth Aykroyd, curator of the Portsmouth Athenauem, will speak on "Reflections on the South Seas Curiosities." Most of these were acquired by Lt. John C. Long, USN, who was based at the Pacific station in Peru.

March 18, Saturday: Sandra Rux will discuss "Founding Fathers (sorry no Founding Mothers)" to explain the lives and motivations of three of the founders - Nathaniel Adams, Nathaniel Appleton Haven Jr., and Charles Burroughs and the lasting impact their work had on the Portsmouth Athenaeum.

Part II Treasures of the Athenaem

Opens April 22, 2017

The stuffed armadillo in the Atheaneum's collection would have been a great curiosity in New England in the 1820s.

As part of the bicentennial, we are celebrating the Portsmouth Athenaeum's many treasures and its Proprietors with an exhibition in five parts curated by members of the Arts Athenaeum Exhibits Committee.







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